Authors: Gokou_chan and Usagi_the_beautiful_one

Rating: PG-13

Warning: Shounen-ai hints, Torture/Bondage implications, mild cursing

Disclaimer: Ok, folks, you know the drill. Don’t own ‘em, but if they’re up for sale I get first dibs!!!

Part six

"What the hell is this?" Worf growled.

"Nani?! Kuso... ima doko ni iruno?" Vegita looked around in confusion and anger.

The man continued to move towards them and Worf scowled. The other people were frozen. This reminded him strangely of that Moriorrity character that Data had once had created for an opponent in that Sherlock Holmes mystery.

"Vegita," Worf lowered his voice to a soft rumble. "I think that someone has reprogrammed the holodeck."

"So? It's not my problem." Vegita's voice was laced with scorn. Worf growled as he stared daggers at the Saiya-jin no Ouji.

"We have to get out of here and try to find what went wrong with the programming I have done." Worf called for the arch. Vegita scowled and muttered under his breath about the incompetence of the people on the ship. The arch didn't appear. Worf's eye's narrowed and he called again for the arch. The man was still watching them and he smirked.

"That won't help you. I control your destiny now."

"I am the only one who controls my destiny!" Vegita exclaimed at the same time as Worf. They looked at each other in suspicion.

"No, no that won't do. While your in the twilight zone, your fates belong to me." The man stated with a mad gleam in his eyes.

Vegita growled low in his throat, his eyes narrowing in anger.

Worf looked at him in amazement. Every child was told that to become a warrior, they must look after their own and not rely on fate and superstition.

"Watch it old man! I am the Saiya-jin no Ouji! I control YOUR fate!"

"Right." Worf chimed in.

Vegita gave Worf a strange look before turning his attention back to the man in front of them.

"If you persist in this behavior, your memory will be erased."

"I hear a lot of talk but I don't see any action." Worf rumbled.

"So what do you propose we do, prune head?"

Worf looked at Vegita in disdain. "I say that we should teach him a lesson."

"So you wouldn't mind if I killed him?"

"You will not deprive me of that satisfaction."

"Hn. We'll have to spar sometime."

Worf shook his head. "Let's just kill him!"

The two advanced menacingly towards the unfortunate man who wasn't very perturbed at all.

"Very well, I warned you."

Vegita and Worf stopped in mid-step as the scene changed around them to a busy shopping mall circa 1950 earth.

"What the hell?" They both growled in their respective languages. A few people passing by paused a few moments before continuing on their ways. The two looked around in vain for the strange man that had threatened them. A 6'3" security guard came up to them.

"Excuse me sir, what exactly are you doing?" The security guard asked.

"What is it to you?" Vegita snapped.

"It's my job sir."

"Well I'll tell you what to do with your job, you can take your job and shove it up your-"

"We are going to kill a crazed man as soon as we can find him. Will you help us look?" Worf interrupted.

Vegita looked at Worf like he had grown a third eye. "You baka! Have you no brains?"

"If you please sir, come with me," the security guard said after giving them a calculating look.

"No thank you." Worf replied.

"I have to insist sir, please come with me." He started to put his hands on Worf and Vegita's shoulders to guide them to the mall's office, but Vegita grabbed the hand that touched him and flipped him across the mall. He crashed through the glass of the food court window and landed with a crunch on a moving car.

"That's one way to deal with this distraction. What were you thinking? Are you so naive to think that he would have helping us kill a man?"

"Well, yes! I asked politely like I was supposed to."

"Bakayaro! You do NOT ask a officer to help kill a civilian. They will NOT help you! Think of that when you're rotting in jail. Now where is that old fool?"

Worf glanced around to see if that annoying old man had reappeared. Unfortunately, he had not. He cataloged the information Vegita had shared with him for future reference. And then he came to a stunning conclusion:

"These people aren't real, and since this is a holodeck, he may be hiding..."

