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The following are links to
German language, literature, and culture. I have indicated the language in which the page appears:
           (E) = English and (G) = German. 

Here's a list of what you can find on this webpage.  Viel Spass! J

German Search Engines
Multiple Category Links
Travel & Tourism
Media & Entertainment
History & Museums
Companies & Stores
Government & Politics
 Universities with Links

R e f e r e n c e s

D i c t i o n a r i e s :
     LEO's Dictionary  - English>German / German>English dictionary
     Multilingual Dictionary
     Refdesk - Dictionaries & reference sources for all languages.
     Translate It!  - Type in something in one language & have it translated (roughly) into

E n c y c l o p e d i a s :
     Encyclopedia   - (E)
     Encarta's Encyclopedia  - (E) - In English with online dictionary that talks and interactive world map as well.

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G e r m a n    S e a r c h    E n g i n e s

     Bellnet  - (G) Tons of links & articles for the following categories:
     states, finance, autos, songs, Freizeit, shopping, health, culture/art/music, travel,
     business/finance, eating/drinking, sport, education/science, community/society.  z.B.
     under "Kino" there are 290 websites listed!
     Yahoo Germany - (G) More simplified search engine, but not as many links or articles.
     About.com - Links for culture, Lyrik, dialects, dictionaries, for teachers, fun, cinema,
     genealogy, literature, grammar, music, news, organizations, sayings, radio, translation
     Web Search - (G)
     AOL Germany - (G)

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L a n g u a g e

V o c a b u l a r y :
     Netlogos - Computer terms and definitions given in English with translations available in different languages.
     Top Words in German - (E) List of top 1,000 words most likely to be encountered in an
     average German text.  Also has link to top 50 basic German words.
     About.com: German Quote of the Day - (E/G) Gives a German quote each day, the
     English translation, & where the quote orignated.  Also has German word of the day
     at  Wort des Tages with an English translation & sentence in German & English to give
     an example of how it can be used.  You can also subscribe to a list to receive German
     words of the week at  Wörter der Woche in case you missed any words for each day.

G r a m m a r :
     Gary Smith's German Electronic Textbook - (E) Quick reference to basic &
     general German grammar & pronunciation.
     Travlang's Internet Handbook of German Grammar - (E) Quick and easy to use with
     explanations for adjective endings, pronouns, verb conjugations, modal & auxiliary
     verbs, verb inflections, & subjunctives.

L a n g u a g e :
     Languages of the World - Catalog of more than 6700 languages spoken in 228 countries,
     plus tells where the language is spoken and how many people speak it.
     Duden - (G) Also has new German Rechtschreibung.
     Tongue Twisters - (E) International collection of tongue twisters.  The 289
     Zungenbrecher include ones with dialects and from all German-speaking countries
     (it indicates most of the time from what region or where the twister originated).
     You can also get a rough translation of the tongue twister.  Also includes long
     (& difficult) words to pronounce, such as "Kontaktlinsenverträglichkeitstest ",
     which it indicates comes from the Austrian driver's license.  Fun & interesting site!

G e n e r a l    O n l i n e    E x e r c i s e s:
      Herr Schwab's Online Quizzes  - (E/G) For basics of German, vocab., culture, plus
     quia page links.
      Quia - (E) Games & exercises you can make yourself, or search already-made ones in
      multiple languages.
      Teaching Resources - (E/G) Index of web exercises, worksheets, fun stuff like tongue
      twisters & jokes, & notes on German language.
      Deutsch im Netz - (E) Web exercises, games, activities, links for grammar, German
      comics (includes some sound file links), music, 'not-just-for-kids' stuff, Spaß
      und Freizeit, Essen und Trinken, Reisen und Spielen, Germany, Austria, dialects,
      quotes, plus other German links, such as history.  Another tip:  if you scroll to the
      bottom on the left side and click 'andere Fremdsprachen', not only can you link to
      other foreign language resources, but you can check out live audio/video cams.  And if
      you head to 'Teaching', there are links to such things as Hot Potatoes & clip art
      you can download. From the University of South Florida.

