Title: One Last Night

Author: Zidane 2002

Summary: Mirai Trunks is lost in thought as he remembers his best friend Gohan from the future. Now he has one last chance to make things right with young Gohan. That one last night.

Pairings: Chibi Gohan x Mirai Trunks

Warnings: Yaoi (Of course), Lemon, Slight Pedophilia, Slight PWP

Notes: This is my first fic. I'm not even sure what to think of it. So if you have any complaints, send them to [email protected] Any compliments or constructive criticism send them to [email protected]

Legal bull: I do not own any of the characters portrayed in this story. The characters of Dragon Ball Z belong to Funimation Inc. and all other respected companies. Sony belongs to Sony Inc. blink 182 belongs to MCA records and are not in any way my band at all (I just wanted to include them that's all) And I do not intend to slender those names in any way. and all that happy stuff that keeps me out of legal trouble.

Trunks looked out the window at the clear blue sky on a sunny day. He hated it, he wanted the sun to be hidden behind a dense rain cloud. He was miserable. He still couldn't get over it, no matter how many times he kept reminding himself that he still had a chance to make things right. No matter how much he kept moving on, he wanted it to end. Gohan was dead and he didn't want to continue on any longer. He lost all hope. And yet... he kept moving on, despite all the pain and suffering, and he didn't know why.

Maybe it was because of him, he was so happy, so life like. He had determination by which Trunks had never seen. And his only reason for any of it was for the love of his family and friends. Trunks admired him, he resembled Gohan so much. Hell we was Gohan. Just the way Trunks remembered him. The only difference was that he was 10 years younger than Trunks had remembered him.

Gohan looked over, he noticed Trunks kept glancing over at him. They were together in the living room. Chi Chi, Master Roshi, and Gokou were the only other people in the house with them, otherwise they were all alone. They were sitting in front of the T.V. watching the latest developments in the fight against Cell. Everyone had left to the battlefield except for Gohan and Trunks. They could hear Gokou upstairs screaming in pain as he slept. He was still in pain from the heart disease which struck him.

"It's not going well isn't it?" Gohan asked. Trunks didn't reply, he knew the outcome didn't look good. In fact, their chances were slim to none. They were silent for a long time as they watched what was happening in the fight.

"I should have known something like this was going to happen, I should've known!" Trunks declared angrily. "I was just so blinded by wanting revenge, that I couldn't think straight. I should have known that coming back to this time would change things dramatically. I should've stayed to help kill the androids in the beginning," Trunks said angrily.

"It's just that they killed my best friend, if those damned androids had never have killed... Gohan," Trunks broke off, he felt the need to cry. Gohan looked at him sympathetically. Trunks knew that look, he had gotten that look before, those beautiful innocent eyes that he loved so much.

"What did you two do together?" Gohan asked. Trunks looked up and smiled. He loved that face, wanting to learn so much about him. Gohan felt drawn to Trunks in a strange way he had never felt before. He really liked Trunks, felt that he could help him in some way. Trunks started "Well, he was a very strong person, there was nothing he couldn't do. Whenever danger struck, he never worried about himself, he'd always protect me, my mother, and anyone who needed his help the most. Sometimes we would go fishing in our spare time and camp out. He taught me how to do alot of stuff, like how to pitch a tent and gut a fish. He taught even showed me how to fight. He was my hero and my best friend. I just wish he could've shown me that night one more time."

"What do you mean by that night?" Gohan asked. Trunks immediately made a face that said "Now why did I tell him that?" "Well I was just referring to the last night we were together, it's not important." Trunks looked at Gohan with thoughtful eyes and thought back to the time when he and Gohan had gone back into the woods to camp. Gohan somehow knew that he didn't have much time left before it would end. He told Trunks of it, but he laughed and said "No, that will never happen, it's never happened yet so why would something like that ever happen now?" But Gohan offered to teach him one last lesson before he left. Trunks accepted and soon they were both lost in a deep kiss which took Trunks' breath away. The 12 year old boy and the young man had made love the entire night. "Trunks? What did you guys do?" Gohan interrupted his chain of thought.