Vegita smirked. For a boot licker, he was entertaining. And he did have some pretty good ideas, even if it took him hours, if not days to think of them.

"That is the most intelligent thing that you have said in my entire stay on this ship." It looked like he was going to get his fight after all.

They both grinned evily and settled into their different fighting stances.


Goku attempted to whistle as he walked around aimlessly.

'I won't think about Vegita, I won't think about Vegita, I won't think about him..' Goku repeated over and over again until it became a mantra, as though if he thought that same phrase long enough it would become true. He focused his attention on his feet as he shuffled them. He slowed his pace as he turned around a corner in the near empty hallway. He sighed regretfully, wishing he knew what was happening to him, why he was feeling this way? Why was he... why he was in love with his enemy, his rival, his best... friend? His closest friend, his dearest friend... It confused him, while fascinating him too. He hated Vegita, and yet... and yet at the same time... he loved him desperately.

"I couldn't go on without him.." Goku murmured softly as he came to a dead stop. "He is my only reason for living..." He placed his hands on his hips and gazed at the floor. He closed his eyes and ran a hand through his hair.

He hated the way Vegita would never ever tell anyone how he truly felt, but he loved that same part of Vegita as well. He loved the way his prince was such a skilled, honorable warrior, and yet he somehow, somehow hated that part of Vegita. He hated Vegita's attitude but while he hated his arrogance, it was also that same arrogance, that... that pride... which forced himself to become stronger. It made him strive to better himself, but... he couldn't explain it... He couldn't explain why... He couldn't explain why he loved the Saiyan-no-Ouji with all his heart and soul... but at the same time he detested the Saiyan prince with his whole being.

'Why is this happening? Is this all a dream? No, no...' Goku shook his head. 'This is, if anything, this.. was- is a nightmare...'

Goku had gotten lost a few hours ago and he had been walking ever since. He hadn't asked the computer of the big ship yet, but then he hadn't really wanted to be found. He still needed to think. Maybe he should have stayed in his room. He sighed as he turned another corner again and walked right into Geordi LaForge.

"Hey- oof!" Geordi started to say before they both crashed to the floor.

"What are you doing down here?" Geordi asked.

"Um.. heh heh," Goku threw a hand behind his neck as he scrambled to his feet and offered a hand to Geordi, lifting him bodily to his feet.

"Whoa, that's some muscle you have there."

"Uh... thanks"

"Hey, it's ok, you don't have to be so modest."

"It's fine, really. Um.. I was looking for a library?"

"You got bored sitting around your room, huh? Well that's fine. Follow me, I was just going down to Engineering. We'll set you up with some stuff as soon as I finishing repairing the warp drive."


"We've been having a minor malfunction, a small energy surge disrupted the coolant flow." As Geordi talked, they started walking back the way Goku came making a right turn several feet down the corridor. The door hissed open and revealed several figures busy tapping in data to the computers surrounding the warp core, which was an unusual shade of purple. 'Geordi had said something, yes, that it was usually blue. A back-up in the coolant flow?' Goku mussed silently. 'Probably just a twisted wire, or a rust buildup That was the way it was with Bulma's inventions.

Geordi left Goku's side and was busy inspecting the work that the people were doing and trading notes so no one noticed when Goku picked up a kit of their tools and stepped into the core chamber, opening a panel. They did notice when the warp core flared back to life and started pulsing again, turning back to it's original color tone. Geordi looked around for Goku and gasped when he saw him emerging from the core, a sheepish look on his face.

"Sorry, I thought I should help, you have been so nice to us and we haven't really done anything for you. And it was just a twisted wire restricting the coolant flow, the power surge was what probably displaced it." He smiled.

Geordi's jaw dropped along with everyone else in the room. After several minutes, Geordi's combadge chirped, waking them from their stupor. Geordi slapped the combadge on his chest.

"LaForge here."

"Picard here. Mr. LaForge, great work! The warp drive is operational again. That was record time, I thought you said that it would take several more days."

