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A/N: This is my sequel to Failing Courage! I decided the story's too cute to end there, and I want to write them together some more! After going through both Trunks and Juu-kun's minds, what shall happen now? You will know soon...and for the records, yaoi-lemon. Also, this is not through anyone's POV...just regular storyline. ~Yami

Love Revealed


He turned to look at me, his eyes full of passion, so different from what I normally knew. It was almost too good to be true. For the first time, he wasn't looking at me like the enemy of everyone. His expression almost looked like one of love...

//end flashback//

Juunanagou opened his eyes, sighing as he did so. The events from the previous day had left him in a state of disbelief. Even though what seemed like an eternity had past, he just couldn't get over it. He had memorized the look that Trunks had given him, and whenever he closed his eyes, the beautiful face of the one he loved appeared. The image his mind created looked at him, eyes overflowing with passion.

He sighed again. He wanted so much to do it all over again, giving Trunks even more, trying to make him understand that he loved him. He wanted to hear Trunks cry out, not in pain, but from intense pleasure. Pleasure that the android wanted to be the cause of. He had caused so much pain for the poor boy, but all he wanted now was for him to scream while soaring into the higher realms of bliss.

Juunanagou wondered absentmindedly what Trunks thought of him now. He was sure that Trunks hated him even more than he ever had. The android stared into the horizon. The rising sun was a beautiful sight to behold...if only Trunks had been there to share it with him.

"At least I don't have to listen to Juuhachi rant about her shopping spree..." he thought to himself. Juuhachi had decided to go out again today, apparently feeling that whatever she had gotten the previous day wasn't enough. But that was fine for him. Today was not the day he wanted to bothered by such things.

"I wonder if he is even up today..." the android's thoughts turned back to Trunks. He knew that Trunks was injured when he had left the day before, but he figured that the warrior had somehow managed to return to his home like he usually did, resting there and attempting to heal before he came back to challenge them again.

But what if he hadn't? What if Trunks was still lying where Juunana had left him, unable to move, dying in the street? The thought worried the android. He tried to assure himself that the boy was home and safe, but there was no way that he could be sure. Finally, he realized that he couldn't rest easy until he saw that Trunks was at his home.

Taking to the sky, he flew straight to the run-down Capsule Corporation building. He had long ago memorized the exact location of Trunks' bedroom, and hovered just outside the window. Looking in, he saw no sign of the warrior. "Maybe he's already up..." the android said to himself, trying not to worry. He landed on the ground, and peeked through a window. He could see Bulma pacing back and forth, the look on her face radiating with concern.

Juunanagou listened as she spoke, "Where could he be?" His heart skipped a beat as he realized that Trunks had never returned home. "This isn't good..." he told himself as he sped toward the last spot he had seen Trunks.

The wind whipped his hair all over, but he ignored it. His only thought was finding Trunks, making sure that he was still all right. Landing close to his destination, he began to search frantically. But before he got far, he heard a familiar voice. Moving, he noticed two people, one lying on the ground, and the other standing about 20 or so feet away. He gasped as he realized who they were.

"Aw, look, the poor little punk can't defend himself." Juuhachigou smirked at Trunks, finding it amusing that he was in so much pain, and completely unable to defend himself. "I really think it's time you said good-bye. You have caused way too much trouble." With that, she slowly gathered energy in her palm.

Trunks' eyes widened as he realized that he was about to die. He tried to move, to get away, but his beaten body had stopped responding. He watched in fear as the energy ball grew in size, and tried harder to move.

Juuhachigou was laughing, enjoying the panicked look on Trunks' face. She drew her arm back, and prepared to throw the blast at Trunks. She released the beam, and grinned as a giant flash of light was seen, followed by a huge explosion. Still grinning, she flew away before the smoke and dust cleared. She was more than positive that Trunks was long gone.

Trunks had closed his eyes when he saw Juuhachigou fire the blast. Opening his eyes, he was surprised to find that he was still alive. Looking up, he could see a figure hidden by the smoke. When the air around him cleared, his eyes widened as he realized who had saved him. He looked at him in shocked disbelief.

