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Warnings: This is one fic that truly lives up to its warning of NC-17. The pairing is Vegeta x Kakarotto x Trunks and has both bandage and torture. There is lots of blood in this fic too. If none of that bothers you, feel free to read my fic. Hope it meets your satisfaction all you blood thirsty people.

Dear Journal,

I don’t even remember when it started. I really wish I did though. Then maybe I could figure out how to get out of it. Except I don’t know if I even want it to stop anymore, it’s kind of bittersweet. Bitter because the pain never goes away, wither it is a physical or mental pain. Sweet because of everything. Everything we have is great. It all works out just fine. But that is not why I go. Not for the bitter or the sweet. It has become something more to me. What I don’t know. But it has passed that line and become much more. I spend some times just thinking about what I being done to me every time I meet them. Both of them are such beautiful creatures. Well, for better or for worse, I can’t stop. I won’t stop. I need this.

Trunks put down his pen, closed his journal, and sighed. It wasn’t his turn to be submissive tonight but he quickly decided that watching Kakarotto take his turn would be much more productive. Smirking to himself, he stood up and left his room. This was going to be fun.

Trunks moved down the stairs and headed to the kitchen. With the stairs in sight and reached for the door knob...


Trunks turned around to stare at his mother. “Yeah mom?”

“Are you hungry now dear? I can put food in the oven now if you are.” Trunks shook his head. “No Mom.” He turned back around to face the door. Opening the door, he heard his mother again. “Honestly Trunks! Do you have to go and train now? Couldn’t you go play with Goten? You train all the time and maybe the fresh air will do you good.”

“Maybe tomorrow Mom. I promised father I would train with him now.”

She took the lie well enough. She turned and went back to where ever she goes, probably to her lab, with only a small nod. Well, maybe it wasn’t really a lie. It is a sort of training in a way. Training to fight off the pain, training for control of your own body and mind, training your body to go beyond mortal limits. But it is not all about training. Oh no, not at all.

He slipped quietly down the steps, making sure not to interrupt any thing his father might be doing. Opening the large heavy door, he moved into the dark room that was laid out before him. He moved in more and found a naked Kakarotto sprawled on a bed with an equally naked Vegeta on top of him. He pulled up the spike pit, as he named it but really was one of those boxes that were full of spikes, closed the lid and sat to watch.

Both of the men only spared him a small look and then ignored him while Vegeta finished tying the small metal chains tightly around Kakarotto’s wrists, making sure to knot them tight enough to draw a fair amount of blood. Trunks sat back and eyed the red liquid as it rolled down the pale flesh and on to the floor. Vegeta too watched hungrily as the blood ran down the Saiyajin’s wrist but leaned down and caught a few drops into his mouth. Feeling the warm wet tounge on his skin, Kakarotto groaned. Vegeta finished his treat with a soft purr, before moving off the soft body beneath him.

He moved away into the shadows and returned with some more chains, a spiked collar with a leash, a collection of sharp knives, a black whip, a container of salt, a block of ice, and a hot, burning iron rod with the symbol of Vegeta included on it. Getting on to the bed and straddling his victim, he moved up and began to lick at his ear. Kakarotto moaned and turned his head to allow his master better access.

“Like that, don’t you bitch?”

Vegeta moved his mouth back to his ear and continued to lick at the ear until he heard a soft purr underneath him. Hearing it made him grin he slowly licked up his ear, took the lob in his mouth and gave it a gentle suck. Another soft suck and more purrs from his partner was all he needed. His slave ears had always been a rather sensitive area and knowing that, he bit into his ear, hard. Hot blood filled his mouth with its coppery taste and he treasured the small scream that left his servant’s mouth.

Trunks groaned in his seat and bit down on his own hand to stop from destroying the mood for the show. This foreplay was his favorite part. Settling back on his torture devise, he already felt that he was painfully hard, and with his outfit of the tightest pants he owned, it really was painful. But the pain just made it all the sweeter. Getting very hot despite the freezing cold temperatures in the basement, he removed his jacket. He never really needed it, except maybe for the first few minutes before his fire was ignited. And sometimes it didn’t even take a minute for his father was truly talented. Dropping his jacket onto the ground, he moved his eyes back to the show.

Vegeta never missed a lick and brought his mouth, full of Kakarotto’s blood, two inches above his slave’s, which was still open in a silent scream from his pain or pleasure. It was even impossible for his servant to tell. Smirking, he watched as he opened his eyes, and let their gazes met. Never questioning the orders that were given to him silently, he kept his eyes open and watched as his prince opened his mouth and let his own blood flow down his throat. Chocking slightly, he managed to get it all down before a hard blow to the stomach brought it right back up again.

He turned his head away from his master to caught up his life’s blood, knowing what a whooping he would get if he so much as got a drop on his Ouji-sama’s perfect outfit. After he was finished, he kept his head down to look at what he had just done. He watched closely and noticed his ear was still bleeding and the drops were landing right into his mess. A hard slap brought his mind right back to where his master wanted it, and he was obviously not happy with his slave.

