Title: A Ripple in Time
Author: Gokou_chan
Rating: R to NC-17
Fandom: Real World/Dragonball Z
Warnings: Um..... rape. Sorta dark, but will get better, I promise!! *hides under blankie*
Disclaimer: I know this idea has been done before, but this time, it has a slight twist. Also, I stole the concept of the overbearing mother from Center Stage and mixed her with Chichi. Hope you don't mind! I don't own any of the characters so don't sue me. You know the drill. Well, on to the ficcie!

Japanese Dictionary

Oi = Hey
Waka ta = okay
Hai = Yes
Tsuden Ikko = Instant Transmission
Shinee = die
So ka = I see
Daijoubu ka = Are you okay?
Senshi = warrior
Futskayoi =Hangover
Kisama = you
Nan da = what is it?
Nuy ta = It worked
Nani = what?
Juuhachico = No. 18
Arigato = thank you!
Doitashimashite = you're welcome
-sama = a term of respect
Aho = moron
Yatta = I did it!

Part One

"Hey, Jun, wait up!" I heard someone call to me. I turned back to see my best friend, Dana Lasron, panting up leaving most of her schoolbooks trailing behind her on the ground. She skidded up beside me and tried to catch her breath. I smiled. Why didn't she just take my advice and get a book bag? She was dressed to kill, as usual, wearing an opaque, skintight white blouse and tight black leather pants.

Myself, I was dressed in a baggy, black t-shirt with my favorite Dragonball Z character emblazed proudly on the back. I also had on semi-tight jeans that gathered loosely around my calves. Dana looked dazzling, at least for boys, with her makeup accenting the contours of her face. I had on the minimal amount required; foundation with a hint of eye shadow and lip-gloss.

"Hey yourself! And why are you so out of breath this time?"

"You won't believe this!"

"What?" I tried to look a little interested. It was usually about her new boyfriend, or a crush, or a date... somewhere along that line of thought when she started squeeling like this.

"You know Cody? The Captain of the football team?"


"The word all over school is, he's going to ask you out!" "Whoa, whoa there, hold up a second. ME? He, Cody, wants to ask me out?" I was not the popular one. I was the nerd that got straight A's and never went anywhere. Dana was the popular one that all the guys swarmed over. She was captain of the cheerleading squad, so of course it was natural. I don't know why she wanted to be my friend. Maybe I was just her charity case.

"Yeah, silly! Now we got to get you some decent clothes to wear... I know!There's a shop in the mall that's going out of business. They have the cutest dresses!" By this time she had gotten her books back together and was all but jumping with excitement.

"But why not you?"

"Hello? Where have you been? I have a boyfriend already, and he's way cuter than Cody. Besides, Cody's got the hots for you."

I started blushing. I had to admit I did find him sort of cute, and I was kind of attracted to him. No need to mention that I had a crush on a cartoon character. I blushed harder.

"Oh my god! Look there's Cody! Hurry, fix your hair!"

She ran a hand through her hair and plastered a fake smile on her face. I stood there numbly, torn between my feeling for the crush I knew I could never have and the real life goodness of jock-boy. Ah what the heck, maybe I could have a little fun?

"Hey, girls! What's up?" Cody Smith was the epidimy of high school droolness, all muscle-bound, tanned, and topped with a mop of sandy-blond hair. He was wearing his uniform; he had obviously just come from football practice and was perspiring heavily.

"Cody! We were just talking about you." She nudged me with her elbow.

"Heh! Yeah we were! whaddya think about that?" I stuttered, grinning widely. I'm shure the blush did help my looks either.

"Cool. So how have you been, Jun?" He grinned, flashing brilliantly white teeth that contrasted sharply with his tanned skin.

"Fine." I looked down and stared at the toes of my boots. God! I sounded like an idiot.

"Are you doing anything tonight?"

"Huh?" I started and looked up at him. He was still grinning. Oh shure, Jun, very articulate. "Well, if you don't have anything planned, I was hoping you would like to come to movies with me?"


"It'll be fun!"

Dana nudged me again and I assented after a quick look at her face. It was suggesting I shouldn't screw this one up. After a quick thought it made a little sense, and I did want to have a little fun before graduation. I made a silent promise to myself to pull out if anything went down the wrong road.

"Okay, I'll pick you up at eight then at your place. See you later!"

"Girl, you are so lucky!" Dana squealed as soon as he was out of sight. "He's head over heels!"

"Maybe I just don't care." I tried to sound indifferent.

"How couldn't you care? He's the hottest guy in the school!"

"Yeah." I thrust my hands into my pockets.

"So what's wrong with you?"

