Title: There But For The Grace Of God
Author: The Devil
Warning: Anything and everything, and I do mean everything. Tell me if I miss something when I'm done.
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Next Month

Flight, a means of escape, also a means of catching prey, it is most often implemented by birds, but also popular among insects, bats, and humanoids with magic powers. Flying squirrels do not fly, they glide. Goku (monkey boy), a humanoid with magic powers, was flying, slowly. The ground passed below, the sky above, well all around him really. He sighed as he saw his destination, he could no longer put off the inevitable, well not in good conscience, and since his friends knew what he was doing, he could not ignore it. Reputation is everything. He touched down in front of the small capsule house. The problem was that he didn't know who his friends were anymore. He knocked. A familiar scowl answered the door.

"Hi! Can I come in?"

"He's asleep, come back later Kakarotto!" The spandex form went to close the door.

"Wait!" Kakarotto put one hand behind his head, laughing nervously, "Actually, I came to see you." A curt nod, and Kakarotto was allowed entrance. Goku looked around the house, everything seemed so normal inside, everything was neat, nothing in disarray, the only thing off kilter was the house's living occupant; the neatness worried him, it was compulsive, like ChiChi's habits. He'd only seen this kind of compulsion in one other individual, but never put towards domesticity. The sound of the door closing broke his reverie, and he turned to meet the eyes of his host.

Around Now

She was drowning, the rhythmic motion of hips, the sensation of being filled through and through, the war of tongues, nothing could ever be this good, nothing was as good as it was right now. She felt dizzy, and high, and immortal. This could last forever, but she needed more, picking up the pace she grabbed her partner's waste, using her legs to pull him in deeper, he matched her tempo, increased it. Her back arched and she let out a scream, tightening her inner muscles so that he could share in the sensation. The crescendo built, until she thought she would die, and it didn't matter, until finally a splash of warmth filled her, and her eyes rolled up in the back of her head, and with a final shudder, she collapsed. Snuggling her sex god she whispered, "Good night, remember, you promised not to take advantage of me.", and fell asleep. Who cared if the relationship had been rocky since day one, the sex alone was worth it. And of course, there were their two lovely children.

"If you don't kiss him, he won't wake up." "Very well, if there is no other way." Trunks smirked, his ruse had worked, then he felt soft lips on his, sweeter than life itself. A mouth that could ravage and rule him completely. He smiled as the reluctant mouth warmed to the sensation, a tongue dipping in to be trapped by his own. He almost had him... "Vejita!!!" Trunks awoke with a start. He groaned, staring down at his erection, then back the ceiling, as the sound of his parents'..., no he wouldn't think about it. He honestly felt sick. Another dream ruined, one he'd had many times. He groaned as he lay back in bed, willing his erection away, waiting for the one thing that would bring it, that other emotion. There it was, the hopeless grief, he could never get what he wanted, what were the odds that his, what...his "crush", would turn out to be as perverted as he was. His family wouldn't accept it, his father...a fresh wave of grief hit him, too familiar by now to bring tears. No, he didn't want this, not really. It was just a faze, he'd outgrow it, he just needed to get laid. As his erection finally wilted, he lay back to fall asleep. Unknowingly muttering "Aishiteru" (I love you) as his eyes drifted shut.

As the mother of his children slept the Prince of the Saiyajin finished preaching to the porcelain god. He slid down beside the bowl, allowing his head to rest on his knees in all the decadence of this brief moment of weakness. With its passing he got up to go to his own bed, he only had a few hours to lie there and stare at the ceiling, trying not to think of his past, his situation, anything, before he had to get up to train. Whether it was to beat Kakarotto, or keep these thoughts at bay he hardly knew anymore, if he ever did.

Sleep is precious, sleep is fleeting, sleep doesn't matter when your "best friend" wakes up before you, and starts throwing stones at your window. "Trunks-kun!" *pit* "Ohaiyo!" *pit* "Nemasen!" *pit* "Trunks-kun!" (Good morning! Don't sleep!). A sleepy, grumpy, dopey Trunks, who was not at all happy, bashful, sneezy, or doc this morning, whatever the hell doc is, opened the window.

"Goten! Yamero!" (Stop!). Goten, was about to further tease his friend, but one look at his face, and he wisely decided to quit, now, before Trunks got Vejita to kill him. Thank Kami (paper,...um, also god) that apple fell far from the tree. That handsome apple.

"Gomen!" (Sorry!). Trunks yawned and stretched.

"Why are you here?"

"What? I need a reason to see my best friend?" Goten was horrified, sort of, in a mock way.

"Aa" (Yes).

"Do you want to spar?"

"Spar." "Yeah, with Vejita?" That caught his attention, he wondered if he should be jealous. No! I don't like him, well yeah, I do, but not that way! Trunks shrugged.


The flurry of limbs, fast, deadly, moving in a sensual arc, a mating dance of mind, body, and pure instinct. Both boys watched through the windows of the gravity machine, one's mouth going dry at the display, the other, while appreciative of the power and skill behind the movements, was far more nervous about the upcoming "play" fight. While Vejita might pull his punches to make the spar more interesting, he never went easy on them.

"Go-kun, wasn't Gohan sparring against ChiChi (literal: My father; only used when talking about, or addressing own father) yesterday?"

"Hai!"(yes!), Goten replied. Trunks nodded and went back to watching his father.

"Trunks-kun, should we knock? It looks like he'll be in there for a while."

"Hai," Trunks went to knock.

"Or we could go get something to eat, and come back later!" Trunks face vaulted, and punched his friend in the arm.

"Go-kun, didn't you eat breakfast?" Goten punched Trunks back.

"Yeah, but I could always eat more food!" This caused Trunks to sweat-drop, then tackle him, leading to a mini-spar/wrestling match with much physical contact and hair pulling. Then the doors to the gravity room opened.

"What do you brats want?"

"Otousama!" (Father, respective).


"Hn, did you brats just come here to say my name, because if you did, you can go back to your foreplay." Both boys blushed.

"Sumimasen, ga, we wanted to spar." (Pardon me/I'm sorry, but...).

"Hn, boy, that does not explain why you decided to do it outside of my training room."

Goten jumped up, "Not with each other, with you! What do you say Vejitasama, us against you, do you think you can handle it?"

"Is that your idea of a challenge? It's hardly worthy of the Saiyajin no Ouji." Vejita stalked back into the gravity room, but left the door open. Trunks swallowed, and wondered at his father's relationship with the Son's, again he wondered if he ought to be jealous. No, no, no! I can't be that messed up!

"Don't worry Trunks-kun, if he gets too cocky, we'll just use fusion on him and pound him into the ground! We must both be lots stronger since the last time we did it, since it was so long ago." As they crossed the threshold Goten giggled and leaned over to whisper into Trunks ear, "What's with Otousan (literal: your father, only used in reference to someone else's father, or a name you call your own but rarely used as such, and never in reference), and referring to himself in the third person?" Vejita turned and glared at them, his back rigid. Goten gulped, repeating the steps to the fusion dance to himself. Out of the corner of the boy's eye Vejita's muscled from, and natural grace were again admired, as they were every time he had seen the man for as far back as he could remember, only with puberty admiration had turned unwittingly into lust. Lust, Trunks was watching Goten, and wondering what Vejita's spar with Gohan had been like. No! Just don't think, don't look, nothing, this would go away, just because it hadn't yet, didn't mean it wouldn't. He didn't know what it was before, now he knew it was wrong. Sharp, sudden pain, and K'so (shit), they'd started.

"Are you just going to stand there boy? How kind of you to offer yourself up as a punching bag!" Trunks growled, while Goten moved in to defend his friend. Smooth motion, sensual and wild, even through the rush of adrenaline and the soul's cry of battle, still noticeable, and so fucking...fuck. While one of the boys struggled to rise, the other struggled not to. But then Vejita was on them both, and they were left with no choice.

"Fus-ion ha!" The two boys were one, and the part of him that was Trunks was thankful that Goten couldn't hear his private thoughts, only the ones they shared, and those were the ones of mischief and battle, literal battle.

"Hi! I'm a ghost!" Vejita laughed at Gotenks creation.

"Aren't you a little old for this boy! I've played with this toy before!"

"Oh no! I'm new, now I won't explode only if you touch me!"

"That's right! I made some improvements!" Gotenks smirked.

"So it won't explode only so long as it is being touched, then why hasn't it blown up already?"

"It has to be set to explode first, by the first time that you touch it!" Gotenks was very proud of his creativity.

"So you want me to touch it? Very well then, Bang." And with a small chi blast, Gotenks penultimate weapon exploded. Gotenks didn't have time to regroup, Vejita was on him, and with a flurry of blows, even though Gotenks had powered up to level three, while Vejita remained at level one, it was clear who the superior fighter was. Keeping up with your training also helps. And with a sudden surge and an uppercut at level two, the spar was over.

Afterwards, in the library at Capsule Corp, Trunks sighed, reviewing the long-term object of his lust. A part of him knew he had to accept it, yet a weaker but larger part of him couldn't. The main problem lay with his father, despite his earlier quip about foreplay Trunks doubted the man would be willing to entertain the idea of a homosexual pairing, much less whom he desired. He just couldn't stand to have his father disgusted with him, and therefore couldn't stand to indulge in a desire that was not only wrong by society's standards, but futile. If there was a chance at all of it working, well, society could be dealt with. He absently turned the page of his book. Sometimes you just had to settle for what was possible.

"Wow, Trunks-kun, you look a lot like your dad." Trunks looked up, surprised.

"And what caused you to say that? Of course I look a lot like him, you look a lot like your father, and your brother, and your mother." Goten scowled, then grinned.

"It's a part of my plan for the next time we spar against Vejitasama. We could dress you up like him, then he would think that he was fighting himself and get confused, then I'd come up behind him and knock him out, and he'd lose, and we wouldn't." Goten smiled, and for the second time that day, Trunks face vaulted.

"Baka." Trunks laughed, before returning to his book. Goten settled in to watch him, and lasted all of two minutes, a record for him, given the surroundings.

"Oi, Trunks-kun, I'm bored, why'd we have to go to this room to rest, why not one with a T.V.? What are you reading?"

"William Wordsworth."

"Americajin ka?" (American?).

"Iie, Igirisujin." (No, English).

"Why are you reading an English writer anyway? Is it in English Trunks, is Okaasan (literally: your mother) making you study? I hate it when Haha (literal: my mother) makes me do that. Goten, you can't play, or eat, or sleep, or breath, you have to study, so you can be smart like Oniisan (literal: your brother, my brother in reference only), why don't you get good grades like him, I want you to grow up to be a big repressed nerd who is bound to crack any day now, and I'll chain you to your bed until you are!" Trunks blushed at the mental images brought about by the words "chain" and "bed", and ducked his head at the reminder of his studies, if he was going to run a major company like Capsule Corp, there was no way he could get away without learning Igirisugo (English). But the language was hard to pronounce, and made no sense, and was just plain annoying, why couldn't the common language of business be Chinese, at least that language made some sense, if it weren't for all the dialects. Korean, he would gladly learn Korean.

"Iie, Nihongo." (No, Japanese).

"Trunks-kun, if you don't study you are going to be sent away, to some far off, stupid continent, where they'll keep you, and do weird things to you, all in the name of you learning a stupid language. Why does everyone at school have to study English, why can't everyone in the world speak Janpanese like normal people."

"Go-kun, you are not normal."

"Oh, I meant other than me." Goten swatted at his friend.


"I meant non-saiyanjin." He started to exchange playful swats with his friend. "Chichi."

"Arrgh! I meant not in my family...Or your family...Or Videl's!" And with that he tackled Trunks. The two demi-sayanjin wrestled on the floor, until Goten had him pinned.


"Hai?" Goten looked away at Trunks chest.

"I have two tickets to the Glay concert, do you want to come?" So that was the reason for the Coy act, trying to hide good news.

"Sugoi! (an exclamation, could be positive, could be negative) thanks Go-kun, I definitely want to go, how can you even ask?" Trunks went to push his friend off, but Goten repositioned himself to hold him down, blushing slightly.

"Um, Trunks-kun," deep breath, "I was kinda hoping you'd go with me asadate." Trunks heart stopped, it was rushed, he can't have heard right.

"Goten?" There was a worried frown from his friend.

"Gomen," Goten whispered, and then warm lips were on top of his.

Part II
A Month Later

The sound of the door closing broke his reverie, and he turned to meet the eyes of his host. Blue eyes met his, with a shine about them that would have been wrong even if those eyes had been deepest ebony. Goku swallowed convulsively, then plastered on his famous smile, and put his hand behind his head letting out a nervous laugh. Predator's eyes watched him, but there was no telling what was the prey.


"Uh, gomen, I forgot what I came here to see you about."

"Hn." Trunks crossed his arms.

"So, how are things?"

"Kakarotto. Are you going to waste my time with small talk?"

"Well, ah. No! Of course not Trunks, it's just that, well, you're all alone here, it must be lonely." Trunks gazed steadily at him.

"Oh! I wanted to see how you are? Sorry about forgetting. So how are you?"

"You already asked me such a question, twice."

"Yeah, well you haven't answered."

"Bakayaro! (literally: stupid bastard, but its implication is more insulting) You will show some respect for your prince!" Trunks took a step towards him, fists clenched.

"That's what Vejita says."

"I am his son, and still your prince, am I not? Or do you forget your place!?"

"Yeah, well, everybody's really worried about you. Goten's going out of his mind, he really cares for you." Trunks glanced over at him.



"I said, are you jealous? Or did you get there first?" Kakarotto backed up, not believing this accusation. How could he think he'd do that? To his own son? He wasn't... The door flew open, Trunks glanced over, sighed, and then smirked.

"Don't you know how to knock!? Besides, visitors aren't welcome." His eyes turned to Goku.

"You should go, Kakarotto." Goku stared a Trunks, then glanced helplessly at the newcomer.