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M u l t i p l e   C a t e g o r y   L i n k s

     Colonel Craig's WWW Links for German - (E) Extensive list of links with including the
     categories of Goethe, language & literature, learning the German language plus
     exercises, music, books/dictionaries/encyclopedias, schools & universities,
     tours/cuisine/travel, other links, & miscellaneous websites.  If you're
     looking for something, it's probably here!
     Herr Schwab's Links - (G) Links to culture, grammar, online quizzes, German jokes,
     German chat, & literature on internet.
     Robert Shea's Workpage - (E) Web exercises (make your own or choose from already
     made ones), fairy tales, grammar, basics of German, music, TV, culture, tourism,
     countries, weather, holidays, names, food, film, school, sport, driving, clothes, shopping,
     jobs, religion, animals, stereotypes, plus teaching resources!
     Brian Zahn's Links - (E) Links to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, & Liechtenstein,
     including categories, of travel, museums, literature, culture, film & tv, newspapers &
     magazines, web resources, & other links.
     Herr Weathers Web-Seite - (E/G) Vocabulary games, etc. to go with each chapter
     of the Deutsch Aktuell series, plus links to websites for learning German on the Internet,
     German language, media, culture, travel & geography, contacts & chats, and other
     miscellaneous links such as tongue twisters, latest models of German cars, sports,
     shopping sites, business links/German companies, & links to many other
     useful webpages!
     German-Way: Germany - (E) Lots of useful articles & links on Germany, Austria,
     Switzerland, including such things as German language, sports, numerous pictures,
     tourism, everything!
     German-Way: Austria  - (E) Everything on Austria, such as business & shopping links,
      cultural & educational links, Austrian film pages, media, government, travel & tourism
      including electrical and driving tips, photos, university links, & more!
     German-Way: Switzerland - (E) Everything on Switzerland, including photos, links to
      businesses, tourism & culture, media, government, maps. driving, & more!
     The Mining Co: Germany - (E) Focuses on language, such as offering a travel glossary,
     dictionaries & a thesaurus, quotes of the day, German lessons for beginners, grammar
     help, homework help, online courses, plus has photos & exercises to go along with them,
     German chat rooms, info. on dialects, computers, deutsche Lyrik & literature, German
     cinema, genealogy, music, news, radio in German, careers/jobs, and some fun
     miscellaneous stuff to look at, like games!
     BBC 's Language Links - (E) Travel/tourism links (plus wine and beer info.), the German
     press, links to teaching, political/social, & culture.  Other BBC foreign language links
     are available on this page as well.
     NortheastISD Foreign Language Websites - (E) For German, French, Latin, Spanish
     and Japanese.  Click on German and it takes you to links for German-speaking
     countries, pen pals, music, media, trael/geography, links for teachers, learning links,
     tongue twisters, film reviews, film ordering, sports, German cars, food, Nachtleben,
     German-American links, WWII and Holocaust links, historical events, & even has
     the lyrics to "Sie liebt dich" by the Beatles.
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T r a v e l   &   T o u r i s m

G e n e r a l    I n f o .  :
     THINK IT'S EXCELLENT!!! Photographer Helmut Koelbach's site of high quality panoramic views
     of German cities. This site presents fine Art Photography of Cities in Germany - More than 300
     locations in 25 German cities are represented by panoramic photography. All panoramas can be
     viewed in a large cinemascope format. You can find the German version on www.stadtpanoramen.de
     with some more info. in the small panoramas. This site is suitable for educational purposes.
     National Geographic - (E) Maps & flags, plus general info.
     Flags of All countries - (E) For Germany it also has former GDR & Schleswig-Holstein
     World Flag Database - (E) Plus basic facts about country, and for Germany it has state
     flag & naval ensign as well.
     World Factbook - (E) CIA publication on all the countries of the world.
     Virtual Tourist - (E) From a map of Europe, choose the country of your choice.  For
     instance, if you go to Germany, you can view a map of Germany with a few cities on it
     that you can go to for more info.  There are member pages with some snapshots of their
     travels, personal travel tips, & postcards too.  You can also make your own travel page
     through the Virtual Tourist website.

