“You got a call from your boyfriend.”

Gohan looked up from the porn magazine he was looking through, as he was laying on his stomach on the table. A damp pink towel was wrapped around his waist, rising up some to show a healthy, attractive thigh from under the flimsy garment. His legs were drawn up, swinging around in the air in idle bored ness. Flicking away his damp hair, that he hadn’t combed yet so it went every which direction, Gohan watched his attractive father, with a similar towel around his waist, move about the kitchen to make something to eat. Gohan smacked his lips and let the magazine drop to the table, a posing man beginning to touch himself to bare witness to any prying eyes.

“Which one?” Gohan teased, a faint smile gracing his glinting lips, eyes sullen to watch his father’s ass being hugged by a worshiping towel. Gohan pouted. He wish he was the towel right now…

“The whore,” Gohan’s father answered and the spell was broken as Gohan’s eyebrows fell heavily over his black eyes and they snapped up to the back of the black-haired man’s head.

“And what did you tell him?” Gohan gritted out, keeping an almost collected tone in his voice.

“Oh, what you told me to tell him if he called,” he answered and turned around, peeling a banana with delicate slowness. “Fuck off.”

Gohan grinned slowly.

“I think he took me seriously,” Goku said. Gohan started laughing, the anger fading to a dull roar as he watched his Papa with amused eyes. Knowing that his son was watching him intently, Goku lifted the peeled banana slowly to his lips and let the tip run across his lower lip, as if he was deep in thought.

Gohan’s eyes immediately glued to the spot.

Goku arched an eyebrow casually. “Want some?”

Gohan quickly shook his head no.

“Are you sure?” Goku gave the banana a casual lick, as if tasting its worth. Its worth to be in that sexy, totally unbelievable, desirable mouth. Oh, yum.

Gohan nodded.

“Yes or no, Gohan?”

Gohan opened his mouth to let out a choked answer when suddenly there was a very hard, very forceful presence on his ass. The spell being broken once again, Gohan looked back with a playful snarl.

“Get off, mutt,” Gohan ordered at his little 7-year-old brother, Goten. Goten just smiled at him, looking like an exact duplicate of Gohan’s previous desire, and bounced again on his brother’s butt.

“No,” Goten said stubbornly. “Daddy is going to teach me a new lesson today.”

“Oh?” Gohan acknowledged with a raised eyebrow and looked at his father casually. “And what shall that be?”

Goku shrugged. “Oh, nothing much, just deep throating. Want to be our dummy?”

“Yeah, Go-san!” Goten chirped happily with a bounce. “Be my dummy!”

“Last time you fucking bit me,” Gohan grumbled.

“And I got good results for that one too!” Goten said with a smile and leaned down over Gohan’s back. Slowly, the little brother nibbled on Gohan’s ear playfully, a little whine in his throat.

“Pwease,” Goten begged with hope in his voice. Gohan gave a defeated sigh.

“You know I’m not easy to please, right?” Gohan asked, tilting his head away from the tickling tongue and teeth. They just followed his movements.

“Uh huh,” Goten murmured into his ear. “If you come, that means I’m pretty good then.”

Well, the kid had a point.

“All right,” Gohan said with another defeated sigh. “Get off so I can roll over.”

Goten gave a happy chirp and leapt off of his big brother to sit beside his wide waist. Gohan rolled over onto his back and lifted his hips into the cool air, ripping off the towel to reveal his hairless dick (which he went through a lot of pain to keep it that way. Wax. It’s an ugly thing.) And balls. Stuffing the towel behind his head as a pillow and lowering his hips with a thump, Gohan turned his eyes to his father-looking brother.

“All right, boy,” Gohan announced. “Try your worst.”


“So are you going to tell us or what?”

