Pandora's Box: Chapter 10d
aka Sacrifice

Goku smiled warmly before turning and leading the way. He stopped on his way out and spent a brief amount of time in the kitchen. He resumed his course with an addition of a small rectangular piece of tupperware, which obviously contained food. They walked outside and Vegeta followed him around the back of the house and into the woods where a trail was located. Due to the nature of autumn, the sun's rays weren't as bright as they usually were, as the days were becoming shorter and the nights longer. The trees had yet to change color, but the smell of the passing of season was there.

They walked in silence contrary to Goku's description of the walk, but it wasn't uncomfortable in the least; in fact, Vegeta felt more relaxed than he had been the entire day. 'Kakkarot...your kindness is astounding,' the prince thought wryly, 'A typical Saijin would have..killed me by now. I'm such a..loser.' He looked up at the sky and the shining dot of Venus, and tried to get a hold of his previous bearings. He'd been sincerely enjoying the day and he didn't want that to end. 'Not yet,' the prince pleaded to himself, 'Don't fuck it up yet.'

Goku glanced over at the other man, wondering what he was thinking about. 'He's so..complicated,' Goku thought to himself, 'You never know exactly how he's going to react to anything. I wonder if Trunks is right. Should I tell him?' Sparing a glance at his companion, he shook his head once, 'Oh god, no... I can't. I just can't. There's no way I'll be able to! I don't want to scare him away. He's happy. That's all that matters.' They continued down the path, both lost in their own thoughts as evening slowly crept upon them.

Eventually, they walked into a clearing which stood on top of hill, overlooking a nearby valley. Vegeta had to wonder how Goku had been able to prepare all of this within, what he assumed, one day. Of course, with the ability to instantly transport oneself anywhere, he also assumed that there was a good chance that he'd easily be able to get the job done. They padded across the grass until they hit the edge of the hill and Goku instantly flopped down. Vegeta knelt to his left and then carefully took a seat, neither bothering to break the silence.

The prince tipped his head back and placed his hands slightly behind him, so he could support his weight. He stared up at the sky again, concentrating, but not really paying attention at the same time. The brunette let his eyes close, 'What is this feeling I get when I'm around Kakkarot? It almost..hurts. But I'm a warrior and know pain! So why is this unfamiliar to me?' Vegeta let himself focus, but he found that he was unable to come up with any answers, 'Before you, Kakkarot, so many things were unfamiliar. They..still are, but at least I'm no longer ignorant to their existence. Kindness, compassion, mercy, forgiveness - these were all categorized as the same thing where I came from: weakness. A part of me dreads these things because I always expect a repercussion. No one gave favors without wanting something in return. Freiza saved me, and I had to do his bidding. To be alive, I had to live in slavery. It was impossible to show or do anything "nice", lest you share the same fate as the victim you tried to protect. I couldn't have done the things you would've done. I still cannot. I could never be like you, Kakkarot.'

He exhaled a single huff of laughter as his train of thought continued, 'I would never want to be like you. I would kill people just like you. I have killed people like you, and're different somehow. Always the exception.'

His eyes opened again and he let himself take in the natural beauty of the planet. If the sky had been red, then Earth would've reminded him of his home world. As it was, however, it was a tranquil blue, and neglected to nag at his mind, which was perhaps for the best. All in all, the Saijin prince would have to admit that despite the cons, Earth was a rather nice place to live. Oddly enough, it had its fair share of troubles for a planet located all the way out in the boondocks of the universe. On the other hand, it provided well and had the best protector around, so the pros and cons just about weighed even.

It was pleasant to sit next to Kakkarot and forget the worries of his everyday life. The tip of his tail twitched through the grass, and he felt so entirely calm that he believed that nothing could upset him at that moment. For once, he didn't have to linger on his mistakes, his failures, and his past. He merely sat in the moment, enveloped in serenity. It was strange, and almost disturbing, but he didn't dwell upon it. He'd rather not disrupt his good mood.

Goku glanced at him and had to smile, for Vegeta looked so content at the moment it made him feel elated. For the past few minutes, he'd basically spaced out, staring at nothing, merely enjoying himself. Abruptly, he snapped out of it, and he turned to look at his prince to ensure that he was okay. Seeing Vegeta like this made him simply feel good.

'I know that cake couldn't have done much for his appetite,' the black-haired Saijin's thoughts took a turn, 'I know it didn't do much for mine. I'm glad I brought some sandwiches along. Now's a good time to eat, so I'll just ask Vegeta if he wants any.' Goku opened the tupperware container and sorted through the variety of sandwiches he had brought along. "Vegeta?" he asked, gaining the brunette's attention. He turned to ask Vegeta what type of sandwich he'd prefer to eat when he simply froze in place, staring at the prince.

There was something in the way Vegeta looked, so calm and peaceful. His eyes were different too...warm, but just as endless as before. But warm. Towards him. A flutter of emotion welled inside Goku's stomach, spreading through his entire body within seconds. His chest ached delightfully and he let his eyes roam across the prince's beautiful face. And then, without really thinking, he leaned over and quickly pressed his lips to those that he'd desired for so long, a bout of pure adrenaline pouring over him, making him tingle. As soon as he'd touched those lips though, he pulled back, stunned by his own actions. A wave of panic instantly overcame the younger man, terrifying him to the core.

In truth however, Vegeta had not been able to forecast the spontaneous action of his fellow Saijin. When Goku had said his name, he merely turned to him, giving him his attention. There was a moments pause, and then abruptly, Goku had closed the distance between them and swiftly put his lips on his in a soft kiss. Being as that Vegeta had never received that type of affection from anyone, he wasn't sure how to respond in the slightest - and had stayed absolutely still and tense.

Goku swallowed and took a breath before he let himself speak, which happened to be very fast paced and laced with sorrow. "Oh my god, Vegeta," he began, his fear increasing every second that the prince didn't respond, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Oh my god...I didn't think. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to, I mean, I did, but I didn't, but....oh god. I'm sorry. It's just...just..."