   G  e r m a n y :
      German National Tourism Office - (E) Tourist sights, current weather conditions in the
      city of your choice, events, culinary, landscapes, castles pictures, slide show (need
      Quicktime plug-in), plus foreign currency calculator.
      Travel Info.  - (G) Info. for travelling to Germany with flights, hotels, etc.
      Entry.de - (E/G) Click a federal state inn Germany, then choose from one of many,
      many cities within that state & it gives you alphabetical information about that city,
      such as inhabitants within different areas in the city, businesses, schools, tourism info.,
      markets, & living situations.
      Landeskunde am Oberrhein - (G) Includes cities of Mannheim, Heidelberg, Straßburg,
      Freiburg & Basel.  Has pictures, history links, culture, dialects, museums, songs, old
      costumes, tourism, economy, geography info., & a few Goethe links, all for this region.
      Plus similar info. & pictures of Schwarzwald, Kurpfalz, Baden, Bodensee, &
      Geroldseck areas.
      Landeskunde in Bayern - (G) With links to castles, churches, Klosters, regions, Munich,
      Füssen, Volkskunde, nature, & Technik
      Black Forest Tourist Assoc'n - (E/G) Tourist info. & pictures of the Schwarzwald
      Rhein - (G) A list of 37 castles, ruinns, & monuments along the Rhein river.  Includes
      pictures, general info., history, & even stories/poems/songs written about them.  An
      example is the Loreley Felsen, for which it lists 7 stories, such as Brentano's "Lore Lay".
      Trier City Info. - (E/G) Includes monuments, maps, pubs, accommodations, history of
      Trier, museums, cinemas, and vineyards.
      Germany-Way: Neuschwanstein Castle - (E) Info.on & pictures of Neuschwanstein
      castle in Füssen, Germany & King Ludwig II.  You can even send a free digital postcard
      of the castle to a friend!
      About.com: Webcams - (E) Webcams in Germany, Switzerland, & Austria.
      Webcams in Köln and Area - (G) Includes Bonn, Düsseldorf, Siegburg, & Troisdorf.
      Virtual Berlin - (E) Brief info. on the Brandenburg Gate.
      Berlin Online - (G) Live webcams, pics., DDR photo album, city map, Fahrplan, Berlin
      newspaper, restaurant guide, current events, and Berlin literature.
      German-Way: Germany - (E) Lots of useful articles & links on Germany, Austria,
      Switzerland, including such things as German language, sports, numerous pictures,
      tourism, everything!
      German Telephone Book - (E/G)  Das Telefonbuch with a search on telephone numbers
      and even email addresses.

By the way, you can visit most cities or states in Germany by
simply typing inwww.(the city or state you want).de .
For example, if you wanted to visit the homepage for Berlin,
you would type in www.berlin.de Here are a few others
I have already done for you.

      Freiburg  - (G) Tourist info., hotels/penssions, city map, theater program, politics,
      sports/freetime, plus info. on DER EURO.
      Koeln - (G)

 S w i t z e r l a n d  :
      Yoodle: Surfin' Switzerland - (E/G) Info. on cantons & cities in Switzerland, including
      weather, media, tourism info. (such as restaurants & sights to see), business & economy,
      education & science, computers, sports, & organizations.
      The Mining Co:  Sw & Austria - (E) For traveling to Switzerland or Austria, this site has
      airports, maps, webcams, photos, railways, & info. & history on most of the major
      tourist sights to see.
      German-Way: Switzerland - (E) Everything on Switzerland, including photos, links to
      businesses, tourism & culture, media, government, maps. driving, & more!