"Uh, Captain, it wasn't me. It was Mr. Son."

"Mr. Son?"

"Yeah, he just walked right into the warp core chamber and fixed it!"

"It was nothing," Goku protested. The people in engineering crowded around Goku asking how he did it and slapping his back.

"I'll be right down. Picard out."

'Oh, great, Now what have I gotten myself into?' Goku thought with a sigh. I wonder what Vegita is doing?


The pile of bodies was getting bigger as Worf and Vegita plowed their way through the mall. Worf let out a Klingon battle cry as he sliced through another security guard with his Bat'leth and paused to see Vegita Final Flash the rest of the people still standing in the food court.

"Kuso! Where is this guy? We have just about killed everyone here!" Vegita glared.

"He isn't here. How did you do that?"

"Do what?"

"That energy. It's similar to a phaser, but I can tell that it's not."

"It's called a 'Chi Blast.' You focus the excess energy in your body and... what are you looking at?" Vegita cut off his explanation.

"Over there." Worf whispered, pointing to a shadow covered shape that appeared to be hiding in a small alley between the stores.

"Listen, baka, you don't look directly at your prey. They'll sense your attention has shifted. Look at me now."

Worf turned his head back in Vegita's direction away from the figure. They walked away in the opposite direction than the alley and the shadow followed them. It had probably been following them since it had trapped them in this nightmare.

"You have a pretty high power level for someone who hasn't had any training." Vegita commented under his breath.

"What do you mean by 'power level?' " Worf asked in confusion.

"Kuso! I think he's on to us. Follow me." So saying he leapt into the air and hovered 50 feet off the ground. Worf's jaw dropped as he stared up at him. "What are you waiting for baka?"

"I can't fly! And you shouldn't be able to either!"

Vegita sighed and he flew back down to Worf and lifted him above the ground as well. What had just taken place was 10 times faster than the human eye.

"Now, listen, close your eyes and focus on yourself. Feel your spirit, your energy, and force it out of yourself so that it will support you above the ground."

Vegita could hardly believe he was doing this -tutoring a prune headed Klingon, a race he had never even heard of... but then he had been doing a lot contrary to his usual self lately. Vegita no baka! he growled mentally to himself. Just forget it, Kakarott would never want me! Kuso! Why can't I stop thinking about him?

Vegita finished his hurried lesson with Worf and released him. Worf's eyes widened even more than they had been as he felt himself falling and then shut even more tightly in fear, but being the warrior he is he applied what he had been taught quickly and soon found himself floating in midair along with Vegita. He opened his eyes in amazement and suddenly broke into a grin. He didn't have much time to reflect on his newfound power, however, as the discolored man who had taunted them earlier stepped from the shadows in confusion as he could no longer spot his targets.

Vegita smirked and folded his arms across his chest. He was right where he wanted him. He moved suddenly, and flashed into position behind him.

"Now what exactly where you trying to pull?" Vegita bit out as he grabbed him around his neck and tossed him into the air. Worf caught him with ease and pulled both of his arms behind his back into a position that should have made him groan with pain. The man, after surveying his situation, smiled and vanished from Worf's arms.

"Kuso!" Vegita looked around to find the man hovering in midair as well.

"Well, I'm glad to see that you prove to be such intriguing specimens." With these words, the man changed completely, a uniform of his own appearing with a red stripe across his chest and the pips on his collar marking him an admiral; his black hair receded, his nose growing more prominent. His black eyes spoke of intelligence, while also containing a glint of arrogance and mischief.

"Are you one of their leaders? I knew I couldn' t trust you!" Vegita glared at Worf and the man in suspicion and anger.

"Vegita, he isn't part of startfleet!" Worf protested. "He is a entity named Q from a continuum of beings like himself. And it appears that his sole purpose in life is to constantly annoy other races, but the Enterprise's crew seems to be his favorite plaything."

