Author: Xero Sky
Date: 7/14/02
Pairing: Radditz X Goku
Warnings: NC17 for lemon, incest, language. Some PWP-ness. AU-ish. One shot.
Notes: Takes place right after Radditz meets his brother for the first time. /.../ indicates telepathic speech *..* indicates italics
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, nor intend to profit from them.


Radditz, son of Bardock, stared in horror at the mutilated form of his brother. "Your TAIL!! What happened to your *tail*!?"

"Got cut off a long time ago. Why?" Kakarrotto said, as if it didn't matter. Or worse, as if it was a favor someone had done him.

"No wonder you're so happy here! You're passing for one of them! You, my own brother!!"

Sickened, Radditz wrapped his own tail more firmly around his waist. His anger at his young brother began to fade as he looked at him. Here he was, tall, handsome, and more powerful than anyone else on this stinking planet, right at home with the kind of people who would cut off a child's tail. An *injured* child, if the old man's story about Kakarotto's childhood was true. Why was he even trying to defend them? The fact that they should all have been dead years ago was suddenly unimportant. What could have happened to the child that had been sent here?

He spared a glance at his little nephew. A handsome Saiyajin child, with a fine tail flicking nervously back and forth behind him. At least his brother hadn't been completely brainwashed by these little shits, not if his son still had his tail. That must mean that something still remained of the tiny Saiyajin he'd last seen sealed into a capsule to be sent here. Fate hadn't completely conspired against his poor brother, then.

Radditz made a decision.

The stranger who claimed to be his brother moved faster than Goku could believe, grabbing him around the waist, and pulling his body close. Goku struggled violently, but there was no getting free of him. Brawny arms were pinned by brawnier ones, and the tall man was held up off the ground by a taller one. A third limb wrapped around him as well: that tail squeezed muscular thighs together. Goku found himself entirely caught, something that had never happened to him before, ever.

"Harm the little one while we are gone and you will never stop screaming," Radditz thundered at Goku's astonished friends. The two of them rose into the air about 30 feet, then stopped.

"Hey green man!" Radditz shouted, holding the palm of one hand downward. A second later there was a blinding pulse of light and one corner of Kamesennin's house disappeared.

Then the brothers were gone, leaving a trail across the sky and a group of astonished and bewildered ningen behind them. Bulma went to Goku's sobbing, angry son and gathered him close. Harm Gohan...?

They were equally stupefied when they found the charred corpse of Piccolo among the wreckage of the house.

Goku slammed his head into Radditz' jaw, hoping to break it. His reward was a grunt and then a laugh. They'd gone a great distance already, and Goku hadn't been able to even annoy the bastard yet, as far as he could tell. He was as angry and upset as he'd ever been in his life, but there didn't seem to be anything he could do about it. And that feeling of helplessness was a new one on him. Part of the reason he faced life with such enthusiastic optimism was simply that he hadn't ever really been defeated before. And now.... Just like that.

He head butted Radditz again, more out of frustration than any idea he could hurt him. Another laugh, and then they were descending, landing in a field of long grass. This is where he fucking kills me, Goku thought.

Radditz didn't let go of him, though. He settled with some difficulty onto the grass, forcing Goku's legs apart with his tail and knees, making the younger man straddle him and sit in his lap. That tail wrapped around his ankles like cable, locking his legs around Radditz. Humiliated and confused, Goku thrashed uselessly. Radditz just held him where he wanted him until his brother, panting with exertion, stopped and glared at him.

"What the hell are you doing, you freak?!?"

"Hush, brother," Radditz said, swinging his head so that the great length of his hair spilled down Goku's back, enveloping him. Irritated, Goku tossed his own head, but only succeeded in tangling his brother's hair in his own soft spiky locks. Even the man's freaking *hair* had bested him..

Tired and without recourse, Goku stopped fighting for the moment. Until he figured out what was going on, it was better to conserve his strength. He breathed deeply, dimly becoming aware of the scent of the warrior holding him.