A u s t r i a :
      Austrian National Tourist Office - (E/G) General info., vacation tips, provinces/cities,
      hotels, culture, events, famous people,foreign representatives,media/market services,
      plus downloads, pictures, backgrounds & screensavers.
      Salzburg  - (E/G) Live cams from Salzburg,, Austria plus weather, events/news,
      city map, culture, restaurants, tourist info., Mozart facts, airline booking, hotels,
      business search, Salzburger news, & links to other regions in Austria.
      German-Way: Austria - (E) Everything on Austria, such as business & shopping links,
      cultural & educational links, Austrian film pages, media, government, travel & tourism
      including electrical and driving tips, photos, university links, & more!

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T r a n s p o r t a t i o n

G e n e r a l :
     German-Way: Travel - (E/G) Serving Germany, Austria, & Switzerland, this website
     offers links &/or information on customs, travel advisories, airports, airlines,
     accommodations, weather, travel tips such as television & electric as well as currency
     converters, driving, maps, railways, money, subways, & language help.  Everything
     for your travel needs and questions!
     Brian Zahn's Travel in Germany - (E) Currency converters, links to German airports,
     airlines, flight schedules, trains, subway systems, maps of major cities, quick links to
     City.net German cities, homepage of Jugenherbergswerk, international signs, links to
     info. on Titisee & Blackforest, plus basic words and phrases for travel to Germany.

C a r s   a n d   D r i v i n g :
     German Autobahn - (E/G) Pictures & info. on the road system, routes, history, &
     German-Way:  Autobahn - (E) With links to driving in Germany, auto club sites in
     Germany, Austria, & Switzerland, as well as the Autobahnpolizei.
     Homepage BMW Germany - (G) New & used BMWs, BMW sshowroom, BMW
     research & development, plus a BMW technical lexicon with lots of useful car vocab.
     Audi - This is a division of Volkswagen.
     Volkswagen - (G/E) Models, etc.
     Robert Shea's German Car Links - (E) Links to info. on German cars &
     motor companies, bicycles, history of cars in Germany, & pictures of German vehicles &
     street scenes.
     Brian Zahn's German Car Scene - (E) Find homepages, learn about &/or see pictures
     of Volkswagen cars, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Opel, Porsche, the German branch
     of Ford, cars of the former East Germany including Wartburg, Trabi, & related links
     such as ADAC, (funny) animated traffic signs, rules & regulations for
     driving in Germany, using a U.S. driver's license, & Autokennzeichen.
     Autokennzeichen - (G) Another list which gives KKFZ Kennzeichen (how to recognize
     which city a town is from) for Germany.  For instance, MA = Mannheim.
     Travlang: German Road Signs - (G) Plus a link to other international road signs.
     E-Sixt - (G) Sixt Autovermietung in Germany where you can purchase, lease, or rent
     a car.

A i r l i n e  t i c k e t s :
     Cheap Airline Tickets - (E) To anywhere in the world.
     City Bird - (E) Belgian airline.  Usuually has pretty good prices and flies into Brussels
     which isn't a far train ride away from Germany!
     LTU International Airways - (E) German airline.  Again usually has pretty good prices.
     Lufthansa - (E) German airline. Includes ddownloadable timetables, photo gallery,
     and online reservations.
     Swiss Air - (E/G) Online booking, travel pplanner, & special offers for example children
     or groups.

T r a i n s :
     Deutsche Bahn AG  - (E/G) German railways which has online reservations & timetables.
     Deutsche Bahn AG Timetable - (E/G) Timetable and online booking of seats.
     OEBB - (E/G) Austrian railways which has online booking & other items such as
     e-greetings, travelling weather, & webcams.
     Schweizerische Bundesbahnen - (E/G) - Swiss railways which has Fahrplan, specials,
     online booking, & an online magazine.
     Eurail - (E) - Eurail tickets/passes, ccountries, train info.
     European Railway server  - (E) With pictures, timetables, & links to European railways,
     & such sites as Eurostar, Dutch Railways, ICE, AVE, and public transport.