"Well, I wouldn't go that far." Q shrugged it off.

Vegita's eyes glinted coldly as he stared at the annoying entity. "Well, you've had your fun. We're going now."

"Hey," he said spreading his hands in front of him and a smirk on his face. "I'm not keeping you."

"Who are you laughing at, you pitiful baka?"

"Why, I would think that you would like the attention, Vegita."

Vegita refused to be flustered. This creature obviously knew how to read minds, so he strengthened the telepathic wall around his pschye. The entity's eyes widened as he felt what Vegita had done.

Vegita smirked and threw a few verbal jabs, coldly calculated to incense the other. He succeeded in provoking him and narrowed his eyes as the entity suddenly smiled.

"As much as I enjoyed this little game, you appear to be tired."

"More like, 'I can't play god anymore because I was found out.' You are so predictable.

"Yeah, well see about that!"

He disappeared in a flash of light, an annoyed look on his face.

"I'm sorry about that." Worf apologized.

"About what? I thought that was quite refreshing." While Worf was covered in sweat, Vegita looked as fresh as when he had stepped into the room. Worf grudgingly gave him credit for his strength. He was definitely far superior to him in fighting skills.

"I suppose we should get some nourishment." Worf ventured.

"I suppose so." Vegita assented, his mind already on other maters. Who was this being called 'Q'? wasn't that a letter of a human alphabet? English he thought they called it. He would have to tell Kakarott about this.

Worf called for the arch again and this time a structure appeared that they had walked in through.

"Would you like to go to Ten Forward?" Worf asked Vegita almost reverently.


Vegita almost missed the worshipping tone that Worf's voice had taken he was so deeply in thought, but when he did catch it he almost stumbled and started laughing. He didn't and kept walking steadily to the crew lounge Worf walking beside him. Worf's combadge chirped and he slapped it in annoyance.

"Worf here."

"Mr. Worf, this is Geordi. Do you know where Vegita is?"

"Yes, he is with me. Why do you ask?" Worf's baritone rumbled.

"I need you and him down in engineering right now."

"We were going to Ten Forward." Worf almost whined.

"Worf, what's wrong with you?"

"Nothing. We'll be right down." Worf replied as he thought he saw Vegita nod his head in assent.

'I wonder what Goku is doing... I wonder what he's thinking..' Vegita thought. 'I wonder... I wonder if he's.. he's thinking of... me?' Vegita blushed deeply at that. 'No bakayaro... Of course he wouldn't be thinking about you!!' Vegita took a breath and exhaled slowly. 'What is this.. this aching in my heart? This.. longing.. This desire to be near...' How could he like, let alone love the one who.. who defeated him? The one who beat him... the one who broke him.. the only one who seemed to care... It didn't seem right, but it felt right.. didn't it? How could he be in love with him? How could he not be in love with him? 'Is it.. love? No... it can't be. But what if.. what if it is what I have most feared? What if this... feeling is love? I've never felt like this before... It was different with Bulma. I still care for her, but not in the same way as I care for Goku... If this love is true... What then?' He nodded.

A voice echoed through the darkness. "Those pathetic fools! They are going to pay for insulting me!!" The voice started laughing like the Joker. "Bwahahahahah-" *thud* "Ouch!" Q poked his head through a bulkhead rubbing it, and smirked evily at Vegita. An evil idea had come to mind...


Goku felt like he was being examined under a very large microscope as Doctor Crusher ran a small hand-held device over the surface of his body.

"Are you sure this is nessesary?" He asked her uncomfortably.

"I need the readings. Just hold still and relax. I'll be done in a minute." She continued without pause.

Geordi had left the room with the other engineers and the Captain several minutes ago, probably to discuss something about him. Maybe that he had been able to fix the Core in minutes when the other geniuses aboard the ship have been agonizing over the same problem for days was the topic of discussion. Especially after he had been treated like some kind of survivor from some tragic accident who didn't remember a thing and had a concussion. These people really had some issues to work out.

