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The breeze pushed his lavender hair out of his face, the fine curtain of smooth locks billowing out behind him like silk in the wind. His clear, blue eyes stared out into the sunset; it's orange and pink tones flushing his golden skin. His handsome features were a mask of serenity and peace.

It's a wonder; I hardly ever get to see him looking so relaxed... so beautiful.

The stresses of a life of fighting have taken its toll on both of us ---he seems so old to me. Even though he is still in his mid-teens, he is far more responsible and mature than most adults I know. He really didn't have much of a childhood, and for that I am partially responsible.

I was the one who trained him, the one who forced him to grow up too quickly. Not directly I know... but if I was stronger... I wouldn't have had to force him to fight, forced him into battle.

But I'm not strong enough to conquer the demons, and never will be.

And I know it.

I know my life is coming to an end. I know I'm not going to be the one to defeat the androids; I'm just not good enough.

But I know he is.

He's so much stronger than I am, not just in a physical sense, but his bravery and heart is astonishing. I wish I were half as stable as he is.

I'm proud of him, I really am.

He has evolved into a strong warrior, an intelligent companion and a compassionate friend. Every time I look at him, I can feel the pride in my eyes. A pride that fills me completely, making my chest swell; a pride that only a teacher can feel for a successful student. I really have never told him though, and tonight I plan to.

I've always loved him ---even before we really knew each other, I still felt a love that friends have for each other.

Only now it's different.

Only now it's more.

I really can't remember when I had fallen love with the young hybrid prince... But I *can* remember when I had realized my *true* feelings...

It wasn't long ago; I had come home after a date one night, completely fed up. It was then that I realized why it never felt right to be with anyone else... Why it felt so good to just be with Trunks, the same easy, warm comfort of being with your best friend.

"Gohan?" His voice rang out into the night air. It was a hot day, and the warm caresses of air the sun left in its wake were slowly fading into the cool sea breeze.

I raised an eyebrow. "Yes, Trunks?"

"Why are we here?"

'Here' is a little lagoon, with clear water the same astonishing color of his eyes, brimming with coral and marine life. We're standing on a slight cliff, overlooking the serene beauty.

"I need to talk to you."

He turns to me then, his azure eyes full of innocent curiosity.

Taking a deep breath, I brace my self for what is to come.

"I'm very proud of you, you know."

He looked up at me, surprise in his eyes, and I felt my heart melt at the sight of the beautiful boy in front of me. Suddenly, something flickered in those serene depths, and his chest started to swell, his eyes shining with happiness at the praise. A smile curved on his lips, and his stance seemed almost flamboyant in his joy at the unexpected admission.

It is an image I'll keep in my heart forever.

"Really?" His tone was hopeful, and his sensitive face held an expression not unlike one a child would hold for a parent who has just promised a treat.

I cracked a smile myself, and laughed lightly. "Really."

He broke out into a full-fledged grin. "Thanks."

I imitated his facial expression, his joy in simple things bringing me great pleasure, and the thought that I had put that exuberance there, bringing me more.

Suddenly, his smile became one more of sadness, and faded slightly. His spine relaxed, and I felt the smile slide from my face. Is something wrong? What did I do wrong?

"For what it's worth... I'm proud of you too."

His complement caught me off-guard, and my confusion must have registered on my face, because he elaborated quickly, in a soft, gentle tone.

"You went on when everyone else thought all hope was lost. You have had incredible patience with me, not once getting impatient when I struggled with something, or didn't learn fast enough." I raised an eyebrow at the statement and he fidgeted, and dropped his gaze. "You've been such a good friend to me and Mom... And somehow you still seem willing to sacrifice your life for everyone on earth, if that's what it takes to save them...

"And..." He took a deep breath, "I think I love you."

I feelt my mouth drop open and my eyes widen in surprise.

He looked up at me again, his tanned face flushed, an almost sheepish smile on his lips, but his eyes still shone with something.

Could it be? Dare I hope?

"Trunks...?" I question cautiously.

He looked up at me, his features shadowed by the rapidly setting sun. Determination shone in his eyes, and, before I knew what was happening, he had wrapped his arms around my neck, and gently pulled me into a soft kiss.

I was stunned for a second, my eyes widening at the soft lips gently being pressed to my own. No one can ever say Son Gohan is a fool, and I closed my eyes and kissed him back as deeply as I could.

His tongue sought entrance to my mouth, and I gladly obliged. The feeling of that velvet appendage running over my palate was enough to make my eyes roll back in my head, and a low groan escape my throat.

My instincts had completely kicked in, and I wrapped my arms around his waist to pull him as close as possible, growling low in my throat as I did so. Our tongues fought for dominance, as my aggressiveness met a match in his own.