Around Now (um, in story time, which would have to be at least a couple of years ago)

Vejita came to slowly, opening his eyes to look around blearily without lifting his head, cold steel met his cheek, he was on the floor of the gravity chamber. K'so! He'd slept, it wasn't a luxury he often allowed himself, only once every four or five days, and for no more than a few hours. Sleep meant weakness, sleep meant he couldn't go on indefinitely, sleep meant a break in his training, sleep meant dreams. But he couldn't control passing out, and that was a weakness that couldn't survive, he'd been fighting it for years, before he'd ever known Kakarotto. Of course back then it was easier, Frieza made him sleep, a drug induced sleep that was thankfully dreamless, as he soared through the depths of space. He did understand the value of sleep, and was sure to sleep for a little while before each battle, it made him stronger and more alert; he'd slept on Namek using a capsulated form of the gas released in the space pods, he'd slept too long. Sleep was a weakness. It'd taken him a while to make the equivalent of the drug on Chikuyu (Earth). He hadn't slept naturally in so long, the closest he ever came was passing out.

Flashes of his father ran through Vejita's mind, belittling him, beating him, he quickly got up in fear as Vejita no Ou (King Vejita) appeared before him. He was laughing at him.

"Weak, you are so fucking weak."

"No, Otosama!"

"You will not call me that, you are nothing. You, who were meant to become a Super Saiyanjin can't even beat a third class weakling!"

"Demo, watashi wa Super Saiyanjin des!" (But, I am a Super Saiyanjin!, note: this is a very formal style of speech). His father sneered at him.

"You are nothing!"

"Iie!" Vejita tried to power up, but found be couldn't.

"Pathetic. It's better that we all died, and not had to endure the shame of having a disgrace like you ruling in my place. Of course, that didn't keep you from desecrating our memory. We weren't all as weak and pathetic as you, don't make these Ningens (humans) think that we were!"

"No, I didn't," Vejita fell to his knees. His father laughed, mocking him.

"I am Vejita! Prince of the Saiyanjins! I am the most powerful! Oh, you think you don't disgrace us with your lies? You are weak, you are not worthy, you never were. You never could defeat me, even when you had more power, I was still stronger! How pathetic is that! To be defeated by an opponent with less strength!"


"You're not going to cry are you?" Shit, was he crying? Vejita quickly ran a hand across his face, no. But how weak he must look, on his knees before his father, he struggled to stand.

"Pathetic, and it's not enough that you are this disgusting, no, you have to pass this legacy onto your son. He is foolish enough to listen to you, he doesn't know any better, on our planet he might have learned to rid himself of such waste, but here? You chose a weak place to raise your son."

"I didn't..." The King struck him, and Vejita fell to the floor once more. "Do I have to discipline you freak? You remember my discipline." Finger nails digging into his skin, a dry invasion far too big for his body, prepared or unprepared, the feeling as his flesh was ripped and torn, eased by the flow of blood, his screams...

"Iie! Gomen!" His father grabbed his hair, standing in front as Vejita felt himself being invaded, torn. Kami, there was so much blood! His father smirked, leaning in to kiss his forehead, and bite at the flesh he found there.

"Silly boy, you can't even tell the difference between what is real, and imagined!" And with a final laugh his father disappeared. Vejita was alone, sitting, shaking on the floor. There was no blood, no sound but his breathing and the hum of the machine. He had been awake. Kami, sometimes it was so hard to know what was real, the difference between hallucination and life, the difference between his past, and the easier lie he told himself. He fumbled with a bottle of pills, quickly popping two in his mouth, this would allow him to focus, it would also keep him awake. His father had given them to him to increase the hours of his training, they had also been hard to recreate. If that Ona(woman) only knew of his talents. He didn't consider himself addicted, he never took more than the necessary dose to keep going. He wasn't addicted to the drug, but he couldn't live without it, he couldn't live in the world his mind created, and he'd seen too much to keep it all naturally at bay, even with repression, some spilled, only this would help. He wasn't addicted, but he needed it, he needed it. As the drugs took effect Vejita remembered the visions of Otousan's discipline.

"It didn't happen, It didn't happen..." Vejita repeated this mantra, until he was back to "himself" and able to start training again.

Trunks wanted to turn his head, break away, but he just lay there and opened to the questing tongue. Oh god, oh god, what if Vejita sees this, what if... But the experience wasn't bad, as the invading tongue swept his pallet, it was kinda... nice, warm, and safe, and familiar, the scent of his friend filled his nostrils, echoed by that of himself, and his father, and the entire Son family, although ChiChi's scent was faint. It was like what he'd always known, with nothing new, nothing to be afraid of, unless his father were to catch them, he forced his mind away and felt his tongue responding in kind to Goten's, sparring playfully, like they were still children. It felt like they were still children, and underneath it felt almost wrong, like incest, like they knew each other too well, like they were too close to do this. Trunks turned his thoughts away from those ideas, and thought about Gohan, he'd always felt something towards him, a kind of admiration for such a loving sibling when he had none, maybe it was just the taste of his lingering scent, but Trunks doubted that kissing Gohan would feel like incest at all, he unconsciously smiled into the kiss.

Goten was pleased at his friend's responsiveness, relieved that he wasn't pushed away, that Trunks was at least interested, if not to the extent he was. He thought he was falling in love. Unconsciously his hips moved down until his already hard length brushed against Trunk's awakening one, definitely at least a little interested, he felt Trunks smile, and smiled as well, repeating the action, earning a soft gasp before breaking contact, and getting off of his friend. Goten beamed.

"So, I'll take that as a yes?" Trunks glanced at the door, it was closed, good, then nodded.

"Great! So, um, I have to go, but I'll call and we'll arrange details, uh..."

Goten stepped up to Trunks and pecked him on the lips, then turned and left quickly, he didn't want anything to ruin this moment.

"Ja ne!" (Later!). It just felt so right.

Trunks stared for a long time after his friend, before turning and walking out of the library. It was wrong.

A Few Days Later

Gohan looked up as Ottosan (his little brother) entered the room, he closed the Rampo book he was reading, and stood, the author wasn't really his style, but sometimes he couldn't help but settle down with some classic horror, anyway it was Goten's book.

"Go-chan." Goten looked up, noticing Oniisan (his older brother) for the first time.

"Goha-kun, what brings you here."

"Oh you know, a break from married life. For someone so eager to start a seperate home life, I sure did marry someone a lot like Kassan (mother/my mother)." Goten smiled, then glanced at the book.

"Rampo, I never would have thought you were a fan, Go-chan." Gohan shook his head.

"Yeah, well, Trunks likes him."

"Oh, I see." Goten blushed.

"I'm going out with him tonight." Gohan looked his brother over.

"I've missed you, Go-chan."

"Arigato, (thanks) I've missed you too." Gohan walked over and kissed his little brother.

"How about I help you get ready." Goten bit his lip and looked at the floor, then shrugged, forcing a smile.


As soon as Goten had picked Trunks up, he'd kissed him, reveling in the rightness of the feeling, how everything else melted away when he was with his friend. Now that the concert was over, Goten was left with a high from the show, and a problem that had started when he kissed Trunks, and only got worse with the excitement of the event, and their close proximity. He was forming a plan, and for a second he thought he might be moving too quickly, but he'd been in love with Trunks for how many years? And how many more had they known each other? This wasn't fast at all, it was a long time coming. Besides the advantage to dating a guy is that they weren't supposed to get tangled in the emotions of sex, they could get physical without it having to mean anything. And it wasn't going to be important, even though he was in love, and he knew it was love, had become increasingly certain since Gohan's visit. Him and Trunks were meant to be. There was no reason why he couldn't have fun while convincing Trunks he felt the same way, besides, emotions were messy.

"Do you want a poster Trunks-kun?" Trunks looked up at his friend distracted, he'd been looking for his father, he hoped he didn't see them here, or if he did he didn't think it was what, oh Kami, it was. But, why would his father be there at all?

"What was that?" Goten smiled and punched his friend in the arm before kissing the spot better.

"I thought I was supposed to be the spacey one! I asked you if you would like me to buy you a poster, or a T-shirt?" Trunks looked at the prices, 5000 Yen each (50 dollars, I hope I have it right, please tell me if its wrong).

"Go-kun, they are so expensive!"

"Nothing's too good for you! Besides you're rich, I didn't think you'd even be aware of things like takai (expensive), or yasui (cheap)!"

"I know how much things cost Go-kun, and you already paid for the tickets!" Goten waved his hand dismissively.

"Come on, I'll get you one of each! Then I'll buy you some Sake, or would you prefer Americajin drink? Or something from a more cultivated culture maybe?" Trunks, helplessly, let Goten lead the way.

A couple hours later Trunks was a little drunk, and Goten still fairly sober, having drunk half of what his friend had, which was still a formidable amount. Trunks liked the buzz, the way things swayed slightly, the warmth, and he felt aroused. He'd been so aroused lately, almost constantly in the past few days, since Goten had kissed him, maybe since his parents had woken him up with there fucking, sex was arousing. Trunks laughed, ew, he did not want to think about Vejita and Bulma in the sack, it was just wrong. Vejita, what would Vejita think? Would Vejita like a drink? Maybe he was more than a little drunk, he'd never been drinking before, and was nervous, and the drinks tasted like soda, or candy, so he drank them fast, and Goten kept buying him more. Goten was such a good, good friend, he deserved a reward. But where did Goten get the money? He'd ask.

"Goten?" Trunks looked at his friend for a while. Goten smiled, starting to unbutton Trunks shirt. It was then that Trunks noticed that they were in his room, he could remember getting there, he just hadn't realized where they were going.

"We're in my room!"

"Hai." Goten kissed the exposed flesh.

"You brought me home!"

"Hai." Goten rubbed up Trunks' thigh.

"Vejita's my papa!" Trunks was inordinately proud of that fact. Goten laughed and touched his tail spot.

"Vejita," Trunks gasped, glancing at the door, it was closed. Trunks was happy, he leaned in to kiss Goten. The dark haired demi-saiyanjin removed Trunks shirt, and slid a hand down his pants, gently massaging. Trunks gasped and bucked, then pushed Goten's hand away.

"Go-kun, is this incest?" Goten was taken off guard, why the hell would he say that?

"No, Trunks-kun, we're not related."

"Oh, when'd you get naked?"

"A little while ago."

"When'd I get naked?"

"Just now." He kissed Trunks again, thrusting against his now naked length, they both gasped. Trunks closed his eyes and breathed in Goten's scent, he'd seen his brother, he smelled like him. He thought about Gohan, doing this to him, it wouldn't feel like incest with Gohan, but it felt good now. And as Goten picked up the pace, Trunks allowed his mind to roam, for him to imagine sleek expanses of skin and muscle, and black hair, and dark eyes that weren't Goten's. Trunks giggled, as his pleasure increased, his father would be so mad at him. Then he felt something warm and wet, and couldn't think at all as his eyes rolled back.

Yes, yes, yes this was right, this was so right, it was everything. Goten started to chant the words as he sped up, thrusting harder, steel against steel, trying to bite back the "Aishiteru's" (I love you's), and satisfied himself with screaming Trunks name as his passion fled, quickly followed by Trunks who shouted something Goten couldn't make out.

Trunks was dizzy, but he'd felt all the tension drain out of him. He'd never had sex before, unless you counted his solo projects, then again he'd never been drinking before. Both were good, they made everything go away and come back nice. Trunk's cuddled up to Goten and laid sloppy kisses on his back. He'd have to do this again some time. With a sigh Trunks went to sleep, he was just so relaxed.

Oh Kami. Goten stared at the wall in the post fuck haze, I just took advantage of my best friend! I love him. Goten felt his eyes drooping as his friend's warm body snuggled his. He should leave, before Trunks was sober. But he couldn't be that much of a coward, and the sound of his friend's breathing was lulling him to sleep.

"Gomen, Trunks-kun, Gomen." Goten muttered, as he drifted off to sleep.

Part III
A Month Later

Goku stared a Trunks, then glanced helplessly at the newcomer. Trunks almost laughed at the expression that crossed his face, he looked so.. Weak, more like a child that had been kicked, than the warrior that he was.

"Soft." Trunks muttered, just barely audible to Goku. He glanced at Trunks, a confused frown on his face.


"You still haven't left." Trunks glared at Kakarotto, then nodded towards the newcomer, "Take your pest with you." Goten smiled and stepped inside, that wasn't such a bad insult.



"Dad, could I have a moment with Trunks-kun alone, kudasai?" (please?). Goku looked uncertainly between the two, then nodded.

"I'll meet you back at home. Trunks, I guess I'll have to tell the others that you haven't improved much," Goku put his hand behind his head and smiled, "Still, it's good to see that you're letting people visit."

"I didn't let people do anything Kakarotto. I am too busy to waste time avoiding your pointless fancies! Now be gone, one vermin is too many."

Kakarotto nodded sadly, then lifted his hand to his forehead, and in an instant was gone. Goten watched after his father, then turned to Trunks and smiled, he hadn't been forced to leave, that was more than he'd had in a week.

"Trunks-koi, I've been trying to see you everyday for a week now, but either Papa holds me back, or you're not around..." Trunks was going towards the kitchen, so Goten followed him, "And I come by at night, but I don't want to disturb you cause you're probably sleeping. You do still sleep don't you?"

Goten moved forward to feel Trunks' forehead, but then thought better of it, putting the hand behind his head sheepishly. "Anyway, everyone's worried about you, and I know that what happened with Vejita made you sad, I'd be sad too if my father had..."

"My father did nothing!" Trunks screamed, shattering the glass he was holding in his hand. He stared at his hand, and the blood seemed to calm him, put all of his emotions below the surface once more. He laughed for an instant, to think that he had let his chi drop completely in a moment of rage. His father would never allow such a slip in his perfection, he had to do better, he had to be just like him. Trunks closed his eyes in pain, then opened them and focussed on the blood, and it was gone. He had to be just like him, because Otosama couldn't be like himself, not right now. Goten took a step back at the explosion of glass, then rushed forward.