Vegeta was standing by his ceiling-tall window, looking out at the busy city below. Beyond the window, he knew, were the honks and cries of city folk alike, all muted out by the height and the steel windows. He was at work, his desk scattered with paperwork, pencils, and whatnot. If you looked very closely, you might be able to see a keyboard and the computer, if you were lucky. Vegeta hated the mess but for the past two days, he had been unable to concentrate and so the work stacked up on him. He tried, honestly he did. But the will power could not be called forth and Vegeta had been forced to look out at the busy city of life and hate. One his favorite pastimes, to wallow in self-misery. Watching his plant grow also amused him.

Yep. Vegeta definitely had his work cut out for him.

Vegeta looked downwards as he watched a car, which was the size of an inch from his point of view, stir and miss something in the street. Vegeta guessed it was some people crossing the walk, but they were too far down and tiny to really be sure.


Vegeta woke up from his dream state and turned around, hands cupped behind him and his black business suit. Two lavender-haired teens were sitting behind his messy desk, almost unseen behind the stacks of white paper. They looked exactly alike, except one had exceptional longer length of hair and the other had the ring of his ear pierced. Dark blue eyes stared expectedly at him, blinking almost in sync with one another.

They were, unfortunately, Vegeta’s twin brats, Mirai and Chibi. Odd names? Blame the wife.

“What?” Vegeta snapped.

“So are you going to tell us what's up?” Chibi asked, scratching his short purple hair. He was the more arrogant of the two, speaking his mind whenever he wished, even in his father’s presence. He would be what the teens called the ‘cool’. The laid-back, playing around all night, best at everything he does, and fucking woman left and right. The teen bopper, party rocker, and drink-until-I-die child that thought shit about his parents. Yep. We always need a bad apple in the family.

Mirai, though, was the charmer. He had a quiet, mature aura and barely spoke to anyone. But his smart attire, good looks, and soft words attracted many valuable women that were confident, beautiful, and stacked with cash. Needless to say, Mirai was the favorite of the family, which probably led to such a devasting conclusion with Chibi. Vegeta knew Chibi did what he did because, not only did he like it, but he was also expecting some attention. And the rich man didn’t care a rat’s ass. If he wanted attention, he could start acting like his age and grow up.

“Nothing is ‘up’,” Vegeta said then on second thoughts, “brat.”

“Ouch,” Chibi said, looking offended. “That hurt, Pop. Right here.” With a pitiful look on his face, he patted his chest gently, and turned his head away with a sniff.

“I’ll try harder next time,” Vegeta sneered and took a seat in his leather chair, leaning back and looking completely content in the leather fabric.

“He meant, father,” Mirai said softly, playing idly with a paper clip in his hand, “that he wanted to know what was wrong with you.”

“And why would there be anything wrong with me?” Vegeta snarled. He was disgusted by the way people thought he was coming down with flu. But to his amusement, Mirai put on a skeptical look on his face and eyed all the papers swallowing his father’s desk and even a few stacks on the floor. Without opening his mouth, Mirai made his point and looked back at his father.

“And you always tell us to do our homework,” Chibi said, voice dripping with sarcasm.

“In which you better start doing,” Vegeta ordered, looking pointedly at his punker of a son. “Mr. F in Literature class.”

“You actually looked at my report card?” Chibi said, jaw sliding open.

“No,” Vegeta answered. “Mirai told me.”

“Squealer,” Chibi muttered and sank into his seat.

“You’re taking the subject off course, Father,” Mirai said gently, now bending the paper clip in his hands.


Mirai managed a faint grin upon his face. “So what happened while you were at the cabin?”


“Something had to happen.”

“And why would you say that?”

“Because I called the cell phone, Father. You didn’t answer.”

“I was probably asleep, moron.”

“Honestly. You and I both know you never go to bed early.”

“I did that night.”

Mirai watched his father for a long, piercing moment, his facial features completely neutral in all facts. He was taking silent notes that moment he had walked into the room. His first fact was the complete content look he had while looking outside the window as they waited to receive his attention, in which they had not got until Chibi had to yell at the top of his lungs. So, one fact was obvious. Whatever that kept his father’s interest for so long was a deep and pressing matter.