Goku let his eyes look into Vegeta's, no matter how difficult it was for him, "God, Vegeta! You don't understand how much you mean to me! Ever since I first started hanging out with you I felt..connected to you somehow. No, that's not it... It was... Even when we first met, there was something there. And I really don't want to sound stupid, but..I don't felt like a..connection. I-I know that sounds really lame, said I was the first person to really challenge you, and I think you did the same to me. You made me question things I had never thought about before. You made me question..everything. Myself, my friends, my family..and, it never stopped. I never stopped questioning, but I think that's a good thing.

"You helped me become a better warrior. You were right about a lot of things that, well, I was wrong about. But that's what's so incredible about that, no one had really proven me wrong before. I dunno.. I guess I liked being put into place. I liked knowing that I was just..a person, and not this super hero that everyone on Earth tries to make me out to be. ..With you, I don't have to be Goku. I can just be me. I can just be Kakkarot.

"And... And... Damnit, Vegeta! The way you act sometimes! The way you could think that're better off dead.. It hurt me. And it hurts me that I can't show you how much you mean to me! Please, Vegeta. Please..! Please, don't be angry with me. I'm just.. so stupid! Please.. I'll never touch you again. I promise. I'll never try to kiss you again ever..just..please, don't leave me. Please, don't hate me. Vegeta, please...I promise. I promise I'll never kiss you again..unless... unless you..want me to."

The prince stared at the last survivor of his race, trying to absorb all that the third class has said to him. The final part hit him hard, and Vegeta found himself breathless, repeating it in his head, 'I'll never kiss you again..unless you want me to.' His eyes focused on the ones looking into his, and he searched for answers once more. He felt something again, that odd emotion he had no name for. The one that seemed attached to Kakkarot.

Goku's dark eyes expressed worry, and a fear of rejection, but the taller Saijin managed to ask his next question. He had to know. It was too late to go back, and he had to be certain. He'd regret it if he didn't ask. He spoke in a mere whisper, "Do you..want me to kiss you..Vegeta?"

The prince heard warning sirens and bells go off inside of his head. This was getting too deep, too complicated, and too dangerous. He should back away now and forget this whole thing ever happened.

But his mouth opened, and his shaky voice whispered back, "...Y-Yes.."

For a moment, both of them sat in shock, neither believing their ears as Vegeta spoke that one simple, small word. Goku recovered first, a warm smile coming to his face as he felt every part of him tremble with delight. Vegeta cursed himself, wondering what he was doing. However, the feeling that came around somehow made it seem right to say yes. He didn't understand it, and he didn't really wish to, so he let it be and decided to play out the hand fate dealt him.

Goku scooted himself closer as inconspicuously as possible, and even though the prince did notice it, he didn't care all that much. He'd already sealed his destiny, and he waited for it, a great feeling of fear rising in him. The last time he was touched anything near to this had proven to Vegeta that close contact with others was a very unwise thing. Yet, the brutal honest emotions that rippled off of Goku were so void of any treacherous vibes, that the brunette couldn't help but hold his place, telling himself that Kakkarot was different, and he would not try to injure him intentionally. Supposedly, this..act..was something people mutually enjoyed, and some shameful part of him wanted to discover the truth behind the talk.

Goku brought up his hand, lightly caressing Vegeta's cheek with the back of his fingers before he felt along the jaw line, letting his thumb reach out and brush across those lovely lips. Vegeta blinked at the gesture, listening to his own shaky breaths with each inhale and exhale of air. Goku carefully examined Vegeta's eyes, looking for any traces that might indicate that the prince wanted to stop, but he found none. His hand traveled back over the cheek and continued on, lightly tracing the rim of Vegeta's ear before finally deciding to curl into the hair on the back of the prince's neck. Goku closed his eyes briefly, gaining his bearings on the situation, before he finally leaned in and pressed their lips together again.

Goku decided instantly that this was true Heaven. He moved his lips slowly, planting soft kisses over and over again on the prince's pliant lips. He pressed a bit harder and held the kiss longer, feeling the butterflies in his stomach crescendo into an all out swarm. This, he thought, is a kiss. It had never been this way with Chi-chi. No, it couldn't be compared. This was Vegeta. Vegeta with his elegant, masculine features; musky, yet spicy, scent; and obsidian eyes that rested over flushed cheeks.

He dared himself to deepen it, taking the prince by surprise by parting Vegeta's lips with his tongue. A short, shocked moan emitted from the prince's throat as Goku's tongue entered his mouth, slowly swirling and exploring. Vegeta felt his fingers dig into the grass, his tail tense and thump the ground, and his cheeks burn at the sudden increase of intimacy. He was dazed and confused, lost on a sea of turbulent emotions and sensual touches. How could someone be so gentle? He couldn't comprehend the sheer care being shown, couldn't understand how anything so..sexual..could feel the way it did...

After a moment, Goku felt worry kicking at him again as he realized that though Vegeta was letting him kiss him, he was failing to join in. He massaged the back of the brunette's neck with his fingertips, twining both hands in the hair as he hoped, worried, and waited. Finally, he felt Vegeta begin to kiss him back, slowly, shyly, as if to say, "Am I doing this right?"

The response alone sent a shiver down Goku's spine as he tried to kiss his prince deeper, to express his gratitude and please him as much as possible. The brown-haired Saijin timidly let his tongue dance with Goku's, finding the experience literally spine-tingling. Goku couldn't hold back the soft moan which escaped his throat, his fingers gripping the vertical spikes. His other hand ventured down the neck to smooth across the shoulder, lightly rubbing Vegeta's bicep. He felt silk taunt said hand, and he forced himself to resist temptation. All he wished to do was hold the prince's tail, and to tease it like it was doing to him. Instead, he moved the hand to support the prince's back as he pulled him closer.