"Trunks-koi, your hand!" Trunks jerked away from his touch.

"It's nothing." Trunks watched, momentarily forgetting himself as Goten pulled the glass out, and rinsed away the blood. No, he wouldn't tell Goten what really happened, it would disgrace Otosama, it would disgrace himself, and then he could never be worthy. No, he would tell him nothing. Once the blood was gone Trunks came back to himself, and snatched his hand away, pushing Goten.

"I do not need your help, Kisama!" (Fucker, or any other descriptive swear). Goten stood up, and gave Trunks a hurt look, then brightened. He would fix his Trunks-kun, he just needed affection, he thought he was alone, that's why he was so obsessed with his father, he didn't think he was loved. Now he felt isolated because of what that man had done. Poor Trunks-koi, couldn't he see that wasn't true? He could make it all better, he could fix him. He and Trunks belonged together. Goten had come here to do something he should have done long ago. He felt bad at how much Trunks-koi had suffered, not knowing, but emotions weren't important then. Trunks took out a broom and cleaned up the glass, using a wet rag to clean up the extra shards. Then he took out another glass and filled it with water, before he turned to the fridge and began to fix some sandwiches. Once he was done he put the twenty sandwiches and the glass of water on a metal tray, being sure everything looked very militaristic and orderly.

"There, everything is in order, Otosama would not like stepping on glass, much less to see a mess. I'll replace the glass tomorrow so that everything is the same." He wasn't really aware that he was speaking, "Now, I have to take this to Otosama, not too many sandwiches so that he doesn't get sick, he needs his strength, but isn't used to eating so much, and mizu (water) so he doesn't get dehydrated. There." Trunks picked up the tray, and began up the stairs. Goten watched his friend and shook his head, he needed him. Now, he had to do this now, so Trunks-kun would be free.


"Leave, I'm busy!" Trunks was carefully carrying the tray. Goten was undaunted.

"Trunks-koi, I have to talk to you. If you want me to leave after I speak, then I will, but not before then. I'll also stay, if you want me to, after I have spoken."

"I won't be asking you to stay Kisama!" Trunks finished his ascent of the stairs [whew, that was a long journey!], and was swallowed by the low light emanating from one of the rooms. Goten chewed his lip nervously, how could he help Trunks-koi if he wouldn't listen? He was hit heavily with relief when Trunks returned a short time later. He walked past Goten and opened the front door, then stood by the couch, and crossed his arms.

"Speak." Goten fidgeted, then took a C.D. out of his bag. He walked towards the stereo and put it in.

"Here, listen to this first." Trunks smirked when he heard the opening music, Glay, he had become so sick of them. "Anata O Wa Aishiteru..." (it is you that I love/I love you) the song declared, 'Lovebirds', did Goten want another fuck? Trunks stopped the song.

"What is this Goten?!" It hadn't worked, but he thought the song was so clear. Now for the direct approach.

"I was trying to tell you something." The direct approach postponed. Trunks threw the C.D. at him.

"In song? One that you didn't even write, or sing? Are you ten years old again? Am I? Do you respect me so little you can't just tell me whatever it is plainly? Coward. And you chose Glay after everything that's happened!" Goten felt tears sting his eyes, these were good points, although delivered in the wrong way, much like his declaration. But his love was so sick, if he couldn't get through to him...

"I read it in a book Trunks-koi. I thought the song would remind you of our first time. Trunks-koi, did you listen to the lyrics?" Trunks smirked, so it was sex he wanted. He didn't want to have sex with Goten.

"You can't even think of an original idea! And of all the ideas to steal. this? Did you think it was romantic? It's utterly tasteless! It's...cheesy, in a sickening way." Trunks rant had lost steam, he was tired. Goten started to laugh, he didn't see it that way, he thought it was very romantic, but it wasn't his idea, he'd have to cherish this as one of Trunks-koi's little quirks when his love was better, a lack of appreciation for romance. Trunks quiet laughter joined Goten's, he was just so tired. As their mirth died down Goten began to relax, he felt like he was getting his friend back, his lover. Goten sat down and looked up at Trunks, he held out his hand to him.

"Sit Trunks-koi, and I will be direct." Trunks slowly sat down, and stiffly let Goten take his hand. It was still so hard, but his friend needed this, needed to know he was loved by him. Goten took a deep breath, he would help his friend. His eyes met Trunks', he couldn't have his poor love devastated by the idea that this was a joke. His hands tightened their hold.

"Trunks, Koi, Aishiteru," he said once clearly, then whispered it again because it felt so right, "Aishiteru." He reached up to cup his koi's cheek, when Trunk's abruptly stood, and started laughing. This wasn't quiet as his previous laughter had been, it was the mocking bark that was Vejita's, coloured by his love's gentle voice.

"Trunks-koi, I am not joking! I really do love you, you are loved!" Trunks just laughed harder, unconsciously taking a more closed stance, with his thighs pressed together, like a woman trying not to seem indecent after being propositioned.

"No, you don't Goten." Goten opened and closed his mouth a few times.

"Yes Trunks-koi, I do! I've loved you for ages, I think since before I was even born. I wouldn't joke about this." Trunks shook his head.

"We had a deal, Goten. Leave."

"Trunks-koi, you're sick. You need help, let me help you, let me show you love!"

"You don't love me, Kisama!"

"You need help. Aishiteru, you'll see." Couldn't poor Trunks-koi even believe that he was lovable? That bastard Saiyajin no Ouji!

"Goten. You. Do. Not. Love. Me." Goten shook his head, crying openly now. His poor, poor Trunks-koi.

"Fine! When did you first love me Kisama! When your Daddy first touched you? Did you want someone to kiss it all better?" Goten gasped, and took a step back, how could he think, how...

"Tousan loves me!" Goten stated. Trunks smirked.

"Do you like how he loves you?" Goten stared at him. How could he...? Was there no hope? No, there was always hope. Trunks sighed, and headed towards the stairs.

"Get out. I have to take care of Otosama." Goten looked at his love in despair, and smiled with sad kindness, like he was talking to an invalid. "Trunks-koi..."

Around Now

Vejita peered into the darkness of his son's bedroom, the two boys were there, tangled around each other, well it seemed Goten was tangled around Trunks, like ivy or a python. Trunks was just lying there, asleep. They looked sweet, like they were still boys, they were, but with the constant scent of arousal that had been around Trunks since he hit puberty, and the waves that came off of Goten, they were hardly children anymore. Not yet adults though, creatures, naive enough to need protection, not innocent enough to not be a threat, but still thought of as innocent, that's what made them dangerous. He glanced at Trunks, his boy was so beautiful, not like him, he'd lost his beauty, if he ever had any, all that was left was a lifeless shell, a damaged doll that played it's own strings to the same self-destruction as any puppet master. He checked on Trunks every night, when he was there, to make sure that he was still safe, that he didn't look like him, that he never looked like that, he had to stay safe. They looked too much alike, the similarities had to end there. Vejita walked to the bathroom. Although his boy had to train more, so that he could surpass him, like his future son had for a short time, so that he could protect himself from him. Vejita stared into the mirror, he didn't want to be like his father, he'd never wanted to be like his father.


The boy miru (looked) at his kao (face) in the kagami (mirror), and with a snarl punched the omote (surface), shattering the visage. He watched impassively as the glass fell, then picked up a shard and proceeded to rip his flesh all over, digging and cutting again and again, until he was hardly recognizable as Saiyajin, just a figure covered in blood. Heavy footsteps sounded behind him, and the boy was grabbed roughly, dropping the glass.

"What is this you little shit!" His father hissed in his ear. The boy stayed very still, unaware of the pain of this position, he was so used to pain.

"You would ruin my plans to impress Frieza! You know he wants to see you, Kisama!" He dropped the boy on the ground, the glass piercing the flesh of his naked form. The man knelt next to his son, stroking the sodden flesh, before moving his hand to grab at his groin. He leaned forward, and licked the blood off of his skin, the child flinched, Vejitasei no Ou (king of planet Vejita) rubbed harder, digging his nails into the flesh, bringing new blood. The boy held back a whimper, and struggled to keep his face impassive, it hurt, the glass didn't, but this hurt.

"Beautiful red, you like blood, it's dirty, like you. You need discipline. Or perhaps you just did this to entice me, hmm? You're still a little young, but our family has always been advanced in everything. You need to learn to act like a prince! Freiza will not have your weakness! Our world doesn't deserve the disgrace a pathetic little wretch like you will bring!" With that the King pulled the boy back against him, and forced himself inside, still completely clothed save that bit of flesh.

"Slut." He used the tail to keep the boy immobile, he was almost used to the pain, but had long since learned to just lie still, let what will be done, be done.

"Whore." Even after all this time he still bled, still tore, he'd never be big enough for this, his father didn't feed him enough to achieve full growth, even when he hit puberty. As his father tore into him the boys mind went away to destruction and blood, places where he was causing the suffering, where he was causing the pain. He would have liked nice thoughts, but this was all he knew, these were his happy thoughts. Still, he never caused pain like this, could never do anything like this, his victims may be dead, but at least it was quick, leaving no more than fear in its wake. His victims never wanted to die, were never afraid to live.

"Son!" His father was finishing, he had to come back, or his father would cancel the dinner with Frieza due to illness, and stay with him all night, before giving him to Frieza in the morning for punishment due to the inconvenience. The boy felt that other texture slip inside him and down his legs. His father pushed him away, disgusted, throwing him some clothes.

"Kisama, go to the infirmary, get cleaned up, and don't be late for the meeting with Frieza. Oh, and son, you did a good job, I might just have to discipline you more often." The boy stared after his father, he only ever complimented him when he was killing, or getting fucked. He hated it when that man called him "son". Vejita slowly made his way to the infirmary, if the Sayiajin DNA fixed all of his injuries, made the whole experience disappear from his body, why could he always still feel his father inside?

The Present

Never, never, never, never, never! Vejita had unknowingly smashed the mirror, and blood oozed from the wounds in his hand. He bent over and vomited into the toilet. The woman was ovulating again, normally she only wanted relations every other week, but not when the bitch was in heat. He normally went away to train at this time, but he'd forgotten. The woman wanted to celebrate Trunks' first date. That was one thing Vejita had learned, even kind people want sex, so when the woman had shown him kindness, in honor of her friendship with Kakarotto who had defeated him but had taken no sexual rights, he gave them to her. Vejita stared at his hand.

"Whore," he whispered, flexing his hand to force the glass deeper inside. At least he had his son, their beauty. Trunks was so much more beautiful than her, although she was pretty, he'd seen that right away, he'd just never been interested. Trunks.


Vejita watched the other person that was stronger than him defeat King Cold, he wanted to choke the brat. How dare a child surpass him! A fucking child! Then, when the boy reverted to his original form, Vejita saw a pair of child's eyes that hadn't had enough time to understand the horror he was living in and grow up, eyes that were still naive, that still held hope. Had he ever had such eyes? His body didn't have a scratch on it. And sitting there, watching this child, who knew so much he must be planning to trap them with the knowledge, underneath the hatred, the mistrust, and the jealousy, there was lust. He wanted to take this boy and pin him to the floor in front of everyone, he just didn't care, he had to be his, His. He'd never felt arousal in his life, he could get hard, reach orgasm, but it always felt like a sick feeling in his gut which grew until he was dry heaving as his body was hollowed out, and filled in the aftermath with wave after wave of disgust, until he wanted to shred his skin, crawl out of his body, and grow a new one. But this, this was lust, he wanted something, and it felt good to think of getting it. He didn't like it.

Three Years Later

That boy was back again, but this time they were on equal footing, he was now a Super Saiyajin as well. No, they weren't equal, he was above the brat, he was a Prince. A prince with a squalling useless, baby son. Then he heard it, the boy was named Trunks, that boy had the same name as his son. Vejita's mind screamed, "No!" He was not like his father! And with a quick snap on his mind, and a promise to see that boy, his son, as little as possible, Vejita made all of the feelings go away.


"But you still feel them don't you, slut," a voice breathed in his ear. Vejita clapped his hands over his ears, willing the presence to go away.

"Why don't you pay him a visit, you've been a failure as a father, but you fail at everything, the least you could do is show him that you care, like I cared for you. Humans like this caring." Vejita shut his eyes, but was plagued by images of himself doing to Trunks what his father had done to him. He felt sick as the images continued, no,no,no,no,no,no, his boy had to stay safe.

"Safe, safe, safe, safe, safe..." Vejita was rocking back and forth, unaware of his mantra, or the tears that threatened to fall.

Trunks' eyes fluttered open, and bit by bit he took in the darkened room. He was wrapped in something warm...Goten, he breathed in his scent, and the memories all came flooding back. Trunks laughed quietly and relaxed, he was still drunk and it felt good to be this at peace, like all of his problems were gone, a magic trick that had removed them completely from his life. He'd have to thank the magician. The sex made his body melt with relieved tension, who knew denying an attraction, a love that he didn't have, could be so stressful? He glanced at Goten, who cared if his father found out, it could always be worse, he could have been caught fucking Goku. He had no desire for children, and Goku acted the part enough to make his adult body unappealing, like fucking a seven year old trapped in an over built case. Goku completely lacked the grace of figure, and slender muscle his father had, preferring the brick wall look. He so hoped he'd develop a slender body like his father's. Trunks stroked Goten's hair absently, his best friend, his little brother, he didn't want to hurt his feelings, so he'd keep this up, Goten would tire eventually. It was just the lure of newly awakened courage to match the feelings of puberty, he went to someone who was safe, someone else would take his place when Goten was feeling braver, he could commit incest for a little while, for him. He loved his friend, he was as much a part of his family as his mother. Trunks untangled himself from Goten's limbs, watching as the other boy murmured and held himself in his sleep, and headed towards the bathroom. One thing about alcohol, it made you pee, and he was already hard with the need. Trunks giggled, he hadn't gotten morning wood in ages.