The next clue was how relaxed he was sitting in his chair; again content to just lay back and chill out. Not once had Mirai seen his father laid-back, even when watching a movie with his family. So, that concluded that the matter kept him calm and cool; relaxed to the very detail.

Mirai also noticed how freely he spoke now. Such as the use of names, like a child. So that led that the experience was a refreshing one. And basing if he was lying or not, the experience had left Mirai’s workaholic father to be exhausted.

So the answer was quite simple in all aspects.

“Father,” Mirai said quietly, his searching finally finished.

What?” Vegeta gritted out, tired of the prying eyes and voice.

“Did you have sex?”

Chibi burst out laughing at the sudden question while Vegeta jerked up straight and face pale from what color that was in his cheeks. Mirai felt a satisfaction surge. He had known that his parents had been having troubles lately; he never thought though that it would lead to this.

“So its true.”

Vegeta grunted and sat back in his chair, looking away. Color returned to his face slowly, but this time a little too much, as his cheeks were red with embarrassment.

“So, who was the whore?” Chibi asked eagerly, not really caring, obviously, that his father just had sex with another woman, and leaned forward to hear everything.

“What's her name?” Chibi pressed.


“Nani? That’s one weird name,” Chibi said thoughtfully, an odd expression on his face. “Gohan. Rice. Ooookay.”

“Isn’t Gohan a male name?” Mirai asked, a lavender eyebrow beginning to rise.

Vegeta took note to kill his son for pointing out the obvious in front his dim-witted twin brother after this meeting.

“I don’t know,” Vegeta said. A snarl was being held back in his throat.

“Hey, wait a second!” Chibi shouted, pointer finger up in the classic pose ‘Wait, I just had an idea!’ and his eyes widened slowly. “I know a guy named Gohan…Yeah!”

Turning wide eyes toward his father, who was slowly sinking into his chair and color fading from his face, he leaned forward again.

“You…” Chibi started, pointing now at his Pop instead of the ceiling. “You had GOHAN!?”

“What are you talking about?” Mirai asked, looking confused and a little annoyed that his brother was purposely keeping all the information out of the air. Who was this ‘Gohan’?

“Oh man!” Chibi said and stood up, slamming his hands on the chestnut desk. “Did you get his autograph!?”

“What?” Mirai and Vegeta said at the same time, staring in shock at the excited and hopeful Chibi.

“You don’t KNOW!?” Chibi said, pure disbelief in his voice as he stared at his father and brother. Obviously, it hadn’t hit them quite yet just how important Gohan was. “He’s the best fucker in three cities! My God! Have you guys been living in a cave?”

This time, it was Vegeta and Mirai who started blinking at the same time. Suddenly, Chibi leapt over the desk and papers flew in the air in a scattered mess. Vegeta stared in shock at the flying pieces of white but Chibi grabbed him around the collar and forced his black gaze into his sparkling, deep blue ones. This was the first time that Vegeta remembered of them ever having physical contact.

“Pop, you just HAVE to get me an appointment with him!” Chibi screamed excitedly into his face. Vegeta’s eyes grew a tiny bit bigger.

“WHAT!?” Vegeta shouted, completely taken off guard at his weird son’s behavior.

“Don’t you know!?” Chibi said and shook his own father roughly, completely taken by the moment. “He’ll do any kinky shit you ask him to do! Anything! He’s a pro; he’s the Master of the Sex Games! I have to have him, Dad!”

“WHAT!?!” Vegeta shouted louder.

“Dad, if you do this for me, I’ll keep my room clean and I’ll raise that F to an A! Please!”


Mirai knew this was going to be a long, stressful day.


“Now take it a deep breath… that’s it…”

Gohan bit his tongue gently then pushed his brother’s head forward to take his erection into his mouth. He was soft and gentle, trying not to force anything upon the boy, but it was getting a little difficult. It had been so long since he was on the receiving end. So long since he had a proper blowjob. And to be completely honest, telling his brother how to give it to him right, was really turning him on.

