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“Mr. Piccolo!!”

Then there was a silence for a few moments.

“Mr. Piccolo!!”

The youthful voice echoed louder through the forest.

“Mr. Piccolo?”

The voice sounded almost worried now. The Namek in question remained quiet not giving away her location. She in fact was trying not to laugh. She determined that it must have been the fluctuation of her hormones that caused her to find humor in the boy’s words. Gohan had called her “Mr. Piccolo” since he was four years old with neither of them realizing that she was not a “mister” at all. Sobering up for the moment, she realized that she did not think that she was ready to reveal to her student that little bit of information.

“There you are!” The youth exclaimed as he peeked around a tree. Judging from his attire, the boy was not here to spar. Although, knowing the boy’s eagerness to tell his mentor everything, it would only be another moment until all was revealed. “Why didn’t you answer me? I know you could hear me with those ears of yours!”

“I am meditating, kid. And what’s this about my ears? At least I never had a tail.”

Gohan cocked his head to the side in the classic Son confusion look. The boy was not sure but he thought that Piccolo had just teased him – in a good way.

“Any ways,” the boy super Saiyan started. “I’ve been looking for you all day. You’re ki’s funny making you hard to find. Must have been from your meditation, huh?”
”Something like that,” Piccolo said while she thought well at least I don’t have to explain that. “You found me, now what do you want.”

“Well, Goten’s first birthday is tomorrow. Mom and Bulma are having a party for him over at Capsul Corps. Mom said that I could invite you only if you don’t go anywhere near her or Goten.”

“How nice of her,” sarcasm quite evident in the tone of voice used by the Namek.

“Aw, come on, please come,” the oldest demi-Saiyan said almost pouting. The boy was getting a little too old to pull the look of but his teacher found that it was still hard to resist. “Pleeeaaase, Mr. Piccolo?”

The mighty Namek sat there silently contemplating the pros and cons of complying with Gohan’s wishes. Most of the cons consisted of being around people, Chichi, and well, people. The pros only had Gohan. Then upon more consideration, Piccolo determined that it would give her an opportunity to watch how the people interacted with the children. She had never really even seen Goten and had briefly been around Trunks. She assumed that both were still small or babies even…one year old did not mean anything to her. She knew that a four year old looked like what Gohan did when she first met him. Sighing and relenting to think of the birthday party as a learning experience, she finally answered the boy.

“Fine, whatever kid. What time do I need to be there?”

“Alright! Thank you Mr. Piccolo!” The boy squealed and flew around in a silly victory circle. He calmed down upon receiving a sharp glare from his mentor. “Oh, right, umm, mom said that everyone is going to be there around one in the afternoon.”

“One at Capsul Corps.”

“Yeah, you’re really coming aren’t you?”
”I said I would but if you keep bugging me, I’ll change my mind.”

“Sorry, Mr. Piccolo. I’ll go now,” the boy smiled and then impulsively embraced his teacher. Taking a cue from the growl emitted from the green alien, the boy released the hug and started to fly away. “Thank you!”

“Heh, kids…”


The next morning


Piccolo sat in the little exam room set up in the Lookout. It was once again time to meet with Dr. Sasha as she had every week before. This time, she was a little more nervous than normal. The woman doctor was setting up some odd looking machine near the table. She could discern that there was a television type screen and a keyboard. The rest consisted of cords and strange shaped objects at the end of them. Bulma was helping the woman plug the machine into a portable generator that she had brought from her house. The Lookout was about a technical as an Amish house – so there was nowhere to plug the thing into.

“Ok, Piccolo, we’re about ready here. You can go in the other room and take off your…gi…and put the hospital gown on,” Dr. Sasha said not really looking at her patient.

Piccolo looked at the paper-like garment lying beside her on the table. She did not quite understand what the point of the whole thing was – their weekly meetings usually consisted of reporting on how the previous week went, discussing more things on prenatal development, and then the famous warning about not getting into any fights so the baby would not be harmed. The previous week, the woman had told her that she was bringing a portable ultersound – or whatever it was called, up to look at the baby. She could not figure out how they were going to see the baby but she trusted the doctor. That trust came out of necessity though so she trusted the woman about as far as she could throw her. Lucky for Dr. Sasha, Piccolo could throw really far.

The female Namek, not one to ever be shy about her body, opted not to go into the other room. After removing her turban and cape, she placed them on the floor in a neat pile. She tugged her shirt from being tucked into her pants and then lifted it up over her head. Then she started to work at untying her sash. Her attention being taken up by the task at hand, she was quite unaware of the other two women in the room watching her.