Radditz seemed content just to have captured him, and they stayed there, in that position, for some time. Goku felt the tension leak out of his body as he sat, breathing in that wonderful, indescribable scent, and he absently congratulated himself on being so calm and centered in the midst of battle. Kamesennin would have been proud, ne? He would be ready when the moment came, certainly.

Radditz felt his brother relaxing against him and wondered if he realized it. If Kakarotto was so starved for Saiyajin contact that just scent would calm him.... A truly hentai grin spread across Radditz's face. The baka didn't have any idea of what he really wanted. Teaching him would be pure pleasure.

He began, very quietly, to purr deep in his chest. For a few moments he thought it might have gone unnoticed, since Kakarotto didn't move. Then his brother's voice, sounding a tiny bit...sleepy. "What the fuck is that?"

"I'm purring. Surely you know?"

"I, uh....yeah." Quiet, then: "Feeling pleased with yourself?"


Still Kakarotto rested against him, his head against his shoulder. Radditz resisted the urge to grind himself against the lithe young body. They weren't sitting quite close enough for Kakarotto to have realized what *exactly* was in store for him, yet. Instead, he gently loosed his tail from the hold it had on the man's ankles, carefully reading his body for the smallest signs of tension. Nothing. The purring and his brother's scent were comforting Kakarotto, just as they would any saiyajin, regardless of what the baka himself might think about it. Waving his tail behind him, he musked very lightly, enough to change his scent without it being alarming. Saiyajin musk was a potent mix of pheromones designed, basically, to ensure the continuation of the species. Let's see how you deal with that, my little "ningen", he thought.

Goku barely felt it when his legs were freed. He made no use of the new freedom. He felt too damned good to put in the planning necessary to do something about it, so he did nothing. Somewhere in the back of his mind alarm bells were going off, but not loud enough to disturb him. After all, he was a trained warrior. He could deal with the situation. Even though being, err, *snuggled* by the enemy wasn't something he had ever run across before. The freak holding him was simply so much stronger that fighting him outright wasn't an option. Aside from ki, he had about a hundred pounds more muscle on him than Goku, plus, what? 6 inches of height to his advantage. And, damn, he'd obviously been making the most of his training. His hard muscles stood out in sharp relief under satiny soft skin, and the chest under that armor was broad and powerful. The thighs he was straddling were like marble columns. There were some good genetics going on there, which he hoped he would share in. Even the face above him was handsome, and he'd never seen anything like that hair.

Completely unaware that he was purring, Goku began to wonder if there wasn't some kind of compromise that could be worked out. After all, he didn't really want to hurt his brother... In the meantime, he'd just wait until an opportunity presented itself. He breathed in spice and musk. Yeah, he'd just relax and focus, keep calm about everything....

Radditz' smirk was almost painful.

"You know, brother, there's no real reason we have to be enemies."


"After all, I just want you to be with me." It was almost painfully hard to keep his body still when he said that. The boy's purring was driving Radditz crazy. And he certainly wasn't immune to Kakarotto's scent, though it wasn't as strong as it should have been without his tail.

"That why you smacked my best friend Kuririn through a wall?" The question was perceptive but not particularly heated.

"Ah, the little one is fine. He just annoyed me. No one keeps me away from my brother," Radditz rumbled, loosening his grip on Kakarotto's arms. With one free hand, he began gently rubbing the muscles on either side of his spine, working the little remaining tension out. Kakarotto didn't move, and Radditz would almost have thought him asleep, if he hadn't recognized the change in the boy's scent. His other hand joined the first in exploring Kakarotto's back.



"Why're ya doing that?"

"Just trying to help. After all, you've been under a lot of stress this morning. You've got to keep relaxed, ne? Ready for whatever comes next?"


Radditz knew about tails, and about tail scars. Kakarotto wasn't the only saiyajin who'd ever lost one. He waited a little while longer, then musked again, more strongly. After a few moments the purr against his armor grew louder, and the tall saiyajin grinned. Twirling, stroking fingers worked their gentle way down a supple spine, until they brushed against a furry nub entirely unprotected by cotton pants.

As expected, Kakarotto gasped in pleasure and arched into his brother's embrace.

