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'And I You...'

There he is. The object of my affection. Standing on top of a hill, the sweet summer breeze tossing his hair. The golden rays of sunlight shining off it, turning it from it's normal lavender to a strawberry blonde. Rays of pure light accented his handsome, rugged face while a strand of hair that never stays tucked behind his ear, plays across his fair cheek. He is turned to the rose colored sunset, admiring its beauty and grace as it flows across the honey painted sky.

The wheat field we are standing in should be perfect. The grass was warm from the sun shining on it all day. The strands of wheat were soft and golden, unlike the grass in the northern parts. Yes, this would be the perfect place.

You see I am going to claim him, I am going to make him mine tonight. I am going to show him true beauty and grace. I am going to make him see how much I love him, how our hearts, bodies and souls were meant to be together. Forever. I have longed for him to fall asleep in my arms ever since the day we first kissed.

I know I am going to hate myself for doing this, for tarnishing his innocence. The innocence that makes him who he is. Maybe he is too young for this, maybe he isn't ready. But he kissed me. He told me he loved me and that we were meant to be together.

I touch my lips, as if to recreate the feeling of his mouth gently being pushed onto mine. I can still taste him there... well, in my dreams I can. I still remember the velvety lips gracing mine, tasting of chocolate. In fact I will never forget. Ever. And I am never going to forget this night either.

He is still staring at the sun, drinking in the beauty of it. He doesn't sense me. I lowered my ki almost to non-existence before coming here.

He is turning around. How can he sense me? He is now facing me, my breath is taken away as the flame in his sky blue eyes flares up in excitement at the sight of me. He awards me one of his roguish, yet sincere smiles and I can feel my legs slowly making their way towards him on their own.

He is waiting for me, like a handsome prince in a fairytale. The sun's rays creating a crown of light. His posture revealing he truly is royalty.

I pick up my pace, starting a slow trot towards the young warrior. His eyes luring... no... daring me to come closer to him. The grass is brushing against my bare legs, tickling them as I walk at a brisk pace. I feel like running to my love, making a dash to him. I am unconsciously picking up speed. 'Patience,' I tell myself. 'Patience'.

I don't want to push him in to doing something he doesn't have to do, he is only a little boy, after all. I know both of our parents would disapprove, to put it moderately. But I can't help but be attracted to him, the innocent little boy that tries so hard to please his father. My innocent little boy. The boy... no, man from the future who came back in time to help my father and my friends. I looked up to him then, as he was stronger and older then me in that time. But not now. Now, I am older. Now he looks up to me.

It's funny, I have been fighting almost my whole life, and I have defeated the most powerful, evilest creatures in the universe, but it takes one young boy to bring me to my knees. He is my only weakness. Yet, he is also my strength. He gives me a reason to fight back, to keep going, and to live.

No one has ever affected me this way before. No one. Which brings me to ask myself if anyone ever will again. This may be the only person I will ever feel a connection to, so I have to make him mine.

Ten feet and closing. I am almost there. He smiles at me again; a genuine smile, not like the usual smirk his father always bears. Aaah, yet another thing I love about him, that glorious smile. I swear it could charm baby birds out of their nest.

I am standing in front of him now, watching as his soft hair gets blown about by the wind. Looking down into those deep blue eyes, the eyes that I could spend hours getting lost in.

I wrap my muscular arms around his thin waist, admiring his body at the same time. He is well built, with wide shoulders already decked with muscles, despite his age. His height isn't bad, considering his father's height, though I am taller then him and probably always will be.

I bring my left arm around him more, as I feel his hands being gently placed around my neck. I hold him closer, I never want to let go. My right hand brushes against something cold and I realize the 'something' is his sword, strapped to his back, as usual.

I loosen my grip on him enough so I can stare back into his eyes. "You are so beautiful," I murmur, as I bring up my hand to trace swirls on his cheek.

"Gohan..." he trails off, in that soft voice. I love it when he says my name, I really do. He says it with such compassion and sincerity, it always makes me go week at the knees.

I lean forward and down slightly, still staring into those sky-blue pools as I gently push my lips onto his. He tastes sweet, as usual and his lips are like soft cushions under my own rough ones. I pull away slightly, breaking the kiss, my eyes asking for permission to continue.

After an encouraging nod and a soft smile I claim his mouth once more with a deep kiss, tongue probing his mouth, caressing his own tongue. He made a sound of protest at not being dominate, but that quickly deepens into a moan as my hand slips underneath the waistband of his black pants, touching him, fingers probing for his treasure in between his legs. He spreads his thighs a bit further apart to allow me easier access, and I let out a soft laugh.

