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Web Development Methodology – If web development processes together with cutting-edge ideas. The undertaken project gets a sure-shot key to success. Irrespective of size factor. A digital marketing agency’s modern approach anchors a befitting solution to the varied needs of different businesses and their customized demands.

A web development methodology transitions through several stages to morph into a product ready for delivery.

Below are the stages:

  1. Study & create marketing framework
  2. Build a responsive website
  3. Create a compelling design layout
  4. Build a CMS system for easy manage the web content
  5. SEO - Search Engine Optimise for web Page


Overall, the small & medium business assolutely need a marketing website to attract potential's sales inrested , what are you waiting for? get your company with web design malaysia company  


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If your looking some one to design your website, should we look for Freelance Web Designer or web design agency ?

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Before we need understand the role of Web Designer and Web Developer, below is some comparison between Web designer and web developer.


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