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----Emotional Turmoil----

By Candle in the Icebox

In my life, I have had two loves. I fell for my best friend, but it didn't take me long to abandon all hope that he would return my love. It was painfully obvious that he preferred the company of women, and seemed very inflexible towards "the pink side of the force", as my father put it. So as I got older, I searched for an older companion. Naturally, I fell for my best friend's big brother.

Unfortunately, he was happily married to a beautiful, intelligent woman and had a charming young daughter.

Who was in love with me.

And that's where my story starts. Twenty-seven years old, still living with my parents and sister, the president of the family business (and I hate, no, *loathe* my job), and I'm in love with a married man ten years older than me. With no distractions from my misery, I sit in my office all day and pretend to work, dreaming of the day when Son Gohan and I could be together. If only he weren't married and so damned old, maybe he would take interest in me, perhaps start a relationship. I sit and dream of this every day, the days just blend together, one after another. If only...if only...if only.... (1)


That's my mother, Ms. Bulma Briefs. She's the world's richest woman, the world's youngest-looking 50-something-year-old, the world's greatest scientific genius, and married to the world's biggest pain-in-the-neck. But I'm sure that anyone reading this already knows that. I'd better go down now and eat breakfast. I'll use up one of my many vacation days today, I really don't feel like working.

Trunks stopped writing and got up. Searching briefly (no pun intended) through his dresser for some clean clothes, he got dressed and went downstairs. His mother was scowling at him, so the lavender-haired man smiled and waved at her. "I'm taking the day off, Mom. No need to hound me about it, I'm not a dog."

"Ha ha. That's so funny, Trunks. One tiny little problem: YOU'VE GOT A MEETING WITH BOI-TOI CAPSULE'S SENIOR MANAGEMENT!"

"What's this about boy-toys? And who cares about a meeting, I'll call my secretary and have her change the dates."


"Okay, okay, stop shouting! The author is sick of writing in all caps, Mom. Give her a break or you'll end up roasting on a Bulma-sized shish kebob." (A/N: Heh heh heh...)

"Whatever. But you've got to go, Trunks. The meeting is in five minutes."

Trunks rolled his eyes. "Alright, fine, I'll go. But I'm leaving after that!"

The lavender-haired hunk sat in an office, not really paying attention and only speaking if someone directly asked him a question. Four hours later, it seemed that the meeting was about to come to a close. Trunks pretended to listen but was really looking out the window behind the speaker longingly. 'Gosh, the weather looks nice out there...wish I could be flying around instead of being stuck in here. Wonder what Gohan is doing?'

"...with this succesful merge, we shall own 86% of the market share, which will boost our companies but not be in danger of the government splitting us up..." The speaker lolled on and on. Trunks continued staring out the window, and something caught his eye. A small object with the capsule corporation logo on the side and two men seated inside it was gently floating downwards towards his home. He blinked once to make sure it was still there, but from where he sat he could no longer tell. The businessmen (and women) were all rising, though, to shake hands and say goodbye. Trunks made a polite but rapid exit, ignoring the small chat in the hallway after the meeting and flew straight towards the place the object had landed.

He got a better view of it as he came closer. It was almost egg-shaped with landing feet coming out the sides, the entire top portion was made of curved glass, and "HOPE!!!" was written on the side of it. It had landed right on his front lawn, which someone had obviously spotted, since Bulma, Vegeta, and Mr. and Mrs. Briefs came outside to see what it was.

"Oh..my..god...is that who I think it is?" Bulma was awestruck. "It couldn't be, not him!"

Vegeta, too, looked shocked, as did Mr. and Mrs. Briefs. "Who's that other guy he's with? I thought he said Kakarott's future brat had died a long time ago. In his time, that is."

Trunks was thoroughly confused, but something in his memory clicked. This spaceship..thing..he'd seen it before. There was a photo of it on his mother's dresser, and there was a man next to it in that photo...wasn't it supposedly his future self? That's right! It was the time machine! It all came back to Trunks, the whole story about Mirai Trunks; how he had helped the Z warriors during the Cell games and how his time was plagued by the androids. Could this be the same Trunks?

The two men in the time machine opened the top and stepped out. It certainly *was* Trunks, but he was more muscular and had long hair tied back in a low ponytail. (A/N: Stand up and cheer if you love that hairstyle! *ahem* I'm okay now. Really.) He also had a look in his eyes as though he had the weight of the world resting on his shoulders, and had seen far too much sorrow for a man of his age. The other man, who looked about the same age, had spikey black hair that was cut short, and was wearing an orange gi. He had many scars running along his body, including a few very notable ones on his face. He had the same look in his eye as his companion, but was not as intense. He was, undoubtedly, Son Gohan.

Bulma rushed up to greet her future son and shake Mirai Gohan's hand in wonder. Vegeta just stood there with a wary look on his face, as did Trunks. The blue-haired woman started firing questions at the two newcomers.

