Dunno why you'd need it, considering most people who come here already talk to me since before, but sure.
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My current Discord tag is Shab#0001. It might change occasionally, so if it doesn't work, wait or let me know thru the homepage comments and I'll update my tag.
Discord is currently my main platform and I'm active there daily, so it's the best place to contact me!
I don't have a server of my own, but I'm working on one. However, if you happen to get into my brother Twilymemes' BronyClub® server, you'll see me there often!


I'm back on Twitter! It's a hellhole, it's imploding thanks to Musk, and Twily hates me for having an account... but I'm back on Twitter somehow. I'll probably be somewhat active there. You can find me at @mintyshabble. I also created and currently help run @PicOfKlonoa.


I am very active on Instagram (even though it might not look like it since I barely post). If you message me on here, it's almost guaranteed I'll read your message! However, also keep in mind: I disable this account when I'm upset (so if it seems to not exist give it a few hours to a day), and when it's enabled, this account is shared between me and Twilymemes, so anything you say to me on there might be read by him as well.
Message me thru my account @MintPonyShabble!


I recently signed up for Mastodon! I'm not the most active there, but you can find me on my account over at Equestria.Social! If Twitter ever dies, that's the closest thing you can find me in.


Need to contact me thru email? You can always shoot a message at me thru the email address [email protected] and hope I catch it on time. Don't mind the domain name. But if you want an email like that check out PissMail!!


I use XMPP as well! Not the place I'm most active in (and the main reason I have it is one specific person), but I do check it every day so you can message me there too if you wanna. Hop on your favorite XMPP app and hit me with a message (ouch!) at [email protected]!!

Need something else?

If you need something different from what listed here, you're free to discuss it with me in the comments section of this website.
I do have some secondary contact options that I don't check very often, such as Telegram.
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