“What the hell was that?”

Knowing his place, he never said a word but continued his eye contact. Vegeta snarled in rage and grabbed Kakarotto’s neck, cutting off his air supply. The slave gasped when his hands clasped and never made another sound after that, nor did he ever struggle. Vegeta’s harsh aroused breathing was the only sound in the room for no one was moving, Kakarotto couldn’t breath, and Trunks was holding his breath. Watching his servant on the brink of passing out he removed his hands and sat back.

Trunks moaned as he watched his father and his mate go at it. He did admit though that his father had great taste. His mate looked so delicious when he was in pain. He slowly began to remove his shirt, pinching his nipples so hard they began to bleed just a bit. Moaning out loud, he received his father’s full attention and a place in his sadistic thoughts. Vegeta slowly got up and left his mate to regain his breath and moved over to his son. Trunks let out a groaned as his father approached and wiggled himself between Trunks legs. Pressing himself firmly against his aroused son, he captured his lips into a rough kiss. The kiss was hard enough to bruise both contestants’ lips and when it ended, it left both of them needy and unsatisfied.

Kakarotto turned his head to side to watch the father and son pair together. He looked back down to Vegeta’s tools. He hadn’t even used one yet. That meant there was much more to come. He watched as his Prince led the purple haired bishounen over to the bed. Eyeing him over once, he striped him of his socks and shoes and attached the dog collar around his neck. Trunks accepted his new role, no longer an observer but a participant and laid down upon the bed, right next to his other slave.

Vegeta gave his evil grin to both his victims now. And went over to his collection and brought back his whip and the rest of the chains. He went to his son and locked him up next to his mate and loyal slave. Now happy with his work, he stood back to admire it. His gaze landed on his mate first. Finding him to his satisfactory he moved on. Looking at Trunks, he stated in his imperious voice, “you aren’t in enough pain boy,” and with that, landed a clear blow across his chest and right on top of his right nipple. Another slash and he had created a perfect X on his chest. Blood seeped out of his wounds, dieing the black satin sheets with its very presence. Trunks cried out in pain and lifted his body way off the bed, trying to find some comfort. But none was to be found, especially when half the container of salt was poured on his chest.

Vegeta groaned at the look at his face, it was one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen, only rivaled by Kakarotto’s when he is near death. He threw the salt over his shoulder and retrieved the block of ice. He slowly worked the ice over both of his slave’s bodies; soaking any clothing they were wearing where was not much in either case. Once he was sure they were both shivering with the cold, he slowly eased the burning iron rod out of the flames that had been licking it. Getting ready to finally claim them both as his, he eased the iron onto Trunk’s shoulder. A cry full of pain and hurt left his mouth as the rod burnt the symbol of Vegeta onto his son’s flesh. Trunks struggled and gasped in pain moving all about the bed in blindness and need to stop the pain. Vegeta smirked down at his captive, returned the rod to the flames and caught his slave’s lips with his own. Instinct took over, Trunks bit down hard.

When he finally settled down and returned the kiss, there were some tears falling down his face. Vegeta grinned when Trunks licked his lips when he realized there was blood on them. Noticing the tears, he liked the trails away replacing them with the blood that had been drawn with them. Getting so hard that he could come at any minute, he began removing Trunks pants. Trunks sighed in relief as the restricting garments were removed and watched his master looking at him. Vegeta brought his head down and teased his stomach, enjoying the way it tensed nervously. He licked off some dry blood that was left over from the whip and moved down to his son’s cock. He puffed some hot air on it, hearing the moans and groans that he got for it before swallowing it all with one swoop. Trunks yelled out and just as fast as the attack came, it was gone and his father was moving of him.

Vegeta moved over to Kakarotto. He bent down and received his welcoming kiss before getting the rod again. Kakarotto did move. “Make sure you scream for me Kakarotto. I love it when you scream.” And the rod once again burnt the flesh of Vegeta’s property.

And how the slave did scream. He screamed so loud that Vegeta came and came hard. When Kakarotto quieted down, he couldn’t hold back the smirk. It appeared Vegeta wasn’t the only one who loved it when he screamed. If Vegeta had given Trunks permission to cum, he had no doubt that that would have been the time he would have.

Trunks gave out a moan at how extremely sexy Kakarotto was when he screamed and groaned in pain as he had to try and hold himself back. And watching his father get off was not helping at all. When Vegeta regained his senses again, he moved over and released Trunks from his bindings. He grabbed the dog collar and put Trunks on the leash and led him over to the other slave. He tied Trunk’s collar to a bedpost and moved his body so it was on top of Kakarotto’s. Both the boys took the hint but remained silent and still because no order had been given.

“Fuck him.”

