The  Iraqi Philatelic Society
      The Iraqi Philatelic Society  was found  in 1951 in Baghdad - Iraq  due  to   the  increasing  in  numbers  of  the Iraq stamps  collectors  and also  to  introduce the Iraqi stamps  to the world  wide  stamps  collectors  all over the world. The  society had  established  according to the Iraqi  law of  the interior ministry  .

Now There are about  2000  members  and  more than 100 active members  who attened  the society stamps auction each week .The Society has  a weekly  auction  when the  most active  members   come  to meet  each other  and   buy  or  sell  there stamps  even  coins &  banknotes .

Iraqi philatelic Society had  published many issues of the Iraqi philatelic journal   in  two languages (Arabic & English) , but  it  had  stopped  publishing this  journal because of the  society  financial problems  , the old  issues of  the journal is  still available  with dealers  now  and they could  be  used  as a good  reference  about the Iraqi  stamps .

Iraqi stamps  collecting  is  worthing  because  the Iraqi stamps  prices  are increasing  dramatically everyday  and  any one  can make  a good profit  by colecting Iraqi stamps .

To  join  the Iraqi philatelic  Society   please  send an email , and  to know  more about  the  Iraqi new issue stamps , please  visit  the link  below .
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