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Trunk’s Pov

“Wow! Its… completely empty?” The words came out of my mouth before I could stop them. Did he hear it? “What? To much for you boy?” Yep. Damn. I turned my head to look at my father who wasn’t even looking in my direction. He was staring off into the endless void that would be our training grounds for the next year. “No!” I replied with my come back, “Its just a little shocking.” He just snorted. I looked over toward him in time to see my father walking off the platform and on to the never-ending blankness.

In truth, I lied. It is too much for me to handle right now. The barren land gave off an eerie feeling; like it would just swallow you whole any chance it got. Nothing would be left but the blank, never changing, space. All that’s left. I shook my head and tried to fallow my father and take a step of the solid stage. It felt as if my body temperature had risen thirty degrees and the gravity must have been at least five times that of earth’s normal gravity. I looked up, panting slightly, to see my father’s laughing eyes and mocking smirk. Damn again. I picked myself up as much as I can; no doubt showing some of that human weakness my father hates so much about me. His eyes move away from me and back out into bare area. I take a step further and find the five times earths normal gravity had doubled. Shit! I turn and stum...err walk back to the safe ground. Fortunately, my father never did give me any more notice. I felt him power up his ki and began his training immediately.

I sat back on my bed and decided that I would rest up a bit and try to get over my shock. I got to rest for a good two minutes before my father came over and gave me that smirk of his. I looked up and made eye contact. He kept up his gaze for a few more moments before he spoke. “Sure you can handle this, boy?” His smirk changed and it now held a look that claimed he new I wasn’t ready. “Yes, I am fine.” He chuckled a bit at that and in a few puzzling words told me, “Then you’ll have to prove it.” That confused me and I took a moment to try to decipher what the meaning was. Did he want to spar now? His sneer changed again, turning into more a hungry smile, even as he again told me another baffling piece of information. “In three months we will see how strong you are. Train hard till then. The more powerful they are, the more fun they are to play with.” He must of saw the confusion written all over my face because his smile turned into his normal expression and he walked off to continue his solo fighting.

I stared after him a few minutes longer until he was just a tiny black dot out there. How he can even stand to go out that far is beyond me. It took everything I could give just to take two steps. Man! I will never be seen as his equal or even worthy to stand in his presence if I can’t even come close to compare to his strength. I am sure I’m a match for his physical strength, maybe, but his determination is astounding. I wish I were that confident and cool. Why can’t I be like that? I need my father to acknowledge me even if it is just as a training partner. His training is his whole life. I look up and sigh realizing how hard it’s going to be to gain his approval. I get up and began to do my warm-ups. I must get stronger, but I can’t intimidate him. I push all those thoughts aside as I raise my ki level. I first need to struggle just to catch up and match his power.

But what could he mean? Prove what? That I’ve gotten stronger? Of course I’ll get stronger. I have to help defeat Cell. Three months? Are we going to spar in three months? Is that how he’ll tell if I’ve gotten stronger? No. My father is smarter then that. He could tell by my power level when I train. I unconsciously drop my power level and stop my movements. More fun to play with!? What in the hell does that mean?! Does he really see fighting as play? No, he takes it seriously enough. BOOOOMMMM! I came out of my thoughts as I felt the waves from a huge explosion rack me. I block it and I search for the cause. Not surprisingly, it’s my father. I turn back to my own training and try to stop my mind from wondering to his words. I will find out soon enough.

Every day was the same. I would get up, eat, train, eat, train, eat, train, bathe, and sleep. The days began to run together and the constant ache of my body stopped my questioning thoughts. I woke up again, and found I could not move a thing with out searing white pain. Ouch! FUCK! I think I screamed out loud. I must have because the muscles even around my mouth now feel like someone stomped all over them, then ripped them a part with scissors. I groan as I realized my father was still there when I screamed. He was looking at me and his face was expressionless. Why is he watching me? I wish he would smirk or snort and look away. Then I would know what he was thing about me. Why in the hell is he looking at me? “It has been three months.” My eyes would have probably bulged out of my head but I knew that would hurt like hell. Damn. He probably wanted to spar today. He stared at me some more before he seemed to make up his mind. “You get one more week to recover. Stay in bed. I will be training when you feel well enough to continue.” I watched as he walked away, totally surprised. Did he just tell me to get better? What is he thinking? What superior motive did he have that relied on my well being? The questions kept coming and got no answers from me until I’m guessing my brain just got frustrated and fell into some mind numbing emptiness. And I got to fall into some much-needed sleep.