"You protest what your body already wants," I sigh, lightly pinching the tip of his hard erection, I watch his face, his eyes now closed, as the expression on it looks like he is in pure ecstasy. I then push him down gently, face up in the tall grass, my hands sliding his pants off his narrow hips, and he lets out a strangled cry as my tongue touches him there, sliding along the hardened shaft before plunging him halfway in my mouth.

I have him in my mouth, tasting his sweet skin. I motion for him to take his shirt off, and he complies, tugging the light cotton over his head, only to toss it over by his pants and boxers.

I gape at his now fully exposed body, memorizing every curve as if I would never see him again. He looks down at me with a confused expression, snapping me out of my trance. I realize I still have his cock in my mouth and he is getting impatient. So I suck, lick and bite, while fondling his balls with my hands.

I can hear him groaning and panting, while starting to rock his hips in sync with my movements. I press his hips down, in order to stop him from choking me, while he entwines his fingers in my hair. I pick up my pace, moving faster and faster before he lets out a strangled cry and cums into my mouth.

I swallow his seed greedily and lick up his remaining nectar, while listening to his fast breathing. After I have finished cleaning up, I raise my head and look at him. I can truly say I have never seen anyone look so beautiful as he did that night. His head is tilted back, his hair splayed all around him like a halo and his breathing, heavy. His fair cheeks are flushed and his eyes closed in pure pleasure.

He then looked down at me, my head resting on his lower abdomen, looking up at him. I saw something in his eyes, something that said 'oooh, we're bad boys now, aren't we?' I smile again at his childish attitude while picking myself up to kneel, placing my legs on either side of his hips.

"Aaah... don't you need?..." he asks me, referring to the fact that I am still dressed and motioning to my erection.

"Soon," I reply, not wanting for things to go too fast.

I bend down kissing him again, running my tongue along his smooth teeth. Tasting and touching, drinking him in. Kissing my way down the soft skin of his throat, towards his smooth chest. I trace a nipple the color of brown sugar with my tongue, before lightly nipping it, making him gasp and writhe with pleasure.

I then reach into my pocket, my hand coming back out clutching some lube. I then swiftly remove my clothes and I feel him staring at me in total awe.

I coat my fingers in cool, slippery gel, give him a reassuring smile and slowly insert one digit into his tight hole. "Relax," I whisper softly in his ear, my breath rebounding upon me. I start rubbing softly, his tense muscles heeding my hand and relaxing, while clutching his firm backside with the other.

I then slip another lubricated finger in his tight entrance, feeling him squirm beneath me. I give him a moment to adjust, then slip one last finger into him, stretching him. His eyes are closed again and his breathing shallow. I start searching for a certain spot that should be there. My index finger hits his sweet spot and his eyes flash open in surprise.

I then start rubbing my fingers over it and he starts to whine. The whining grows to groaning which grows to moaning which grows to a yelling. His body starts bucking and I swear any normal human would have been thrown off in a few seconds, but I can hold him.

He is practically screaming in pleasure now and I realize it's now or never. I withdraw my fingers, making him whine in disappointment.

Coating myself quickly, I speak in a husky voice again. "Shhh, this is going to hurt a little, but if it becomes too much, you tell me and I will stop."

"What's going to hurRRRRR! OH!" he wails as I slide deep inside him, forcing my way past the tight muscular ring and rubbing against all the right places. I know Trunks isn't going to be able to sit still for days after this. I am fully seated inside him, the head of my cock remaining pressed firmly against that soft, spongy spot inside him that makes him scream, something I am getting much enjoyment out of.

Oh the tightness, oh yes! He is tight, ever so tight and hot and ohhhhhh. I am in heaven. That's the only way to explain what I am feeling now. I start to slowly draw out, making him gasp in disappointment, but I thrust back into him and he moans throatily.

Twisting around, in an impossible move for anyone without Saiyan flexibility, I pull Trunks up so he is on his hands and knees, one long arm is now threaded around his hips to keep him from collapsing. He is so beautiful, face flushed all over, his nipples, erect, and the proof of the pleasure he is feeling hard between his legs. Reaching down a leisurely hand, I start to pump him in counterpoint to my thrusts, over and over again. I picked up my pace and the moaning became a duet, as I joined in. I could feel his muscles tense, him coming, and he did, screaming for Kami. The clenching and unclenching of his muscles made me explode, also yelling out Kami's name.

And there we collapsed, as one. He was mine and I, his. So there we were, smiling slightly, hearts racing, pupils dilated as we lay in that field panting.

With a low grown, I extracted myself from him and pulled my lover into my chest.

"Gohan..." he said in an exasperated voice. "I... I love you."

"And I you, my sweet prince," I answer back as he rests his head against my chest.

I wrap my arms around his muscular shoulders and torso, pulling him closer. "And I you..."

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