Juunanagou could just barely remain standing; he had been severely injured by the blast. Juuhachi had put a lot of effort into it; after all, she wanted to make sure that Trunks was dead. He turned around, and noticed the shocked look on Trunks' face. Smiling weakly, he walked to stand beside the warrior.

This was all too much for Trunks. He could still feel his entire body pulsating with pain, and his eyes slowly closed as he fell unconscious. He knew that Juunanagou was still standing there, but he didn't care as he tumbled into darkness.

Juunanagou watched as Trunks eyes closed, and he smiled again as he picked the boy up. Juuhachi thought he was dead now, so maybe he would be safe, at least for a little while. He groaned as pain made itself known throughout his entire body, but did his best to ignore it. He wanted to get Trunks safely home. He flew across the sky as fast as his wounded body would allow.

Arriving once again at the Capsule Corporation building, he landed, almost falling over from pain-induced dizziness. He walked toward the door, trying his best to keep his eyes focused ahead of him. Wanting to make sure that Trunks was taken care of, he knocked on the door to get Bulma's attention.

When the blue haired woman opened the door, she was not prepared for what she saw. Her son, beaten and bruised, was lying unconscious in the arms of the one that she and the whole planet had come to hate and fear. Bulma's eyes widened as she took in the scene, and she fainted. Juunanagou looked at her for a moment, then stepped over her, deciding that he would take Trunks to his room.

He headed up stairs and down hallways, finally arriving at the boy's room. Pushing the door open, he laid Trunks on his bed. Looking down at him, he smiled slightly and brushed the boy's lavender bangs aside. He had done more than he ever thought possible, being able to protect him and hold him. He sighed as he turned to walk out the door.

But before he got there, he heard Trunks' voice. "Juunana..." the injured warrior whispered, and Juunanagou turned back around to face the slightly-conscious boy. "Why?" Trunks asked, trying his best to talk to the android before he left.

Juunanagou walked back and stood beside him. "Why what?" he replied, wondering if the boy meant saving him, or their encounter from the other day. Although, he reminded himself, they both have the same answer. He waited for Trunks to reply.

"Why did you save me?" The soft voice reflected the excruciating amount of pain that Trunks was in. But the boy tried to ignore it as he focused on the android. He was still trying to take in everything that had happened. It seemed all too impossible. He waited to see if he would get an answer.

Juunanagou was silent. He wasn't quite sure how he was going to explain this to Trunks. He sat on the edge of the bed, and took a moment to think. Finally, he decided that he would tell him the exact reasoning. Taking a deep breath, he finally replied, "Because I love you."

Trunks listened to Juunanagou's answer. Part of him was screaming with disbelief and shock, unable to believe that the one in front of him had truly said that. But another part of him was almost happy, telling him that he loved Juunana back. His mind went back to the previous day's encounter, and he remembered how right it felt. But his other side screamed back, questioning how he could possibly love one who had caused so much chaos and suffering.

Juunanagou was trying to interpret Trunks' reaction. He could see the surprise, but he had been expecting that. Now he was waiting to see if all of the warrior's hate and anger were going to surface; now he would find out what Trunks really thought of him. He listened as he heard Trunks' barely audible voice.

"Juunana," the boy whispered, feeling that he was about to pass out again. "Please...stay here. I don't want you to go yet..." Trunks slowly slipped away, but before the darkness had engulfed him, he felt a hand on his. Looking up through his falling eyes, he could see Juunanagou once again standing beside him, a smile gracing his features. Trunks returned a small smile, and his eyes closed, his last thoughts turning to how beautiful the android looked when he was actually happy.

The android pulled the blankets around the boy, wanting him to be comfortable. Still smiling, Juunanagou sat back on the edge of the bed, holding on to Trunks' hand. He wanted to be there when the boy woke up.

Light poured in as Trunks cracked his eyes open. He groaned and shut his eyes again, wanting the light to go away. Realizing he had no choice but to face the brightness, he opened his eyes again, and was startled to see Juunanagou still seated at the edge of the bed, watching him.