Vegeta answered with a half-bitten groan, his tail lightly coiling around the younger Saijin's wrist. His body felt so hot, warm, safe - protected by Goku's embrace. The man tasted sweet, not just from the cake, but naturally it seemed. Sweet, and Saijin. It matched Kakkarot so well.

Hesitantly, the smaller man shifted into a more comfortable position, pulling them up onto their knees. Goku's hands deserted their current locations in option to wrap around the prince's waist. He pulled Vegeta close, sighing contently as the tail slowly and lightly ran up and down his arm. Then, Vegeta's arms made the cautious venture around the younger's neck. Hesitantly, he let his fingers fist into the black, silky locks. Making a risky move, Goku clutched Vegeta's thighs with his hands and pulled him up into his lap. The prince released a shocked moan, blushing hotly as he clung onto Goku's shoulders for support.

That move was nearly too much, the younger man realized. He had sensed a spike of panic from Vegeta and decided to calm himself down and move leisurely. After establishing an easier, gentler kiss, he let his hands roam a bit. Fingertips teased sensitive ears and the soft skin behind. He moved with exceptional care and infinite patience with the sole intention to give Vegeta pleasure.

Yet, Goku had to convince himself to stop. The main factor of reasoning being that, if he didn't, he might end up doing something really stupid. He knew the heat in his face would eventually pool into his groin, and that was one situation he did not want to face. Hesitantly, he pulled back - lightly sucking on Vegeta's tongue before retreating fully. He let their lips press together gently; tried to catch his breath. The black-haired Saijin gave the brunette a few more soft kisses before he carefully disentangled them and set Vegeta down. Both of their eyes opened at the withdrawal, but neither said a word. Goku swallowed, and sat back, as they simply stared at each one another. He turned away for a moment, making the prince curious as to what he was doing.

"Turkey or ham?" Goku finally asked, his smile warm, his eyes bright. Vegeta glanced down and looked at the two sandwiches the black-haired Saijin presented. He looked back up at the younger man, unable to resist a smile that came to his face.

"Turkey.." Vegeta finally answered as he took the sandwich from Goku. He started to devour it as Goku bit into his share. They ate quickly and quietly, but didn't break their gaze. After they were finished with the snack, Goku picked up the tupperware and stood, Vegeta following suit. They walked in silence back towards the house, like they had when walking from it.

They eventually reached the front door when twilight hit the sky, letting more stars come out. Goku cleared his throat and handed the container to the prince who merely tossed it inside so he could focus his attention on other things. "It's getting late.." Goku said with a heavy sadness laced in his voice, "...I..better go." Vegeta looked down, not really giving a response as the taller male turned to leave.

"Kakkarot," he called out just before Goku teleported away. The other Saijin turned to him immediately, looking rather hopeful for a kiss goodnight. But he received no such thing. Instead, Vegeta asked him a question he wasn't quite expecting, "...Why don't you stay..?" He found himself nodding rapidly and dumbly, and he instantly blushed at his excited reaction. Vegeta smirked a little before he held open the door, "Then why don't you come inside?" Goku couldn't help but grin, and he casually walked inside the house, telling his prince a "thank you" for holding the door.

After the matter with the door was taken care of, Goku found that Vegeta simply felt more quiet. One thing that Goku had noticed was Vegeta's ability to rapidly turn his emotions onto a more negative scale, whether it was concerning matters of anger or depression. He placed his hands on the prince's shoulder, holding him in place so he could gain the brunette's full attention, "Vegeta, what's wrong?"

Vegeta met his gaze momentarily before he looked away, "Kakkarot.." Goku turned him and guided him comfortingly. As they sat down on the couch, Goku kept his touch as light and non-threatening as possible.

"Talk to me," Goku requested, hoping the shock of it all wasn't catching up to the prince.

"Kakkarot.." Vegeta started again, finally capturing words to say, "..though you explained yourself, I still do not understand."

Goku smiled, almost expecting a reaction such as this, "Vegeta, you don't really need to understand. I just need you to know."

Vegeta growled and pushed himself away from the black-haired Saijin, "Bastard! I am..not that easy!"

Goku stared a bit in shock, "Whoa! No one said anything about anything! Vegeta, I need you to calm down and talk with me. I need you to not push me away when there's a problem. If it upsets you, then we need to talk about it. So tell me what's wrong, Vegeta..."

Vegeta flushed crimson, stuttering a bit, "K-Kakkarot..I..I..."

His mind was running a mile a minute, but he just couldn't seem to say any of it. 'I let you kiss me! I willing asked you to kiss me! Why should I not be upset!? Getting involved with someone just means pain in the end, so why even sacrifice what you little you have for some stupid gratification that doesn't even last!? These fucking retarded emotions you draw out of me..I don't need them!'

The prince's eyebrows knit together and the smaller man exploded in anger, "I don't know why I let you kiss me, alright?! I'm an idiot, ok!? I-I..I don't even like you! For fuck's sake, you're the reason why I'm a mess!"

Goku's hands reacted first, and he grabbed the prince's wrists and pinned him to the couch with ease, "NO! Look at me, Vegeta! I've made mistakes in my life, and kicking the shit out of you when you first came to Earth is probably somewhere on top of the list! And it's ok for you to be angry at me - it really is - but don't..don't go back on your word... I want you to look me in the eye and tell me you didn't want me to kiss you! Go ahead and say it! Say it, if that's how you really felt! Please, tell me now!"

Vegeta looked up at him with wide, shocked eyes. The prince opened his mouth and he attempted to spill out the words, but, when he saw the pain and pleading in the younger man's eyes, he found that he couldn't utter a syllable.

As if to emphasize his point, Goku dipped his head down and captured Vegeta's lips in haste-filled passion. The prince made a small noise of mixed surprise and pleasure as teeth nibbled on his lower lip. When Goku pulled up however, Vegeta found himself growing quite irate.

