Elevating authentic Chinese cuisine

Town aims to bring quality, style and the wish for good fortune to all of our guests.

We provide a high-end experience through Chinese cuisine.

Food and family

We want all of our guests to walk away from Town feeling like family. Our unique approach to fine dining rejects the traditional luxury for more intimate settings where our chef prepares a special menu daily based on the freshest of ingredients. All of our recipes are handed down through our family, and are creative interpretations of the food we ate with our families as children.

We do things a little different around here...

Our restaurant is designed to bring people together and our goal is to get people talking over good food. This is why we create a custom menu each evening and have designed our restaurant to encourage all guests to be able to enjoy everything family-style.

Only the freshest ingredients

All of our dishes are prepared from seasonal ingredients sourced from local markets. Each day our chef prepares menu items based on what is available and in the best condition. We support local farmers and artisans in the community by forming working relationships.