Author: Gokou_chan
Rating: NC-17 - R
Warnings: Yaoi, Angst. Read at your own risk.
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em, don't sue. I never really watched any of the Buu saga so there might be a few things wrong with the story line. Lemme know if I made a mistake.

Song: You'll be in my heart -Phil Collins/ Tim Rice


~Come stop your crying it will be all right~

Vejita sat with his head hanging, looking over a cliff. The sun was setting, the reds and gold's creeping through the atmosphere, and a few clouds littered the sky above it's splendor. He couldn't help but think that it was one of the most amazing things he had ever seen. He sighed. Ever since he had fought Majin Buu his life had been redefined. Before he had never sat down for a mere sunset, enjoying it's beauty for just a moment. He had never let anyone see his true feelings, always keeping them hidden behind his cold mask, and nobody had wanted to pry into his affairs. Except for him.

"Kakarott..." his voice broke. Tears started to trickle down his cheeks. A familiar ki came up behind him and landed on the grass covered ground. No... why had he come? Why did he have to see him like this?

"Vejita." He voice was warm, strangely like the sunset he had just watched. "You worried me. I've been looking for you."

A sob shook Vejita's slight frame. Goku frowned worriedly

"Are you alright?" He walked up to him and crouched down beside him.

~Just take my hand hold it tight~

Goku laid a hand on Vejita's shoulder, it's warmth surprisingly comforting to him as he stifled another sob. Why would he care?

"Go away, Kakarott." he managed to get out. He turned his head away from him, unwilling to let him see what he perceived to be his weakness.

"Vejita, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, kisama! I said leave me alone."

"Something is obviously wrong, Vejita. Please, let me help!" his voice rang with sincerity, and the profanity didn't lessen his warmth towards Vejita.

Why would he want to help someone like him, who had tried to kill him on numerous occasions? Who almost killed him just a few months ago... The thought brought fresh pain to Vejita's already torn soul. Why did he feel this way about that third class baka? It was maddening!

"Vejita, please, don't do this to yourself!" He said, concerned. Then more softly, "You need to learn to trust somebody. Why not let it be me?"

"Kakarott..." Vejita turned around so Goku could see his tear-streaked face. Why did he ask him to trust him? No, he couldn't possibly know how he felt.

~I will protect you from all around you, I will be here don't you cry. For one so small you seem so strong, My arms will hold you keep you safe and warm~

"Oh, Vejita."

Goku was so caring, so innocent. And he was so evil, and corrupt. Callous where Goku was sensitive, sadistic where Goku was altruistic. How could somebody like that care for him? He started crying again, more noticeably this time.

"It's okay, Vejita."

Warm arms enfolded him, drawing him to the other's muscular chest. His sobs grew till they were wracking his body, and he couldn't coherently think of anything.

Goku just murmured into his hair and started rocking, soothing him as he cried, expecting him to pull away any moment. But he didn't. What had happened to him, to his prince? What had happened to make him like this? Was this the warrior who he had seen face all those many battles?

"Kakarott, I'm so sorry!" he sobbed.

"Sorry for what, Vejita?"

His hands clenched into fists but still he made no attempt to break free from Goku's embrace. "I've been such a fool! How can you stand me, Kakarott? After all I've done to you? How can you even care about what happens to me?"

"Vejita," Goku sighed, stroking his back. "I do care about you. I'm not angry at you, no matter what you might think. You are a brave, powerful warrior, and a proud man that I'd like to consider my friend. I..."

"Kakarott..." Vejita looked up into Goku's eyes, looking for the anger that must surely be there. But what he saw was... love? Could it be?

Goku brought a hand up and cupped Vejita's chin, tilting his head back as he lowered his head and kissed him. The contact was barely there, but a shiver wracked Vejita's body.

Oh God! He did care!

Vejita didn't withdraw as Goku had thought he would, instead he threaded his arms around Goku's back and pulled him closer and their lips met with almost bruising force. After several minutes Goku licked at Vejita's lower lip, asking him to deepen the kiss. Vejita opened his mouth slightly allowing Goku's tongue entrance. He moaned as their tongues met, warmth flowing through his body. They finally had to come up for air, and they did so, gasping.

"Vejita..." Goku whispered.