"Asshole!" the prince screamed, powering up with ease and flipping their position around so he pinned the black-haired Saijin to the couch, "How dare you! You care about me so much that you force yourself upon me?! You...You're no better than those pedophiles! I'm an idiot for saying yes! I'm and idiot for believing you! I'm an idiot for-"

Goku interrupted him, finishing the sentence, "-for liking it." Vegeta felt himself blush again, and - before he realized exactly what he was doing - his hands moved, gripping tightly to the strong neck of his friend. Goku made a half-choking, half-gurgling sound, his hands gripping Vegeta's wrists as the other man throttled him. 'Vegeta!' the prince heard the other man plead to him mentally, but he barred down his mind, blocking everything out but his haze of embarrassment and rage.

If he killed him now, there would be no one to stop him from leaving this pathetic mud ball and ruling the universe like he'd once desired. His mind swirled with images of galaxies, and space dust, and black holes, and nothing. And then he saw* a small child's voice in his head, telling him, 'My planet, too, is gone. My species is nearly extinct as well. My family is also dead.'

Vegeta gasped at the recollection, a surge of shame bottling up inside of him, and he released his hands to cover his face. Kakkarot was the last of his people, and this is how he treated him in return? This wasn't fair. He was damned either way. He was damned and he couldn't do a thing about it - like always. Either he let it take control, or he lived without experiencing anything..normal. No, it was too heavy of a burden! It was too easy to make a mistake.. but how could he live this way for the rest of his life? And Saijins lived so long...

Hands encircled his wrists, gently pulling to uncover his face. He looked down at the beautiful person beneath him. How could Kakkarot be anything less? His soul so bright and pure...

"Kakkarot.." Vegeta struggled with his emotions. After a moment, he tried to explain himself, "I'm..." The words didn't want to come. Why was he acting this way? Why should he care what the other man thought? There weren't any answers to his questions; this only made it harder on him. "I'm..confused," the brunette finally opted to say. It wasn't what he'd intended to disclose, but it would have to make due.

"It's ok..." Goku replied in a whisper, still catching his breath. He pulled Vegeta down into a hug, kissing the prince's temple and whispering, "It's ok. I'd never make you do anything you don't want to do. It's ok...." He smoothed his hand over dark brown spikes as he stared at the ceiling.

Vegeta wasn't sure why, but he suddenly felt depressed. The anger had melted away, leaving behind the pain that'd caused it to flare. Without the anger, he didn't know how to cope. Eventually, he muttered, "I think I need a smoke."

Goku kissed the temple lightly again before moving to the ear, still whispering, "Me too." Vegeta sat up and raised an eyebrow. "What?" the younger man asked innocently, "I'm not allowed to smoke? Is there some sort of rule like if you save a planet you aren't allowed to smoke a cigarette?" Vegeta couldn't resist the smirk that tugged at his lips.

The prince carefully climbed off of the younger man to find the small briefcase he'd acquired for this birthday. Opening it, Vegeta choose a brand at random and opened the pack, passing a cigarette to Goku while taking one for himself. After putting the "square" to his lips, Vegeta went in search of a lighter, patting down his clothes which he'd forgotten were not his own.

"Here.." Goku offered. Vegeta turned to find that the taller man already had his lit. He didn't really care how he'd done it. Leaning forward with a devilish grin plastered on his face, Goku touched the tip of his cigarette to Vegeta's. The prince stared as he found himself frozen in place. He couldn't even breathe as he watched the other man. When his body began to protest about the lack of air, Vegeta forced his lungs to work again. He inhaled deeply and ashed about a third of his cigarette all at once.

Goku breathed in lightly, fending off the urge to cough, successfully doing so with pride. He knew smoking really wasn't his thing, but he didn't want to break his macho image at the moment. He then flexed his jaw a bit forward and a bit back, causing his cigarette to flick slightly, its tip caressing the tip of Vegeta's in such a manner that even the prince thought of it as a provocative gesture. Frankly, Vegeta was stunned, and he only watched the other Saijin until a large segment of the ashed "square" fell to the floor. How in the Hell could someone make inhaling chemicals seem

"Have I ever told you.." Goku spoke around the cig, " much of a bad ass you look like when you smoke?" Vegeta blushed again, inhaling another third of his tobacco product. He exhaled through his nose, resembling a dragon who seemed flustered.

"Kakkarot.." the prince scrambled up a response, "..I don't know if I can stand your sickening heart felt declarations without vomiting."

Goku chuckled, taking a puff before responding, "I can't help it that you're so fuckin' sexy."

Vegeta felt like he was going to die from embarrassment, and he sat back a good few feet, shouting, "Kakkarot!" He wasn't sure what surprised him more - the fact that Goku had cursed, or the fact that he'd done it while complimenting him. Maybe it was the compliment in general. Goku's eyes narrowed into two small slits as his chest and throat radiated a purr. Vegeta suddenly found himself burning the filter of his cigarette. Goku reached forward very slowly, and took the remains. He put it out on the coffee table.

Goku shifted his cigarette to the side of his mouth, "And now, my prince, we shall see..." The black-haired Saijin pounced, tackling his prey to the floor, "...just how ticklish you are!"

Hands darted for the prince's sides but they were blocked by Vegeta's arms. "Like Hell you will!" the brunette declared loudly, "You pull another stupid stunt and I'll be forced to take some serious action!"

Goku laughed, pausing to take a small puff of his cigarette, "Oh? Like what?"

Vegeta growled, keeping a wary eye on the larger Saijin's hands, "Fingers, remember? I'll break your fingers."

Goku gave him a lop-sided grin, "I don't think you will. Not when I tell you what I can do with these fingers..." Vegeta wasn't sure if he should pale or blush at the comment, so he ended up doing neither which was probably for the best. "They're going to give you the best damn ticklin' you've ever received!" Goku announced, attempting again to reach Vegeta's stomach. He froze when he was unexpectedly attacked. He gasped and fell forward. Smartly, he grabbed the cigarette and crushed it again the glass of the table as his teeth clenched.

"Was that a powerful enough lunge?" Vegeta whispered harshly into his ear, sounding almost smug.