Trunks tried to drop the subject, but couldn't. How could he keep it from Gohan? How could he resist that look? He knew that they were both the same person, but they were totally different in many ways. Trunks got up and headed to the door. "Hey do you know any place we can go for a little private talk? I wanna tell you a few things but not here," Trunks asked Gohan. Gohan replied "Sure, I know a place, a few miles from here, not far. You sure?" Trunks nodded. "Hey mom, me and Trunks are gonna go to the fort for a little while okay?" Gohan shouted. Chi-chi answered and told him to be back soon.

They headed out and took off on the small beach. They flew towards the shore where the forest was. "Why does he wanna speak in private? Why couldn't he just tell me at Master Roshi's?" Gohan thought to himself. He knew Trunks wanted something from him but he didn't know what. He wanted to help Trunks with his problem. The strange thing was, Gohan was strangely attracted to him. He didn't know what he was supposed to feel then, but he was sure he'd find out soon enough.

Gohan looked east. Clouds. It's gonna rain soon. maybe we shouldn't stay out too long. They flew over the forest covered with plants and tall trees. He found what he was looking for and pointed to it for Trunks. They flew toward the direction he pointed at and came upon a medium sized treehouse, very well constructed from a few nearby hickory trees. They came upon the entrance to the small cabin.

Inside was all the acessories you would need for a luxurius apartment building. This had obviously been built with Bulma's help. It had a bathroom, kitchen, and even a surround sound stereo from Sony. "Here, I'm gonna put on a little music," Gohan said as he put in a cd to the stereo. He turned it to number 8. "All the, small things, true care, truth brings, I'll take, one lift, your ride, best trip." Gohan sang along as blink 182 came on the speakers.

Gohan turned around, blushing. Trunks was staring at him with a blank statement. "Hehe, sorry. It's... Your favorite song right?" Trunks interrupted him. Gohan replied "Yeah, how'd you know?" "It was my Gohan's favorite song too." Trunks replied. Gohan turned the music off.

"So what did you wanna tell me?" Gohan asked. Trunks hesitated for a moment, contemplating on whether or not to tell him. Then he decided that he would. "I just wanted to tell you... that I really like you. You remind me so much of what I miss." Gohan replied "I like you too, Trunks. I barely know you but I really like you. I know how you feel about me. The same way I do about you." Trunks started "I just didn't know how to tell you earlier, but now I feel I can share more with you now that I know you feel the same way. I brought you out here to tell you about my first kiss." Trunks walked over to the bed and sat down. He told Gohan to sit with him. Gohan looked at him intently as Trunks explained to him.

"Now my first kiss was different from many other people's first. I know it may sound strange, but mine was with Gohan. I didn't know what to do. It happened the last day I was with him. We were in my room and we were just talking about camping the next week, when he leaned over and kissed me. Alot of other stuff happened, we... made love the entire night. It was the most exhilerating we ever did. And the next day, he was gone. That's what I wanted to tell you. I know I sound like a big asshole right now, but it's what we did and I loved it." Gohan just looked at him more compassionately than ever. Trunks finally said "Gohan, it's just that I wanted that one last night with him. If I could go back and do it differently, then I would. I know you would never, but I love you." Trunks took a deep breath, getting that all out was a tremendous task for him, but he felt relieved. "I'm sorry, I know I sound like a jerk trying to use you for something like that..." His words were cut off, Gohan leaned over and placed his lips firmly on Trunks.

Trunks' eyes widened, but then he relaxed and their lips parted as Gohan slid his tongue into Trunks' mouth. They held their kiss for a minute before they decided to catch their breath. Trunks just stared. "Trunks... I love you too," Gohan looked at Trunks with an even deeper affection than before. Gohan finally figured out what he had been feeling, it was his love for Trunks. He couldn't explain it but he knew it was true. "If I can, I just wanna make it up for you. What you lost can't be replaced, that's why I wanna make you happy again." Gohan reached out for Trunks again for another kiss. But Trunks refused, "Gohan, I just can't do that to you. I don't wanna hurt you." "But you won't hurt me, it will be just this one time. I just wanna help you before you leave again. This might be our last chance to be together." Gohan said.