"Safe, safe, safe, safe..." When Trunks got to the bathroom he immediately sobered. His father was sitting beside the toilet, rocking back and forth, staring at one bloody hand, while reflexively opening and closing the other, and muttering.

"Otosama?" Vejita made an odd noise and covered his ears, continuing the mantra. Trunks gathered his courage and stepped forward, grabbing Vejita's shoulder to shake him, he'd most likely get a chi blast to the face for this, but he had to get through to him.

"Otosama!" Vejita flinched from his touch, then paused and looked up. Trunks was shocked to see tears in his eyes. Otosan crying was the stuff of legends, and fictional stories, not real life. Vejita's face was strained, then immediately relieved and excited.

"You're safe!" the Prince cried, and proceeded to kneel up and hug his boy tightly around the waste.

"Hai, Otosama, always, you and Kasan protect me well." Vejita just held his boy tighter. Trunks hesitantly reached a hand down to pet his father's hair. He didn't know what was wrong with him, and his mind was still too fuzzy to give the matter much thought.

"Let's get you to bed, huh?" Trunks picked up his father, and would have been shocked by his lightness, if the world didn't seem just slightly less than real right then. The Prince held tightly to his son's torso, and buried his head into his shoulder, leaving chaste kisses behind as he did so. Trunks shifted his weight uncomfortably, and proceeded to his father's room. He gently deposited his burden on the bed, Vejita reached for him, then stopped and scooted away, seemingly frightened. His eyes sharpened, and he became the Saiyajin no Ouji once more.

"That's enough boy! Unless you want to train, I'd suggest you go back to bed." Trunks took a step back, then let out a relieved sigh, he was okay, things were back to normal.

"All right, just promise me you will get some sleep."

"The Prince of the Saiyajin promises nothing!" Vejita folded his arms. Trunks stared at him for a moment, then backed down, his mind couldn't handle a confrontation.

"Okay, just try to get some sleep."

"Hn, go back to your lover boy." Trunks' eyes widened, and he quickly hurried out of the room. Vejita smirked, then reached into his bed side drawer to retrieve a bottle of pills. He'd been planning on sleeping tonight anyway. And with a rush of chemicals, Vejita lay on top of his covers, lost in dreamless slumber.

"Ohiyo Trunks-kun!" (Good morning) Goten sing songed. Trunks slowly opened his eyes to glare at his friend, but quickly shut them, too bright. He rolled over, away from the offending voice.

"Trunks-kun, I've got something that will make you feel better!" Trunks didn't open his eyes, but turned his head to face the sound.

"Coffee! And lots of water, and this pill Bulmasan gave me that always makes her better!" Trunks was in a dilemma, to feel better he'd have to open his eyes, opening his eyes made him feel worse. Take it like a man, Trunks grit his teeth and opened his eyes to what was both his salvation, and certain destruction. Trunks quickly took the pill along with the water, and held his head in his hands. As the pain subsided another became known, he really, really had to pee. He was surprised he hadn't wet the bed, not that he'd done that ever in memory, there was that battle, but he'd been kicked, and besides, he'd never had to pee this badly before. Trunks hurried out of his bedroom, using all of his Saiyajin speed, and for some reason avoiding the bathroom in his wing to visit one on a lower floor. Once the pain subsided, Trunks sighed in relief as the water flowed.

Goten chewed his lip, Trunks didn't seem mad at him, why should he be? They had both been drunk, even if drinking was Goten's idea, and he'd had a bit less, and Trunks had certainly enjoyed himself, after all he'd iku (cum - litterally means: to go). And he loved Trunks, even if emotions were a messy subject, he knew how he felt, and he'd never do anything to hurt Trunks, he'd never take advantage of him. He was just giving Trunks what he wanted, he had wanted it. Resolved with himself Goten sat on Trunks bed to await his friend's return, and perhaps more fun.

Trunks felt odd, last night was fuzzy, he knew he'd gone drinking, probably someplace disreputable since they had no problem admitting fourteen year old patrons. Goten kept kissing him...they had sex. Trunks thought he should feel more, he was just numb, glad that his father didn't know about them, but otherwise nothing. Already he missed being drunk, as the world became more and more real to him, he missed what he could remember of not caring, and the way that the sex had released all of his tension, better than sparring or any massage ever could. Trunks unconsciously began to stroke himself, but stopped as he couldn't escape the images of Goten thrusting against him, or his hand and cold tile. He needed a live partner, something to make it real. Sighing Trunks returned to his room.

"What time is it?" Trunks asked upon reentry. Goten looked up under his bangs, trying to look sexy, not really pulling it off.

"Around 14:00." Goten patted the bed.

"14:00, it's after lunch time!?" Goten laughed and nodded.

"You sound like me Trunks-kun. Now, tell me, what do you want to do today?" Goten spread his legs suggestively.

"Eat breakfast, lunch, whatever meal, then go to the mall."

"The mall?" Goten deflated.

"Yeah, call your mom to say you slept over. She'll be fine right?" Trunks was quickly dressing.

"I don't care." Goten shrugged.

"Well let's get something to eat, then let's go." Goten nodded, and stood.

"Trunks-kun? We're together now, right? After this, we're like boyfriends?" Trunks smiled.

"Whatever you want Go-kun." Goten beamed, and followed his friend out the door.

Trunks sighed as he sat down on the sidewalk. Goten had finally left half an hour ago, giving his friend some space when he decided that continuing his unsuccessful advances towards Trunks wasn't worth getting an extra earful from his mother for being away two nights. Besides his bravado, he still feared ChiChi. He also wanted to give Trunks some time to get used to the fact that he wasn't a virgin anymore, so that he wouldn't be so nervous about sex now that he was sober. Trunks leaned back as he sucked on the alcohol. It was just after dinner, most of the day's outing had been spent in getting Trunks and Goten fake I.D.s so that they could go to more reputable bars, even though Goten already had his. Although younger, he certainly was the more experienced drinker. Trunks closed his eyes, as the liquid burned down his throat, and the world became less real. He'd bought this right after Goten left, and also had a bottle of rice wine he'd purchased when they were passing through a grocery store because Goten was hungry, but didn't know what he wanted, it turned out he wanted everything, Trunks ended up dragging his protesting friend form the store. Now Trunks was sitting in the deserted parking lot of a park, a few blocks away. Trunks snorted, it would probably be a building soon, Japan wasn't great at keeping its residential areas green, the park was ill tended anyway. That alcohol was good, but an ingredient was missing. Trunks heard wheels come to a stop behind him. A hand touched his shoulder.

"Trunks-kun?" Trunks looked up and smiled, Gohan wouldn't feel like incest at all. Gohan stared at Trunks, he looked so much like Vejita, Gohan (literal: rice, note: always used in reference to a meal, i.e. yoru gohan, evening rice, dinner, or cooked rice, never used in reference to rice by itself) blushed when he realized he was staring.

"I was at the store, and I saw your head, you're pretty recognizable with that hair. Do you want a ride?" Trunks smiled, and handed the bottle to Gohan. Gohan accepted it and glanced at Trunks.

"Trunks-kun, you shouldn't drink, especially not at your age, it's bad for your studies." Gohan winced at how much he sounded like his mother, how much Videl would one day sound like that. What the hell, Gohan took a swig from the bottle. Trunks laughed at the idea of what his father would do if he caught him, associating with another Son, and poisoning his body. His father would never put such trash into his system. He didn't want to disappoint his father. Gohan glanced at Trunks. Vejita. Trunks stood up and lead the way to Gohan's car. Finishing the alcohol, Gohan followed. Trunks glanced back at him, it was so much easier the second time, with everything. Trunks folded the back seats down in the vehicle, and crawled on top of Gohan, kissing him soundly. Well, he wasn't too used to it, because the next thing Trunks knew he was naked again, with three fingers inside of Gohan, and the man panting beneath him. He vaguely remembered a war of hands and tongues as they undressed. Then Gohan spreading lube on his fingers and going for Trunks' opening, the lube changed hands. Trunks grimaced, that spot was to be saved. Trunks removed his hand, Gohan had gone very still. Saved. Trunks slid to the hilt inside of Gohan. A few tears slid from Gohan's eyes.

"Papa!" Gohan cried out, like he was serving penance. Trunks got a faintly sympathetic look then smirked, and started to thrust, so that's how it was in the Son family. Gohan's eyes met Trunks' and his tears dried instantly, suddenly remembering where he was, seeing Vejita's face cast in a different shade. He began thrusting back, causing Trunks to hit something that made him gasp at each caress, Trunks assumed it was the prostrate. No, it definitely didn't feel like incest with Gohan. He groaned and bit down on Gohan's shoulder to keep form saying the name that was on the tip of his tongue. He was fast losing his need to care, he wanted to cry out to the world, heaven, and hell the name of whom he loved. Instead he kept his face buried in Gohan's shoulder and quickened his thrusts, he had no need to savor this, not with him. His hand came between them and he stroked Gohan's penis out of time with his thrusts. Gohan had thrown his head back and was making soft keening noises, this is what he was missing with Videl, this, it was never as good as this. As Trunks felt Gohan's balls tighten he removed his hand and reared back, hitting his head on the way, as Gohan came, so that the Son's mess didn't touch him. Digging his fingers into the hips below, he thrust a few more times, no longer able to resist the images that flooded his mind. Trunks bit down on his arm to stifle the sound as he cried out his father's name, and flooded Gohan's insides. Panting he collapsed to the side, avoiding Gohan's dirt. Once recovered, he kissed Gohan, then tossed him his clothes in a bid that the eldest Son get dressed, and drive him home.

Gohan watched Trunks as he dressed, and smiled. He felt virile, the boy had cried out his name at the end, it had been muffled, but Gohan thought it was cute that Trunks was so concerned that they get discovered. Videl never said anything when they made love. He knew this was just a fling, but he had plans to get Trunks involved in an all out affair. He wondered if future Trunks and himself had ever been involved, and nearly laughed when he realized that they'd have been the exact same age they were now if they had been. Gohan shivered, it was just so forbidden, not the sort of thing that his parents would approve of, or what would be expected from him. This was even better than his stint as the Great Saiyaman. Gohan smiled, he'd shock everyone. Trunks stared out the window, impassive for the drive back to Capsule Corp.

Part IV
A Month Later

Goten looked at his love in despair, and smiled with sad kindness, like he was talking to an invalid.



"Trunks-koi, your father's dead!" Trunks stared at the boy blankly. Tears gathered in Goten's eyes at his loves lack of response.

"You know that, you were there. He, he raped you, and he died." Trunks shook his head with the slightest motion, then in a blur slammed Goten's head against the door frame. His body was pressed against Goten's in a way the younger boy would have almost found erotic, if he'd been able to breath.

"Never, never! Say anything bad about him! Kisama, do you have so little respect for your prince!? Either of them? Go, now, or I. Will. Kill. You," Trunks hissed into his ear, and with a graceful turn and slide of movement, Goten found himself outside of the capsule house, several yards away, with his love slamming the door shut. Goten reached the door, just in time to stop its closure.

"Trunks-koi, please come with me! You need my help!" For a moment, all the anger left Trunks' eyes, and he looked again like the boy he'd loved since before birth.

"Goten, anata wa watashi o ai shitemasen. Ai shitemasen." (You do not love me. I do not love you. -Said more formally than it should be for the situation, in reference to romantic love) Trunks whispered, before firing a chi blast at Goten to remove him from the door, and shutting it. Goten wiped his eyes, crying openly as he stared at the closed door, before slowly turning and taking to the sky. His father would help him, he would make Trunks realize that their love was eternal, and had always been, make Trunks realize how much he needed Goten.

Trunks slid down the door and buried his head in his hands before looking up and staring at the wall ahead of him.

"Kome (uncooked rice), gohan (cooked rice), what kind of hirugohan (lunch) was I making? He needs rice, rice goes with every meal." Trunks slowly stood and headed for the kitchen, "Gohan."

Trunks walked up the stairs carefully carrying the bowl of rice, it was plain, his father liked plain, simple, military, the bare minimum that was needed. Trunks kneeled, saying a silent prayer, then picked up the tray where it lay untouched, and rested it on the bed.

"Otosama, nemasen, kudasai." (Father don't sleep please). He sat down on the bed, next to the still figure. It was cold, but he didn't know if it was cold enough.

"Hirugohan o tabemas, kudasai." (Please eat lunch). He held out a sandwich to those motionless lips. His breath clouded the air in front of him, he noticed that the figure's did not.

"Tabemasen?" (Won't eat?). Trunks sat down on the bed and felt the body's forehead, it was cold.

"Hiru des ka?" (Are you sick {cold illness}). Trunks picked up a sandwich and began eating it.

"Okay, I'll eat it so it doesn't go to waste. How about some nice rice? Mizu? (water)." Trunks poured a small amount over the lips, they didn't even twitch. "All right, but you have to eat something, you haven't been eating enough. You're too thin. So, I'll let this go for now, but you'll have to eat as soon as you wake up." Trunks set the tray down on the floor, and sat on the bed once more.

"I don't care if you are stronger than me, I..I'll find a way to make you eat!" Trunks curled up on the bed, clutching the still form to him. Tears rolled down his cheeks, and he stroked the hair of the lifeless doll.

"Aishiteru, Otosama. I have no right to say it when you wake up, and you don't have to ever love me back, but aishiteru, zutto (for always)." He kissed his cheek and nuzzled his neck.

"We had visitors, I won't bore you with them. I sent them away, you don't want visitors right now, do you? No, you never liked people to see you sleep." He curled more firmly around the form.

"Gomen, gomen. I, I won't touch you when you wake, just for now. I won't even fight you, you're entitled to be enraged, I'll let you do anything you want, you can kill me, if you want to, just as long as you eat. Gomen" He cuddled against the corpse.

"Wake up soon, kudasai, Otosama. Aishiteru," and with a whisper he fell asleep.


