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Welcome!Our very title, SERVANTS of CHARITY, reminds us that Charity is the reason why the Lord gathers us together, consecrates us for Himself and sends us to the poor.
a Catholic religious missionary community of priests and brothers for the service of the poor Called by the Lord
Through our lifetime commitment to Christ and His Church, we are called to celebrate God's merciful love which touches everyone.

United in a community of brothers and priests, in the footsteps of Blessed Louis Guanella.

We become instruments of Divine Providence through exercise of the works of Mercy among those who are tried most in body and spirit and are deprived of human support.

In particular, we reach out to and care for persons with disabilities, indigent elderly, abandoned children and youth.

As members of one Guanellian Family, we, Servants of Charity, Daughters of St. Mary of Providence and Lay Cooperators are placed by divine call in the heart of the Church to be witnesses of God's fatherly love and of the sacred value of each person, even of the least gifted.

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