Goku couldn't help but grin as he replied with a moan, " harder, please.." Vegeta pushed the other man away, scrambling to his feet and jumping back while cursing up a storm. "Oh c'mon," Goku said as he collected himself, "I was just playing with you."

Vegeta pointed his finger accusingly, "That was not playing! You're not in pain!"

Goku found himself backed into a corner, "O-Oh? That doesn't mean anything. How do you know if I was anticipating that or not?"

Vegeta's eyes flashed dangerously, "I just know, Kakkarot! That doesn't mean you have to understand!"

Goku was getting a little fed up with the wishy-washy business, "And what if I DO like the notion of your tail touching my crotch? Hmm?"

Vegeta sputtered, finding no words to say as pure shock overcame him. Face red and tail bristled, the brunette finally spat, "Orakara! Do you know what you're saying!?"

Goku felt his eyebrows raise at Vegeta's emotional outburst, "Hey, there's no need to get so bent out of shape."

The prince's breathing calmed, as well as his expression. "The implications in such a statement are not to be taken lightly, especially if spoken by a Saijin," Vegeta informed, his face unnaturally stoic.

"What? I don't get it. I know your tail is something you don't want other people to touch," the younger man spoke rather casually, "but what's so horrible about you touching people with it and them liking it?"

They stared at one another, a heavy silence hanging in the air. "..I'm going to switch my clothes," Vegeta said, suddenly feeling like he was trapped and devising a way out. As he brushed by Goku, the other Saijin turned to him, trying to gather something to say. He felt like there was more, that this wasn't just a small argument and then goodbye, see ya later. Vegeta had definitely meant something back there when he got upset over the tail incident, but he couldn't possibly understand what was the matter.

Sure tails were sensitive, and any Saijin should be protective over theirs, but that didn't explain what Vegeta was implying. What did Vegeta's tail have to do with their relationship? Of course, Goku knew he often fantasized doing many things with or to that tail, and that he also dreamt of the furry appendage doing things to him, but he merely regarded this with little interest. He figured that the attraction was due to the rarity of the situation because Goku didn't have a tail himself. But a tail does not make a Saijin, as Goku had been forced to realize since long ago. He did enjoy many things that Saijins did, like food and fighting. Ok, so that was about it...

Even still, the differences between himself and the prince meant nothing to the younger man. The discrepancies Goku had long learnt to deal with, and he now almost regarded them as challenges. Goku had always, even as a child, loved challenges. Now it seemed that he stopped loving the ones that Vegeta presented, and simply loved Vegeta.

When the prince was about half-way down the hall, Goku found himself chasing after him. "Vegeta sha Saijin Jakaht!" the black-haired man called out, making the brunette spin around.

"I have no time for your games any longer! Go home, Kakkarot!" Vegeta yelled at him, waving his hand, gesturing at him as a dismissal. Goku growled low in his throat. He refused to be tossed away so easy. Vegeta either had no idea how much his words could influence him or the man was just plain cruel. Judging by past experiences, Goku believed it to be the first reason, so he tried to not let it bother him. Vegeta threw open the door to the room which Goku carefully and quietly closed behind him out of respect. The prince's movements were stiff with agitation, and he spun around to sit on the edge of his bed, "Alright! What is it? Damn you! Speak!"

Goku took a few steps forward into the room, standing about a yard away from Vegeta, hissing softly, "Vegeta..phu Jakaht." Vegeta stared at him, feeling his flesh crawl as the taller man spoke the dead language.

He replied slowly, "How do you know this, Kakkarot? From that Kai?"

Goku gave a nod in response, "I made him teach me. I can speak a little."

Vegeta's eyes looked up into Goku's, showing hesitant acceptance, "You speak it well."

Goku took a moment to reply, "..Thank you."

Vegeta closed his eyes, his features relaxing, 'Kakkarot...' It startled Goku as he heard Vegeta's voice quietly call out to him in his mind. As he looked in the dark onyx pools he could sense that warmth again, and it made him smile.

'Vegeta...' Goku replied as equally quiet.

'I..don't hate you,' the prince's inner voice came across as a mere whisper. Goku felt his smile widen and he half-bent half-knelt over to reach out and caress Vegeta's cheek with his finger tips. His hand ventured slightly lower, cupping Vegeta's chin as he moved forward. Goku paused millimeters away from Vegeta's face, and looked into his eyes. He was waiting for a sign whether it be yes or no. Vegeta met his gaze evenly, and they sat for a moment as the brunette debated within himself, and then finally - he gave a nod.

Goku sighed silently before he pressed their lips together. He placed small kisses repeatedly before nipping lightly on Vegeta's lips. Vegeta's mouth opened slightly as he released a warm, shaky breath. Goku let his tongue venture out to just barely trace the places he'd just nipped. Then, the black-haired Saijin sealed their lips together, meshing his tongue against the one he found, delighting in the flavor of mixed smoke and that which was Vegeta.

The prince felt overwhelmed again, despite the fact that he'd experienced this no more than just a few minutes ago. His head swam, and the burn in his cheeks was creeping downwards, slowly washing over his whole body as Kakkarot flicked his tongue in all the right places. The tantalizing sensual dance that invaded the prince's mouth caused him to curl his fingers into the linens on the bed, his tail constantly wrapping and unwrapping around his waist.

Goku's hands, which had been inactive, finally began to move; his one moved to the back of Vegeta's neck, fingers kneading in small circles, as his other hand wrapped around Vegeta's waist, making sure the grip was firm, but comfortable. The younger man dipped his head, pressing harder, nudging Vegeta backwards. Placing one knee to the side of Vegeta's body, Goku slowly eased them down, basking in the warmth the brunette radiated off of him.

Abruptly, Vegeta jumped away, crawling backwards until his body met iron. Goku raised an eyebrow, climbing onto the bed and crawling over the prince. "You okay?" Goku asked gently, reaching out and lightly running his fingers through Vegeta's hair. The brunette shuddered, closing his eyes momentarily as the simple gesture took him off guard.