"If you don't kiss him, he won't wake up." Trunks smiled internally at the hushed words, as he tried to keep his face calm. This is how he would do it, act one the seduction, the final act for family viewing. One kiss, and they would be bound forever, just like in all of those Western folk tales. How exotic this was, so much better than Samorai seductions, or rescuing a ghost trapped in the stars as it awaits the return of its lover on the day of the dead, this was of another world. Apparently Son Goku could see his Grandfather on the day of the dead, he wondered if his father ever had visitors. Another world, like Otousan. His heart beat faster as he felt his prince, his master, anything his..His, kneel next to him, and lean in.

"Very well, if there is no other way." Trunks smirked, his ruse had worked, he silently thanked the unknown announcer of his plight, then he felt soft lips on his, sweeter than life itself. A mouth that could ravage and rule him completely. He smiled as the reluctant mouth warmed to the sensation, a tongue dipping in, to be trapped by his own. He almost had him. More enthralled by the kiss the prince unconsciously moved to straddled his charge, it was what Trunks was waiting for. Trunks shifted suddenly, spreading his legs, making his rescuer lose balance, and pulling the warm body down over his, so that their harnesses brushed. Trunks gasped, and he heard a moan, somehow they were both now naked. He felt the prince buried inside him, and they were joined, one, and nothing mattered because this was worth it, this was worth it except for something. And as he leaned in to taste their spent essence, mixed like their souls had become, a big, sticky, white mess, and you couldn't tell what came from who, it hit him. It didn't taste real, this wasn't real. And as the buzzing in the back of his head grew louder, he awoke.

Trunks blinked and looked at the clock, 07:00am, he couldn't believe he'd set his alarm, he hadn't made that mistake yesterday, why had he done so last night? "Baka." Trunks hit the snooze on his alarm, not yet coordinated enough to master the great task of finding a small switch, and sliding it to "off". The alarm was still ringing, wait, alarms buzz, he could remember that, alarms buzzed, and...the phone, it ringed. Oh. Trunks picked up the receiver, for the first time in his life cursing that his parents, or Okasan rather, had given him his own phone, so no one else would stop the ringing, and he'd have to talk to whomever.

"Mm, moshi-moshi?" (Hello: telephone).


"Aa." Trunks winced as he heard Goten's laugh on the other line. Goten, he didn't like Goten, he was too tired to be surprised by this. He fumbled for the bag, and pulled out the bottle of rice wine, it worked as well as his mother's pills to get rid of a hangover, and this way he could spend the entire day without being really there. Of course, there was the matter of the wine's taste, you just don't drink cooking alcohol. He worked at the bottle anyway, he had a task to accomplish, and warriors didn't back down from a challenge. Trunks giggled.

"Trunks-kun? Are you listening?"


"Oh, okay, so, I think I should start calling you koi now, you know, because that's what boyfriends do." Trunks tried not to laugh, for some reason being drunk around Goten filled him with nervous energy. And he'd been feeling so relaxed, apart from the hangover, that night with Gohan had drained the tension right out of him. Gohan, he'd slept with Gohan, well not exactly slept. What a little slut he was. Well, he was a teenager, but what was the nerd's excuse, probably wanted to be more exciting, like the super hero thing. Trunks laughed.

"Trunks-koi? That sounds so nice. What's so funny? Come on, share the joke, I want to laugh too!" Kami, the idiot sounded like Goku complaining about missing a fight. Trunks laughed again at the thought. "Just thinking of Gohan."

"Should I be jealous?" Goten teased.

"The Great Saiyajin Man." Was the reply. Goten burst out laughing.

"Oh yeah! He was even older than us when he did that! Can you imagine someone our age dressing up and pretending to be a Super Hero! And you're mom made the costume!"

"Hey! She only designed it, someone else put it together. And besides, you should talk, you actually thought it was cool!"

"Well so did you!"

"I did not!"

"You did."

"No I didn't, I'd never have such horrible taste!"

"Yes, you di-id!" Goten sing-songed.

"No, I am my father's son, I have some sense of taste, unlike your father. Orange Goten, you have the genes of a man who wears orange, and dresses you the same way!"

"It's a fighting outfit. I don't see what's wrong with always being ready to fight. Well it was weird that one time mom made him go to one of those parent assembly things, but it's not like your father's any better! Tight, blue, spandex!" Goten laughed. Trunks hung up, and stared at the phone. No one insulted his father, no one. And while he'd always been able to deal with Goten's teasing before, for some reason he'd been getting on his nerves lately. Tight, blue, spandex, Trunks was put in mind of his fantasy with Gohan, it had felt so good to utter that name, so relaxing, like everything left him in the haze of alcohol, and a river of cum. And then there was that dream. Trunks rubbed at his crotch, bringing the still flesh to life, he wanted just a little of the real sensation that hadn't been enough in the dream, he'd cum, the mess on the bed attested to that, but it hadn't been real. He palmed his member, and imagined his father's hands were at work, but it was too far from the reality that a warm body provided, and he only found himself half-hard under his ministrations. No matter how deeply he concentrated on the fantasy, he couldn't escape the fact that it was his own hand, that he was alone. Trunks growled in frustration, what was he supposed to do with this! Half an erection he couldn't get rid of providing an annoying little itch between his legs. Maybe if he peed.

Goku paused in his exercises as he saw Gohan descend the stairs, he looked tired. Goku rubbed absently at the back of his head, and followed Gohan into the kitchen. Gohan was looking through the remnants of breakfast, there wasn't much, or anything.

"Papa, couldn't you have saved me some?"

"Gomen, Gohan-kun, I tried to leave some for you, but me and Goten-kun were hungry." The man-child rubbed his stomach in memory of the food. Gohan laughed.

"Yeah well, I probably would have done the same to you."

"Why are you up so late?"

"Tousan (Dad), it's 07:00am, most people consider that early, well people who don't get up at dawn anyway."

"You've been falling behind in your training. Chichi will be happy about that. I should start training you again, it was fun."

"The only thing that about me that makes Kasan happy is the fact that I got into Tokyo University, and even that will only last so long as I'm one of its top students."

"You're mom sure takes your studies seriously."

"She always has, dad. Between her and Videl-chan I don't have enough time to play." "You were playing with Trunks-san last night right?"

"Nani?" So much for his secret, this was just like with the Great Saiyaman. "You smell like him, Gohan-kun. Do I smell like Vejita-sama? I saw him today to ask him to spar, he said no, but I was around him for a little while. He isn't as much fun since he admitted defeat to me," Goku got a goofy grin [not that he gets any other kind], "I like the way he smells!" Gohan stepped closer to his father and sniffed.

"No, you don't smell like him. You don't smell like Kasan either, how you had two children I will never know." Goku put his hand behind his head, a little disappointed that he didn't smell like Vejita. He'd stolen one of his training suits once. It was from when the gravity room blew up for the third time, Bulma had been sending it to the garbage, he volunteered to take it instead of one of the robots. He was so pleased when he first got it, but now, although it still reminded him of his prince, its scent was beginning to fade.

"Yeah, well sex with girls is only for babies, my grandfather told me that." Gohan smiled, but said nothing, he honestly believed his mother was frigid. It would explain her temper. Goku woke from his thoughts of Vejita, and stared at Gohan. Chichi wasn't home, so it was okay if he asked for help.

"Uh, Gohan-kun?"


"I need your help." Goku made an obscure gesture, one Gohan was entirely familiar with.


"You don't have to worry about getting into trouble, Chichi isn't home, and if we don't make a mess, she won't yell at us." Gohan sighed, his father had always been the child, and he the adult, but he understood Tousan's sentiment, Videl was entirely too much like Chichi. Besides, he was a good son, and that his father would ask for his help proved how much he loved him.

"All right dad."

"Yoshi!" (good). Goku turned Gohan so he was facing the kitchen counter, and undid both their belts. As soon as the pants hit the floor he thrust into Gohan to the hilt.

"Papa!" Gohan cried out as his father slid out an thrust again. Gohan let out a strangled cry, half in pain, half in satisfaction that he was loved. This kind of touching was reserved for people you loved. Goku knew that preparation was important in this sort of activity, so he always told Gohan what he wanted to do, before thrusting so that he'd be ready, like in a spar you give your opponent a sign that it has begun before the first punch is thrown. He moaned and thrust harder, it was always a bit uncomfortable at first, but then it got wet and it was easier, it was the same with Chichi, but the fluid was different. Gohan began thrusting back against his father to show him that he loved him too by returning the touching. There were tears in his eyes, he never understood why he always cried when this happened, being loved was wonderful. Gohan felt his own need grow heavy at the idea, precum dripping down either side of his penis. Then Goku cried out and came, panting heavily for a few seconds, before bending over and pulling his pants up. He smiled brightly. "Thanks Gohan-kun!" The eldest Son walked out of the kitchen, to finish his exercises. Gohan sighed and pulled up his pants, his father was so impatient, he never waited for him to cum. Gohan smiled after his father, wiping away the tears. Then he turned and went up to Goten's room. After all, he was loved too.

Trunks stared at the broken glass on the floor, then looked to the empty mirror, then back to the floor. No one had cleaned up the mess, there was still blood on the glass, on the floor, on the toilet, everyone had just known to avoid this bathroom. Vejita knew about him and Goten. Trunks knelt on the floor as the memories came back, stray shards digging into his legs. With trembling hands he picked up the mess, disposing of it in the garbage under the sink. Those were needed, you couldn't flush everything, and sometimes you had things to throw away while you were in the bathroom, like now. His father wasn't okay, he wasn't, he was scared and thin and frail. Trunks felt sobriety returning quickly, real sobriety, he threw up his liquid diet in the toilet. He flushed. The Saiyajin no ouji shouldn't seem so frail. His father was nothing but strong. He'd been so light, why had he been so light? Trunks closed his eyes. Why did he forget?

3 Years Ago

"My dad is better than your dad!"

"No he's not!"

"Yes he is!" Goten laughed, "My dad has always been able to kick your dad's ass!"

"That's just cause he feels sorry for the third class baka!"

"Get real Trunks-kun, your dad doesn't feel sorry for anyone. He has no emotions, he's just an arrogant bastard. That's what my mom says, and she knows about that stuff." Goten shook his head as his friend's misfortune, "It's too bad that we couldn't have been born brothers Trunks-kun, then you'd have a good, loving father."

"My dad is loving." Trunks looked away from his friend.

"Yeah, all the love of the Gravity Chamber that is his home." Goten giggled.

"He is!"

"Oh yeah? Prove it!"

"Um, he, he trains me so I can be strong and not get hurt. And he used to hold me as a baby, and he makes sure I'm safe, and he hugged me." Trunks started playing with his Capsule Corp shirt.

"Yeah, he hugged you once! My dad gives me hugs everyday!" Goten stuck his tongue out at Trunks.

"My dad's hugged me more than once! And besides, at least he's there! Your dad didn't even want you for most of your life! My dad came back when he died, your dad didn't even want to! And when he finally did, it was just so that he could fight!" Goten pushed Trunks, he didn't get to say things like that, his dad was perfect, everyone knew that Son Goku was perfect. Trunks tackled him, "And besides, didn't you want my dad a few years ago?"

"That's before I found out that my dad was better!" Goten punched Trunks in the stomach, "Your dad's the one who's obsessed with fighting! He doesn't care about anything else!" Trunks broke out of the embrace and stepped back.

"He cares about me." Goten sighed, and stood up.

"No Trunks-kun, he doesn't. He doesn't care about anyone."

"He, he cares about me, and Haha." Trunks eyes shined with conviction.

Goten tried to make his voice gentle, "No Trunks, your mother was just a convenient lay, and your just his way of seeing that his blood lives on since my dad won't let him wish for immortality. All he cares about is fighting, and killing, he wants power. Everyone knows that, he's said that." Trunks shook his head.

"He hasn't killed anyone. I mean, there were those people when he was Majin, but that wasn't his fault, and he was sorry, and had them wished back. And he needs to be powerful to defend the Earth, besides, he's Saiyajin no Ouji, he deserves to be the most powerful."

"Trunks-kun, he's killed lots of people and never said he was sorry, he tried to destroy this planet." Trunks stepped back from his friend and paled. Maybe his dad was a little cold and arrogant, and maybe he did like to hurt people sometimes, but he didn't...

"No. Stop lying."

"It's true Trunks-kun, he used to kill whole bunches of people, planets full, then he came here to kill everyone, and daddy defeated him. Haha says that if he ever gets stronger than Papa he'll kill everyone, and that dad's just too nice to do what he ought to and kill him. Everyone knows that, they were there. I can't believe no one told you, I was told like three summers ago."

"No, you're lying! You're lying, you're lying, you're lying! Liar! He trained us, he trained both of us, how can you just betray him like that?!" Trunks sent a chi blast at Goten and flew off. Goten gingerly poked at the burn marks on his chest, and stared after Trunks. Well, he'd wanted a fight.

Trunks ran to his mother, knocking over lab supplies on the way, and threw himself into her arms. He was crying.

"It's not true! Mom, tell Go-kun he's a liar!" Bulma stared down at her child a moment, before petting his hair.

"What's Goten-kun on about this time."

"Otosama isn't a killer!" Bulma's hand stilled. Trunks froze and lifted his head.


"Tru-chan, you know about what your father did when he was Majin."

"Uh-huh, I told Go-kun that I knew that, but he said that he'd killed whole planets of people."

"It's how we met Tru-chan." Bulma looked away from her son sadly, he was too young still to know that about people, about his father. Trunks stared at her in horror, and immediately stood. He backed away from her to the door of the lab. He knocked over a memory board, and stooped to pick it up, before changing his mind and stomping on it. He met his mother's eyes, then ran out of the room. Bulma could only watch.

Where to find Vejita, where else? Trunks opened the door to the gravity chamber and marched inside. Vejita snarled at the interruption, turning to his son.

"What do you want boy? If you wish to come in here you'd better be prepared to fight! Or are you as soft as that little third class brat of Kakarotto's?"

"Goku-san is stronger than you are." Vejita paused, he'd never expected the boy to say anything like that.

"Nani?" He hissed. Trunks stared him straight in the eye.