Goten suddenly gripped Gohan’s waist and the older brother looked down and watched the boy take him in as far as he could go. Wet, swollen lips surrounded his red, abused dick. Ooooh, it was really too much.

“M-Move…” Gohan whispered, head falling back against the towel. He moaned softly as Goten started bobbing his head, lips scraping along his sensitive skin.

“Touch…Touch my balls lightly, Goten…” Gohan ordered, eyes sliding shut and awaited, as a grip released itself on his hip and light fingertips ran over his right mound. Gohan contained a slight shudder.

Shit, he thought. If I don’t be careful, he’ll be better then me…

“You enjoying yourself?” Goku asked, sitting above his son’s head, a smug grin set on his lips. As Gohan opened his eyes slowly, he caught sight of the beautiful glint of the end of a cigarette. Smoke, oh, that delicious smoke, filled his lungs and he licked his lips slowly. The small cig was put back into its owner’s mouth, red, glistening lips hugging it tight. Goku took in a long breath and the fire on the end enlightened. Tugging the cig free, Goku leaned down.

Suddenly, Goten bit down on the tip of his dick.

Gohan gasped in pain and pleasure and Goku let free the beautiful gray mist into his son’s mouth. Addicted to the scent, to the fog, Gohan tried to breathe it all in hastily.

Goku chuckled from above and Gohan looked up at him through the haze.

“Son,” he addressed. “Are you going to give or receive…?”

“Always…always give,” Gohan whispered. Goten’s mouth was getting distracting.

Goku raised his hand suddenly and smacked Gohan across the face, leaving a burning trail in its wake. The smack was loud and Gohan’s head whipped to the side.

“That’s right, slut,” Goku said. “So stop being a fucking pussy.”

Goten’s mouth never ceased.

“Yes, Father,” Gohan cooed. He completely accepted the blow.

“You want to be rough with me?” Goku asked, amused by his son’s tactics. Taking another whiff of the drug, he blew it out into the air.

“Yes, Papa,” Gohan said and arched his hips suddenly when Goten hit a nerve all by himself.

“Goten,” Goku ordered. Gohan hissed in disappointment, the mouth immediately leaving his wet dick. Cold air attacked his warm unit and the perfect whore shuddered.

“Go get me a dick,” Goku ordered, watching his quivering son with disapproval.

“’Kay, Daddy,” Goten said and leapt off the table.

“What's wrong with you?” Goku whispered. “Why are you expressing so much? You’re perfect. You just give.”

“It’s been so long, Daddy…” Gohan whispered with a pathetic whimper.

“I’ll show you long,” Goku tisked. “I wont fuck YOU for a month.”

“Papa, no!” Gohan whined. “I need your dick!”

“You’ll live without it until I see some improvements,” Goku said and Goten returned, holding a flimsy, fake dildo. Goku snatched it from his youngest son’s grasp and grabbed Gohan’s hair roughly. Gohan immediately opened his mouth to dodge any forced actions and Goku put the cock in all the way. Gohan choked for a moment before remembering his father’s watchful eyes and quickly grew quiet and accepted the dick that was halfway down his throat. Goku grasped the pink towel and tore it into shreds quickly. Shoving his boy onto his stomach, he tied his arms behind him and gave his butt a light slap.

“All right, boy,” Goku said and took the small button from Goten’s offering hand. “Have fun.”


Gohan’s head suddenly jerked up, eyes huge, as the dick within his mouth began to vibrate. The little whore coughed and gagged; unable to stand the dick's tip rubbing the back of his throat. Gohan screamed and begged for his father to stop. The boy thrashed wildly, trying to lose the binds that held him. He tried to speak. He tried to spit it out. He was going to die with this thing.

Gohan screamed around the mechanical dick as it came, spurting small amounts of cum down his throat.

He was going to drown.

“I told you that you didn’t want to play rough with me,” Goku said with a grin.

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