He looked up at the third class warrior, reason trying to slam him back in order, 'You idiot! What're you doing!? You know what he wants and you're allowing this to continue!? You're a prince! His prince! He has no right to touch you!' As he stared into the deep black eyes adorned by the younger man, he felt the emotions roll off of him without a sense of shame or hesitance, 'But god...I haven't lived up to my title in years. He's so strong, so innocent, so naive... He..He isn't them and he isn't like them...' As much as he denied it, he wanted this.

Vegeta responded with the truth, "..Yes."

Goku bent his head, nuzzling lightly at the side of Vegeta's face, whispering, "You're sure?"

The warm air heated Vegeta's face and he felt his skin crawl before replying, "Yes."

Goku's throat softly rumbled as he whispered, "Okay..." He tipped his head to the side, his lips barely touching the prince's ear before he traced the rim with the tip of his tongue, blowing just a bit harder than a breath on the wetness. Vegeta closed his eyes as the younger man's lips grabbed a hold of his ear, teeth nipping and biting gently at the lobe as a tongue darted out to tease, and light suction was applied. It was amazing what these simple touches did to the prince.

After toying there for another moment, the mouth drew back, trailing hot kisses down Vegeta's neck, finally coming to rest near the shoulder. The mouth opened, sucking on the pale skin, the tongue occasionally joining the dance to taste the prince.

Vegeta turned his head to the side to allow Goku more access. He couldn't help but whimper as those silken lips caressed him gently, seducing his senses. Hands slowly pulled at his shirt, exposing his stomach to the cooler air. Finger tips ran across smooth, toned muscles, making a journey and exploration upwards. The mouth tipped in the opposite direction, deciding to favor the other side of the neck as Goku felt across the well-defined torso of the brunette.

The black-haired Saijin drew away hesitantly, slowly swirling his tongue across the skin before finally pulling back. Vegeta's eyes opened, his gaze focusing upward, looking confused and partially dazed. Goku smiled at the flushed man beneath him, almost playfully tugging at the shirt to silently ask his question. The prince seemed to review the situation before sitting up just so his back was no longer supported, and he raised his arms into the air. Goku lifted the polyester material up slowly, giving Vegeta ample time to voice his thoughts of disapproval.

The shirt came off with little to no difficulty and Goku merely tossed the item out of sight. Vegeta lowered himself back down, letting his arms fall to his sides as he stared up, his lips parted as he breathed deeply. Goku smiled softly with his eyes dark and shining. His hands followed his gaze, tracing over every curve and indentation with infinite care. He then massaged upwards, starting with the stomach and working up to the chest where he dared to graze over the nipples before continuing on to the collar bone, and then, each arm. He rubbed his hands against Vegeta's as his lips began their learning experience of the prince's body. Hands retraced their steps all the way back to pale abs, Goku's mouth following their lead. He glanced up at Vegeta for approval as he shakily brought his hands to the waistline of the jeans. The brunette stared at the younger man and, though his mind screamed for him to do otherwise, he nodded.

Goku took a moment to gain his bearings before he pulled the button undone, his hands carefully completing the task of unzipping the pants. Vegeta closed his eyes, flushing deeply as Goku was able to not only look upon his boxers, but also the bulge in which was proof of his arousal. The black-haired Saijin paused, trying his best to stop his nervous shaking, as he grasped the waist of the pants and the elastic band of the boxers all in one grip.

Somehow, Vegeta managed to convince himself to lift his hips, and Goku, taking this as an invitation, slowly pulled the articles off, gazing fixatedly at the nude form of his prince. 'Beautiful..' Goku thought, starting at the feet and working his way up to Vegeta's eyes with his gaze. He tried to inconspicuously scan over the more intimate areas, but Vegeta was too acutely aware of everything at the moment that it didn't slip by him. When their eyes met, Goku offered a smile before he tugged off his shirt hastelessly; then, he began to - as casually as possible - remove his pants. With each inch of the black-haired Saijin being exposed, Vegeta felt himself grow hotter and hotter, mostly from a mixture of embarrassment and anxiety.

In a moment that came too fast for the smaller man, Vegeta found himself in bed, naked, underneath Goku, who was also very naked. 'Oh god, I can't do this,' the prince thought to himself, overwhelmed by fear. All he could think of was gruesome leering faces and a deep-seeded sense of shame and humiliation. Yet, he had never wanted to be so wrong in his whole life.

And then Goku purred softly, reverently, letting his fingers trace the regal face as he whispered, "Phu Jakaht..." Vegeta closed his eyes, his previous doubt melting away with the loving caresses of his former rival. It was amazing and..peaceful he felt around the last member of his race. Hands lightly swept down his face, followed the neck, ran across the chest and stomach, and trailed down legs until they met feet, where they paused to massage. Then the same method was applied to running up the pale body, until hands massaged hands. "Vegeta.." Goku sighed softly, finding himself capturing those wonderful lips as his hands rubbed their way to the brunette's hips.

He drew back to lay his head on the prince's chest; to hear the harsh beating of the brunette's heart as he inhaled the salty, musky - and more importantly - natural scent of Vegeta. His thumbs swept over hip bones, kneading lightly before pausing altogether. Goku lifted his head, his eyes silently asking for permission, which Vegeta granted with a small nod. Goku forced himself to stop shaking as his hands crept lower, gliding across smooth fur, causing Vegeta's breath to hitch. The prince stared, too afraid to look away.

Gingerly, Goku wrapped his hands around the heated flesh of his prince, watching Vegeta gasp sharply as he slowly and lightly stroked the erect length. Goku pumped rhythmically, enjoying the sound of the brunette's unsure mewls as he acquainted himself with Vegeta's most intimate body part, loving the feel of pleasuring his prince with his experienced hands. Vegeta closed his eyes, tipping his head back as he tried to control himself. Oh god.. No one had touched him like this. He himself had been too frightened to even dare. Time had convinced him that it was wrong, and that he didn't deserve it.