We started walking slowly down the block from the school. The day was really sunny and just about the beginning of autumn. A few leaves fell to the ground and landed on the ground in front of us. Dana stepped on one of them and it made a crunching sound as it fell apart.

I sighed. "I just don't have any time for a boyfriend, I'm not ready. You know, I got a 95% on that Trig test the other day, and my mom is pretty pissed." I smirked inwardly as I changed the subject.

"A 95 is good. Much better than I could do."

"Yeah, but you know my mom. Nothing is ever good enough for her. I know she means well, but she's hard to live with at times. You can try reasoning with her if you'd like, but I can assure you that could be fatal."

"Oh. So she's like the mother on that TV show you watch all the time. What was it called again?"

"Dragonball Z."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Anyway, what are you going to wear tonight? It's your first date!"

"Hey, wait a sec! Who said I was going?" Man! She slipped me a fast one! I'm supposed to be the one changing the conversation!

She grabbed my arm and threaded her own arm through it, hanging on me while chattering as she planned out the entire date for me. You would have thought that it was her going on the date, not me. I sighed as we turned into the driveway of my house.

"Now have you done your homework?" Dana asked.

"Duh? You do know who you are talking to."

"Finished in homeroom again? Damn. Well, you were always better at that stuff than me."

"Jun! Is that you?" My mother called from inside the house. How she could have heard me, I do not know, I was way down the walkway near the street. It was like she had a radar or something that pinpointed my exact whereabouts.

"Yeah?" I yelled back as I opened the front door, rolling my eyes, and walked in. Dana shrugged and whispered that she would wait for me outside. I nodded. The screen door slammed shut behind me.

"You home, Jun?" The shout came from the kitchen.

"Yeah," I leaned on the kitchen door and eased the book bag from my shoulder.

"How was school?"

"Great, as usual."

"Did you retake that test you failed the other day?"

"Mom, I didn't fail it."

"Anthing less than perfect is failure. If you haven't re-taken it already, you are going to go back tomorrow.

"But, Mom! Tomorrow is Saturday!" I exclaimed in exasperation.

"None of your back talk, I'm in no mood. I talked to your teachers today and they said that you have been distracted, you haven't been taking school seriously." She looked up from scrubbing the dishes and gave me that look. I knew where she was going. She wanted me to go to an acceptable collage, like Harvard, or Princeton. And she didn't want me to end up a bum, and make something with my life. Basically, the whole Chichi bit from the show. As expected, she went on the whole rant. I nervously looked at my watch. Fifteen minutes had passed. Darn! I didn't even have a good excuse for her, like saving the world. Enough was enough.

"Look, mom, I already know this, you've only told me about 100 times. I haven't failed anything in school, I've tried to be everything that you wanted me to be, but it just isn't enough." My voice calm, amazingly. I was tired, and I was starting to get a headache. Maybe that date wasn't such a bad idea.

"Now I'm going to the mall with my friends, and I'm going on a date later. My first I might add, since all I do is study." I let a little resentment creep into my tone.

"God! Is this how I've raised you? How could you have turned out like this?" She started screaming.

"Nan deto?" I slipped into Japanese unconsciously, anger overtaking me.

"What the hell was that? What did you just say?"

"It's Japanese, Mother."

"Japanese? Now why on earth would you want to learn that god forsaken language? Who in their right mind even speaks it?"

I scowled. I was 17, and I'd been going through this my entire life. I just don't think I could take it anymore. This wasn't the first time this has happened, but this was the first time I had ever felt like crying.

"I'm going to go now." I turned and stormed up to my bedroom, grabbing my purse and throwing my backpack on the bed. I ran down the stairs and slammed the front door on my way out, wiping at my nose that had started running.

"Wait! Jun! Get back here!" my mother called after me.

"So what happened?" Dana ran by my side to keep up with me.

"Let's just get out of here."

"Mother on the warpath, huh?"

"With a frying pan I might add. What's so wrong about getting a 95 on an advanced Trig test anyway?" I gripped, holding back sniffles.

"Nothing, you did a great job."

"That's what I mean. Why can't she just see me for who I am and not a mini Mom? She probably never got the kind of grades that I do. Maybe she's bi-polar or something. It would explain the mood swings." I was ranting; I knew it. But who could blame me? I have NEVER said anything like that to my mother before, I always made sure I got a 100 on everything, but every since first grade she's been an exact replica of Chichi. Always, 100% isn't good enough, should have been 101.

"Look, honey." She cut off my long deserved rant. "Let's just get your mind off of this problem, and think about that date you're having. What are you going to wear?"

