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Amber S. Jennings, 32, a former teacher at Shepherd Hill Regional High School in Dudley, pleaded guilty yesterday to sending obscene photos, videos and electronic messages to a 16-year-old male student with whom she was having a sexual relationship.

Under an agreement with prosecutors, the Sturbridge resident will undergo two years of supervised probation for the single charge of disseminating harmful materials to a minor. She could have been sentenced to five years in jail.   The materials included images of Ms. Jennings revealing her breasts and vagina, according to Assistant District Attorney Joseph J. Reilly III.

Ms. Jennings, a mother of two young girls, also was ordered to surrender her teaching license and stay away from the victim, now 18.   Two other charges she originally faced — posing a minor in a state of nudity and depicting a minor in sexual conduct — will be dropped.

Ms. Jennings could also be required to register as a sex offender for the next 20 years. Superior Court Judge Kenneth J. Fishman, who earlier this month denied a motion to dismiss charges, will rule within two weeks on a new motion from Ms. Jennings’ lawyer, Peter L. Ettenberg, that would allow her to not register as a sex offender.   The prosecution is not contesting the defense move.

However, in court yesterday, the mother of the victim made an emotional plea for Ms. Jennings to be required to report to the state’s Sexual Offender Registry Board.   “She seized his manhood. She took it away from him,” she said from the witness stand. “This teacher, Amber Jennings, totally destroyed our life, my son’s life.

“This is an abuser who needs to know she’d done something wrong,” the victim’s mother continued. “She could do it again.”   The mother also charged that Ms. Jennings abused her position as a teacher and got off easy compared to the punishment a man in her position would have received.

While the mother said she and other family members opposed the plea agreement, Mr. Reilly said the victim, who did not attend the court session, had approved of the deal.   “He wishes the matter to be resolved,” Mr. Reilly said.

Sean M. Gilrein, superintendent of the Dudley-Charlton Regional School District, noted that Ms. Jennings has not worked as a teacher in the school system since she was first charged in summer 2004, and went on unpaid leave after she was indicted last February.   “Given the outcome of the criminal matter, the school district is in the process of terminating Ms. Jennings formally,” Mr. Gilrein said. “We’re certainly pleased that the criminal proceedings are over and we can all move forward in a positive fashion.”

The defendant, her blond hair pulled back, was dressed in a long-sleeved white shirt, khaki slacks and black platform shoes.   Her husband, Richard G. Jennings, sat in the courtroom.

Ms. Jennings gave mostly single-word answers to the judge signifying that she understood and agreed with the arrangement.


When Judge Fishman explained the details of registering with the sex offender registry, she lost her composure and briefly broke out in tears.

Mr. Ettenberg painted the year-and-a-half relationship between Ms. Jennings and the student as consensual, noting that she was not his teacher when they began to have sex.   The teacher and student first met during the 2002-03 school year when he was a freshman and Ms. Jennings was his English teacher.

The next school year, they began to talk together in person and by phone and send e-mails and other messages to each other, Mr. Reilly said. Starting in November 2003, they started to have sexual intercourse in various places in Dudley, Charlton and Oxford, including Ms. Jennings’ car, her house and his parents’ house.

At one point, the teenager asked Ms. Jennings to use a digital videorecorder while they had sex, and she agreed, Mr. Reilly said.   Eventually, the victim’s sister noticed that her brother was communicating frequently with the same computer screen name that Ms. Jennings used — “Redsox6606.”

She told their mother, who called Ms. Jennings. Ms. Jennings immediately denied the affair then admitted it, Mr. Reilly said. The victim’s mother reported the relationship to the Dudley police July 12, 2004.   Police confiscated both computers. State forensic experts found the photo and video images and messages on the computers.   While Ms. Jennings’ head was not visible on the videos showing her undressed, a tattoo proves that it was her, Mr. Reilly said.

Ms. Jennings’ lawyer, arguing yesterday for his client to be relieved of the responsibility of registering as a sex offender, said a detailed psychological assessment shows that “her risk for future sexual violence is very low, if not nil.”   “My client has absolutely no history,” he said. “What occurred between these two people is an extraordinary lapse of judgment.

“She did not stalk him. She did not seek him out in any kind of violent way,” Mr. Ettenberg added. “She was an outstanding teacher, dedicated to her profession, dedicated to her students.”

Judge Fishman rebuked Mr. Ettenberg when the defense lawyer argued that Ms. Jennings’ position as a teacher was irrelevant because the relationship could have started had the two been co-workers or in any other setting.   “Teachers have a very special position in our society that makes the comparison to a co-employee inappropriate,” the judge said.

Outside the courtroom, the teenager’s grandparents expressed anger at the plea agreement. They said it let Ms. Jennings off the hook.

“She should be in jail,” said the victim’s grandfather.

































































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