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Goku: Do you or do you not own DBZ.
Blossom: I do! DBZ is mine! Mine you hear me, MINE!
Detector: BEEEP!!
Goku *shaking head*: I'm sorry miss, but this saids you're lying.
Blossom *weeping pitifully*: I know. DBZ actually belongs to Akira Toryima. *Face goes crazed* But it could be mine! Yes, it will be mine! ALL MINE!
Goku: She's lost it. Toss her in the loony bin boys.
Android 17 and Gohan, dressed in white uniforms, put Blossom in a loony jacket and drag her away.

It Never Ends For King Nothing
Part Two - Remembrance

A cold nude fingure stood at the front of the bedroom door, watching and waiting. Pale moonlight shone from the window door on to the figure of the teen sleeping fitfully on the bed below.

Without warning, Vegeta strode to the bed and got on, his legs on either side of he teen's hips and his arms on the side of his head. He studied Trunks for a while, leading a single finger from his forhead, lips, throat, and chest before lifting it up and slapping it hard across his son's face.

The two eyes opened wide, blinked a few times. Then Trunks ear heard a raspy voice: "Wake up brat. Time for round two."


Trunks let out a small terrified cry. He twisted to the side to try to swing himself out of bed, but he found his wrist pinned beneath a single hand, knees now moving in between thighs.

Just like before...

"Oh Kami no." He croaked. Not again. Oh Kami, not again.

"Yes." The triumph in his voice was barely masked. "I told you brat. You are MINE."

A smirk crossed over his face. The brat was afraid. Hell, he could smell the brat's terror. And it was of him. No more disrespect from him, only fear.

He had waited two weeks for this. The only reason he allowed so much time to pass was for the brat to heal from their last encounter. Kami, he had been so good around him, so tight. Ah, and the way he had screamed was so damn satisfying.

Now it was going to happen again...and again... and again...

That was exactly that was going on in Trunks' mind too. But in terror rather than anticipation. He had hoped that Vegeta had his fill from the last time in the Gravity Room. The Gravity Room...

The pain was excruciating. After waiting nearly an hour, he was atempting to get up. Why? Why did this happen to him. He rose shakily on two legs. The lowe part of his body felt like it had been rammed by a telephone pole. He raised a hand to the gash in his neck. Damn that man. As he rubbed the spot, he felt something trickle down his leg. He looked down and he what he saw made him want to vomit.

His blood running down his thigh, along with his father's seed.

No! He had to concentrate on now. He had to try to stop it. But he had been unable to stop it before...

"Is..is that...is that what he said to you?"he stuttered. It came out as soft whisper but Vegeta heard it all the same.


"Is that ..what.. he said."


"Your father."

A silence. Then a hard slap to he face.

"Quite brat."

"But is it? I bet it is."

A hard punch to the stomach.

"This wll teach you kisama to humiliate me in front of Freeza-sama. You are MINE!"

The tearing of clothes.


"I said shut UP!" A harder slap to the face. No! He would not remembe when he was helpless and was owned by another. Not in front of this yaro.

"I bet it was, wasn't it? You too were raped. Guess you could say it's a family curse."

This time he didn't answer. He simply tore off his son's boxers.

No! He had to say more. Didn't he say before this man could be hurt by words?

"What did you do? What did you say to make him rape you too?"

"He wasn't the one who came up with the plan to take over Planet Vasaro, I did."

"Really now?"

"Yes, and for the Planet Cofen, Gernos, and Tear as well.

"Vegeta-sama, have you been taking the credit for your son's work all this time? How many other plans have he come up with and you merely presented?"

A chuckle.

A slam to the table.

"Freeza-sama, would you excuse me? I have to talk to my son in private.

A scraping of chairs.

The chuckle merely continued.

"NOTHING! I did nothing you stupid brat! They were all my ideas anyhow. Why should he have taken the credit?"

A bemused look crossed Trunks' face. "Nani? Ideas?"

Kuso! He had too much. Kisama.


"Exactly what you are, King Nothing."


Trunks took a quick look at his father's neck. "So, he bit you too.

Heavy panting. Screaming. The sound of flesh moving against flesh and the smell coppery blood.

A icy rapsy voice. "You are mine."

The tear of flesh.

More screaming.

"That is none of your business! You will be SILENT! You will be SUBMISSIVE! Untill that is you feel pain."

"The pain you felt so long ago?"

A thud.

"That will teach you, kisama. From now on, you will be silent. Unless you are in pain."

Steps at first heavy, then fading.

A child stuggling not to cry.

A man stuggling not to cry.

This time shock registered on Trunks' face. His father crying? This was stuff made of stories.

"I hated him for it. I was so damn helpless. And that's exactly how he wanted me to be. I hated him so damn much for it. He didn't have to do that. He didn't have to do any of it. But he did. He liked pain. Especially from me. I was so helpless."

Kami. Was this why he was so cruel, so cold? To try to stop from being helpless ever again. Despite himself, he felt something like pity for him.

His face softened. "No, you will never be helpless again."

A odd look crossed Vegeta's face.

"You're right. I won't be."

He plunged them both in to darkness once more.

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