It felt so... Incredible was the only word available. It wasn't enough though. There was no word in any language that could describe this. Many had tried, he realized, and many had failed. He released a broken moan, craving more of the sweet torment. His body was on fire, but he didn't care, so long as Kakkarot kept touching him. The feeling...the feeling! There was nothing to describe it all. So tender, so powerful, so..sweet was the sensation the younger Saijin gifted him with. He never wanted it to end. However, the hand withdrew, and dazedly, Vegeta opened his eyes to find out why.

Goku's interest had turned once he caught sight of a certain brown appendage. He couldn't resist now - the temptation was too great, and so, carefully, he took hold of the fuzzy tail. Vegeta thrust his hips automatically, turning his head and closing his eyes all the while managing to growl out, "Kakkarot..not..not my tail..." Curiosity was too much, the younger Saijin ran his fingers through the velvety strands, wringing a sharp cry from the prince. "Kakkarot!" Vegeta growled louder, threateningly. Goku complied with his wishes, hesitantly removing his hands, letting them grasp Vegeta's waist and hold firmly.

Vegeta was stunned, not only with Kakkarot and his actions, but with his own body; it ached in ways he'd never felt before. The feelings were new and unique and they dominated his senses. When the prince faced his third class again, Goku smiled warmly at him and kissed his lips softly, affectionately. The black-haired Saijin moved his head to the side, nuzzling Vegeta, and whispering his name as if it was something that should be cherished. He pulled back, his hands moving to cup Vegeta's face, tenderly caressing as he dared himself to ask the much needed question.

"Vegeta.." Goku began, unsure of how to phrase his thoughts and inquiries, "You...You don't have this..if you don't want to..."

The prince closed his eyes briefly, sighing nearly silently as he leaned against a hand that so lovingly held him, " aware of that..."

Goku felt like a heavy weight was lifted off of his chest, and captivated, he kissed his prince again, murmuring, "So long as you know..." Vegeta couldn't help but smile slightly at the implications as Goku began to worship his body with his hands. Finger nails gently scraped across his skin, sending shivers up his spine and back down again, causing his tail to fluff. The larger man nipped moderately hard, making his way down Vegeta's chest and stomach, pausing to breath against his prince, trying his best to stay calm. He looked up at Vegeta, hiding his true emotions that were doing back flips.

In all honesty, Goku was also afraid. He'd never been with a man before, and he had no earthly clue what to do. He blushed slightly as he pointed out to himself that he did have a pretty good idea, as it couldn't be that much different from making love to a woman. He just feared that he'd make a mistake, or - worst of all - hurt Vegeta.

Carefully, he curled each of his hands under a thigh, lifting them up just a bit so they could rest comfortably on either side of Goku. The black-haired Saijin felt himself flush again as he concentrated on situating their bodies. "Vegeta?" he asked quietly, his eyes reflecting concern and worry as he gazed down at the brunette.

Vegeta's face was void of emotion, but his eyes expressed an inner panic and confusion. "It's ok, Kakkarot.." he said with a nod, though Goku wondered which of them he was trying to assure, "...It's ok.."

A compulsive feeling to kiss his prince came over Goku, and he followed his instincts, making his lips tease Vegeta's. He let his hands massage the powerful thighs of his prince, passionately probing Vegeta's mouth with his tongue.

Finally, he pulled back, his eyes looking into his prince's, hiding nothing from the older man. Vegeta felt himself tremble as Kakkarot bared his soul to him, showing the love, desire, concern, hope, joy, and..lust. Never before had Vegeta seen such a look directed at him - the special look that one lover gives to the other. 'Kakkarot...' he called out to the third class mentally, sending emotions instead of words to the younger man, conveying his consent. Goku felt the smaller man tremble beneath him, but he dared not doubt Vegeta's feelings.

Slowly he moved, lifting Vegeta's body and pulling him closer. He felt his stomach muscles clench hard, threatening to cramp up on him as he placed them into position. Vegeta held still, breathing erratically, taking longer than necessary blinks. He felt Goku's hands guide his legs to wrap around his waist, and he tensed, pulling the sheets up into the palms of his hands as anticipation wracked his nerves. One hand went to his hip, holding him, while the other went to his face, caressing him before running through his hair.

Unconsciously, Vegeta began to relax as Goku's fingers ran through his dark brown spikes. He tried very hard to not let his hands shake, to show how terrified he was. The black-haired man kissed his prince sweetly, whispering, "Vegeta.." Then, he pressed into his prince as delicately as possible.

The brunette closed his eyes in pain, gasping at the sudden agony brought on by the unexpected entrance. He bit his lip and turned his head to the side, mind racing with mortification, revulsion, and disbelief. He tried to will away tears that were building in his eyes, but the pain was astounding. He concentrated on breathing, trying desperately to redirect his attention elsewhere to distract himself from the pain. It was right; this hurt! He was completely and utterly vulnerable, and if Kakkarot wished..he could break him with ease. And he had willingly put himself into this predicament...

But when that thought entered his head, it instantly released him of his monstrous apprehension. He was willing. He had wanted this. It could of been a lot worse. For starters, he could've been unwilling.

He felt himself relax, though his fingers were still threaded in the covers, knuckles white. The pain was still there, but at least he didn't feel afraid anymore.

"Are you okay?" Goku whispered anxiously, laying soft kisses across the prince's smooth skin. Vegeta took deep, even breaths, trying again to will away the pain. Eventually, he found that he could breathe a great deal better, but the unpleasant burning kept the center of attention. The younger man kissed him softly, asking again, "Are you okay?" He dared not to move in the slightest until the action was approved.

Vegeta looked into his eyes, leaning back against the pillow as he inhaled and exhaled shakily, "Y..Yeah..." Why was he lying? It hurt horribly and he wanted to stop..

"You're sure?" Goku rested his forehead against Vegeta's.

"Yes.." Vegeta responded, barely audible.