"I'm going to need you to come to sickbay with me, Goku." Crusher said.

"Why? Don't you have the data you need?"

"I need a full body scan."

Geordi stuck his head through the doors.

"Dr.Crusher we are going to arrive at Deep Space Nine space station. We will be there in less than five hours."

"Ok, where are Worf and Vegita? They said they would be down an hour ago."

"I don't know, but they had said they they wanted to go to Ten Forward. I'll go check."

"Thank you. I'm going to sickbay, so when you see them, let them know alright?"

"Sure thing, Doc."

He left abruptly as he had come and Crusher started dragging a confused Goku to Sick Bay, a evil smirk on her face.

"Uh... Dr. Crusher?" Goku said.

"What is it sug- eh, I mean Goku?"

"Are you sure I should be in this position?" He said, indicating the way he was face down and strapped to the table.

"Oh yes..." She said, walking over to him.


Dr. Crusher reached over and pinched Goku's butt nonchalantly.

"Ahh!" He yelped. "Dr. Crusher did you just grab my butt?"



"Mwahah- I mean does that feel okay?" She said as she tightened the straps that held Goku to the table.

"I guess.."

"Now just hold still..." Crusher said as she took a camera and took a picture of Goku's butt. Her eyes glazed over, and she stared Goku with a mad gleam in her eyes.

"Dr. Crusher?"

"Yes?" She replied huskily.

"Are you looking at me?"


"Oh.. okay.. Are you almost done?"

"Not quite.."

'They'll pay big bucks for pictures of these Greek gods... heheheheheh... These are the most gorgeous guys I've ever seen!! Wait 'till my "customers" see some of this... Maybe they won't want to buy any more porn of the Captain and Riker...' Crusher thought. 'Oh well! Who cares? I'll be filthy rich as soon as I sell these!! All I have to do is edit out the underwear, and presto-chango! I have porn of the hottest guys ever!! Bwahahahahahahaha!!!'

"Dr. Crusher?"


"Are you taking pictures of me and editing out the clothes I'm wearing and then are you going to sell the pictures as porn when we get to the space station?"

"No, whatever gave you that idea?"

"Oh.. never mind."

'And even if you had proof you couldn't pin it on me!!!'


Geordi whistled to himself as he walked to sickbay. He had found Worf and Vegita in Ten Forward alright, but in a state he thought he'd never live to see from the way they had hit it off. He walked up to the doors to sickbay and entered the room.


"Okay now Goku hold still..."

Geordi gaped at what he saw: Goku strapped face down to a table wearing nothing but a pair of skintight black shorts, while Crusher was taking pictures of Goku's butt.

"Beverly!" Geordi exclaimed, his hands flying to his face as his eyes widened in shock.

"Huh?" Crusher looked up from taking another picture. "G-Geordi? Eh.. Its not what it looks like!"

Geordi crossed his arms. "Oh? Then what are you doing?"

"Um... I'm.. uh.. giving Goku a.. umm.. I'm giving Goku a checkup. Yeah, a checkup."


"Heheheh..." She laughed nervously.

"I thought we had an agreement?"

"Agreement? Oh yes, could we continue this in private?"

"Sure." He replied, walking about seven feet away from Goku as Crusher followed.

"A little help?" Goku called.

"Beverly you know you aren't supposed to do that! Even if he does have a cute butt... Anyway that is beside the point!"

"Geordi, all of my customers are getting tired of seeing the Captain and Riker! I have to get some fresh meat for them! Or would you rather that I took pictures of you and Data?"

Geordi paled at that.

"Allright! I won't tell the Captain as long as you don't take any pictures of me or Data!"

"Deal. Now let me get back to my work."

"Devil woman.." He muttered under his breath.

"What was that?"


Geordi and Beverly walked back into the main room of the sickbay and parted, Geordi going to the door. He paused.