Unable to speak while Radditz continued his attentions, Goku found himself pressed tight against him while hot lightning shot up and down his spine and out through his limbs. Large, nimble fingers pressed and whirled, and he found himself suddenly pressing his rock-hard erection into his brother's abdomen. Color crept us his face as he did it, but the blazing heat in his face didn't keep him from doing it again. And again...

And then it stopped. That gorgeous, fucking astonishing feeling stopped. And instead of being relieved, or mortified, or outraged that it had ever happened at all, Goku found himself growling, trying to threaten Radditz into doing it again. Shit! Panting, he barely kept himself from grinding into his brother again, and when he snapped his head back to glare at him, he had *no* idea what he was going to say.

Radditz solved that little problem by kissing him. Idle hands slid up behind his back and head, forcing him to stay still as a warm mouth close over his own and a hot tongue slid inside to taste and explore. Goku had never kissed a man before, and never kissed ANYONE like this. It was carnal, obscene, perfect. His own tongue was stroked and teased, and he found it impossible after a moment not to give as good as he was getting. Wet velvet slid over and around, lapping and sucking and teasing. He licked soft lips, then plunged inside again. Fingers brushed delicately over his tail scar again and he pressed into his brother again, wantonly, not releasing that wet warm kiss. His arms snaked around a burly body, one hand disappearing into silky hair. For the first time he felt the hardness Radditz had for him, pressing up between the cheeks of his ass. With a muffled growl, he ground himself down on it.

Some part of his mind noted that he should be completely pissed off and horrified by all of this. This was his enemy! He'd demanded that he come with him to slaughter a whole planet of innocent people! He'd embedded Kuririn in Kamesennin's wall! He'd killed Piccolo, who hadn't even been doing anything to deserve that! This was his *brother*!!!

....who was apparently hung like a....

/Saiyajin, brother mine/


So much for that.

Strong hands pulled his shirts off like they were paper. His pants followed, leaving him bare except for boots he toed off without a thought. He sat nude in his armored brother's lap, his head thrown back now as his throat was tasted, bitten, kissed. Large hands stroked his back, squeezed his ass, spread his thighs. His nipples were stroked and pinched, another astonishing first for him. He would never have guessed how many sensitive places there were on his body that had been utterly neglected his whole life. Radditz apparently knew them all. In fact, the only sensitive place he didn't touch was...


"Like that, hmmn?"

Goku moaned as a hand stroked, pinched, and abandoned him. He hunted for Radditz's mouth again, but he was disappointed. In fact, he was utterly enraged as he was shoved backwards off of Radditz' lap, landing hard on his ass. He sprawled awkwardly, snarling, and was stopped from getting up by a sudden crushing weight on his chest. He looked upwards, wide eyes growing wider, at his brother, who stood with a broad smirk on his face and one bare foot on his ribcage, holding him down.

Sick rage washed over Goku as he realized what had happened. This had all been a trick, just a way of humiliating him before defeat!

/Hardly, sweetheart/ The sarcasm in those unspoken words was cutting, but Goku suddenly found he didn't mind much after all. The big saiyajin was peeling the bracers off his wrists, letting them drop carelessly into the grass. After that the armor went, somehow stretching as it lifted free of muscled shoulders, following the bracers. Goku stared as the flimsy pieces of spandex covering a body of sheer muscled delight were slowly torn away. The scouter was dropped next to Goku's head, but he didn't notice. Radditz was clad now only in gold, a band around one bicep and another around a brawny thigh, and the riotous silken wealth of his own hair. His tail waved and curled behind him as he ran his hands down his own body, letting fingers play over tanned flesh. He smirked down at Goku. The light breeze sent strands of silk gliding across his ass and thighs. Goku panted, looking up at perfection, sex personified. He'd never wanted anybody so badly in his entire life.

"Happy to see me yet, little brother?" Radditz purred, blatant lust in his voice, rampaging through his body. He knelt down, his knees on either side of Goku's thighs, and leaned forward to very lightly rub their erections together. Goku groaned with pure pleasure. "Oh, haiiii...... brother."

