Sweet Charade
Chapter 4 - Unwelcome Intrusion

Goten was having the nicest dream. In it, he told Trunks about his secret "affliction" and Trunks just smiled and nodded, saying he'd known all along. Then they'd gone to eat pancakes. Pancakes, now they were the best part of the whole dream. Besides, of course, the lack of Pan-wrought torture. Goten buried his face in his pillow in his sleep, smiling a small wobbly smile. Anyone who knew him could tell he was having a food dream. Especially the person who jumped on his back right then and started shaking him mercilessly.

"Oh Uncle Goten!" A faraway voice called musically. "It's time to wake up! Me, you and Trunks are going out for breakfast. Isn't that exciting?!"

Goten mumbled miserably into his pillow and waved his energetic niece away lamely with one hand. Then, a sudden thought occured to him. He shot up in bed and looked at Pan with wide eyes. She was dressed in a dark blue shirt coupled with a black bandanna and a pair of tight jeans, which were apparently the style these days.

"Will there be pancakes? Lots?"

Pan smirked evilly. "Sure uncle Goten. As many pancakes as you want."


Goten had jumped out of bed and was now tugging on some pants and a shirt quickly, not caring his young niece was right there. After all, he was just in his boxers. She saw the same thing when they used to go swimming didn't she? He didn't seem to mind either, that black and yellow did not match in the least.

Pan sighed and walked over to the closet, pulling out a nice white shirt and a pair of black pants that she could stand Goten wearing in public. Goten blinked and let out an exahsperated sigh, taking off his previously donned clothing with alot less vigor then he'd put it on, and putting on the new set of clothes.

"Can we go now?" Goten sighed, looking like a child who desperatly wanted to go out and play.

Pan nodded happily. "Yup. Trunks is outside, waiting in the car."

Goten blinked as apparently a thought struck him. Pan could see the exact moment he got it, and could also probably guess exactly what he was thinking. Oh fuck.


Oh shit. Very close to Pan's guess, but not quite right on. Shit shit shit. Goten thought over and over. He'd been caught unaware! Right when he'd least expected it, Pan had done, it. Goten could now see, by the devious look in her eyes, she was going to pull something. And it would probably end in Trunks finding out, much to Goten's horror.

He wasn't ready to tell Trunks! Couldn't Pan see that, couldn't she try to care, even a little bit?

The airy smile on Pan's face said no. Couldn't care in the least. And Goten hadn't expected her to, but he could hope couldn't he? Hope kept the young Son from lunacy.

Pan grinned cutely. "Come on Uncle Goten, Trunks is wai-ting!" She said tauntingly, as if there was secret promise behind those words, she bounded out the door and Goten followed, albeit much more slowly, but follow he did none the less.

You see, Goten was a bit of the sheep kind of guy. It never occured to him to just refuse going. Pan thought that was an impossibility, obviously because she thought Goten was just incapable of turning down free food. But this time it was becuase Trunks would get suspicious if he turned down any outing that had to do with consumation of food and or drink. Trunks could not get suspicious. Goten could still pull off holding it off, even with Pan sitting right there.

Couldn't he?

Well, he could try.


Goten was being wierd again. He'd only eaten four plates of pancakes and they'd been there a whopping fifteen minutes.

Trunks brushed his lavender locks off his forhead, only to have them fall softly back in place as he regarded his best friend. Well, now that he was looking, Pan was acting wierd too. Very sly, casting these demonic looks Goten's way when she obviously thought Trunks wasn't looking.

Trunks eighth plate was still half full of spicy scrambled eggs and a few peices of toast smeared with strawberry jam. He regarded them for a moment, as if they were going to bite him, then sighed and gave into his saiyan insticts that told him to eat it up before some bigger stronger monkey came to swipe it away.

Goten and Pan wern't offering any conversational points of interest, so he decided it was safe to stuff his face at a constant rate. As if suddenly overcome with anger and agitation, Pan slammed her fist on the table, very lightly for any saiyan, but enough to get both older men to pay attention to her.

She glared openly at Goten, who blinked innocently, stuffed a piece of toast in his mouth and said, between the folds of food, "Some things can't be rushed." This drove Pan into some sort of frenzy where she stomped around the table then sat back down with a huff, crossing her arms tightly over her chest. Then, a strange erie smile crept over her lips and she leaned back in her chair luxiuriously as a man with a blue blazer and matching blue hair walked by.

Normally, Trunks didn't take special interest to people who were just casually walking by as this man was. But, Pan's gaze followed him. She even went as far as to turn her chair around so she could watch him until he walked out the door. She then turned back and flashed a happy smile at Goten who just gave her that vapid look he liked to display when he was a bit confused, but dreading an explination.

Pan narrowed her eyes at her uncle. Trunks had stopped eating. He was staring at both of them, and the way Pan looked at him quickly for one second out of the corner of her eye told him she knew he was paying attention, and she was glad about it.

"So..." Pan virtually purred, strumming her fingers on the table. "What did you think about that one? I thought he was pretty cute." She then smiled and looked at Goten expectantly.

To Trunk's surprise, the gentle Son growled fiercly at his niece and started methodically ripping his napkin apart, obviously warning her that if she didn't stop whatever it was she was instigating, she'd be next.

Pan seemed to ignore him and simply continued smiling that strange smile of hers. Trunks was suddenly afraid for Goten, though he couldn't place exactly why.


Goten pushed the bits of napkin away from him with a sigh, still glaring at Pan. He knew Trunks was sitting there, paying avid attention to what was going on, so he chose his words carefully.

"Stop it! I told you I would do it!" He growled. Then an idea struck him. "After all, you didn't give me a time limit so you have no right to be forcing me to do anything!" He smirked at his sudden stroke of genious and watched Pan's jaw tightened as she chewed this over.

"Fine! But I'm placing a time limit right now! One week from today. If you havn't, I will. Agreed?"

"Fine. One week. And no badgering either!"



And with that, Goten leaned back and ordered his fifth plate of pancakes. Suddenly his appitite had returned, and he was not about to ignore it.

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