I woke up to the chime of a clock. I look over at it and it flash get up. I groan and think about kicking it and going back to sleep when I take a glance at the date. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I screamed at the top of my lungs. I faintly heard it echo through out the whole empty space. I heard a bang attack go a skew and a very angry father of mine raging over to me. “What in the hell did you scream for, boy” He grabbed me by the collar and shook me like a rattle. I was so angry I yelled at him before I could even give the response a rational thought. “You let me sleep a week! I have to get stronger and you let me sleep in!” I think I caught him off guard because his grip on my collar lessened. His smirk then appeared and he said, “Your ready then.”

His smirk became a completely different look. One that a wolf would give a bird after starving for five days straight. I gulped and pulled my eyes away from him. I got out of bed and, to my horror, I was butt naked. I turn my head to ask my father where my cloths went to find him still looking at. And we weren’t making eye contact. I felt a full body flush coming on and fruitlessly try to act like it was the most natural thing in the world. I mean, how many other kids do you think meet their father, that is only seven years older then them, and end up standing naked in front of them with their fathers eyes wondering over rather privet parts. What worse, I saw him lick his lips. That was the final straw! I dove under the covers and wouldn’t even peck my head out until I was at least the color of a radish again. I heard him give a nasty snort but couldn’t care less. SHIT! Why does this stuff always happen to me? “Get out of bed now you ungrateful brat! We are going to spar now!”

I poked my head out of the covers and couldn’t bring myself to make eye contact with him. “Can I at least get some cloths on?” Cloths sounded like a piece of heaven. Cloths. How did I lose them anyway? Before that statement, I had found the courage to try looking at my father. But them that statement flashed through my head and I tore my face away as if dodging a blow. Ohmykami! He stripped me! “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” And the familiar sound rang through the air once more.

“Damnit boy! What in the hell are you screaming at?” I looked up at him with wide eyes at my startling realization. “You…” I didn’t even want to say it. I just shook my head in a denial sort of way and then looked back up at him. And he was still looking at me. “Where are my cloths?” If this weren’t such an awkward situation, I would have smiled. My voice had sounded cool and confident! Yeah! But I felt all my hopes, about getting some cloths back on, began to die. That hungry look was back as he pointed to my torn up pieces of cloths. No! I came to the same realization as my father. My cloths were already scrapes so if I changed into them and trained some more, I would be wearing nothing by the time I got out! I saw and image pass through my head about how Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Tein and the other eyes would just pop out of their heads if I went out there naked. I again blush and duck my head under my covers. What a nightmare I’m in! I can either train naked in front of my father and his creepy hungry look or I can walk out naked and be seen by everyone else. Then Cell came into my mind and how he would probably have a field day with this and then Android 18 if, she hadn’t been absorbed yet would see and OHMYKAMI! The choice was made. I am going to train naked with my father. WHY? Why can’t a just be normal? “Huh” I sigh and try to get out of bed and became a witness to my father stripping. He’s stripping! He then turns around, still cool and confident, and I turn and jump right back into bed. Fuck the training! Fuck Cell! This was NOT in the pamphlet. I then felt rough arms grab me and pull me out of my bed. “What boy. I don’t find it very appealing to go out there naked either. Do you have a problem with that?” I shake my head despite the lie I was telling. “Good, boy. Now lets spar.”