That simple order was all Trunks needed to go down and kiss Kakarotto roughly. He responded savagely while Vegeta got off the bed and pulled up the spike pit. Settling himself down on the seat Trunks was once sitting on. Kakarotto groaned as Trunks moved his hands down across his flat stomach. He began raining small, wet kisses down his throat and on to his well-defined chest. His hands met Kakarotto’s muscled thigh and began to rub it as he took a nipple in his mouth. Kakarotto moaned and then felt Trunks hands go lower. He slowly began to rub his erection and then even lower to caress his balls. Kakarotto gasped and struggled against his bonds, wanting to touch his lover back. Trunks moved his mouth to the other nipple and put it through the same ordeal.

Feeling his father’s eyes on him and knowing just how much he loves to watch it rough, he made no attempt to stretch Kakarotto. Trunks caught his lover in a rough kiss once more before pushing himself savagely into his lover. Kakarotto cried out in both pain and pleasure and they both heard Vegeta grunt behind them. Trunks rested a minute, trying to regain himself so he did not cum before he was ordered. He slowly began to thrust into Kakarotto.

Vegeta watched his son began fucking Kakarotto ruthlessly with pure lust. He groaned as he watched his mate squirm around the bed and finding himself at Trunks mercy. He moved his hand down his own body, across numerous cuts and buries from yesterday when in was Kakarotto’s turn to be dominate. He smiled at the memory of all the pain; and Kakarotto’s entire bunch of idiotic friend thought he was a perfect, fun loving, and caring creature. He would have laughed if he hadn’t been to busy moaning. Deciding he had had enough of this torture, he moved to the couple on the bed.


Trunks and Kakarotto groaned at the loss of movement but complied with the order. Vegeta grinned and climbed on top of Trunks. Positioning himself just right, he rammed himself into his son with a violent thrust. Trunks yelled and was pushed even deeper into his father’s mate. Kakarotto gave out his own cry while Vegeta began pounding into his son harder. They soon found a rhythm and began to fill the air with grunts and moaned. Vegeta just about reached the brink when his hand slipped down to his mates cock. They were all so close but couldn’t get there with out the order. Vegeta moaned and put in a few last thrust before giving the order.

“Cum now!”

They all came in together with almost identical yells, screams, and shouts. Vegeta collapsed onto Trunks, who in return fell on top of Kakarotto. They stayed like that for some time before Vegeta rolled off to the far side of the king sized bed. Trunks fallowed and moved over so Kakarotto had room to breath. They lay like that for a while before Vegeta got off the bed and moved to his slave. He undid the chains and took the supplies back to the other end of the room. Coming back he heard the discussion between the two bakas.

“So Goku. When do you have to be home?”

“Um. Chichi should be back for the super market in half an hour.”

“You should get dressed again then, whip off the blood on your lips.”

Kakarotto chuckled a bit before he noticed Vegeta’s return.

“I should get dressed and go now.”

Vegeta gave a small nod before moving over to his mate and giving him a surprisingly sweet and soft kiss. Kakarotto ended the kiss before moving over to Trunks and doing the same thing. After that, he moved into a shadow and came back with his clothing. First went on the gi pants and the dark blue wrap that goes around the waist. Then the shirt came on, then his boots. Taking the wipes, he wiped off the dried blood off his wounded wrist before hiding the wounds away from sight with the dark blue wrist warmers. After getting cleaned up a bit, he gave his final fair well. He opened the doors and walked out into the kitchen. He met Bulma up there, they could even hear parts of their conversation form the basement.

“Hello Goku.”

“Hi Bulma.”

“How was training today?”

“It was quite the work out.”

“That’s good.”

“I’ll see you later then. Bye.”

And he left the house and took off into the air.

Trunks walked over to his father while they were both getting dressed again.

“Hey father?”

“What, boy?”

“Did you know you never used the knives?”

Vegeta grunted something unintelligible and finished cleaning up. At least he cleaned up everything but the knives. Those he put in a black box and carried then with him as he walked toward the step with his son not far behind. He stopped in mid step, turned, and gave Trunks one of the most passionate kisses ever shared by either of them.

“I did know that. I figured that I would give them to the woman so she can use them in her cooking.”

“But we have used them before in our ‘training’ when it was Goku’s turn to be submisive. Don’t they still have blood on them?”

“Yes, but she won’t notice. That is why you better show up for dinner tonight. We are having a special treat, Kakarotto’s blood.”


Father then turned and walked through the door with me hot on his tail. We met Mother up in the kitchen and I watched father present my mother with the knives. On the counter sat a two huge roasts, and had almost just begun to cut them. She held the look of pure joy when she saw them; she pulled one out and went right to the food. Father had been right; she had never even noticed the dried blood that stained the sharp side. I hid a laugh as father walked briskly away, but as he reached the door that lead to the gravity machine, he turned around and winked.

“Trunks! Dinner's ready.”

“I’ll be right there!”

“That is what you always say! Even your Father has graced us with his presents.”

“I will really come down this time!”

“We're waiting!”

Trunks sighed and closed his journal again. He smirked and put his journal away in the drawer. Getting up from the desk, he sighed and shook his head. He just about left when he ran back and got his journal out again.

This is the last page of my journal. That is that. I just really hope that mom never figures out what was on those knives or how it ever got there.


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