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After divorce she used to live alone, she used to work to survive for her life. She was not enjoying her life due to loneliness. How she turned to this profession a reason is hidden behind it. There was a call girl right next to her, whom she met; both of them had a lot of conversation. One day the call girl invited her to her house where both could talk a lot together and at the same time consume alcohol.

She didn't know that she was a call girl but she soon found out after receiving a call. She received a call from a client and where she was talking to client about deal, she had forgotten that she was with her, and she was fully motivational in drunk talking to clients, that time they were two friends and wanted to hire two call girls, she told them that she was on the leave, could not attend their deal, but they were calling her repeatedly.

She was hearing their all conversation, she was silent she wanted to know from her, what was it, then she told her that she is a call girl and it is her business, then she knew all details. After knowing all details, she wanted to work for sometime as call girl, she got happy because a call girl feels happy if she found another Call Girl In Delhi like her.

She told that, Why should he not try her thinking, now there is a chance, she told him that Simran was also ready with me, thinking that today after many days the hunger of the body will get peace. Both reached the boy and told them about Simran, then both of them left him and had intimacy with her all night; it was a wonderful opportunity for them too. Simran was a little shy because the way he was acting was a bit strange.

She was fully nervous at that time both of them were not trying to take a breath of comfortable, It was not happening at all as she thought, it was a strange experience for her, they were asking her to dance.

A day I met her, she was very disappointed with her relationship, she wanted to come out from the relationship, she did not like to live with painful relationship, she feels happy with me. I told her to take some time not take a decision so soon it will be trouble for her, but she was not ready to understand what I was saying her, she was frustrated and did not like to live with him, however the decision was tough for her, she stayed with me at my home, I told her that you can live until you would like to stay with me until she desire.