"Just one more thing. I found Worf and Vegita a while back. They said to tell you that they were coming and I should think that they will be here any minute now. Just to warn you-"

"Thank you Geordi, I'll see you later." She cut him off.

He shrugged. "Fine, have it your way."

Geordi left leaving Crusher to her dirty work.


"Twenty-nine bottles of Romulan Ale on the wall -hic!- twenty-nine bottles of Romulan Ale -hic!-" Vegita and Worf sang as they stumbled to sickbay, while punching out anyone that crossed their path.

"Wa.. .wanna have another bottle... Worf?" Vegita slurred.

"W... why not?" He answered as he leaned on Vegita and raised his bottle to his lips, downing a third of what was left.

"Good shit." Vegita mumbled, his drink dribbling down his chin.

"Where were we sup -hic!- supposed to go again?"

"Sick.. something or other. Hey you, you know where we're going?" He called to a passing crewman.

"No sir."

"Okay.. Hey you.. were ish sick -hic- bay?"

"Down the hall and to the right."

"Okay -hic-"

The two stumbled down the hall and almost crashed into the sickbay doors before they parted and they fell to the sickbay's floor.

Dr. Crusher was in the back room, while Goku was strapped in a weird looking device, wearing nothing but a pair of black spandex shorts.

"Vegita! Help me down! I think that Dr. Crusher is taking pictures of me and selling them as porn!" Goku whispered fearfully to Vegita.

Vegita's jaw had dropped as he saw the near cloth-less state of the object of his affection. He was becoming aroused looking at him; his mouth was suddenly robbed of all moisture as he just stood there and stared.

"Vegita?" Goku was becoming nervous from the look that Vegita was giving him. "Vegita you are going to help me... right?"

"Uh… sure Kakarott.."

At that moment Crusher walked back into the room with a VERY large array of equipment.


"Uhh..." Goten groaned. "Where am I?" He felt something soft brush his face. He opened his eyes and to his surprise, he saw an ocean of lavender.

"Trunks?! Get off me!!" He tried to push him off, but found that every time he moved his right arm he was assaulted by a sharp pain. He winced and reached up with his other hand and shook Trunks' shoulder gently.

"Trunks! Wake up!" Goten whispered in his ear.

"Mmm..." Trunks moaned as he shifted so that his head was resting on Goten's chest.

Goten sighed, relieved that Trunks hair wasn't in his face anymore.

"Trunks?" He whispered slightly louder this time.

"Uhh.. Goten?" He opened his eyes slowly and looked up at Goten. Goten smiled at him weakly. Trunks' face turned beet red when he realized that he was lying on top of his friend.

"S-sorry Goten!!" Trunks quickly scrambled off of the dark haired boy and stood up.

"Its okay.. Just help me up!"

"H-hai!" Trunks replied nervously and extended a hand to Goten.

"I think my arm is broken.." Goten muttered as he dusted his butt off with his left hand.

"What? Let me see!" Trunks exclaimed. Goten winced in pain as Trunks grasped his arm. He drew in a breath slowly, then let it out when Trunks released his arm.

"How did that happen?" Trunks asked.

"I don't know."

"Try not to move it until we can find a doctor, okay?"

Goten nodded solemnly.

"What is this place.." Trunks pondered, looking around his surroundings. They were in a dark deserted building. The windows were boarded up, while a layer of dust covered the room. A few chairs littered the room, covered in thin sheets of white cloth. The light fixtures had been dismantled, the remaining wire looking like an arachnid's legs. The only light in the room drifted through the the cracks in the wood which covered the windows.

"I've got bad feeling about this..." Goten said. Trunks gave him a strange look.

"I've always wanted to say that." Goten said while giving him a goofy grin. Trunks rolled his eyes and stopped as he caught sight of a shadowy figure behind his friend.



"Don't turn around..."

"Why not?" He said, ignoring Trunks' warning and turning to see what he wasn't supposed to look at.