Radditz pressed the entire warm length of his body against Kakarotto's, imprinting the feel of hard young muscles and flesh. He took that eager mouth into another deep kiss, their tongues playing, stroking, even as he hands explored the lush flesh now willingly laid out for him. He didn't think Kakarotto was all that experienced, despite having fathered a child, but the boy was making up for the lack with enthusiasm. Radditz had to smother the urge to laugh out loud. Despite his earlier ferocious denial, Kakarotto was pure saiyajin. He suckled the smooth corded neck, tasting the salt of fear and the tang of lust, lapping it up with slow licks that made his brother shiver. He captured flesh between his teeth and bruised it, making amends with soft kisses as Kakarotto hissed and groaned. He mouthed and bit the hard nipples, and was pleased with the wild response. Kakarotto thrashed and groaned at him to stop, and so of course he continued, taking the sensation up through torment and back to pleasure again.

His brother made the most wonderful noises! Delightful, really, and erotic as hell. Radditz found himself doing things to him just for the noise. Thoughts of preparation and relaxing the boy went out the damned window. This was too much fun to be worried about following a plan. Strong legs wrapped around him, pulling him their bodies together, allowing Kakarotto to grind his impressive cock into Radditz' hard belly. "Tch," he said, "none of that, you little slut."

Kakarotto just grinned at him and moved harder. That was enough of that. His tail pried the locked ankles apart and Radditz slid downward out of their embrace. He wrapped his tail high around a muscled thigh and stroked it with softest fur, flicking the very tip of it over Kakarotto's balls. As he thought, that did the trick. Another one of those sweet moans, and then the legs relaxed around him, knees flexed and trembling. Radditz thrust his tongue into his brother's navel to keep him distracted. One of them was in charge here, and it wasn't Kakarotto. There were some perks to being the older brother, after all.

Goku growled, but he wasn't able to keep the harsh expression on his face for long. Radditz was nibbling at the muscles of his abdomen, his hair tickling Goku almost everywhere. It felt wonderful. *He* felt wonderful. He licked his lips as he brought handfuls of fragrant hair up to his face, inhaling the wonderful scent. He never would have guessed that anyone could smell so great. Chichi smelled pretty good, actually, but she wasn't even in the same league. And not only in scent. Radditz' tongue was doing the most amazing things to him, leaving trails of wet fire wherever it went, and he was pretty certain that things hadn't even gotten to the really good parts yet.

/Not even close.../

/Mmmn. By the way, why are you in my head, Radditz?/

/Why not?/

A nip, a suckle, and Goku no longer cared. It seemed natural enough, anyway. And the soft tail that had been stroking his thighs and tickling his scrotum suddenly uncoiled and ran itself over his erection, pulsing, squeezing, and cupping the sack underneath. Radditz could read every thought he'd ever had in his life, as long as he kept doing *that*. The mouth went lower and suddenly soft lips were ghosting along his hard length. The very tip of a hot tongue flicked out here and there, tasting, sampling pleasures, as the tail retreated to tickle his backside. With a little urging, Goku raised his knees, spreading himself wide open. Softness caressed his cleft. Wet velvet explored him. Hair softer than silk was draped across his thighs.

He moaned, snarled, hissed, sighed, made little yelps and soft coos. His hands fisted into dark hair or stroked sinewy arms. In his entire life, he had never felt so free, so wanton, so incredibly sexy. Radditz laughed and purred, and with a quick toss of his head swallowed him whole, making him arch his back and cry out his pleasure. Then that glorious mouth relinquished him, and Goku snarled at him, cursing.

A quick tender bite, teeth coming together on the soft, vulnerable head of his cock. Goku whimpered, less from any pain than from the implied threat. Radditz hushed him with soft, sloppy licks, making amends and driving him to delirium. The agile tongue explored, running over the ridge, dipping into the cleft, swirling over his length. And then it was gone.

Radditz smiled as his profoundly unsatisfied brother whimpered imploringly, trying to avoid another bite while still getting his way. The sounds traveled straight down his spine to the head of his cock, making it jerk and weep. He knew what his own limits were, but he could only guess at Kakarotto's. He thought the boy had a bit further to go yet. Enough room for a bit more play.