"I hate you." And with that Trunks launched a series of attacks at his stunned father. The boy hated him, he was entitled.

"Killer! You're a killer, and you liked it just like Go-kun said! Mom said so!" Trunks increased the fury of his punches.

"Why? Why Otosama?! Why!?" Trunks exchanged punches for kicks.

"Did you come here to destroy the Earth?! Would you have killed mom? Me!? If you had the chance would you kill us all!?" Trunks let loose a series of chi blasts, throwing Vejita against the wall. Vejita's head snapped up, but the boy wasn't entitled to say anything about Kakarotto. Vejita snarled and struck his son, back handing him into the wall.

"Very well, I hate you too boy." Trunks slowly stood and stared at his father for a long time.

"Weak," Vejita spat.

"I know you're stronger than me, but if I could, Omae o korosu." (I will kill you- this is bad grammar). And without a backward glance Trunks walked out of the gravity chamber. Vejita watched as the door closed and slid to the floor. Somewhere, in the back of his mind, his father was laughing at him.

Now, Well a Few Minutes From the Last Now

So he had to deal with the fact that his father was a remorseless killer, fine. He'd still always been strong, except now he wasn't even that. Trunks rested his head on his knees and stared until the sounds of shouting reached his ears. He stood, and followed the sound down the stairs to the kitchen, momy and dady fighting.

"And what's with all the broken glass in the bathroom! I went in there earlier this morning and almost stepped on it! Not all of us are super beings from another planet! Some of us have better things to do than train all the time. Like keeping healthy and cleaning up after our messes!" Bulma was seething, Trunks could tell he'd already missed the easy bantering part of this battle. "I am a prince onna! (woman!), I can't be bothered with common house work! Get one of your damned machines to do it!"

"Oh no, I'm not cleaning it up! You made the mess, you can make a machine to clean it up for you! I'm too brilliant to waste my talents on your blundering!" Vejita's left eyebrow twitched with rage.

"I am the Saiyajin no ouji, onna! The Saiyajin no ouji does not blunder!" His father hadn't started swearing, he wasn't really mad. Actually, Vejita was rarely really mad, just another mask to give purpose to his mindless aggression. This, this was playing, like foreplay. Trunks felt a wave of jealousy, he just wanted his mother to disappear, then he could be alone with his prince. Unfortunately, they'd become a much more affectionate couple since his father's death. Well, at least he could break them apart.

"Hai? Then how did the mirror get broken?! Let me guess, your ugly face spooked it?"

"It's the face of the person you bed woman!" Vejita glanced at Trunks, "It's the face of your son, would you call your son ugly?"

"No, just you! Tru-chan has my genes, they can even make a face like yours look beautiful!"

"He is not a child, onna, must you call him by that idiotic name?!" Trunks stepped between them and held out his hands.

"Kasan, Otosama, genki des (it's fine/I'm fine). I cleaned up the glass from the mirror."

"See Vejita? You're so selfish you'd force your own son to clean up your messes!"

"I'm right here." Trunks muttered.

"I did no such thing. It's your own fault if the boy has turned into one of your cleaning robots! All this softness and time around machines!"

"Oi?" (Hey?), Trunks tried again.

"If Tru-chan doesn't want to fight, he doesn't have to! Besides, it's better that he become a cleaner than end up like you! For all your talk of royalty, you sure don't treat your son like it!"

"Oi! I'm still here! Don't I get to say anything?"

""Nani?!"" (What ?!).

"Um, can I have some breakfast?"

"Che!" (um, that's just a sound) Vejita walked out of the kitchen. [Can you guess where he was going, it's really hard to guess. Um the toy store? No, baka, baka, baka! Well you said it was hard. Baka. Okay, I think I'll stop that now. Who are you? I don't know. Baka.]

"Well go on, you can fix your own breakfast, there's still some rice left over from earlier. What are you doing up so early, did you forget that summer's started, and it's the weekend?" Bulma smirked, he could see how his parents made a good couple. There was that feeling again.

"Domo (thanks), no I didn't forget, Goten woke me up, and now I'm up."

"What are you going to do today?" Trunks shrugged.

"Well, it wouldn't kill you to help out in the lab, even genius's could use help from time to time, and the help of another brilliant Briefs would be welcome!"

"Flattery, if that is what that was, won't help you," Trunks laughed a little at his mother.

"You know when I was your age I went on a quest for the Dragon Balls, all by myself, and I'm not the least bit Saiyajin."

"Not all by yourself. And besides, you were sixteen, not fourteen. You do remember the age of your only child?" Bulma reached over to mess her son's hair, then crossed her arms.

"Well, you look sixteen anyway, not like Vejita, he still looks about twelve."

Trunks ducked his head to keep from laughing, his parent's relationship was built on teasing, it was all harmless, although it did lead to his birth. He felt a little sick at the idea of his mother and sex, and where'd he come out of was just gross.

"Anyway," his mother continued, "Son-kun was only fourteen and he came along, and he was a lot weaker than you are now, no snooty Saiyajin prince to train him!" Trunks tensed at that.

"Hai, hai, those Sons are just perfect aren't they?!" Bulma was surprised by her son's bitterness. "Tru-chan? What's wrong? Did you lose a fight to Goten-kun? I'd never expected you to take offense to something like that." Trunks stiffened at Goten's name.

"Trun-kun, I could hear you the other night, I was passing by your room. Did Goten-kun try to pretend it didn't happen? He's young, sometimes boys do that, he's probably just worried about getting teased." Trunks blushed at his mother's revelation. But the mention of Goten and sex, well that had completely killed his erection. With the idea of his conception, he still had the images of his father to contend with, now he just felt uncomfortable.

"It will make you feel better if you talk, it's bad to keep your emotions bottled up. I promise you won't be grounded, I think you're a little young, but technically you haven't been a child since puberty, and I'd rather you had sex here in a safe environment, than sneaking around to anywhere." Trunks stared at his mother, then dished himself out some rice.

"No, Go-kun and I didn't have a fight."

"Then what's wrong?"

"I just wish we hadn't...everything's different now, I don't think I like him anymore."

"So it's you who doesn't want to get teased. Trun-kun, your father won't care, he hardly cares about it when he's involved. I mean, he's good at it, you wouldn't expect such a little runt to be so good in bed..."

"KASAN!!!" Trunks was covering his ears, and trying not to imagine his mother naked, at the same time trying not to imagine his father for entirely different reasons. He wasn't even going to look at how the idea made him feel.

"Sheesh, I know about your sex life, and it doesn't embarrass me, and you're the one who's too young to be doing that sort of thing." He wasn't even going to risk a visual to his already stained imagination, by telling her to think about her parents, and see how much she enjoys it. Trunks ate his rice while his mother watched him, trying to hold the silence for as long as possible, lest she mention her sex life again. But too much had happened too quickly, he needed to talk to someone, and with Goten being the problem, she was the best person. So, he broke the silence.

"I, I wish we hadn't, he didn't ask, he didn't care if I was okay with it. He just took me to a concert, then wouldn't let me push him away. And I didn't want to hurt his feelings, I mean he bought the concert tickets, and stuff afterwards, but I didn't ask him to, I could have paid for both of us myself. He just wanted to so badly, and it was nice to have contact, and if I imagined it was someone else it didn't feel so weird. It, it felt kind of like incest, but it can't have been that bad since I, I finished. Besides, I was drunk, we were both drunk. I don't like how things are now, I don't like how I feel around him. It's like I don't like him, and I've never felt like that, he's always been my brother, since we were little. I, I love him. So now we're...boyfriends. I don't know." Trunks blushed as he admitted that he'd cum, then suddenly froze when he realized he'd admitted to doing something to which there could be no question of age. Bulma just looked at her son, trying not to let her anger get a hold of her, not a common practice on her part, but it would not help matters if she got Vejita to kill Son-kun's youngest son. She had no intention of getting her husband killed again, which would certainly be the result once the angry father got a hold of him.

[Note: if I were basing Bulma on her funimation counterpart, she would be going on about how the situation is similar to the lives of birds here] "Trunks, if someone has sex with you, and you don't want to, even if you start to like it...or finish, it's rape. If you tried to push him away he should have left you alone until you were ready. I mean, it's a common form of seduction, I used it on your father, but that doesn't make it right. I used his crimes as an excuse to take advantage of him, and not respect him. Even now I give him a choice between sex and getting yelled at. But that's different, we're not best friends, and if he had pushed me away the first time I would have stopped. He didn't do much of anything the first time, I had to train him to do better, it's a good thing he learns fast or else you wouldn't have been born. Anyway, Goten probably didn't mean to hurt you, but you can't worry about his feelings, if you don't want to sleep with him, just tell him. It'll be better for both of you." There, she hadn't even yelled. By now Trunks was crying, he and Goten were brothers, why did he have to ruin it? It made sense, Goten didn't really like him, he didn't respect him, he was just a convenient vessel to explore his homosexuality in. It's what he'd thought before, if he were to replace the idea of dislike with trust. He didn't know why it hurt so much, why he felt like it had been hurting since that first kiss. Bulma pulled her boy into a hug. "I don't want to lose him."

"You won't, he'll be a little hurt, but in the end I'm sure he loves you enough to be glad he didn't hurt you more." Damn, she still wanted him dead, Goten had better not visit for a while.

Part V

One Month Later (from the start of the story)

Cold, Trunks was cold. He snuggled further into the body he was lying next to in an attempt to escape, but there was no warmth there. He opened his eyes, and stared at his father for several moments before it all came back to him. He felt like crying, he couldn't cry, he had to be strong. Trunks leaned over and kissed his father's lips, savoring the taste of ambrosia gone stale, it was still far better than anything he'd ever tasted, but could not compare with the original. A ghost of a flavor, he didn't know how he'd survive without even that much, he wouldn't survive, but soon he'd never be able to taste it again. Trunks got up and cleared away the tray, giving one longing glance to Vejita before heading to the kitchen. Soon.

Trunks didn't notice the knock at the door, he did notice the hand on his shoulder, much like the intruder must have noticed that they were now through the wall of the capsule house.

"Geeze Trunk-kun, take it easy will you?" Gohan asked, rubbing his head.

"You will not touch your prince without permission," Trunks hissed.

"Ah, so you're still on that. Vejita is dead Trunks. Vejita. Is. Dead. You are not him, you don't have to do this."

"Well, you cut straight to the point, don't you?"

Gohan put one hand behind his head, then changed his mind and turned somber, "You've been like this for weeks, Trunks, I'm beyond playing this game. In that other time line I was your mentor. I helped you and Go-chan train. I've always felt responsible for you."

Trunks crossed his arms, "Otosama trained me."

"And a wonderful job Vejita did too, look how you turned out! Go-chan was crying when he got ho..." Suddenly, Gohan couldn't breathe. Trunks had him in a head lock.

"You will not speak of your prince by his common name (Note: calling anyone by their name, without san, kun, sama, chan, or sensei attached is considered extremely impolite, and is only done as a sign that you hold no respect for the person, or are familiar to the point that you would give them an otherwise insulting nick name in affection.) I will forgive that insolence with me, but not him! I should just break your neck right now," Trunks voice was so soft it could have been a lover's caress. Gohan turned Super Saiyajin to break away, then turned to Trunks, panting.

"Trunks, I'm a good son and brother, that's why I stopped what was between us.." Trunks laughed, "There was nothing between us, you were just a convenient lay." Gohan stiffened, Trunk-kun was just angry, he didn't mean it, "Go-chan loves you."

"No he doesn't!!!" Trunks screamed, turning gold, "He doesn't, he doesn't respect me, he doesn't anything me. He uses me, because he wants to be normal!" Gohan took a step back. What did he mean? Of course Go-chan loved him. Gohan sighed sadly for the low self esteem Vejita had given his son. Kisama.

Trunks continued in his rant, "He touches me because he feels nothing for me, because he's gay, and he wants to get off, and I'm safe. He wants to wash away his father's hands, and he uses my body to do it!" he turned to Gohan, "Your family is so fucked up, you all reek of each other. Haven't you ever heard of bathing?" Gohan went to sniff himself, then stopped. Trunks knew nothing about it, it was sad how he was projecting his own trauma onto Goten.

Gohan sighed, "Trunks, if you really believe that Go-chan feels nothing for you, then I guess it shows that you don't return his feelings. And it's better that you break it off than prolong the relationship. But, did you have to do it like that? You could have told him gently, Go-chan would have understood. You shouldn't go around accusing him, accusing my father, accusing me, of being involved in the kind of abuse Vejita gave you! You have to accept that your father raped you, he doesn't deserve your loyalty, you owe that bakayaro (insult changes with context, like "fucker" in English, very insulting in this context) nothing!"

Trunks laughed, "You gave Otosama your forgiveness as a destroyer of worlds, the murderer of billions, but as a rapist you give him nothing? I'm not the one who's projecting. You don't understand, none of you do."

"Look, I'll tell Go-chan to leave you alone for a little while. If you don't return his feelings it will just make it harder for you to deal with what you've been through. But, one day you will have to face it. We only want to help you, Go-chan only wants to help you, and when you are ready, I hope you will let us back into your life."

"Otosama didn't rape me!" Gohan glanced up the stairs, then frowned at Trunks.

"Trunks, you're not still keeping his body are you?"

Now (more or less)

"That's just sick," Bulma laughed, as she watched Son-kun eat a chicken whole, "How can you eat the bones?" Goku looked up briefly, smiling and giving Bulma a view of a mouthful of food, before he went back to eating. Bulma looked away, by now she really should know better than to ask him to lunch, half the time he didn't even chew.

"Woman! That damn training machine of yours is insufficient! I need a higher level of gravity!" Vejita stormed into the room. Bulma rolled her eyes.

"For what Vejita? So you can train for that big battle that isn't coming up? If you think I'm wasting my time fixing a machine that I don't use, that you don't need, you're crazy! Not that there was any doubt. And why is it always my machine when it doesn't work? And could you at least acknowledge Son-kun? You sure have an odd way of treating your friends!"

