In the room that Gohan and Goten shared, Goten was fast asleep. Quietly, Gohan got up out of his bed, after making sure both Goten and Chichi were asleep. Padding over to the bed that was a little ways from his own, he stretched over and straddled Goten's hips. 'I can't believe how much you look like dad..' Gohan thought. It wasn't just the hair, either. It was the innocent eyes, the round, rosy cheeks, and even the cute little button nose.

Leaning down, Gohan lifted Goten's night-shirt, marveling at how much his training really helped Goten's figure. Gohan got off of Goten's hips and lie next to him. Running his hand down the child's smooth skin, placing a kiss where the hand had traveled. Occasionally, Goten would shift, but always in a better positon to play with him. A light blush of pleasure spread over Goten's face as Gohan suckled the flesh on the little boy's neck, and drawing circles around his nipples.

Moving away from his neck, he slowly, as not to wake Goten, traveled further south. Before Gohan could finish his playtime, he heard light footsteps coming down the hall. Gohan quickly covered and tucked Goten, then jumped into his bed with lightning speed, pretending to snore. Light from the hall flooded into the room as Chichi opened the door. 'Fast asleep.. they are really good boys..' Chichi mumbled to herself, closing the door behind her.

Once the door shut, Gohan cracked an eye open to make sure she was gone. Turning on his side, he faced his beautiful 7 year old brother. The sight of his brother's rising and falling chest slowly lulled him to sleep...

+ The Next Day +

Videl had just left. "Oniichan, Oniichan! Can we train now?" Goten asked, jumping from one foot to the other next to Gohan. Gohan chuckled and nodded. He noted that Goten was to eager.. to have fun. "Wait, Oniichan, I have a question.." Goten said, stopping Gohan in mid-air. "What is it, Goten?" Gohan had a bad feeling about the question he was going to ask...

"Why were you touching me last night? And trying to eat me too.." Goten asked, cocking his head to one side, looking questioningly at Gohan. 'Ah shit.. I knew it.' Gohan sighed as the boy stared into his eyes, gaze unwavering. "How did you know?" Gohan replied. "I was awake. But I liked it! It felt really nice!" Goten said, a bright smile on his face.

Gohan looked at Goten incredulously. He didn't know Goten was awake at the time. He didn't know Goten liked it either. Gohan floated to the ground next to the smiling boy. Gohan silently sat and pulled Goten into his lap. Goten leaned into his chest, liking this position as well.

"Oniichan, could you do to me what you did last night?" Goten asked, looking up into Gohan's amazed eyes. "Not now, Goten, not now.." Gohan replied, shaking his head right to left. "Please?" Goten blinked. Goten moved his hips across Gohan's lap in order to make his brother do something.

"S-stop Goten.. not now.." Gohan said. Goten's hips moving across his pubic area was really enticing, but not here, not now. Or maybe...


Goten rode his brother hard. He liked the look of pleasure on Gohan's face. It made his face a pretty shade of red. Gohan bit his lip as his orgasm took him over. Breathing heavily, Gohan pulled his little brother to his chest, hugging him lightly. "Oniichan, did you have fun?" Goten asked. Gohan chuckled and nodded, Goten was just too cute. "We'll do it again, right?" Goten said, eyes sparkling.

"Yes, Goten, we will.. we will.." Gohan said, but his words were lost, as the exhausted boy had already fallen asleep.

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