"Aaaaaaahhh!" He screamed as he saw what was behind him. Standing behind him was a seven foot tall drooling, dark green monster, which could only have come from a horror movie. It slowly turned its sightless skull towards Goten, baring crystalline fangs at him while growling. It's long tail swished behind it as it crawled towards it's prey.

"T-Trunks what do you think it wants?" Goten asked shakily as he took hesitant steps backwards.

"Maybe it w-wants to... eat us?" Trunks' voice went an octave higher as the last two words left his mouth.

"I think you're right.. RUN!!" Goten screamed as he turned and ran as fast as he could. Trunks followed him, screaming as he waved arms over his head. The creature leaped onto the ceiling, pursuing them as it snarled and growled. Goten and Trunks ran around the building, the creature hot on their tail. After several minutes of this Goten stopped running, causing Trunks to crash into him.

"Ow.. Jeez Goten! Why'd you stop?"

"Trunks, we have ki, right?"

"Yeah... "

"Our fathers are two of the strongest fighters in the universe."


"We've been training since before I can remember."


"We defeated Brolli, one of the strongest Saiya-Jins ever, when we were just kids."


"Why are we running from that thing?"

"Maybe because it wants to kill us and eat us?!"

"Yeah, but not if we kill it first!" Goten smirked triumphantly.

"Damn! I should have though of that!" Trunks said sarcastically. "Oh man, here it comes!" Trunks yelled, pointing above them.

Goten powered up and positioned his hand to perform the Ka-me-ha-me-ha technique. Trunks cowered and ran behind Goten.

"Ka-me-ha-me-ha!!" Goten screamed, sending a blue blast of energy at the alien. It screamed as the wave of energy engulfed it. Trunks peered at the smoke Goten had created from using his attack.

"Yay!! You did it!! You killed it!!" Trunks exclaimed, jumping out from behind Goten. Goten beamed and gave Trunks an anime victory sign. Trunks grabbed Goten's arms and danced around the room with him, until Goten screamed in pain.

"Oww!! Trunks!! I have a broken arm remember?!"

"Oh. Yeah.. sorry.."

Suddenly a low growl sounded from the billowing smoke. Trunks and Goten froze and turned around slowly.

"Umm... Trunks?"


"I don't think its dead..."

"It must be even stronger than Brolli!" Trunks whispered.

Goten nodded, dumbly. Trunks' eyes grew wide as the creature grinned ferally at them. Goten screamed again, and fired dozens of Chi blasts at it. Trunks powered up.

"Goten! What about Gotenks? You think he could kill it?"

"Hai!" Goten grinned in relief.

"Fusion!" They screamed together as they performed the mirror dance. Where Trunks and Goten had once stood, Gotenks emerged from the smoke.

"Hah! Stupid animal! I am Gotenks! And you shall die for trying to kill me!" Gotenks shouted in his erie dual voice.

The creature lunged at him, screaming. Gotenks dodged it while kicking it in the head, denting its skull. It screamed in pain, then spat a glob of acid at him.

"See? I am much stronger than you! You stand no chance against me!"

Gotenks dodged the acid and fired a concentrated Chi blast at the alien, puncturing it's bulbous head, making it explode.

Gotenks unfused, separated into two boys again. They started at the mess on the floor as it began to dissolve the tiles underneath it in amazement.

"What is this thing?"

"Whatever it was it was definitely gross." The carcass fell through the floor and landed on the floor beneath with a hiss and a thud. "What do you think makes it dissolve stuff like that?"

"Acid. It's blood must be acid, an extremely corrosive form too."

"Well, now that we took care of that, it brings us to our first question. Where the heck are we? This doesn't look like Pan's party."

"That's an understatement."

The building had been blown up in their struggle with the alien, and they were standing on a long street framed with high buildings that were dark, also condemned. A few cars were parked along the sidewalks, most with their wheels missing, and boxes and boards were stacked against a few.

"Trunks... I don't think we're in Japan anymore."

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