Summary: The sequel to Goodbye, told this time from Trunks' POV as response to goodbye.

Please tell me Iím not dreaming. I donít want to be left alone. I hope youíre still here. If not, I have no place to go. I want you to guide me, bring me through these twists and turns. Where we can be together once more. Just lay your head on my chest, so I know that youíre not just an illusion. If youíre here, I can finally sleep at night, but not until then.

Donít listen to their words, our life is not a crime. The rules arenít set by them, they donít control us. Even if they want to bring us apart, theyíll always fail, just as long as you stay here with me.

Goten, Iím sorry for what I said to you. You are definitely in control of your own life, I canít take that fact away. I only did this to keep us together, but now I realize my lie would only bring us apart. Iím sorry if I ever made you cry, Iím sorry if I hurt you deeply, but this is just the one thing that could tear you away from me. And I donít want it to end like this. I hope you can understand why I did it.

Goten, I miss you too. Weíve been apart for too long. I want to come to you, I donít want to make you wait anymore. But Iím scared. Iím scared of my family, scared of your family. Iím scared of you. I donít know what will happen if I see you again. Iím scared that I might hurt you. Why canít I get through this? Why donít I have any balls. Iím being such a pussy right now, but I still want to see you again.

Why donít we just run away together? I called you the other day, but you were out. I wonder if you ever got my message. Goten, I am sorry, words cannot express how hurt I am about this. Maybe if I could talk to you in person then Iíd be able to show you. I donít want it to end like this either, we just need to talk this through. And I know we can. I know we can work out anything together, I know we can do it together. We can ditch all of these assholes and just run away from them, live on our own. Theyíll never stop us this way.

Goten, I fucked up, I know I did. But this was the first time something like this has happened. Give me another chance, I know I can make it up. But we have to work together on this, or weíll be no where. I just want to make it right because I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Goten, I just wanted to tell you.

Iím sorry.

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