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Vegita had finally found the book he was looking for in the library and had paused to flip through the pages when he heard a slight noise. He raised his head and listened. He didn't hear anything. He had started to read a sentence when he heard it. There it was again! He shut the books he had in his hands and tucked them under his arms before going to investigate the sounds.

He walked around several shelves before coming across the librarian's desk where it seemed the sounds were coming from. He could hear it more clearly now, it sounded a lot like a baby crying. He took a few steps forward and leaned over the desk trying to get a better view, the crying becoming lot louder and a bit more frantic. A small baby was lying on it's back, wailing.

"Hello? There's a baby here! There must be a mother... Hello! There's a baby... Oh, fuck it. Just my luck." No one was here.

He put his books down warily beside the crying infant and reached gingerly under it's arms, picking it up and holding it at arm's length.

A warm dribble of wetness trickled down from between it's legs and splashed all over his boots.

"Oh shit!" He exclaimed, making a face. "Help!"

He started walking away from the desk, franticly looking for somebody to take the little monster away from him. The library was as empty as a tomb.

"Is anybody here?" He yelled at the top of his lungs, and succeeded at making the baby start to wail even louder.

He continued to hold it at arm's length, while making his way through the empty halls. What kind of a person would do this to him? He hadn't done anything to deserve this! So why couldn't he have just left the brat where it was?

He passed a section of gray seats glancing over them. He paused in mid-step and took a double take. In every seat there was a crying, screaming, baby. A look of horror crossed his face and his eyes rolled back in his head. Then he started screaming too.


He sat up in bed, drenched in sweat. He looked around wildly, heaving a sigh of relief when all he saw was his bedroom. He must have passed out while reading that book on genetic reproduction.

He glanced at his watch, wondering what time it was. 9:00?! Holy shit! He was supposed to be at the lab in fifteen minutes! He tossed the rumpled covers off him and scrambled for his clothes.

He flew over the campus taking care that no one saw him, landing lightly behind the building that housed the laboratories. He tugged his coat to make sure that there were no wrinkles before straightening his tie and entered the building. Just in time.

"Miscarriage prone female reproductive system reacts on it's necessary instincts to reject foreign matter. It identity’s the embryo as a unwanted foreign substance and creates antibodies to fight it." Vegita droned. The class of students followed him around his lab while he was giving the lecture, jotting down notes. From time to time, one would ask a question and Vegita would answer it with a short, snapped explanation. His morning classes were almost over, thank god, and he could focus on the meeting where he was going to request more funding for his research.

"From this equation comes the idea for the drug, Expectain, which acts to neutralize the interfering antibodies and promote the embryo attachment."

He paused in front of his test subject, a two year old chimpanzee, while the group he was lecturing gathered around him. His assistants helping the chimp to sit on a chair while Vegita turned back to face the class.

"Minnie, here, had a history of miscarriages. We tested the drug on her and now she is in her seventh month of pregnancy. We used three CC's of Expectain, three times a day..."


Goku walked rapidly towards his office, blowing on his extra large cup of coffee. Damn, he was late. So much for the coffee break. He took a quick drink from the cup, a muffled yelp slipping from his lips as it burned his tongue. He took a quick look at his watch. 11:53. He had seven minutes until his next appointment.

"Hi Pete!" He called out cheerfully at the janitor as he passed him, heading up the stairs.

"Morning." Pete responded smiling as he pushed his cart through another office door.

After walking up several flights of stairs, he turned to the right and walking into his office. Another Doctor almost bumped into him and he quickly apologized.

"Hey, Goku, it's your big day! Are you nervous?" he asked.

"Are you kidding? Of course I am."

"It's not everyday you try to win the FDA's approval. Good luck!"

"Thanks, Ted, I'm going to need it."

Ted continued to wherever he was headed and Goku made his way into his waiting room.

"Doctor, Mrs. Parish is in room one," Goku's secretary said, coming to walk next to him, showing him her files. "For a second trimester sonogram, you have a initial consultation with the Lanzerona's and Miss Logain in in here for a final."

She pointed him to a door and handed the files to him.

"Okay, thank you." He said as he opened the door and the secretary went back to her desk. A pregnant woman sat on the examining table looking very glum.

"Oh, Doctor! I feel like I'm going to explode." she said in relief as he came in.

"I'll see what I can do for the pain, would you like some aspirin?" He asked, shutting the door.


Vegita looked over the readings for Minnie, and remarked to his assistant that it would be only one more month before her term was over.

"Doctor, is there anything else I can do?"

"Yes, we're going to need new blood and urine samples."

"Blood and urine samples, got it." She said sarcastically. "Good luck with the FDA."

"Luck is for the ill-prepared." He shrugged out of his lab coat and into his business suit's jacket making a beeline for the exit.


'That idiot is making a fool of our project!' Thought Vegita, furiously. 'KAKAROTT could give a better presentation than THIS! I just know we're not going to get the grant.'

The head administrator for the collage's board of trustees was standing up beside him, reading lifelessly from a script that he had written in advance. It was so boring, HE was going to fall asleep!

"Thank you, I think that's all that we'll need to hear. We'll reconvene later with the results." She shuffled her papers together and inserted them into her briefcase, deftly closing the lid and standing up. The rest of the board put their notes into their own briefcases and stood to leave as well.

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