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M e d i a    &    E n t e r t a i n m e n t

T e l e v i s i o n :
     TV Today  - (G) Find what's on TV for any day of the week.  Also has a movie guide.
     Hörzu - (G) For TV listings by day, goo to and click on 'Fernsehen'.  Also has radio &
     a film archive.
     SAT1 - (G) See the TV Menü for this German television station.
     ZDF - (G) Goto 'Programm' to see what's on ZDF today.
     Tagesschau - (G) Read or watch video clips of this daily German news show.
     Austrian TV Programs  - (G) - What's on Austrian television.
     About.com: Quiz Shows - (E) Actual questions from the German "Wer wird Millionär?"
     show & links to online versions of WWM?, Ca$h, Einundzwanzig, Die Quizshow &
     other popular quiz shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

F i l m :
     Movies & Entertainment News - (G) What's playing in the German theaters now
     plus news.
     Kino Web - (G) Has what is playing now annd previously in German theaters.  Gives
     German title and English original title as well.
     Entertainment Magazine - (G) Includes Kinoprogramm with what is playing in German
     theaters now, plus top 10 lists for movies, music, & videos, & video clips as well.
     Megamedien - (G) Online media store with videos, ddvds, CD-Roms, & laser disks.
     Facets - (E) Rent or order a video.&nbssp; You can search by country of origin too.
     Reel.com - (E) This is mostly for buying American films, but if you type in "Germany"
     for the search, it has some interesting videos, such as German TV commercials.
     Documentaries about East Germany - (E) Order copies about after the fall of the
     Berlin Wall.
     FilmArobics - Materials to buy for German movies & the movies themselves, such
     as "Das Boot" & "Europa, Europa".
     Das Boot - (E) Get video downloads, behind the scenes info., cast photos, & audio
     clips from the movie.
     Internet Movie Database: Das Boot - (E) Links to 1981 version of "Das Boot".
     This site has a plot summary, cast members, & other miscellaneous items such as
     memorable quotes, trivia, literature listings, official websites, & you can also view
     video clips at  Clips . Other movies may have items such as goofs,  photos, & crazy
     credits. To search for a different movie, go to their homepage at Internet Movie Database
     About.com: Lola  - (E) "Run Lola Run" info., worksheets, links, Berlin locations &
     About.com: German Cinema - (E) Links to German film festivals, German language
     films, "Run Lola Run", "Bandits", "Wings of Desire", "Jakob the Liar", "Die Weisse &
     Rose" German directors.
     White Rose Photos - (E) History of the White Rose & you can even view the leaflets.

R a d i o   &   M u s i c :
     Radio Web - (G) Links to radio senders in Germany.  Just choose the state, then the
     city of your choice and it takes you to a list of stations.  Plus the same for Austria &
     RealPlayer  - (E) Download the RealPlayer heere and listen to stations on the net.
     German Music Database - (E) List of artists & songs from A-Z, plus other music links.
     Berlin Radio Station  - (G) Radio station in Berlin "Fritz".
     Deutsche Welle - (G) Listen to news in German.
     Virtual Tuner - (E) Listen to international radio stations.  If you choose German, it has
     255 stations in German speaking countries you can tune into with RealPlayer!
     Gerth Medien - (G) Click the middle Christian books and music, such as
     German Christian music, Lobpreis, modern choir music, concerts, as well as rock.
     Robert Shea's German Music Links - (E) Links to websites such as German bands &
     entertainers, a calendar of musical performances, lyrics, classical composers, &
     German Volkslieder - (E/G) German Volkslieder, Volksmusik, Schlager, WWII songs.
     Also has these for various countries.  Can also buy these, listen to melodies, or read
     the lyrics.