He leaned forward and wrested another wet, obscene kiss from a more than willing mouth. Then, abruptly, he flipped Kakarotto over onto his stomach, giving no warning. The boy automatically pushed himself up onto his hands and knees, pressing his cheeks backwards without meaning to rub up against the hardness Radditz had waiting for him. The older saiyajin took advantage of the situation by rubbing himself up against the round and perfect ass. All sound had stopped coming from the man below him, but he waited a little while, enjoying himself, before speaking.

"You alright, little brother?" His voice came in soft pants, but he knew the spoken word would be more familiar, more comforting.

"Hai." An immediate response, but not very definite.

He rubbed himself against Kakarotto again, then whipped his tail back, musking heavily before sending the tail to play over hard nipples and a chest dripping sweat in the cool breeze. He knew the boy's reservations would be fleeting, that these moments of doubt and fear would not stand up in the face of saiyajin lust. He could wait a little while.

The smell of heat and lust rising from Kakarotto made him want to howl. Well, that, and to fuck him like a lunatic.

Press, grind, rub, pant. Fingertips lightly, very lightly stroking his cock. Soft kisses between his shoulder blades and down his spine. Radditz's tail was a blur of delightful sensations. Fears he was too excited, too carried away to think through were stopping him, were anchoring him in a hurricane he had no real desire to resist. Was it only sex or something more momentous?

Did he really give a flying fuck?

Goku pressed backwards against the astonishing length of Radditz's arousal, delivering his message: *show me what happens next.*

Radditz was more than happy to comply.

Soft kisses again, and the long, lazy strokes of a tongue working its way down his back. The mouth gently nibbled at his tail scar, laving it with delicate licks and slight suction, making Goku howl. It was just like getting hit by lightning.

By the time that tongue left his scar to work its way farther down, Goku was trembling all over. It was hard to hold himself up, and he lowered his head to the ground, grinning like a madman. He'd never felt so good in his entire life, and there was more to come, wasn't there? Radditz knew. Radditz would take him there.

Radditz bit him.

Teeth came down hard on one of his cheeks, drawing blood, making him jump and yowl. Radditz licked the blood away, then went on to explore warm curvy flesh and intimate secrets. Goku simply purred, then reached out to capture a tickling tail. Very gently he began nibbling on it. He was rewarded with the most kawaii yelp, but Radditz didn't pull his tail away. In fact, he could feel his brother smiling against his skin for a moment before he pulled back and sharply smacked Goku's ass, leaving a red handprint on skin already too sensitive. Goku squeaked...and then moaned. Loudly.

Radditz laughed, but it wasn't a derisive sound, and when Kakarotto did flinch, it was from his brother's hand coming down hard on his ass again. Radditz was happy to bring a rosy flush to the round, willing flesh beneath his hands, smacking Kakarotto until he was up on his hands again, arching his back and casting him sultry looks from under dark lashes. His "ningen" brother was flirting with him! Radditz groaned and pressed himself hard against delectable reddened flesh, feeling it squirm prettily against him. He raked his nails down the broad back and up sinewy thighs, then reach around to pet and tweak his brother's leaking erection.


"Still not interested in coming with me?" he ground out, spreading Kakarotto further, preparing himself.

Kakarotto looked back at him, panting, and rolled his eyes. "Shut up and fuck me, you idiot."

Radditz mounted him, hard, and both brothers cried out in something like pain, a whole lot more like unbelievable pleasure. The pace was hard and fast - Radditz wasn't inclined to take Kakarotto gently, and the latter didn't seem inclined to complain about it.

For a minute or so Goku didn't feel much more than filled, though that was pleasant enough, what with Radditz slamming into his tender backside and whacking him with the tail he'd released. Then Radditz hit something inside of him and his spine turned to molten lava. He shoved backwards, wanting it harder, wanting it again. Insane pleasure sparked through him as Radditz hit the spot again, and again. It was better than teeth and tongues and tail scars, better than a hot mouth around him. He pushed back again, wanting more, craving it, needing the single most pleasurable thing he'd ever felt in his life.