Goku began to kiss lightly along Vejita's jawline, brushing their cheeks together as he lowered his head and nipped along his neck, lowering them both to the ground.

"Oh, Kakarott," Vejita moaned, as what he had longed for was finally given to him.

Goku worked his way down Vejita's neck, removing his shirt lovingly. His hands played at his bare skin, kneading his nipple to firmness and sending tremors of pleasure through the small body beneath him. He lifted his head to look at Vejita.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

Vejita's answer was to lean up and kiss him again, making Goku smile. His hands smoothed Vejita's shoulders and he lowered his head to his chest, licking at the nipple that he had just teased. Vejita arched into Goku, rocking their hips together in an instinctive motion as the pleasure coursed through his body. Goku ran his tongue down the ridges of muscle on Vejita's stomach, and dipped lightly into his navel, electing another shiver from him.

"Kakarott... please... I... need you..." Vejita whimpered. "Stop teasing me!"

The look that Goku gave him spoke of love. Love and another, baser emotion. "Are you sure? Do you really want me to?"

"Yes..." he almost breathed.

~This bond between us can't be broken, I will be here don't you cry. Cause you'll be in my heart, yes you'll be in my heart. From this day on now and forever more~

Goku's hand slipped to Vejita's pants, playing with the clasp that held them closed. Carefully, he slid them off and discarded them, pausing to admire the glistening body beneath him. He quickly divested himself of his clothing and resumed what he was doing, teasing the rock hard muscles with his teeth and tongue. He reached up for another searing kiss, before turning his attention back to Vejita's lower body.

Vejita's manhood was erect from Goku's previous ministrations and he lowered his lips to it, teasing it's length. He licked at it, sucking from it's base to the tip and back again, watching Vejita become more aroused. He took the tip into his mouth and Vejita moaned at the feeling barely managing to keep himself from thrusting further into Goku's mouth. Goku sucked gently at it, dipping his tongue into the little crease at the tip, electing a moan from Vejita. After several more minutes, he took as much as he could of his length into his mouth before stopping.

Vejita was writhing in sensuous enjoyment, and whimpered when Goku's mouth was taken away from his member."

"Shh Vejita." Goku murmured. He pressed two fingers to Vejita's mouth and he realized what he wanted him to do. He drew them into his mouth and sucked on them, covering them with saliva. Goku pulled his hand back from Vejita's mouth and lowered it to his rectum, brushing his fingers over the tight opening before pushing one up into him.

Vejita gasped as he felt the foreign object inside him, and at the unexpected pain. Goku, sensing the discomfort that his mate was in, began stroking his member to take his attention off what he was doing. It worked and soon Vejita was panting as Goku found his pleasure spot and stroked it, thrusting another finger into him; stretching his muscles.

At last Goku withdrew his fingers and positioned himself above his opening. He looked down into Vejita's eyes, which so desperately called for him, and for completion. He thrust into him slowly, letting his body adjust to him as he sheathed his member in his mate, moaning as he did at the tightness. Vejita was the one who began to move after the pain had died down, his hips moving against Goku who began to thrust slowly, not wanting to hurt him, but sped up as he saw that Vejita was enjoying it.


~You'll be in my heart no matter what they say, you'll be here in my heart always~

They came together, Goku shooting his seed deep into his lover's tight passageway, screaming their release to the stars. After, they lay in each other's arms basking in the afterglow, occasional a spasm of pleasure coursing through their bodys. Goku rolled to the side pulling Vejita to his chest, Vejita content to lie there.

"Kakarott," Vejita started to say.

"Yeah?" He murmured, hugging Vejita's sweaty body tightly to him.

"I've never told anyone this... I don't think I ever felt like this about anyone, not even Bulma... Kakarott, I love you."

"I know, Vejita. I've known for a long time."

And just as Vejita was about to fall asleep, "I love you too, my Prince."

~...They'll see in time, we'll show them together! You'll be in my heart, oh you'll be in my heart! No matter what they say, you'll be there in my heart always.~

They lay like that, drawing strength from the other, the Dark and the Light entwined with each other, joined by more than a night of passion. The bond formed at their souls, there for all eternity. Soul Mates.

~I'll be with you. I'll be there for you always. Always and always, Just look over your shoulder. Just look aver your shoulder, I'll be there always.~

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