Author: Callisto Firestarter
Title: Haters By Day, Lovers By Night
Rating: R
Warning: Yaoi, Lime-ish, Goku's P.O.V, ONE-SHOT!
Pairing: Goku/Vegeta
Summary: Goku thinks about the kind of relationship he and his prince have. About their masks, about their families. And the cycle they are in.. Haters By Day, Lovers By Night
Status: Complete
Disclaimer: I do not.. I repeat DO NOT OWN DBZ!!
Note: Goku's P.O.V. Fevered Illusions - Raiyden X helped me out with the beginning.
Warning: Yaoi. G/V Yaoi to be exact.. No like no read. Simple as that. And don't give me a flame saying that I'm a bitch and that Goku belongs to Chi-Chi and Vegeta belongs to Bulma. It will be a large waste of your time and you will most likely be humiliated in the next chapter of any of my fics.


I awake to find my waist encircled by my lover's legs, giving me a soft squeeze. I open my eyes slowly, enjoying the relaxed position my prince and me were in. I raise my head, looking to my koi. His faced was turned to the window, looking at the rising sun. I looked out as well and sighed. Our time was up. Soon we would have to go back to our masks. Mine, the idiot Son Goku, and my prince's, Vegeta No Ouji, the bastard with no heart. You say, what happened to Son Goku? Well.. Son Goku is just a mask, something to cover up the true me. After all.. no one wants a SMART Goku, who knows? Might be smart enough to know that he can kill them all. Soon I will have to go back to that black haired banshee.. and my love to the blue haired bitch.. I turned his head so he was looking at me, then smiled softly and captured his lips in a loving kiss. We break away softly. He gets up, walks over to his clothes, and puts them on quickly. I watch him, sighing softly. I wish that we wouldn't have to keep this a secret, but we both have families to take care of. I snap out of my daydreaming as I feel a gloved hand cupping my cheek. I turn to my prince. He smirks softly and we kiss once more.
"I have to go, Kakkarot." He whispers against my lips.
"I know." I reply.
Yet we do not move. I slowly kiss him again, more passionately, licking his lower lip for entrance. He opens almost immediately, moaning against my lips. I savor his taste; rich and spicy. His gloved hands tangle into my hair, as mine travel downward to wrap around his waist. I push him closer to me, and then roll over, capturing him between myself and the soft mattress. He moans softly once again, wrapping his strong legs around my waist. We end up making love once more, not thinking of the consequences to surely come.
I wish it didn't have to be this way.
Light and Darkness...
Angel and Devil...
Haters by day, Lovers by night.....

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