The kiss had to stop, as our mutual need for air parted us, and we shared panting breaths, our faces barely inches apart.

His once azure eyes were darkened navy with lust and love. Nipping his nose lightly, I dove in for another kiss, slower and more passionate then the last. Coming up with a brilliant idea, I firmly wedged my thigh between his own, letting his sensitive bits ride on it. Sharply arching my hips, I left no doubt to the effect he was having on me.

He all but purred, deep in his throat, as he rubbed himself against my leg, his actions arousing me more fully then even the sweet, spicy, silken caverns of his mouth.

Shoving my leg father between his thighs, I reveled in him rubbing frantically against it, his urgent motions causing a pooling of exquisite heat in my groin.

Our lack of oxygen once again separated us, and this time he spoke his words were husky and raw from passion.

"Oh Kami... I've dreamed about this for so very long..."

My own tone mirrored his own, my baritone sounding remarkably like a steel pan being dragged over a pile of rocks.

"Me too... I never thought..." My words became caught in my throat as he increased the tempo of his humping of my thigh, making me moan and growl and purr all at once. "That you would... ever..." I failed to finish the sentence again, both our erections distracting me completely, making me throw my head back and moan into the purplish sky.

Almost instantly he stopped rocking, and I nearly cried out in desperation. When he spoke again I could almost *hear* the coy smile in his voice.

"Didn't think I would want you?" His husky voice made me painfully hard, and I swear I could feel my sack drawing up against my body, filled with tension. I don't believe it. I've lost the battle for dominance to a younger boy, and my Sayian side wasn't happy about it.

Trying to regain some control, I bent my head and captured his lips once again. I moved my thigh out form between his legs, drawing a protesting groan from Trunks. Grabbing his hips rather roughly, I pressed out hips together, marveling at how perfectly we molded into one.

All self control slipped then, and he started pumping himself against me wildly, his desperate need meeting a match in my own body.

Almost instantaneously he arched into me, threw his head back with a loud almost scream of pleasure. I felt hot fluid pour onto my pants, the warm semen soaking thought my gi in an incredibly short amount of time, and, as soon as his delicious seed hit my already over-sensitive sex, I was right along side him, roaring his name into the sky.

Ecstasy overwhelmed me, and I felt my legs give out, tumbling us both to the ground, him ending up sitting in my lap. His orgasm was long and hard, and he sobbed and screamed into my chest as he expelled three... four times, his entire body trembling like a leaf in the wind.

Finally, after a long period of both of us panting, trying to regain out breaths, with my arms wrapped securely around him, he looked up, his face sweaty and flushed.


I completely agreed with him; that was the most intense thing I had ever experienced. Feeling as if all my bones had gone to jelly, I held him tighter, our chests molding together in an imitation of the earlier hip incident.

Knowing 'wow' was all he could probably manage right now, I nodded in agreement.

"Wow is right."

His crystal-clear orbs met my black ones again.

"This is going to make things different, isn't it?"

I smile slyly. "Most defiantly."

I look into his face again, his features making look sensitive and understanding, but roguish and heroic. Who knew that in a time of such bleakness, I would find a silver lining in the ever-looming dark horizon? Not being able to resist the temptation, I leaned down and gave him a quick kiss.

"You know... We've totally ruined our pants... and my mom would kill me if I came home like this..." He trailed off, another blush on his cheeks.

I grinned wickedly and pointed to the lagoon.

His gaze followed my arm, and he flushed even hotter then before, but when he turned back to face me, his smile mirrored my own.

Pecking me lightly on the lips, his smile became more serious.

"I love you."

My heart leapt to my throat at the copy of his earlier confession. I blinked back hard, trying to restrain my tears of joy.

"You have no idea how long I have wanted to hear you say that," I mumbled, not taking my eyes off him, or making any move to remove my hands from his waist. "I would say I love you, but those simple words aren't powerful enough to express the feelings I have for you... I wish I could explain myself better to you... but no words can describe this... so 'I love you' is the best I can give... And I do, Trunks... So much that it *hurts*..."

I leant downward again, kissing him deeply, trying to put all my emotions in the kiss, and send them to him. It wasn't extraordinarily passionate, but some how held a deeper meaning for both of us.

We parted from the kiss softly, and I felt happy.

Truly happy.

Even though I knew my life was about to end, I was content.

He would be the one to save everyone.

Now I was sure of it.

Flashing me a distinctively seductive smile, he leaned close to my ear. "So, should we hit the water?"

I growled an affirmative deep in my throat, letting him feel the rumble of it in my chest.

Still smiling cockily, he jumped up out of my lap, and promptly threw himself over the cliff, whooping as he did so. Following his lead, I scrambled to my feet and leapt after him, looking forward to a *very* interesting bath...


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