Radditz was more than willing to oblige, shoving himself deeper and harder into exquisite heat, wonderful tightness, moaning and yowling for all he was worth. The body beneath him, around him, was beautiful, a paragon of young saiyajin manhood, a feast for the senses, and it was his own, his blood, his kin. He bent down and ran his tongue up the back of Kakarotto's neck, biting him there gently. His hands held narrow hips in place, while his tail roamed, coiling and stroking. At last, feeling his orgasm approaching, he began massaging Kakarotto's scar, trying hard not to laugh as his brother shrieked. He could barely breathe; he'd freaking pass out if he laughed now.

/You first, brat!/

Kakarotto shook his head violently, sweat drops flying, but it didn't matter. With a shudder and a roar, he came hard, pulsing out into the grass below. With his teeth bared in victory, Radditz followed, releasing inside hot flesh.

They stayed as they were for a handful of moments, gulping cool air, then toppled slowly over into the soft grass. Radditz' hair veiled them as they lay together, feeling too good to move.

Eventually Radditz began to speak, telling his brother about their heritage, their family, about the death of their homeworld. About their prince, Vejiita, who still lived, and Radditz' service to him. About purging planets for the tyrant Frieza, washing the blood out of his hair in violet oceans, watching ancient cities burn below him, destroying populations that begged to surrender, letting some escape off-planet because he was too bored to chase them. Ennui and disgust wiping away anything that had ever been close to mercy.

He ran his hand down Kakarotto's chest, pinching a nipple, making it clear that his claim had not ended. His tail was firmly wrapped around a thick thigh. Kakarotto didn't make any attempt to leave, though. He rolled over on his back so he could see Radditz' face as they talked.

"If you hate it, why not quit?" he asked. Radditz smiled at his brother's innocence, and smoothed hair from his forehead. What a different life Kakarotto had led from his own.

"Because Lord Frieza wouldn't let us die when he caught us. And he would catch us."

Kakarotto appeared to think that over for some time. Radditz stroked his face. He really wasn't offering much, other than himself and the company of other saiyajins. His life here was certainly more pleasant. Saiyajins had to stick to their own, though, now that so few were left. No matter what happened, he would not allow Kakarotto to remain behind. Now that he had his brother, they would stay together. Even if he had to take him by force, though he would infinitely prefer it otherwise.

He was not prepared for what his brother said next.

"Have you ever heard of the dragonballs?"

Radditz laid there in the warm sun, against his brother's warmer flesh, and listened as he spoke of things Radditz could hardly believe, of past adventures and future plans. Of death and life. Of immortality.

"Just a little something I've been thinking about," he finished up with a wink. "If you had a choice between your life now and what it might be if Frieza couldn't touch you, what would you choose?"

Radditz stared at him. /Is this true?/

/Every word./

He stretched out an arm and fished his scouter out of the grass, then attached it to his ear. "Prince Vejiita, did you hear that?"

He ignored the shock on his brother's face, pressing a palm flat on his chest to keep him still. Idly, he wondered if Kakarotto could understand him, since he was speaking in the saiyajin birthtongue, not the Standard spoken on this planet.

"Hai. Stay there. We will join you soonest. Vejiita out."

A stream of data flickered across the screen, showing estimated date of arrival. One year.

Outrage flickered across his brother's face. He had obviously both heard and understood everything. "He was listening the WHOLE TIME?!"

"Hai. And watching, probably. Don't worry, though. He appreciates enthusiasm."

Kakarotto cracked him one across the face, but Radditz only laughed.

/Don't be mad./

/Shut up!/

/I don't notice you leaving./

Silence. Then Kakarotto reached up and undid his scouter, tossing it backwards over his shoulder some distance. He regarded his brother solemnly, then reached out to run his fingers over his face.

/You never explained why I can hear you in my head./

/We are brothers, ne? Saiyajin blood calls to blood./

Radditz bent down and licked him behind his ear.

/Brothers... You're the freakiest bastard I've ever met./

/You have *no* idea./

Hands began to roam, leisurely stroking long flanks.

"We have a year until the prince arrives. So, tell me, brother, however shall we pass the time?"

Words failed them.

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