"Kakarotto, is not as important as that machine! I need to train, I do not care if the Baka is stronger than me, I will not fall any further behind!"

"Hiya, Vejita-san!" Goku mumbled around a mouthful of udon.

"Shut up Baka!" Vejita went back to ignoring him. Goku just laughed at Vejita's grumpy mood, spraying food on the prince.

"See, I was right! You really should be a better friend," Bulma sniffed. Vejita glared at her for a moment, than left the room to change. Even the Saiyajin no Ouji was not hardened enough to stand Kakarotto's spit. Bulma sighed and sat down, lighting a cigarette. There was silence for several minutes as Goku continued to munch. Once finished he got up.

"Thanks for the meal Bulma, I'll be back soon!" Then he moved to follow Vejita. Bulma shook her head, with Goku "soon" could be a matter of years. She glanced at the door as Trunks walked in.

"Tru-chan, where were you last night! Or every night this week! I can smell the alcohol on you Trunks. Where have you been getting the boos? I can understand the need to drink occasionally, but this is too much! It's not good for you, and it makes you into an idiot! I know you're still upset about Goten, but this is not how to deal with it! Well? Answer me." During her speech Bulma had left the table, and now stood, hands on hips, staring at Trunks. Trunks stared back blankly for several moments, then walked away, and went upstairs to his room. Bulma watched him go.

"Tru-chan! Trunks!! Are you in there! If you don't answer me you're grounded! Tru-chan! The alcohol can't have made you that stupid already! Trunks!" She was answered by the sound of his door closing. Then she noticed the smell of weed lingering in the air, under the stench of boos. She shook her head, and sat back down at the table. She'd give him time.


Trunks slowly dressed as he watched the man sleep. They were in a room above the bar. He'd been here almost every night, usually more than once. The life erasing effects of alcohol were nothing without the other component.

"My father, Vejita-sama, the Saiyajin no Ouji, I love him. Even the sound of his name on my tongue, in any form, it's him, it's beautiful because it's him. But I can't have him, so I fucked you instead. I was thinking about him the whole time, I used to masturbate with his name on my lips, but then I discovered sex, and found I was only really good at team sports. I've tasted him, but only when I was very young. Before I learned what it was, that it was incest, and it was wrong, and he'd never want me. That was six months ago in sex ed., and I made myself stop, tried to stop wanting it, but it won't just go away. I worry about him though. He's too light, I know he doesn't eat enough, but I haven't done anything about it yet, too scared. He scares me. What I don't know scares me."

Three years ago

Trunks was looking for his father, he knew it wasn't his fault. Otosama may have killed bunches of people, but that was only cause he was forced to. Trunks shouldn't have gotten mad at him. Now he wanted to make it right but he'd said he hated his father, what if Otosama never forgave him, what if he hated him now? Trunks had gone off and had a good cry after their confrontation in the gravity chamber, and had avoided his father for days. But then he thought about all the nice things Otosama had done, and he figured it out, it wasn't his father's fault. Trunks steeled himself before the door of the gravity room, and knocked. It opened immediately, and Vejita sneered at him.

"Oh, so you're back again? Looking for another fight?" He stepped away from the doorway to let his son enter. Trunks stared up at his father for a long time, before launching himself into his arms.

"Papa!" Vejita stepped back, a little surprised, as his boy snuggled him.

Three years later

Trunks parted the curtains and glanced outside. He smiled, he was glad he looked older than he was, and the make-up helped. A touch of mascara, some eyeliner, and frost blue lipstick. He didn't worry about looking gay because well..., and besides, he liked to consider himself more evolved than such pettiness. He looked back towards the sleeping man, he didn't ask for his name, he didn't want it, it only interfered with the fantasy. It was so good, being able to scream that name out loud. His partners were always either too drunk of high to care. High, a new addition to the world of washing your life away. He'd already tried speed, shrooms, heroine, meth, and LSD, he'd try E tomorrow. A new drug each day, it took a lot to make it work, he was glad he was rich, and knew his mother's bank code. Pot had finally started working today, he was beginning to think it would never get him high, it was the first drug he tried. Of course he still preferred alcohol. He smiled, and continued his story. "You see, he was a killer. A professional killer, and at first I was just horrified that he'd done it, killed so many, millions, billions. All in cold blood. But then I realized he was forced to, we all do things we don't want to. I didn't want to have sex with my brother, and then I had sex with his brother to erase the experience, now I fuck people to erase that, but mostly because I can't have my daddy, because that would be wrong. Do I sound convinced? I was so convinced two weeks ago, before my friend kissed me, before I lost my virginity. It feels like decades, has it really been not even two weeks? Oh. Anyway, I realized my father's only crime was that he wasn't invincible, I always thought he was, I guess every kid feels that way, well not every kid feels how I felt. So I was okay, everything was just fine. Then I learned more about world events. And I learned that Chikuyu has its own trained mass murderers. They exist in places like Argentina. People trained to kill for a purpose, usually a war, in my father's case it was real-estate, who get released back into society when the war is over. So now they're just like everyone else, only killing is all they ever knew, and inside they're still killers really, and on the outside they still kill. Because they have to, because they don't know any better."

Three years earlier

"I'm sorry, I'm so, so, very, very, very sorry. Gomen, gomen, gomen, nasai! Papa, Otosama." Trunks was clutching onto his father's clothes and sobbing softly, repeating the pattern of words over and over. Vejita awkwardly patted his son's head, then gave up and pulled him into a stiff hug, hushing him softly.

"It's okay, that woman should have told you, not your friend. It's up to her to let you know of any potential threats. Now stop leaking on me, boy. It's not becoming of a prince to show such weakness!" Trunks smiled, daddy was being brave, he looked up into his father's face.

"But it's just us here, Papa. No one will know I was crying, unless you tell, which wouldn't be very prince-like either." Vejita stiffened, still holding his son, then smirked.

"Very well brat, I will not tell anyone about your weakness, if you don't betray mine." Vejita moved to step away, but Trunks tightened his hold. "Can't we just be weak a little longer? I still won't tell." Otosama was still being brave. He'd been mean to him, and he wanted to make him better. Trunks knew what always made him feel better, and wondered if his father had made the same discovery he had. Oh well, he'd show him, and if he hadn't figured it out, which was possible since his daddy knew all about fighting, but not so much about other things, that was Mama's department, he'd be even happier with the new feeling. Trunks giggled, Otosama was going to feel so much better.

Three years later

Trunks bit his lip, then looked in the mirror and fixed his hair as he continued to talk.

"They still kill. Do you think that my father kills? I don't think so. Goku, no matter how much of a baka, is always able to read ill intent. At least he could with my future self. I don't think I'm much like him. Did he feel as I do? Did they...? I'm making myself jealous, of...myself. My father isn't still killing, he's better now. What he's been through is bound to have repercussions, but not in that way. Goku would know if he was killing, he'd stop him. Not to mention that my father was never subtle, everyone would know if he was still a killer, he'd write it on every billboard in blood, and paint it across the sky with entrails. Not that they'd stay up there long. I wish I could still masturbate, then I could just drink in my room and never come out. I don't need the drugs, they're just...something extra. I'm bound to get into trouble for this. Not that I care, between my father and Goten I just don't care anymore, I can't be good anymore, I... It's only been two weeks."

Three years later

Vejita grudgingly put his arms back around Trunks, and patted the boy's head. He shifted uncomfortably, ever since puberty the boy had given off a constant scent of arousal. It was as though at the age of eight the boy had decided to pull a switch to let everyone know he was no longer a child, and had yet to pull it the other way. And it was only going to get worse as he got closer to becoming a teenager. The scent of heat usually didn't effect him, but for some reason Vejita felt his head getting cloudy. It was too hot in there, no he wouldn't admit to that weakness,...well it was! Vejita had experienced enough touching, he didn't like it, not unless it brought with it the pain and lust of battle, then it was merely tolerated. He didn't like it. Suddenly he felt something touch his groin, and unconsciously thrust into it. He didn't like it. The hand, it was a hand, a small hand, rubbed harder, Vejita bucked again. He didn't like it. He glanced down at his son, rubbing his arousal, watching him with that intent curiosity only a child, or perhaps Kakaratto, could have, and instantly flinched away. His son whimpered and pouted in a way which always got him what he wanted, although oddly enough never with enemies, well sometimes, if he had the cuteness power of Goten with him combined into Gotenks.

"Please? Otosama, please? I want to make you feel better. I'm sorry I said I hated you, I love you, you don't have to be brave. I'm going to make it better." And with that Trunks reached into the spandex he had a hold of, and pulled out his father's arousal. Vejita stilled, and Trunks smiled, watching the liquid seep out the top. He wondered if it was the same as a mother's milk, if babies could nurse off of it. He'd have asked his father, but he wanted a taste. He'd tasted his own, it was sweet, and he liked it. It was something all for him, him and his daddy. He'd never share this with Go-kun, it was special, more than even best friends special. He shivered at the idea of having a secret from his best friend. He leaned over and licked the tip, this was different, he thought it would be the same, but this had almost no taste at all, except for a redefining of a scent, that of sweat and blood and strength, Papa. He liked this taste even better. Trunks sucked the head of Vejita's penis into his mouth, and suckled like he was still at the tit, working his tongue in the slit at the top, trying to coax more out, while rubbing at his own cock through his pants. Vejita stiffened and bucked, completely lost to himself now, he didn't even know what was going on. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

"Vejita? Is Tru-chan in there with you? If so, tell him it's time for lunch!" Bulma called, before returning to the house. He wondered why the woman didn't just use the video-com. Vejita pulled away completely, and Trunks fell forward onto the floor.

"You heard your mother, boy."

"Do I have to go?"

"Yes! You are forgiven for your insults from a few days ago, now go eat before that woman drags me out there to join you!" Trunks got up.

"Do you feel better now?" Vejita nodded, and opened the door. Trunks smiled and left, still rubbing himself as he walked. Vejita closed his eyes as the boy left, and slid to his knees. He could hear his father laughing. Vejita shook his head, train, he had to train, training always made everything better. Stopping outside the gravity room, Trunks finished giving himself an orgasm, before going inside to have lunch.

Three years later

Trunks straightened his clothes, then opened the door, before turning back to the room. He went back to the bed, and took another joint from the night stand. He sat there, smoking it as he watched the man sleep. The best part of this was that he got to confess his sins. It was better than a shrink, better than a priest, better than a friend, because you didn't have to worry about what they thought, truly didn't have to worry. They didn't think anything, couldn't hear you while asleep, and if they were half awake, they were certainly too drunk to remember. But, Trunks had nothing left to say. Trunks sat back, finished the joint, and left. He felt so relaxed.


Bulma finished her coffee, and decided to go grocery shopping. She'd noticed earlier that her bank card was missing, and had only just called it in to get canceled. What was a thief going to do without the code? However, this meant the groceries went on plastic, and she just didn't have time to give an extra bill to her accountant to sort through. She hardly knew why she didn't just hire someone to do the shopping. Well, she could always do a bit extra, she could use a new outfit and a change of hair. Bulma grabbed her capsules, and left.

Goten walked into the empty kitchen, just as he heard Bulma's car fly away. He smiled, it had been a week since he'd last seen Trunks, for some reason he was never home, and Bulma would always tell him not to bother calling back. But he had to see his love, Goten walked up the stairs to Trunks' room.

Vejita eyed Kakarotto from the other side of the gravity room. What did he want? He hadn't shown much interest in sparring, or training, he'd just followed him, first to his room, then out here. Kakarotto was staring at him, and sniffing the air.

"Why are you following me Kakarotto?" Kakarotto put one hand behind his head, and rubbed his neck in that stupid gesture of his. Vejita crossed his arms.

"Well, uh, Vejita-san, um I decided to let you know that I love you."

"You, are in love with me? Is that what you are saying Kakarotto?" Vejita snorted {just like a horsey, well not really, more derisively}. Goku held his hands out in front of him.

"No, no! I love you like I do my sons! But I decided that you should know that you're loved."

"I see, and what brought you to this idiotic conclusion, Kakarotto?" Goku fidgeted.

"You, um, you smell good, I like how you smell." Vejita just stared at him, then he smelt it, the arousal. Goku looked at Vejita sympathetically.

"Vejita, do you know what it's like to be loved?"

Goten knocked on Trunks' door, before letting himself in. Trunks looked up at him, then went back to playing his video game. He was doing really well, way better than when sober. Goten sat down beside him and started kissing his neck. Trunks pushed him away.

"Don't, I'm busy." Goten pouted, and pulled Trunks into a hug, and away from the game completely. Trunks' little car crashed.

"Damn it Goten, that was my best score." How did he get here again?

"Come on Trunks-koi, I want you, and I know you want me too." Goten rubbed at Trunks flaccid cock. When did Goten get here? Trunks was really high, he couldn't quite remember anything for more than a few minutes. It had made the game fun, this was just confusing. Goten moved to straddle him, still rubbing. "Please?"

Vejita stood very still, stiller than usual. Kakarotto, had beaten him, decades ago beaten him, and then he'd done it again and again, just to increase the humiliation, until the prince had been forced to yield, and the man was taking his rights now? There was nothing he could do, so he yielded, he kept his power level low as the other Saiyajin approached him.

"Let me show you what it's like to be loved Vejita-chan." He stayed perfectly still as Kakarotto pulled down his pants, then his own. Kept his power low as Kakarotto turned him around with too much force in his excitement, causing two of his ribs to crack against the cold wall. Instead of the pain he noticed to cold, why was he noticing the cold?

"I'm going to enter you now." Didn't cry out as he was entered dry, thrust into, pulled out and reentered by the increased size of a super saiyajin, while he remained in his weakest form. Didn't scream as his mind replayed images of his father entering him again and again and again. Didn't beg, as out of the corner of his eye he saw his father masturbating to the sight while spitting on him.