N e w s   &   M a g a z i n e s :
     German News & Magazines - (G/E) List of German newspapers and magazines.
     Die Tageszeitung - (G) German daily newspaper.
     Die Welt Newspaper - (G) News from around the world & in Germany.  Includes
     sections such as "Gourmet", "Wirtschaft", "Politik", "Finanzen", "Immobilien",
     "Kultur", "Sport", "Forum", "Wissenschaft", "Medien", "Wetter", "Literarische Welt",
      "Reisewelt", & more.
     German Weather Service - (G) Deutsche Wetterdienst with map of Europe & weather
     for major cities.  The rest of the website focuses on weather for Germany.
     Wetter.com - (G) Worldwide weather news.&nbbsp; Has list of countries in German and
     a clickable map with major cities.
     Spiegel - (G) Includes weather for major cities around the world, the sections "Sport",
     "Reise", "Netzwelt", "Unispiegel", "Kultur", "Politik", "Wirtschaft", "Wissenschaft",
     "Auto", & a link to Spiegel TV.
     Focus Online - (G) Read German headline news,, worldwide weather, sports/fitness,
     stock market/business, travel, cars, jobs, enterainment, Focus magazine/TV,  & politics.
     German Life Magazine - (E) German culture, life, & history.
     Andys Comic Sammlung - (G) - Collection of German comics by Andreas Nikisch of
     "Das Blatt" student newspaper published by Uni-Regensburg.
     German News - (E/G) Read headline news articles of today, this month, this year or
     within this decade.
     Paperball - (G) Has a list of several if not all German newspapers from which to
     choose,& you can even view a specific section of the newspaper, including sports,
     culture, politics, business, local news, or all sections.

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H i s t o r y    &    M u s e u m s

M u s e u m s :
     Museum of German History - (E/G) Haus der deutschen Geschichte. German history
     from 1900 to the present, plus has links to other museums.
     Oberrhein Museums - (G) List and links to museums in Oberrhein region.
     Brian Zahn's List of Deutsche Museen - (G) List of museums around Germany.
     U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum - (E) Located in Washington D.C.  This website has
     history of the Holocaust, art & architecture, museum & traveling exhibitions, survivor
     registry, & you can order Holocaust materials through their Museum Shop.

H i s t o r y :
     1945-1989 - (E) Historical events from the end of WWII to the end of the Cold War,
     focusing on Berlin & the two Germanies, plus has student exercises & a link to
     information on 1989 to 1994 at  German Unification: Five Years After .
     The Berlin Wall: 1961-1989  - (E/G) Berlin wall and links, plus pics. & videos provided
     by Dr. Andreas Lixl, Professor of German at UNC Greensboro.
     Berlin Wall Online - (E/G) History & pictures of the Berlin Wall plus former East Berlin
     tourist info. including Checkpoint Charlie, the East Side Gallery, maps, & articles from
     the archive.  Check out the German version too at  Berliner Mauer
     Cultural History - (E/G) German, Austrian & Swiss cultural history with some for
     Liechtenstein too.  Includes chronologies, biographies, important women,
     & philopsophy/religion.
     Clickfish - (G) German history from the Holy Roman Empire to German Unification.
     Choose an epoch of your choice.

W W II :
     The Nizkor Project - (E) "Nizkor" is a Hebrew word which means "We will remember".
     This website is all about the Holocaust including camps, Nuremberg trials, people
     involved in the Holocaust from A to Z, links to Holocaust research guides,
     organizations, & places involved.
     Buchenwald Concentration Camp - (E/G)
     The Holocaust Library - (E) Books you can purchase, survivors, witnesses, camps,
     virtual tour of Auschwitz, plus the teacher's guide to teaching the Holocaust is very instructive.
     About.com: Holocaust - (E) List of concentration & death camps, info. on Anne Frank,
     photos, timeline, plus numerous links (too many to name them all) to such things as Nazi
     officials, Nazi medicine & doctors, survivors, poetry & art, resistance, & educational
     Uboat.net - (E) All about the U-Boat War from 1939-1945.  You can do a search by
     choosing either the type of U-Boat, the men involved, or what was fighting the U-Boat.
     German U-505 - (E) Virtually tour the German U-505 at the Chicago Science and
     Industry Museum & find out its history.
     Decoding Nazi Secrets - (E) - Info. on the Enigma Cipher incuding
     diagram and pictures, as well as a link to where you can send your own coded message.
     German Enigma Ciper Machine - (E) - The origins of the Enigma plus
     other links for the Enigma and other WWII codes, ciphers and codebreaking.  Also a
     link to the Museum of National Security Agency with more info. about intelligence
     operations during WWII.