I stand up and tried to stop my wondering eyes. It didn’t work. My father was short but not stubby. He was very muscular but not quite as much as Goku. His muscles were large but if you looked closely, you would notice an almost feminine grace to him. And he would probably kill you if you commented on it. He has a very well defined chest and…I tired to look away but my eyes were drawn right down between his legs. The blush that had finally left my face came back full force and I almost turned purple. It was bigger then average and about eight and a half inches long. It was a little thicker then mine too. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I was good this time and didn’t yell out loud. But I’m still a pervert! I was checking out my FATHER! What would my mother say? My mother…OHMYKAMI. I looked down at my feet in shame. Why does this stuff always happen to me?

“Come on boy. You do not get stronger by being LAZY.” I look up and saw him and realized he had seen me. MY FATHER CAUGHT ME CHECKING HIM OUT! The blush never lessened as he and I took a fighting stance. I tired to sum up all that’s happened to me today and it actually began to make sense and not seem so bad until I thought of how I‘m SPARING in the NUDE with my FATHER. I am a teenager and I now found out I am a pervert so hearing that…Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I didn’t yell out loud, but that saying will give you some perverse thoughts. I look back up at my father with wide eyes and he snorted. He then threw a big bang and almost didn’t miss. Damn. I block and go for a few punches but he blocks them and transports behind me. I turn and we through some punches and a few kicks. While we were exchanging blows, he surprises me with an energy blast and I fly to the ground. He doesn’t even give himself any time to rest but gets behind me and lands a roundhouse kick right in my head. All thoughts of us being nude leave my head and I give into the urges and fight with and aggressiveness that would even surprise me if I didn’t already know about. But even knowing about it doesn’t help much. I try to contain as much of it as I can. It could really get out of hand.

My father comes at me again trying to get above me but I stop him with a front kick. He grabs it and throws me to the ground. He comes and lands on me trying to pin me but I struggle, which makes him smile a bit. He got me pinned so I stop struggling and power down. He didn’t though. I just looked at him, at a lose as to why he was still pinning me. My mind then reminded me how we were both naked. I could just see someone walking in on us; with my naked father on top of a very nude me and the only explanation we could come up with would be ‘We were sparing.’ How wrong is that! “Listen boy” his words broke me out of my musings and he smirked again and there was this small twinkle in his eye. It was like something gruesome was going to happen but he would enjoy it thoroughly. Oh SHIT. That always means something bad for me. “I will show you what you need to use if you are to fight like a Sayin.”

Fear began to grip at me and I swear that made my father’s smile grow. He then bent down, closer to my face, and I just kept thinking I’m going die but he …

My mind had stopped and so did my heart. What in the FUCK was he doing? His lips were on my check and were being gentle. OHMYKAMI. It was probably my perverted mind fantasizing. Yes, that’s it! I was knocked out during the spar and now I’m thinking naughty thoughts about my father. Kami, I’m so sick! My DREAM Father then moved his lips on to my lips and I almost died. It was disgusting. I wanted him to stop. Stop! I would have said it out loud but my lips were occupied. What! Oh-my-Kami. I’m KISSING HIM BACK! My father’s lips then left my lips and went to my other check. He kissed it gently and then bit it. Hard. “Aaaaaoooouuucccchhhh!” I knew I screamed out loud because my father looked at me with that smirk and whacked me, hard, across my face. It hurt. My vision spotted and …that means it’s not a dream. I was shocked numb until I felt my father’s wet tounge licking off the warm blood that he drew.

It was the weirdest thing that had ever happened to me. I know that now. This was the exact reason I had dove back under the covers before. He’s going to rape me! His tounge messaged the wounds and then moved down my neck like a snake. He made twisted designs and then landed on my chest. It just accrued to me I never told him to stop. “Stop!” I said and received another slap. My checks were burning and it wasn’t just from the shame. It hurt like hell but it was different. I never be kissed this and it felt kind of…nice. PERVERT! I’m enjoying my father…His tounge had found a wonderful little nub and was now coxing it into delicious hardness. “Uuuuhhh” That was all my father needed and scratched a long, deep gash along my “six pack”. I hissed as his fingernails dug into the skin towards the end and gasped when his tounge began to lick and suck at blood. He licked my cut clean and roughly pressed his mouth to mine. I thought about not telling him to cut it out but my check still stung with the consequence. I also could have powered up again and push him off but he had already proven he was stronger then me which is why I am here now. The taste of blood was in my mouth. I’ve tasted blood before, like when I get punched, but this time its different. I was taking time to enjoy the taste of it. And with out even knowing it, I began to kiss him back. I was rewarded with more blood, which I lapped up hungrily. I pulled away and took a breath when what I had done caught up with my racing mine. I had liked the taste of my own blood. And I had liked my father’s lips delivering with it. He smirked as he looked at me. He must have saw the conflict in my eyes. He would be one to just love that. I started to rage war with my self. I liked the blood. I liked what my father was doing. The pain felt good. I wanted more of everything. But it was WRONG. You do NOT have sex with your father. You do NOT enjoy drinking blood. He should NOT be kissing me like this.