"You finally woke up," the android said. He had been sitting there for a few hours, wondering when the boy was planning on waking up. Trunks nodded, and groaned again as he felt pain. His body was still sore from the beatings he had taken. "Juunana," he said, wincing slightly as he turned his face toward the android, "you stayed."

Juunanagou nodded. "You asked me to. Why wouldn't I?" he replied simply. Trunks shook his head, this was unreal. One of the androids responsible for the destruction of so much of the planet was sitting on the end of his bed, and here he was feeling perfectly comfortable. But his mind wondered back to the android's words before..."I love you."

Trunks looked back at Juunanagou. He was still trying to sort out his emotions toward the android. He could still feel a slight twinge of fear, fear that he had associated with him for a long time. He could feel the anger at what he had done. But he also remembered just how right it felt to be with him. It was like a dream...

Juunanagou was trying to figure out what to do. He didn't like not knowing what course of action he was going to take, and decided he wanted to do something. Only he didn't know what. Suddenly, he stopped for a moment, and decided what he was going to do. Pulling the covers back off Trunks, he moved beside him.

"What are you doing?" Trunks asked, slightly alarmed. Juunana just smiled, and Trunks figured it out. Juunanagou moved on top of him, and bent down to claim him in a crushing kiss. Trunks relaxed beneath him, and let the android dominate his mouth. Juunana wrapped his arms around the boy, pulling him in deeper.

Trunks' senses were numbing fast, but at the same time, he felt more alive than he had ever been. He gasped softly as he felt Juunana's hard member pressing against him. He moaned under the pressure, and bucked his hips slightly. The feeling was incredible, and he could feel himself hardening under Juunana's demanding touch.

All thoughts were lost as Juunana moved his hand down to rub the hardening bulge in Trunks' pants. The boy moaned into Juunanagou's mouth, and the android released him, backing off a little. Trunks looked at him, his eyes half-lidded in pleasure, wondering what he was doing. Juunanagou carefully pulled the boy's jacket off of him, followed by his shirt.

Trunks wanted to help, and he tried to remove the android's shirt. He winced slightly in pain, and upon noticing this, Juunanagou gently pushed his arms back down. "You don't need to do that," he whispered, pulling off his own shirt as he did so. He moved down to Trunks' chest, and gently massaged a nipple with his tongue. He soon switched to the other, doing the same, and heard Trunks sigh softly.

Juunanagou's hands moved down to pull off the rest of Trunks' clothing. He then slipped out of his own pants, and finally felt skin against skin. Their hard members rubbed against each other, and both were overcome by pleasure.

Suddenly, Juunanagou left the boy's chest, and moved his mouth onto Trunks' member. Trunks was paralyzed with pleasure, and thrust his hips up to meet Juunana. The android slid his tongue along the hard length, while running his hands up and down Trunks' sides. Finally, he removed his mouth, and repositioned himself. Slowly, he lowered himself onto Trunks, and heard the boy gasp as he was suddenly enveloped by the warmth.

The android bit back a cry of pain, and waited for the pain to recede. As soon as he felt it beginning to fade, he slowly started to move, steadily increasing his pace. He watched Trunks expression; the boy's eyes were once again filled with passion, a passion that Juunanagou had yearned to see again.

All the while Trunks was seeing white. He couldn't believe how good the tight warmth around him felt. Watching Juunana increase his movements, Trunks moved his arm to reach for the other. Juunanagou moaned slightly as he felt Trunks rubbing his member, and suddenly lost all conscious mind as he slammed down hard onto Trunks.

Trunks felt himself buried deep inside the other, and when the android came down on him again, the boy screamed as he released hard inside of him. This pushed Juunana over the edge, and he tried to stifle a cry as he came into Trunks' hand.

The android collapsed on top of the boy, breathing hard and covered in sweat. He saw the exhausted but happy look on Trunks' face, and smiled as he bent down to kiss him softly. "I do love you," he said into the boy's mouth, and heard Trunks' muffled reply, "I love you too."

Juunanagou watched the exhausted boy fall into a comfortable sleep, and moved to his side. Lying beside him, he wrapped his arms around him, hugging him close. "I do love you," he whispered to the sleeping boy, never wanting it to end.

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