"But how can we ju..." he was broken off by another kiss. This time he didn't let go. He had wanted this for a long time. He couldn't take one more day without it. Their lips parted again and their tongues fought over each other. Trunks ran his fingers through Gohan's raven hair. His hands ran up and down Gohan's adolescent body, feeling every contour on Gohan's back. Gohan just held his arms tight around Trunks older body.

Trunks' hands were now making their way for Gohan's belt. He unbuckled the belt slowly. He unhooked it from Gohan's pants and threw it on the floor. Gohan's tongue wzs deeply inserting into Trunks' mouth. Gohan loved the taste of the older boy's warm mouth as their bodies started to radiate heat off each other. Trunks tugged at Gohan's shirt, they broke the kiss for a moment to get the shirt off, then resumed. Trunks' hand went over Gohan's bare chest, he was astonished. For a boy his age, he was in excellent shape. Of course he had been fighting his entire life, but it was still quite impressive how much his body had developed.

Trunks' could feel Gohan's arousal through his fighting pants. They both wanted this, it wasn't a one way thing. Gohan worked at Trunks' belt, unbuckling it. Trunks planted deep kisses to the hollow of Gohan's neck. First Trunks took off his overcoat and then his shirt, tossing them both on the floor. They were both now half naked and very aroused. They could feel each other through their still remaining pants.

Gohan started planting kisses on the side of Trunks' neck and worked his way down. He deposited deep kisses on Trunks' chest and worked on unzipping his pants. Trunks' penis throbbed as Gohan placed his hand around it and started pumping it up and down. Trunks worked his hands through the 11 year old saiyan's black hair, feeling the texture of every strand of hair.

Gohan nibbled at the older saiyan's muscles very eagerly and made his way down. Gohan stopped the pumping motion. Trunks moaned as Gohan took his long penis into his mouth. First he licked the head, tasting the warm salty pre-cum that glistened off of Trunks' penis. Gohan enjoyed that taste. It was better than anything than he had ever tasted. He ran his tongue into the opening of Trunks' manhood, lapping up as much of the clear liquid as he could. When he could not get anymore out of Trunks, Gohan took more of the penis into his mouth. He ran his tongue down the back of the older saiyan's manhood causing him to moan slightly louder than before.

Gohan licked and sucked very tenderly, but sensually as he took another inch of Trunks' penis into his mouth. Trunks grabbed the back of Gohan's head and forced him down slowly onto the rest of his penis. Gohan realized he couldn't fit anymore into his mouth, so he summoned up his courage and swallowed Trunks' sex as much as he could. Gohan deepthroated it as best as he could, sliding the last inch down his throat. After this, he resumed with his tongue, running it over the large penis causing Trunks to moan louder.

"Gohan... ugh, I'm gonna cum." Trunks exclaimed loudly. Gohan didn't care, he would try to swallow as much of it as he could. He wanted to taste the salty sweet liquid that was about to be shot down his throat. His Tongue slid across the penis just as before while he kept sucking the object which was partially down his throat. With that Trunks moaned louder than before. Gohan could feel Trunks' penis expand, he knew what was next. Something warm hit the back of his throat as clear liquid was forced down his throat. Gohan tried as best as he could to choke down as much as he could. Cum spilled out of his mouth as he kept the large member deep in his throat swallowing much of the salty liquid as he could. Gohan wrapped one hand around Trunks' testicles and began massaging them eagerly.

Trunks spoke up and said "Gohan, that's okay. You don't need to do anymore." Gohan stopped and let go of the member and wiped the cum away from his mouth. "Here, it's my turn, let me do something for you. Just lay down on the bed." Trunks beckoned Gohan to lay down. Gohan lay on his back, resting his head on a pillow.

Trunks immediately made his way for Gohan's pants, tugging at them. Gohan raised his legs for Trunks to take them off. First his training pants, then his boxers. Removing the boxers from Gohan's body revealed his penis, shorter than Trunks', but larger around than his. The young half-saiyan's head of his penis glistened with precum that shone like a beacon in the dark. Trunks licked slightly at the head of Gohan's penis and slid his tongue into the opening, teasing the rest it.