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C u l i n a r y

F o o d / R e c i p e s  / R e s t a u r a n t s :
     Robert Shea's Dining, Cuisine, Food, Drink  - (E) Vocab., exercises, recipes, food
     companies, categories of food, customs, dining tips such as tipping in Germany, links to
     food issues such as Mad Cow Disease, u.s.w.
     Restaurants - (G) Choose a German city/state and it'll list restaurants there with
     websites. It also has a link to bars around Germany as well.
     Burger King in Germany - (G) With restaurant guide & product gallery.
     McDonald's in Germany- (G) What's "Mchappening" at McDonalds, "McQuipment",
     what's in Happy Meals, Junior Club, info. on McDonalds, & presents, & even a link to
     the top 10 films of the week & music hits.  Neat presentation!
     German Way: Dining Out  - (E) Tips for dining out in Germany with food & dining links.
     German Menu Guide  - (E)
     Toblerone  - (G) Info. about the Swiss choccolate Toblerone.
     Hofbräuhaus - (E/G) Take a virtual visit to Germany's famous brewery dating back to
     1589, see pictures, souveniers, get historical info., or take a look at their  Menu
     Germancorner  - (E) Recipes (including differeent Quark recipes) & metric conversion
     for temperature, volume, & weight.
     Thea Online - (G) More German recipes & menus.
     Essen und Trinken games - Matching, flashcards, & word search for food and drink
     vocabulary words from Chapter 2, Section A of Wir, die Jugend.

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C o m p a n i e s   a n d   S t o r e s

S t o r e s :
     German ebay - (G)

C o m p a ni e s :
      Business Web Links - (E) Extensive list of companies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland,
     & Liechtenstein, plus a few other links such as business, banking, shopping,
     travel, & cinema.
     German Disney - (G) Descriptions of some Disneey films in German, what Disney films
     are playing currently in theaters, Mickey-Maus Magazine, & also has PC games.
     Deutsche Bank - (E/G) Germany's largest bank.
     BASF -
     Adidas - Yes, this is a German company!
     Deutsche Telecom - (E/G) German phone company.
     E-Plus - Cell phones, or 'Handy' auf deutsch!
     Siemens - (E/G)
     Swiss Watches - Swiss company.

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G o v e r n m e n t   &   P o l i t i c s

     Electronic Embassy - (E) Links to Embassies of Washington DC.
     US Embassy in Germany - (E/G) German-American relations, trade & commerce,
     & if you head to 'About Germany' under 'Consulates & Serivces', it gives you some
     useful information about differences between Germany & America, & info. on driving in
     Germany with an American license, working or getting married in Germany, & tips for
     beginners on living in Germany, such as time, their garbage cans, & telephone manners.
     Also has more travel links.
     German Government - (E/G) Facts about Germany with pics., states, people, natural
     features, history, law/politics, education, economy, & culture.
     Deutscher Bundestag - (E/G) German Parliment which also has info. on the EU.
     Bundeswehr - (E/G) Info. & articles aboout the German military.
     Republic of Austria - (E/G) Info. about the Austrian government & political system, news,
     & Europe in general. If you click on 'Austria', you will find a list of links including the
     country & its people, history, federal provinces, position in world, social security,
     education, science & research, culture, economy, & environmental conservation.

