When moonlight crawls along the street
Chasing away the summer heat
Footsteps outside somewhere below
The world revolves, I've let it go

Goten looked into his brother's eyes. Obsidian black, never-ending pools of it. He could look into them forever and never get tired. Leaning in, Goten kissed Gohan's lips softly, smirking when his cheeks reddened. It seemed to get him everytime. He knew every dip and curve of Gohan's body, if you asked him, he could tell you the size of his penis and the circumference of it. In millimeters. It was pitiful, he knew, but thats just how much he loved his brother.

"Gohan?" Goten asked randomly, just wanting to break the companionable silence they shared after making love. "Yeah, what it is, Chibi?" Gohan responded softly. "Oh.. nothing." Goten smirked as Gohan blinked with confusion. "Quit playing, what is it?" Gohan said. "Nothing, just wanted to hear your voice.", "Oh yeah? Well, mine is worn out after all that screaming."

Goten chuckled. Gohan could be so blunt at times, and he was the only man he knew to admit that his lover reduced him to a screaming bundle of nerves whenever Goten was top. Wrapping his arms around his brother's waist, Gohan hovered between sleep and awareness. Reciprocating Gohan's affectionate embrace, Goten also fell asleep.

We build our church above the street
We practice love between these sheets
The candy sweetness scent of you
It bathes my skin I'm stained in you

This sucked. Gohan was already off to work and Goten was to be due to schol in another 2 hours. He really wanted to get in Gohan's pants this time. No other guy he knew looked as good in a business suit. Or it could've been his own biased tastes. Goten thought back to last night. Gohan had shown such passion, it gave him shivers just thinking about it.

Within only a couple of minutes, Goten was feverish and flushed with desire. But Gohan wouldn't let him do anything. His hands were tied above his head, and he was blindfolded. Not to mention that every time he tried to thrust up, Gohan held a tighter grip on his hips. One thing Goten loved about Gohan, if not everything else (but don't get him wrong, he loved everything about Gohan.), was that he was very attentive.

Goten remembered one time the phone rang, and after the second ring it was no more. Gohan had killed it. The next day though, they went shopping for a new phone. Last night, the phone was lucky it hadn't ringed, or else it might've faced a harsher fate. Goten licked his lips as he stuffed his backpack. That feeling of submissiveness, he loved it while under Gohan. But during the rare times Goten gets to be top, he reveled in the dominant feeling too. Almost in a yin-yang sort of way.

Goten smacked his lips, his watch had stopped. Now we didn't know what -- oh. He looked at the wall clock. It was 9:30. Goten's smacked his forehead, and his hand ran down his face and landed on his hip. "Damnit, I'm late.. stupid watch." Goten said as he pulled it off and tossed it into the trash.

And all I have to do is hold you
There's a racing in my heart
I am barely touching you

Gohan, after a day of sorting, rearranging, completing, and catalogging paperwork, was tired. Even for a saiyajin. After a brisk walk he felt much better though. Maybe it was the stuffiness of the office, or the artificial air. Whatever it was causing his fatigue, it had been vaporized. Within the next couple minutes, as Gohan had predicted, Goten came strolling into the house.

"Heh. Welcome home, love." Gohan said, reading a book, name not revealed. Goten said nothing, as he sat his bookbag down. Goten went back to the door and ran. A shocked look crossed over Gohan's features as Goten landed heavily onto him and the book. Gohan felt sorry for the book. "What was.. that for?" Gohan said, regaining his breath.

"I felt like it.. Oniichan." Goten said with an emphasis on 'Oniichan'. "Goten.. I asked you not to call me that.. you know why." Gohan replied, setting the book on the cocktail table behind him. "No.. I don't.. I don't know why.. but maybe you could show me, Oniichan." Goten answered back, laying his head on Gohan's chest.

Turn the lights down low
Take it off
Let me show
My love for you

"Goten, you haven't been in the house for more --" Gohan's words were cut off by a kiss. When Goten's lips finally left his, Gohan tried to finish his sentence. "-- than 5 minutes." "So what? I know you've had a busy day.. but you've got plenty energy left.." Goten smirked.

Gohan's eyebrow shot up. "How can you estimate how much energy I have.. I'm dead tired." Gohan said, faking a yawn. "Gohan, you're a bad liar, you should stop. Want to know how I know you've got energy left?" Goten said, lightly rubbing his hips against Gohan's. Gohan's hands slid around Goten's waist and down to his butt. "Okay.. so I'm insatiable." Gohan said, smiling brightly.

Goten leaned in for another kiss, this time, putting more effort in exploring his lover's mouth. Gohan easily pushed up Goten's shirt, exposing the bronzed flesh and sculpted chest. Goten pulled back, lifting the shirt from over his arms, and helping Gohan pull off his after-work shirt.

Turn me on
Never stop
Wanna taste every drop
My love for you

Slipping his hands below Goten's elastic waistband, Gohan caressed Goten's semi-erect arousal. Moaning quietly, Goten's lips attached themselves to Gohan's neck, suckling and teasing in slow, sensual circles. Gohan's other free hand worked to unzip his pants, quickly opening them. Gohan's hands now rested on Goten's hips. Flipping him over, Gohan used his weight to steady the surprised boy. "You were on top last night, Gohan!" Goten said, indignantly. "You asked for it, so lets play." Gohan replied.