"Wow, how are you, Trunks? How about you, Gohan? Why are you here? Is there a new threat to the Earth? I thought Mirai Gohan had passed away, why are you here then? Were you wished back? Does that mean that Mirai Goku and everyone else is back too? How am I doing in your timeline? How is life in the Mirai world? Met any lucky ladies? You know what I mean, right? Wink wink nudge nudge?"

"Mother, please, one question at a time! First, I'm alright. Gohan is okay too, right?"


"Okay, now let me explain why we're here. When I arrived back after visiting you guys...y'know, after I had defeated Cell, my mother came up with a great idea. As you know, Piccolo had passed away in my time, so therefore, Kami--and the dragon balls--were gone, too. But the Namekian dragon balls were not. We simply built a ship and went to Namek, and when we got there, the nameks summoned Porunga. We used those dragon balls (after all, Goku had been revived once already and we couldn't revive him again with Shenlong) to wish Goku back.

"I thought that it had been such a long time since some were killed by the androids that people's lives may have changed since their loved ones died. For example, if a woman had a husband who died because of the androids, so she moved on and fell in love with another man, it would be a very complicated situation if her first husband came back to life. So with some careful wording, I wished back everyone who had died at the hands of the androids and who wouldn't be a major problem if they came back. All the Z warriors came back to life, of course, and since Piccolo came back, so did Kami and the Dragonballs. With our third wish, we gave all the people of Earth enough food and supplies to last until they could get back onto their feet--there wasn't much to be had on Earth at the time, since so many had already lost their lives and there was no organized economy."

"Gee, that's...pretty complicated," said Mr. Briefs, scratching his head.

"I guess so," agreed Gohan, "it's been four years since that happened, so I've heard the story enough times that it is starting to make sense even to me."

"Well, you're a great scholar, Gohan! At least, in this timeline, goodness me.." Mrs. Briefs squealed.

"Heh, I guess so. Mom made me study up until I was ten, when the androids showed up...but after that, I never opened a book once until I was in heaven (A/N: NOT ANOTHER FREAKIN' DIMENSION!). Poor mom, she passed away two years after the those androids came, because of the heart virus. Of course, when I died and Mom could talk to me, she wouldn't let me move an inch until I had memorized my book on quantum mechanics and high-energy physics...and done a four-month review of calculus..."

"That sounds just like Chi-Chi. Say, would you like to meet her in this timeline? I can call her up and tell all of them to come over. You can meet yourself, and your little brother, too!" offered Bulma.

"I have a little brother?"

"Yeah! His name is Goten. He's Trunks' best friend." Both Mirai Gohan and Mirai Trunks turned to look at Trunks. The two Trunkses stared at each other, comparing each other's bodies, noting the differences between them. Trunks also looked at Gohan, REALLY looked at him. He was more muscular than the Gohan of this time, who was now 37 years old, and looked extremely attractive. Trunks couldn't help but lust over him, but he kept his desires completely hidden from the world.

"Well, hello, err...Trunks."

"Uhh, you too, Trunks. Nice to finally meet my future self."

Vegeta rolled his eyes. "Excuse me, brats, but I believe you haven't finished your little tale about how you arrived here. Why did you come back to this timeline, and why here?"

"Well, hello to you too, Father."

Mirai Gohan lowered his face. "Mom is sick with the heart virus again. Problem is, the androids figured out what the antidote's main ingredient was--gingko leaves--and so they went on a rampage and destroyed almost all of the ginkgo trees in the world. The survivors of the android attacks coveted the trees, but were very careful not to take too much from them, lest they die. However, when the millions of people were wished back by Porunga, there was a great outbreak of the heart virus, and those people didn't stop and think of what would happen if the ginkgo trees were wiped out. Trunks and I have scoured the land, but we haven't found a single tree to help us make some medicine for my mom, so we went to this timeline. If we have just one tree, we can breed it and make a large plantation so that the people of our Earth can be healed.

"So...all you need is a ginkgo tree?"


"Are you leaving right away, then, once you get it?"

"No, unless you'd like us to; Mom said that we could stay as long as we wanted if we come back to the same time as when we had left our world...does that make any sense?

"It's simply touching, brat, but why did you come to this part of our timeline anyway? Why not, say, right after the Cell games?"

Gohan answered again. "Mom's getting worse by the minute. Bulma couldn't charge up the time machine fast enuogh to get us all the way back to the Cell games, so we only went back an hour." Vegeta grunted in response.

"Well, shall we all go inside? I'll call Gohan, Chi-Chi, and the Kame house and try to get everyone over here." Bulma smiled at the two future warriors.

As everyone went inside, Trunks watched Mirai Gohan closely. He noted how he kept glancing at Mirai Trunks every once in a while and smiling. 'Hmm...I wonder if there's something going on between those two? I mean, if I am a homosexual, chances are my future self is too...'

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~Candle in the Icebox~


1) If anyone's ever read "Holes" by ***** ******, you'll get the reference... and I love that poem! ^_^

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