1820 Settlers, Cape Colony, South Africa.

Date of last update - October 2001� - ���Total names now over 11 180 from 49 Settler families
The objectives of this website is to make available to researchers on the World Wide Web up to 4 generations of descendants of 1820 Settlers and assist researchers of 1820 Settlers in becoming known to one another. This site contains only a portion of the 1820 Settlers and is not a complete list of 1820 Settlers.

Please contribute your research on any of the 1820 Settler families for inclusion on this website. All contributions will be acknowledged.

By clicking on any Settler name below you will be taken to the page for that specific Settler for more information and details of known descendants. The contributors contact email or other address will also be given where you may exchange/verify information and assist one another in your research.
         Atherstone, John
         Bailie, John
         Boardman, William Charles
         Bowker, Miles
         Cawood, David
         Clayton, George
         Clayton, William
         Currie, Walter
�����Duffield, George
         Dugmore, Isaac
         Dyason, George
         Dyason, Joseph
         Estment, William
         Farley, Daniel
         Fletcher, William (Not a 1820 Settler but see under Harden)
         Forbes, Alexander
         Glass, Thomas
         Goldswain, Jeremiah
         Greathead, James Henry
         Halse, Thomas
         Harden, William. (See note below)
         Hartley, Thomas
�����Hobbs, Phillip
         Hockly, Daniel
         Hodgkinson, George
         Hulley, Richard
         King, Thomas
         Lloyd, Henry James
         Lovemore, Henry
         Murray, James
         Nelson, Thomas
         Newcombe, Robert (Mainly male line only)
         Norton, John
         Paxton, Jesse
         Penny Charles
         Poultney, James
         Purdon, John.
         Shone, Thomas
         Southey, George
         Stanton, William
         Stirk, Joseph
         Talbot, John Stuart
         Timm, Thomas
         Weakley, Joseph
         White, Thomas Charles
         Whitfield, Charlotte
         Whittal, Francis
         Wright, John Cecil
         Wright, William

Note re William Harden: After his death in 1823 his wife, Maria, married William Fletcher who was NOT a 1820 Settler. William and Maria Fletchers descendants are listed under Harden.

List of 1820 Settler ships and parties conveyed.

If you have any new settler information to contribute send an email to Len Stratford If you have any query on a particular settler family as listed on this website please contact the respective contributor who is listed on the respective settler page.
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