Goten was willing to be on the bottom.. and he knew how to really get Gohan's dominant juices flowing. "Okay.. let's play Oniichan." Goten said, smirking as he felt a small shiver run through Gohan. He used to call Gohan 'Oniichan' when he was smaller, and it always delighted Gohan to see that someone looked up to him.

Gohan began kissing his way down Goten's chest, reveling in the sighs of pleasure the boy emitted. Gohan nipped and bit at Goten's nipples like the sweetest candy, like he'd never taste it again. Goten wiggled his hips as he ran his hands down Gohan's sides. Gohan knew exactly what Goten was getting at, but instead of going straight down, he stopped above Goten's arousal. Gohan flicked his tongue across Goten's arousal, making the flushed boy gasp.

Goten's eyes widened with Gohan's mouth, as Gohan took his member into his mouth in one fell swoop. Licking with a fervour and humming occasionally, Gohan took Goten to a new plateau of pleasure. Gohan licked the base of Goten's shaft, while his hand lazily circled his entrance. Goten wrapped his legs around Gohan's neck, head falling limp backwards as his brother continued.

The moonlight plays upon your skin
A kiss that lingers takes me in
I fall asleep inside of you
There are no words
There's only truth

Goten was close, Gohan knew. He could tell by the stiffening of his muscles. Gohan knew that if he prolonged this torture, later on, Goten would smack him for great justice. Not that he minded, he liked it rough. Gohan then bit down on Goten's member, and bringing his teeth up over the length. Goten trembled violently as an avalanche of pleasure overtook him.

Breathing heavily, he looked up at Gohan with glistening eyes. "Hey, Gohan?" Goten asked. "What is it?" Gohan replied. All of a sudden, Goten's energy was back and now he was sitting up with a hyper, childish look on his face. "Could we do my favourite position?" Goten said, bouncing.

"You mean the one we only do rarely because of the consequences afterwards?" Gohan said, smirking. Goten just nodded. Goten then looked down. Even after an orgasm like that, he still wasn't fully satisfied. Goten then leaned over, hands trailing over Gohan's chest as their noses touched. Goten then pulled Gohan into a passionate kiss, not lacking any of the previous fire.

Breaking the kiss, Goten jumped up and ran out of the room. 2 seconds later - literally - Goten came back with a small tube of clear fluid. Standing stark naked infront of Gohan, Goten pulled Gohan off the couch, making the older boy laugh. Goten then got a mock-angry look on his face.

"Gohan! Be serious!" Goten said. Gohan's eyes darkened (can his eyes get any darker? o.O), and a predatorial smirk played upon his features. "Serious.. I am being serious.." Gohan said, with a husky tone in his voice. Gohan didn't know exactly where it came from, but from the look on Goten's face, he could tell he liked the voice.

Breathe in Breathe out
There is no sound
We move together up and down
We levitate our bodies soar
Our feet don't even touch the floor

Gohan opened the tube of clear liquid and squeezed some out, spreading a coating over his own hardened sex. Goten smiled as he turned on his hands and knees, his butt high in the air. He'd be sore tomorrow, and he was lucky tomorrow was Saturday.

Gohan stood and positioned Goten's butt to where his arousal was. Gohan still didn't fully understand why Goten liked this position, there wasn't any preparation involved.. meaning more pain. "Oniichan, just do it.." Goten said, looking up at his brother.

Gohan then reared back and thrusted quickly in, leaving a burning sensation in his wake. Goten winced slightly, although the pain would be gone in a few seconds. Using a bit of his ki to steady himself, and to hang onto his control, Gohan wrapped his legs around Goten's waist. Gohan then altered his angle a bit, and rested his hands on Goten's shoulders.

Pulling out and thrusting in again, he hit Goten's G-spot. Gohan then moved up and in, up and in; similar to riding a horse. Goten moved back when Gohan pushed in, thoroughly lost in a haze. Goten heard Gohan moan loudly, letting his pleasure be known. Gohan's hands moved from their spot on Goten's shoulders and came down to pinch and fondle his nipples.

In a small part of Goten's mind, he was becoming annoyed. "Gohan! Harder! I know you can! I want it all!" Goten said. Taking his brother's advice, he put more power into his thrusts, hitting Goten's prostate even harder, making Goten's moans escalate in pitch. Gohan's hands subconciously found their way back to Goten's shoulders, and he was now gripping the soft flesh, pulling Goten into him. Goten was almost too enveloped to move, letting his body go with whatever Gohan did.

Gohan felt divine, he was making love to his lover, who writhed underneath him. Gohan himself was nearing climax, but he didn't want to go without Goten, so he grabbed Goten's sex, massaging the tip. Goten bucked at Gohan's touch, feeling an impending tidal wave. Gohan thrusted in once more, muscles tightening as he came. Goten was not too long after, feeling himself being warmed by Gohan's essence, he came also, collapsing onto the floor.

But nobody knows you like I do
Cause the world they donít understand
That I grow stronger in your hands

Both surrounded in a surreal glow, they looked at each other. Then Goten winced. "Gohan, I hate you, you didn't have to do it so hard!" Goten said with mock-sarcasm in his voice. "Dearest little brother, you asked for it." Gohan said, laughing at the look on Goten's face when he said 'dearest little brother'.

"You know what?" Goten asked.

"What?" Gohan replied.

"Shut up."

"You know, we should get cleaned up.."

"Didn't I say shut up?"

"Yeah, but.."

At that, Goten began laughing at the confused look on Gohan's face. Gohan just sighed. They wouldn't be moving any time at this rate.

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