"I don't care." I said the wrong thing. Let me tell you this: big mistake. BIG. Instead of going to the mall, she dragged me to her house and up to her room, growling at me all the way. She sat me down on her bed and fixed me with a look that just dared me to move.

"Now lets see..." She looked at me and picked up a strand of my dark brown hair and let it fall against my back again. "Something... purple and black."

She threw open her closet door and started rummaging through it. Several minutes later she pulled out a pair of leather pants like she was wearing and a purple sequined halter-top.

"You expect me to wear that?" I gaped.

"Ahem." She glared at me, tapping her toe. I edged away slowly, but she caught me and thrust me into the bathroom with the offending garments. With no other choice, I changed clothes with a sigh. My reflection stared at me from the mirror, and while I wasn't comfortable wearing something so small, I had to admit it did look good.

"Are you done?" Dana called from the other side of the door. I opened the door slowly. "Looking sharp! Now come here, time for some make-up."

"Make-up?" I gulped.

Two hours later I was totally made up, and by made up, I mean super-model made up. I have never in my life worn this much make-up. But I did look good. The next thing I knew, Dana had called Cody, telling him of the change in plans and dragged me to the curb where Cody was waiting in a black Grand Am.

"You look stunning!" He said as he opened the door for me and I sat down on the plush seat. I had long since decided to just go with the flow. What could be worse than what Dana had just put me through?

"You think so?" I blushed, still insequre over the whole dressing situation.

"Yeah, I know so!" He got in his side of the car and started driving, Dana waving at us from the curb.

"So where do you want to go, pretty lady?" He smiled.

"Um... I really wouldn't know. I don't get out that much." I said, embarrassed.

"That's fine, I know of a club downtown we could go to."

I assented. The air rushing thought the car's open windows played with my hair, blowing it into my face. I brushed at it aimlessly. Man, was I nervous! I'd never been on a date before, and I was feeling more than a little apprehension. We pulled up to a club, who's brightly lit neon signpost cast shadows along the rows of cars parked in front of it. Cody parked the cars that we were driving near the others and got out, opening the door on my side and helping me from the car.

"Are you ready for some fun?" He asked me.

"I guess. It must have been hard getting reservations this late." I commented.

"Not as hard as you would think. I have an uncle who owns half of the club."

He offered me his arm and we walked up to the entrance, moving inside amidst the dimly lit interior and the dancing couples. A strobe light was positioned over the dance floor, making the dancers look like they were moving in slow motion. He led me to a corner table and we sat down.

"So, do you want something to drink?"

"Sure." I replied. He left, returning from the bar with two bottles in his hands. He placed one down in front of me and I picked it up, drinking deeply. I choked as the liquid seared my throat, blinking as my eyes watered.

"What is this?" I managed to get out.


Oh well. Ask a stupid question... In the mood I was in, maybe it would help. I knew I was making a mistake but right then, I didn't care. I took another deep drink and closed my eyes as I swallowed.

It seemed to be an hour or so later, I had drunk a lot more beer than necessary and was a little tipsy when Cody pulled me out into the dance floor. I tried to protest, but the words never made it to my mouth and I found myself tripping over my own feet. A fierce blush rose to my cheeks. Damn, this was NOT how I wanted my first date to end up! Really, throwing up all over my date's feet was *not* the ideal I was shooting for. The song ended and I made my way unsteadily off the floor, pushing away my date's help. If anything, he was even more buzzed than me and out of the corner of my eye I saw him slump into an empty chair.

I staggered to the side exit, just wanting some fresh air. I sank to the ground groggily, everything spinning into one big mass of colors. I could faintly make out several figures in front of me arguing over something. I closed my eyes, but suddenly felt a hand close around my shoulder, dragging me to my feet. I tried to shout in protest but as before all I as able to do was work my lips soundlessly.

"No," I managed to moan as the hands dragged me deeper into the alley and threw me onto a pile of old, smelly clothes. The hands were groping, ripping my top off me before fondling my breasts. Then the hands moved lower. My whole world was pain as something pushed into me, ripping through my virginity. I screamed. Or I thought I screamed, but the assault continued. I knew I was crying, but all I wanted right now was for it to stop. One last push, the most painful of them all, and I cried out sobbing uncontrollably. Oh God, it hurt so much! Mercifully, I finally passed out right as I made out a faint, blue glow reflected on my captor.

Author's Notes

Yes, I have author's notes. :P So what do you think of the revamp? If it better than the original? More descriptive? Well it should be because I tried to get into Jun's head more. I also changed her name, Angel was just so... bleah... Anywho, review and read on to the next chapter!!!

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