"Do you..want to stop?" Goku asked seriously.

Vegeta took a moment as he truly considered it. A moment ago he'd been thinking that very thing. This should end and so should the pain. However, some part of him was hesitant to back down. Why? Because everything hurts at first, right? Maybe..maybe if he let Kakkarot continue, he'd somehow..make it good... It was a stupid and irrational idea, but he couldn't purge it from his mind. He was being selfish and greedy, he realized, but he wanted to follow through.

"..No...." the Prince of Saijins replied, "Don't..stop..."

The younger did the only thing he could think of doing: he kissed his prince again. A simple, loving kiss. Then, with permission, Goku tentatively slid himself in to the hilt, gauging Vegeta's reactions the best he could given the situation.

Vegeta's eyes squeezed shut and his mouth opened to release a shocked noise. His back was arcing off of the bed as he was trying to deal with the bold, new sensation of being filled. It overwhelmed him completely. The pain was still there, but somehow the..further Kakkarot went the better it felt. It didn't make any sense to him, but he was beginning to not care in the slightest. After a few experimental thrusts with angling, Kakkarot brushed a spot that made his tail curl into a tight spiral. Once, twice..twice was all it took for the pain to evaporate. Only two simple movements and his hands flung for something to hold onto. They found the iron backboard.

Where he had expected pain, he received pleasure. Where there was supposed to be agony, he was rewarded with ecstasy. was too much. Much too much.

Goku had let himself bask in the moment before cautiously pulling back only to plunge back in, nearly writhing at the blissful waves of molten friction that manipulated his nerve-endings, making his body sing. He could hear and feel Vegeta's ragged inhales and exhales of air, could hear and feel the prince quiver and strain with him with each subtle movement. The brunette had long since closed his eyes, finding himself unable to do much more than lie there and experience the foreign sensations that stripped him down and took him over. Each gentle thrust made beads of sweat trickle off of their foreheads, and each movement enticed more.

Vegeta felt his mind spin, bliss blinding his other senses, yet at the same time, heightening them. As the pace increased, the prince found himself looking for more oxygen, his tail lashing, craving more of the younger man's exquisite touch. He's never felt anything near to what devoured his body at the current moment. Nothing could compare. Nothing ever would. He heard his name being whispered fervently from the black-haired Saijin's lips, and felt jolt after jolt of pure electrifying pleasure course through his inexperienced body.

Vegeta's whimpers increased in volume, gradually morphing into delightful moans. Goku could not resist the purr which burst from his throat, trying to extract more of the heavenly noise from its captor. Vegeta didn't know how much he could take as the pleasure continuously increased with no end in sight, his vocal chords acted of their own will, and he screamed. Goku growled softly from satisfaction, rocking his hips rhythmically as he was pleasantly surprised by Vegeta's verbal outbursts.

The prince tossed his head back and forth, crying out over and over again. He was in a daze of incredulity, unable to fathom how or why he was blessed to feel such divine rapture. His tail snapped out and latched onto Goku's arm, firmly clasping the wrist as he felt all the sensations well within himself. He could barely think, his body was going into sensory overload..

The younger Saijin was shocked when his prince began moaning incoherent Saijin. Hearing the language from Vegeta's lips at that moment was the most erotic thing he had ever heard in his entire life. He called his prince's name in return, hoping it would have the same effect. The intensity of his pleasure was shocking, mind-blowing, and so delightful it made him want to curse with positive enthusiasm. When he felt the soft tail curl around his forearm he felt a brilliant surge of acceptance which in turn gave him a powerful, sexual rush. Vegeta's body was taunt and tight, compact, but flexible, and it held him in place. More than that, Vegeta was holding onto him and pulling him closer. He could feel it...Vegeta inviting him..urging him..begging him...

'Don't stop...'

The flex of sinewy muscles was satisfying, even glorifying to the pleasure. It was beautiful, as was his lover with flushed cheeks and silky skin. Vegeta wrapped his arms around Goku's broad shoulders, tangling his fingers into the dark mop of hair as the younger nipped at his neck playfully.

"K..kk....k...k...." Vegeta choked, his lungs failing to draw any air in as his muscles began to clench. He tossed his head side to side frantically and felt his toes curl. He threw his head back, his eyes blind and body trembling. Seconds later his pleasure escalated to new, glorious heights, sending shockwaves of unfamiliar ecstasy to the very core of his being. His voice screamed at the top of his lungs, "KAKKAROT!!!" He arced up while pulling Goku down, his tail lashing wildly.

Goku had sensed Vegeta's impending orgasm and had tried to slow his thrusts with no avail. He settled instead then for a harder, deeper pace that had the prince yelling his head off in approval. He groaned low as he felt Vegeta beginning to tense, his peak quickly approaching. As the prince pulled him down with brute force he lost all control and replied to the brunette's cry with one of his own, "VEGETAAA!" He could not breathe as he was swallowed by the overwhelming ecstasy of release. It felt more incredible than he could imagine. And he shared it with Vegeta.

The Prince of Saijins slumped against the comfortable bed and pillow, his eyes closed as he attempted to regain his lost breath. Oh god..that had felt..had felt...and Kakkarot..oh god.... A light rumbling came from his throat, but it slowly faded away.

Goku carefully withdrew and rolled to the side. He sighed as he collapsed onto the mattress, a content and boneless heap. He wrapped his arms around his prince and held him close. He kissed the brunette's skin softly, feeling sleep creep up upon him. "Vegeta?" he called out to the older man in a mere whisper. After a pause with no return, he nuzzled his prince, finishing his thought out loud, "I love you..."

SAIJIN SAYINGS: A List of Made-Up Words and Phrases This Chapter and Their Meanings
orakara- (n) closest translation would be a higher degree of 'bitch'
Vegeta sha Saijin Jakaht- Vegeta the Prince of Saijins
phu- 'my' [think "hu" not "fu"]

A/N: He "saw" the voice because it was in sign language.

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