His lips were once again on mine and my resolve was thinning. I mean, I not the first to do this. That’s what all the people on those talk shows do. And anyway, this is suppose to be rape. But is it rape if you enjoy it? Damn. My father’s lips moved to my ear and began to suck. He bit it lightly and I shivered slightly but did not say a word. It came to me that my father was in complete control. He probably gets a huge power trip form this. I had to know why. Why was he doing this? Why would he waste so much training time? Why did…I almost moaned as his hard erection came in contacted with mine. I bit my lip and realized that I was aroused. Blood left my lips and ran down my chin. My father’s lips were right back on my face, collecting my life fluid and rolling it around on his tounge. I have to stop this. NOW!

Something in me urged me to do something I never would have thought of doing before. I forced my mouth on to his and took my blood from his lips. When we ran out I bit his lip giving me more of that precious juice. I pulled back in total shock. I had stooped to his level. That was stopping it alright. I stared right into his eyes as he smirked right back at me. In a flash, he had his fingernails digging into my skin. Instead of gasping, I reared up and sunk my teeth as far as they would go into his shoulder. I started to lap at the blood, as did my father before he crushed his lips right up on mine. We continued are blood sucking contest until it got too much for our restricted erections. He moved his hands down and began rubbing mine. He then began to fist it as finished sucking the last of the blood off the under part of his ear. He then began to rub our cocks together. I let out a growl from deep in my throat as I hear him moan softly before he savagely shoves himself all the way in my body.

I heard myself scream as it felt like I was being ripped a part. I felt the warm blood dripping down my legs as my father paused to give me some comfort. He began to move slowly and the pain was being overpowered by the pleasure as our tongues sparred in a fierce battle. He won dominance and proved it as his thrusting pace increased. And I began to match it. The pleasure mounted as my father started to caress and scratch the skin on my back. I laid my hand on his neck and began to massage and then dice it with my fingernails. My father’s and my moans began to rise as our body reached maximum sensory intake. And we still went higher and higher with the fresh smell of our blood in our noises and the taste in our mouth. I couldn’t take it anymore and came between our bleeding stomachs. I clamped down on my fathers dick that was buried all the way in me and felt him explode in me. I felt pulse after pulse of his cum enter me and felt strangely satisfied. My father collapsed on me and his weight felt rather comforting. He raised his head to meet my gaze. His normal smirk came back into play and in conclusion, says, “Use what you learned to day in battle and you won’t lose.”

He picks himself off me and I just laid there panting. He never gives me a second glance and goes to take a bath. I lay there and my mind begins to stop spinning. I am again shocked at my behavior. What in the HELL was I thinking! I just FUCKED my father. Or let him FUCK me! My Kami! I take deep breaths and try to get my breathing under control as I get up off the floor. I am almost as sore as I was when I went to sleep only the majority of the pain this time is in my ass. I lay down in my bed and try to think about what has happened. What did I learn? I have a blood lust! What dose this mean? Kami that was wrong! Man what would other people say. Hell, what will I say to my next lover when they ask if I have done this before and if so with who? My mind shut down before I even got a chance to ponder my future any more and I fell asleep with the thought of how I still have seven months and three weeks left in this white heaven or hell. But even in sleep the thought still plagues me. And I still truly haven't decided which it is and which it isn't.

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