Dr. Sasha turned to the blue-haired woman and stated in a surprised voice, “If I didn’t know any better, I would think that she was male. I mean, her whole upper body is just muscle!”

Bulma just laughed. “Well, it’s not like Nameks need breasts. The entire race lives solely off of water, so they don’t need to nurse their young. I even checked with Dende on this, even though the baby she is carrying is half human, Piccolo will only develop as a Namek. She will not pick up any human traits. But that’s only common sense.”

“If you two are done talking about me like I am not here, will one of you please tell me what you are doing to me today?” The Namek sat on the table wearing the paper gown that did not fit her any better than it ever did any humans that had been subjected to wearing one. The scene was quite comical; the gown barely went down low enough to touch her thighs. Muscular green and pink legs hung down over the edge of the table and swung slightly. Similar green and pink arms crossed defensively over her chest.

Bulma stifled her laughter and tried to calm the nervous Namek. “You’re having your first ultrasound today. You could have had one before your twelfth week but we did not have the equipment here and the baby would be really small. Actually the baby is still really small – probably about three inches long. Give or take a little seeing as the baby is not completely human.”

“And what does this ultrasound do?”

“It lets us see the baby while it is still in the womb…” The blue-haired genius went off into a very technical description of exactly how the machine worked and who invented it. Piccolo stared at her blankly until she finished and then looked to the doctor for a better explanation.

“Thank you, Bulma. I think I can take it for here. You see, I’ll use these here to bounce low frequency sound waves off of your body and they bounce back. The computer will translate what it gets into an image. Now all I’ll need you to do is to insert this and we can begin,” the doctor said holding an oblong object with a cord coming out of one end.

“What do you need me to do?” the green one asked skeptically.

The doctor put some sort of gel on the instrument of unimaginable torture and restated, “You have to put this in and then we can start the procedure.”

“And where exactly do I have to put that?”

“You need to insert this into your vagina. It’s all lubricated so it won’t hurt. Internal ultrasounds get better images than external ones.”

Bulma started laughing herself silly from the look on Piccolo’s face. It was the first time in her entire life that she had ever seen the mighty warrior blush. Deep purple spread across the female’s green face as she looked at the object in the doctor’s hand.

Piccolo noticed that the human was laughing at her. She turned and glared at her for daring to make a joke out of the whole thing. She debated about using her eye lasers on the woman as a warning to shut her up but decided that she would rather not have to explain to Vegeta why she had blasted his mate.

“I’m sorry Piccolo. I was only laughing because I can understand completely how you feel. Dr. Sasha said the exact same thing to me when I was pregnant with Trunks.”

“Well, I’m glad that I’m not the only one she had tried to humiliate and torture,” the Namek replied sarcastically. Purple still shaded her cheeks as she turned back to the doctor and extended her hand. “Here, give me that. The sooner we do this, the sooner I can forget about it.”

About five minutes later after everything was adjusted and the machine was running, the three were staring at the monitor with great interest. The grainy, black and white image was downright mesmerizing to Piccolo. Some how it put everything into extreme focus even though the picture was fuzzy and hard to tell what was what to the untrained eye. The tiny ki that she had felt within her just a few weeks ago belonged to the tiny being that was living and moving in her body.

“The little one is quite active, aren’t you?” the doctor cooed at the image on the screen. “Too bad you won’t move you’re legs a little more so we can see what you are?”

“It’s a baby, baka. Why would you want to know what it is?”

“She meant that she wants to see if it’s a boy or a girl,” Bulma corrected while rolling her eyes.

“I’ll only look to see which it is if you want to know. A lot of people don’t choose to find out, they like to be surprised.”
”I don’t really care what it is. Gender is a fairly new thing to me…considering the circumstances,” Piccolo mumbled quietly.

“Well, everything looks ok. You can get dressed now. I don’t think the little one wants us to know,” the doctor said after another minute of just looking at the monitor. She handed the Namek a towel to get herself cleaned up.

When Piccolo was ready to go, Dr. Sasha stopped her briefly. ”Here, most people like to keep these. I forgot to tell you that I printed them for you.”

Piccolo looked at the glossy slips of paper in her hand. There were three small pictures of the baby from the ultrasound. A slight smirk touched her lips as she took a moment to look at each of them. She then tucked them into her gi to keep them safe.

“See you next week, Piccolo.”

The Namek nodded at her doctor before leaving. She had a party to go to that she had been dreading. Now, it did not seem so bad – after seeing the pictures of her baby things seemed a little bit better than usual.

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