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C u l t u r e

F a m o u s  G e r m a n s :
     German-Way: Famous People - (E) Famous & not-so-famous Swiss, Germans, &
     German-Way: German-Hollywood Connection - (E) Take a look at entertainers who
     have German ancestry, including such people as Fred Astaire & Leonardo DiCaprio!
     Or head to the alphabetical index link at the top of the page, and it will take you to an
     index of German-Hollywood actors, actresses, cinematographers, film music composers,
     directors, etc.
     German-Way: Cemetaries & Graves - (E) Graves & cemetaries of famous Swiss,
     Germans, & Austrians.  Plus has a link to A&E's Biography Website.  Scroll down the
     German-Way page and find more links to architecture & other links to famous people.
     Artist Web Index - (E) Famous artists from all over the world are listed here.  Choose a
     name, such as Caspar David Friedrich, and get a brief biography of the artist, as well as
     view their most famous paintings.  The paintings are great for wallpaper on your computer

H o l i d a y s   &   C u s t o m s :
     GermanChristmasLinks - (E)  My own list of links, thanks to the help of my students,
     related to German Christmas traditions, including Saint Nikolaus, tales & songs about
     St. Nik., Thomas Nast, the Christmas tree, Hans Christian Andersen, Christmas
     markets, the Nutcracker, E.T.A. Hoffmann, Stille Nacht and its composers
     Joseph Mohr and Franz X. Gruber.
     Robert Shea's Customs, Traditions, & Origins of Holidays - (E) Info. on & links to just
     about every holiday or tradition year around as well as such sites as German wedding
     customs & proverbs.

S p o r t s :
      NBA Championships 2001 auf deutsch - (E/G) - Listen to the action of the NBA finals 2001 in
     different languages.

N a m e s :
     Robert Shea's Names Links - (E) Several links for German first & last names.

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M i s c e l l a n e o u s

F a s h i o n :
     Hennes & Moritz  -  (E) Latest fashions at H&Ms around the globe, including
     Germany with prices given in DM.
     Old German Costumes - (G) Old photos of traditional German costumes

A n i m a l s :
      About.com: German Dog Commands - (E/G) Commands for dogs in German plus
      a link to German names for pets & a German online dog training course.

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U n i v e r s i t i e s   w i t h   L i n k s

     University of Florida - (E) University of Florida's Germanic and Slavic links, including
     general info. & resources, organizations, authors on the WWW, resources for the
     classroom, academic journals, German newspapers & online news, publishers, misc.
     topics, and Slavic & Swedish links as well!  (P.S.  GO GATORS!!!)
     Sweet Briar College  - (G) Sweet Briar College's German page.  And if you head to the
     bottom of the page to 'German Studies Links', you will find language links, a search engine,
     TV, radio, movies, holidays, literature, fashion, German uni's & schools, history, cooking,
     newspapers (including student newspapers), art, theater, Volkstanzen, sports, & links to
     other German speaking countries!  For instance, if you head to Germany, it gives you
     general German links, Bundesländer, cities & regions, & universities.  It's wunderbar!
     UNC at Greensboro - (E/G) Professor Andreas Lixl's "German Study Trails on the Web"
     which features links to German search engines, language & civilization, arts & humanities,
     science & technology, education & research, the German internet project, business &
     economics, international affairs, internet tools, multimedia language lab, & more.
     University of Wisconsin's Language Links  - (E) Several language links for teachers
     & students for different languages.  Under Germanic languages you will find German
     countries/city tours, news/media/radio, literature/language, culture links, & more.
     Washington University   - (E/G) Washington U's German courses on the web with culture
     tips, grammar, travel info, web exercises, seasonal links, business/economic databases,
     news/media, arts/literature/cinema, German universities, German search engines (for Austria
     & Switzerland too), pedagogical links, political/social statistics, dictionaries, & misc. links.
     List of Uni's & Schools - (E) Choose a country from all over the world & get list of uni's,
     k-12 schools, & culture (not many links, but a lot of countries to choose from).

German plus other foreign language departments:
     George Mason University - Has links, internet activites, & other stuff for teachers.
     Radford University - (E) A very informative and useful page entitled "Why Study German?"

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L i t e r a t u r e

     Projekt Gutenberg - (G) Electronic texts of German works & brief biographies on authors.

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