Soulís Tune

I remember when I was still a little child, when nothing really mattered but sparring and having fun with Trunks. I remember a time, when I was younger, when all my best friend and I did was clubbing, going out, spending quality time with each other.

I remember a time when life was easy and beautiful and carefree, when nothing could get us down, when we were everything, when we were.. were one.

I wanna reach out and touch the sky, sing with the stars in the universe, hold them right here, close to me. I wanna feel the moon's kiss on my skin, wanna feel the sun's words whispered against my ear.

I wanna stand at a lake, looking at its deep turquoise water, wanna dance with dark blue and black, wanna mingle with the wind, drifting away, flying away, further...




I open my heavy lids slowly, not wanting to loose my escape from reality. I don't really know what happened after the... the incident anymore. I think my mind just stopped working to save me from insanity. As if it would matter anymore.

It's kinda cold in here and I pull the blanket closer to my body. My mouth is dry. Actually my whole body is aching.

"Here. Drink it up."

I can't recognize the voice. I can't recognize anything. I don't even want to know, to be honest. I don't care. It's probably the... the man from before, using me as his personal toy. I don't want to know.

I just want the person to get the hell away from me, to leave me alone and ... and I don't know what then. But first he has to get away.

I close my eyes and try to shake my head.

"Not... I'm not thirsty..." More mumbled than spoken, but I guess he got the meaning. My mouths feels scratchy and sore, but I try to get a grip of myself. I don't want anything from that... that man. Not ever. And maybe... maybe when he's out of the room, I could try to get to the window and fly away. If I can bring my body to stand up, that is.

I close my eyes immediately, when I feel him touch my skin. I don't want to see him, I don't want to see his face. Ever. I just wanna scream at him to go. His fingers are surprisingly gentle.. almost like Trunks', when he lifts my chin and brings a cold object to my lips. I open them , more intuitively than deliberate, and feel the delicate taste of water wetting my mouth. He then sets down the glass, moves a lost strand of hair out of my face before he turns to walk out of the door. Probably to fetch something.

My chance!

I push the blanket aside with a racy movement, or at least one, that could count as racy in my momentary state, and leap out of the bed hastily.

As soon as I stand on the floor my legs give in and I fall down on my knees, my hands on the ground to support my weight.

Green and red dots are dancing in front of my eyes, my head feels... weird.

I think I gotta vomit.

I struggle to get on my knees, holding a hand in front of my mouth to keep the urge to vomit to a minimum. Or at least to prevent throwing up on the carpet. I wonder briefly, what the hell I could throw up for I haven't eaten since yesterday. And even then just barely anything.

The thought shimmered, then flew away.

Strong arms are heaving me up suddenly and I can feel the heat of the body close to mine. My head's like lead when I finally give in and lean it against whoever is holding me. It feels... nice. Strangely save.

But I know it isn't! He's the one who.... He is...

I want to... get away from him. From the way he's holding me... strong yet gentle...

Maybe because I always wished for Trunks to hold me in that way. He even smells like Trunks...

"Dammit, Goten... You're so light, you're so thin..."

He stops speaking when I snuggle closer against his skin to keep the cold away.

So pleasant...

So warm...

Spiders are spinning a dark web around my soul and I smile with them until the picture breaks to pieces and I find myself again in warm water.

What the hell?

I open my eyes widely, but before I can recognize anything warm hands are above my lids, closing them for me, then moving up to my forehead to massage it softly.

"Shh...Don't panic, it's just a bath tub..."

I can't think right. I want to answer him, tell him that he told me not to panic before. But I can't seem to bring out a word, no matter how hard I try. I open my mouth, then close it again, when no sound comes out. My head feels so... so dizzy...

I struggle to open my lids halfway.


"Sleeping pills," he answers quietly, still touching my skin lightly with his fingers. "You tossed and turned in your sleep, Goten. You need to rest."

How the hell does he know my name anyway?

I lift my head a little bit to see the strangely familiar colour of... lavendar...? Trunks...? What am I missing? I want to ask him why the hell he speaks like Trunks... and why he touches me like... like Trunks would... and why... why he looks like Trunks... and why there are two heads where there should be only one....

I shake my head, try to clear my thoughts, but they seem to twist and intertwine until I finally surrender and lean my head back to welcome the darkness.

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