Gohan gasped, he'd never felt anything like this. It was so much different than anything he had ever felt before. He didn't know what it was like, he had never even masturbated before, he'd heard about it, but didn't actually know what it was like. Trunks tasted the semen and decided to actually start. He slid his tongue over the back of Gohan's adolescent penis, sucking it tenderly as to not hurt the younger boy. Gohan nearly lost his breath, this time it was much more overwhelming and felt much better. Gohan cupped his hands over his mouth trying to muffle the moans of pleasure.

Trunks only made it better by going at Gohan's young member even more, deepthroating, licking, and sucking. Gohan could feel himself about to climax. He'd never felt himself cum before, and it was much better than he ever imagined. As Gohan climaxed in Trunks' mouth, he finally let out loud moans of pleasure. "Oh god! Oh Trunks!" he'd never felt this way in his life. Trunks swallowed most of the semen that had been unloaded from Gohan's young penis, and the rest spilled out of his mouth.

Gohan just lay there, tired, unknowing of anything else. He was in a world where nothing existed, where he could stay forever not knowing of anything else. He was in his own total darkness where only he existed and nothing could ever disturb him. But he was brought back to the world of the living when he felt something new. Something warm, long and round shaped. He felt it sliding into his anus, moving in and out.

He moaned louder than before when he finally realised it was Trunks. Trunks was inserting one of his fingers into Gohan's tight entrance. This was alot different than when Trunks had put his penis in his mouth. This hurt, not badly, it hurt and felt good at the same time. Gohan felt pleasure throughout his entire body as Trunks inserted two more fingers into Gohan's entrance. Gohan could not comprehend what was real any more, to him, it was only him and Trunks in the entire world.

Trunks stopped after a few minutes and slid his fingers out of Gohan. Trunks spread Gohan's legs wide open. "Gohan, just tell me if you want me to stop," Trunks said to Gohan who was now breathing harder than before. "Don't worry, just keep going, I want to know what you felt. No matter what, don't stop." Gohan said assuringly.

Gohan could feel Trunks' penis being pressed to his anus. He didn't know what to expect, none of his training had ever prepared him for something like this. He had never planned to have sex with his best friend from the future. Trunks inserted his long length into Gohan slowly and held it there. Gohan nearly screamed, his deep moans of pleasure were rising louder and louder.

Trunks waited for him to quiet down a little, when he did, Trunks thrusted out and then pushed back into Gohan's young anus. Gohan moaned louder and louder. Trunks started up a steady pace, he kept going in and out faster. Gohan was growing accustomed to the steady pumping motion with the penis reinserting into his butt every two seconds. The pain was unreal, the only thing that matched the pain was the infinite pleasure. Gohan loved every second of it. To be this close to Trunks and to be doing this.

Trunks was now inserting to the base of his penis, he was starting to thrust in faster and harder. He could feel himself about to reach his climax. Gohan's moans were getting louder by the minute. It hurt so much, but he didn't want it to stop, he knew this would be the last chance he'd get to do this with the older boy. They both rocked back and forth with eachother to a certain rythym. And then, Trunks unloaded his seed deep within the younger boy. Gohan cried aloud, it felt as if he was being torn apart, but he didn't care. Gohan's penis also ended up releasing sperm all over him and Trunks. He rode out the climax until the end. Trunks collapsed into Gohan's chest. They lay there for minutes before Gohan decided to speak.

"Is that what you were talking about?" Gohan asked puffing between words. "Yes." Trunks replied. Gohan winced slightly as Trunks removed his penis from Gohan's entrance. They huddled close together, heat radiated off of them fogging up the window. Rain poured in sheets over the small tree house. "When did that happen?" Trunks wondered. They didn't even bother to clean themselves off. They just lie there.

"We'll never get another chance to do this again, will we Trunks?" Gohan asked eagerly. Trunks replied "No, but I don't care right now. I just want to savor these last few moments with you Gohan. Because I'll never get this feeling again." Gohan nodded and smiled. They embraced in a deep kiss, tongues clashing. They fell asleep together, their naked bodies covered in dry semen. But before Trunks fell asleep, he knew that now he had a chance at happiness again, because he had this one last night with his best friend.

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