"This is what you deserve, you little slut, this is what you get for being so weak, couldn't even defeat a third class weakling like this. How's it feel to get fucked by this scum, it's not as though it was even me. No, you don't deserve the honor of a king. You are nothing, you are not first class, you are nothing, you are less than him, less than third."

"Oh thank you Vejita-chan, thank you, this is even better than Gohan, or Goten, or anything!" Kakarotto's voice fought with the king's for dominance. Vejita didn't cry out when his arm was broken, and his knee cap shattered, when he was forced to the floor so that Kakarotto could get a better angle with which to thrust. After all, what choice did he have, he'd lost, he was nothing.

Goten was kissing Trunks full on the mouth now, forcing his tongue inside. Trunks tried to turn his head, but it was so hard to keep track of what was happening.

"I'm going to take good care of you koi. I want to be inside you." Still rubbing Trunks' now half hard penis, Goten reached into his pocket for lube. "Goten, no, I want to save myself, I don't want to." Goten put one finger to Trunks' mouth, as he undid his pants.

"Shh, koi. Don't worry, I won't leave you. I'll never leave you, we're best friends, we've always been together. And now that we're boyfriends, we're even closer. You don't have to worry, this isn't just a game to me, it's serious." Somewhere in his mind Trunks was able to wonder which poorly translated, trash America-jin novel Goten got his dialogue from, then he wondered if Goten even read books. By this time they were both naked, and Goten was slipping a finger in, even as Trunks tried to pull away. What had happened?

"Shh, koi, it will only hurt for a moment, then it will feel real good." Goten slipped in a second and a third finger, trying to find his prostrate, but failing. Trunks noticed that the poster on the wall was dancing. Then he felt something big and slick fill him, and it was too big, and he was instantly soft, but Goten didn't notice, the Son's eyes were closed.

"Oh yes koi, yes," he whispered. Trunks stared at the door, wondering what his father would think if he were to walk in. Suddenly, he wanted very much for Vejita to walk in and stop this. But then he imagined his father's reaction. His disgust, not only that he'd have sex with a Son, not only that he was gay, but that he was so weak, that he was bottom. He could almost hear Vejita's laughter. As he heard Goten moan, and felt each thrust, Trunks decided to ignore it, concentration was just too hard. This was his best friend, he trusted him, he didn't know why he felt like he was getting raped.

"Vejita-chan!!!" Goku cried out as he came, with one last violent thrust, bashing the prince's head on the floor as Vejita looked over his shoulder at something unseen. Goku collapsed on top of the Saiyajin no Ouji, panting.

"Oh thank you, thank you! Doesn't it feel good to be loved?" Goku nuzzled his neck, licking the sweat there, as it mixed with blood. Blood. Goku stood up and examined his prince, startled as he noticed that his face was pale and drawn, as blood pooled behind his head, and between his legs, he was also unconscious. Vejita was never unconscious, at least not for long. Goku kicked at Vejita's side.

"Hey, Vejita-chan, wake up!" Goku called. He frowned at the lack of response, he didn't mean to hurt him. Goku didn't have any senzu beans. He stared at his friend and frowned.

"Trunks-koi!" Goten screamed, before he collapsed, careful not to crush his lover. Goten kissed his love deeply, and noticed that he got no response, Trunks was just lying there. Goten pulled out of Trunks' body, sighing at the loss of the rightness of their union, and spooned against his koi. "Tuckered you out, didn't I?" Goten looked at his koi's face, and saw the happy tears running down his cheeks. And with this warm afterglow, he snuggled into Trunks, and drifted off to sleep.

Part VI

One Month Later {you know what I mean}

"Otosama didn't rape me!" Gohan glanced up the stairs, then frowned at Trunks. "Trunks, you're not still keeping his body are you?" Goten started up the stairs, Trunks grabbed his arm.

"You keep the fuck away," Trunks hissed. Gohan tried to pull his arm away, but Trunks only tightened his grip.

"Trunks, you're hurting me." Abbruptly Trunks let go of Gohan's arm and moved so he was blocking his father's doorway, fully super Saiyajin, and snarling. Gohan watched, eyes wide. Where had this come from?


"Go away Gohan." This wasn't a request, this was a warning. Gohan took a deep breath, and started to walk up the stairs.

"Think about this Trunkskun. Think about what you're doing? You're alienating yourself from everyone! Is this worth it? Is Vejita worth it? The man who beat you, the man who raped you? You're leaving a lot of living people who care about you, for a dead person who doesn't." Gohan didn't get any farther than that, Trunks was on, stradling his waiste and punching him repeatedly. Tears were starting to stream down his face.

"My father cares for me! He didn't rape me, Goten raped me!" Gohan paused in trying to defend himself at these words. Trunks sank to the floor, drawing his knees up to his chest, crying. For a moment he looked exactly like what he was, a teenager, a little boy who had been through too much, and was just so very tired. Gohan marveled at how he could ever have seen him as anything else. Still, he was shaken by the child's words.

"Trunks, you don't have to make up lies to protect that Kisama." Big mistake, in an instant Trunks had his composure back and was snarling.

"I am not lying! How well do you know your little brother? How well do you know yourself? I always thought you'd be able to recognize rape, afterall, your father rapes you. I don't see how Goten's actions could be so surprising, he's always been more like Goku than anyone, and, well, like father like son." Trunks gave Gohan a thin smile before he was pushed against the wall, held off the floor by an enranged Gohan.

"How dare you accuse my family of your father's diseases! I already promised you I would ask Goten to back off, and still you persist in these lies! Don't worry, I'll do everything in my power to make sure that Goten has nothing to do with a sick fuck like you. You probably enjoyed it, when your papa fucked you. I don't know why we even bothered to protect you." Trunks gave Gohan a sad smile, and with a blow accross the face, Goku's first son released him. Trunks slid to the floor and stared at the ground. Occasionally looking up through his bangs to make sure Gohan didn't go anywhere near Otosama's room.

Gohan paced back and forth angirly, then glanced at Trunks, distraught on the floor, and sighed. He'd been through a lot, and he was so young. He reminded him of Mirai Trunks, even if he was a few years younger. So much pain, and barely a chance to live. He couldn't abbandon his, it was clear Trunks needed help. He didn't know why Bulma didn't interfere. Gohan slid to the ground beside Trunks, the boy slid away from him.

"Look, Trunkskun, I'm sorry. I just can't stand to see you like this, in such denial. And in time you'll come to see it as that. With the right treatment you'll see how sick this is." Trunks gave an odd laugh, and looked up.

"You know Gohan, in a way you were right. I'm not in denial, I wish I was. I wish none of this ever happened." Gohan smiled.

"It's not too late to make things right...." Trunks raised a hand to stop Gohan's speech. "You're right, I did enjoy it. You see, my father didn't rape me. I raped him."

One Month Previous (well, more like a week or two now)

Goten snuggled into his lover's chest, slowly blinking awake. Trunks was lying there, staring at the ceiling, he showed no signs of being aware of his the other boy's weight. Goten yawned.

"Ohiyo koi," he placed a kiss on his heart's lips. Trunks' expression suddenly changed, from passive to horrified. He quickly pushed Goten off the bed, and ran to the bathroom, emptying his stomach. Goten chewed his lip as he heard the retching, he hoped his love wasn't sick. But that would give him a chance to pamper his koi, bringing him miso soup and green tea, with words of encouragement, and bouts of love making when Trunks was feeling stronger. Trunks stared at his reflection in the mirror. That wasn't him, was it? Not that pale, sickly thing, so weak it deserved to be put out of its misery. He could almost hear Vejita laughing. His father would find out, he could smell Goten on him, could smell the sex. The eyes in his reflection gave him a flash of Vejita smirking before turning his back on this weak cast away, and pulling his true son, his other self, that fought the androids so bravely, that wouldn't have let Goten do whatever the fuck that was to him, into a passionate kiss. What was it, what happened? Why, why did he let Goten...? Kuso, he was saving himself! Slowly, Trunks met his own eyes in the mirror.

"He'd never want you, especially not now," he whispered. He had to leave, he had to wash Goten away, and a million showers couldn't get rid of the feeling of his brother's hands, his body, only one thing could do that. He didn't want to see Goten again, ever. Slipping out the bathroom's other door, Trunks made his way to the laundry room to get a change of clothes, the robots wouldn't have put away the clothing yet.

Goku sat, staring at Vejita. The prince still hadn't woken up, it had been almost an hour. Goku felt like crying. The bleeding had stopped a half hour ago, he thought that meant Vejita was okay, the floor of the gravity room was dyed a rusty brown, reaching in two lazy puddles from the Saiyajin no Ouji's body. Goku had been thinking very hard. Two thoughts kept chasing each other around and around. One: he didn't have any senzu. Two: someone else always took care of any other form of medical treatment. When he had senzu he could fix the problem without difficulty, but there wouldn't be any more for another month or two. Goku knew he could always wish Vejita back if he were to die from his injuries, but he didn't want Bulma to yell at him. He thought of taking Vejita to a doctor, but Goku hated doctors, and didn't think the prince would be in much shape to deal with the scary creatures that stuck him with needles, and said it was for his health. He stared at the prince, Vejita was dirty, he knew what to do about that! Chichi always made him bathe Gohan when he was little if he got dirty. Smiling, Goku left the gravity room to get some soap, water, and a wash cloth.

Bulma watched over her cup of tea, as Chichi glared up the stairs to her son's room for the fifth time. After doing a quick grocery shopping, Bulma decided that she wanted company when buying clothes. Junanagou and she could never agree on fashion, and Lunch had a tendency to shoot anything with three legs that so much as glanced at her, that left Chichi, big mistake. The woman welcomed her with her perfect wife persona, then proceeded to brag about Gohan's grades. Her entire Japanese manner, at first glimpse old fashioned, held something of Western curtness, a braggart style, that didn't fit well with Chichi's old hair style and Kimono. Bulma sometimes admitted was too much in herself, if she was to admit to a flaw, but even she wasn't brass enough to brag about her child, herself maybe, but not him. Not that Gohan didn't deserve praise, it was just that Chichi spoke in such a way as to suggest something lacking in Bulma's parenting skills. Trunks got very good grades as well, when he attended school, her son always found ways of getting into trouble. Chichi and Bulma had never been good friends, the former simply became a part of the Sonkun package, know him, know her. In a way she felt sorry for the woman, she doubted anyone, even her own children truly liked her. Her pride, in essence, managed to outstrip even Vejita's, with none of his charm. She played the victim, hiding the preying mantis inside, he played the villain, hiding the wounded child.

"What did I do to deserve such a son! It was hard enough getting Gohan to study, with Goten it's nearly impossible. And after I got him a new study bed, and all those books, he rarely even sleeps in it, and he still hasn't finished The Tale of Genji! {This is one of the first novels, over 1000 pages, its cultural significance is the equivalent of Shakespeare, only greater, and more accessible in modern times.} It's that Vejita's fault! He's evil, first he tries to kill all of us, and now he keeps my Gotenchan from studying by holding him hostage for training! It's such a waste of time, he should be studying. I don't know how you can put up with that man, Bulmasan." (San is what you call any neutral or semi-neutral acquaintance, it has nothing to do with respect, except not to show a willful lack of it). Bulma pursed her lips, yes she definitely preferred Vejita's rants about strength and training to this. Her and Chichi had almost been friends while Goten and Trunks had been children, but as they gained independence, it no longer took a tag team of mothers to keep them in line. Bulma thought about Goten, and noticed the world weary expression on Chichi's face that meant she was about to go into another one of her rants. It was time to leave. However, before she left to finish her shopping, there was one other order of business. She hadn't wanted to bring Chichi this humiliation, but in light of the last hour, she could almost do it with relish.

"Chichisan, would you mind asking Gotensan to leave Truchan alone for a while? He keeps calling, and Truchan is going through a difficult time right now. I know it's his birthday tomorrow, but I'd like to keep the celebration just to his immediate family, Vejitachan, myself, and my parents. Do you understand? Just give Truchan a good week without Gotensan." As Bulma finished Chichi looked up.

"Oh yes, Trunksan's birthday. I'll have to send Gotenchan to buy him a present." Chichi hadn't been paying attention at all, she wouldn't let any negative implications about her children pass any lips but her own, and certainly wouldn't hear any said. It was your child that was wrong, never hers, not unless she said so. Bulma felt her anger rising.

"Now listen! Keep Goten away from my son, understand me! I know it's nice of you to be sending Truchan a present, but he needs time away from Goten." Bulma lost some of her stamina towards the end at Chichi's shocked expression. This soon gave way to answering anger.

"No, that's fine! I'm glad we don't have to give your lazy son charity anymore. He may have lots of things, but he sure as hell isn't getting any love with that father of his! And he'll turn out just like his father too, and decide to kill us all! I'm glad Gotenchan got over his hero worship, now at least I know he'll be nothing like him! I can see how you'd stay with Vejita, you can't do any better, you've gotten old!"

"I am not old! I look as young and as beautiful as ever, and you're older than I am!"

"Yes, but I'm not showing my age, having a loving and wonderful husband like Gokuchan has allowed me to retain my youthful good looks!"

"Having two children has made you old and ugly! While I retain my good looks! Just look in a mirror, I'm never wrong." With these words Bulma was out the door, not being able to stand another second of Chichi's presence, and determined to have the last word. Chichi paused, then started screaming obscenities at the door, but Bulma had just left. Eventually Chichi calmed down (after several hours), and decided that she would forbid her son from seeing Trunks, after all, Gotenchan could catch something from that gene pool, like bad manners and rebellious behavior, just like Gohanchan when he was little.

Gohan looked at himself in the mirror and smiled. His outfit was sure to impress Trunks, he had seen it in a magazine with the words Reberu (Rebel) written in bold Katakana letters across the front. If Trunks had been impressed by his Saiyaman disguise, this would floor him. Gohan was wearing a very large black leather jacket, loose fitting black leather pants, a black T-shirt with the words Marketing Incorporated written on it in English, and the piece de la resistance, a pair of black sunglasses. He smiled at his reflection and gave himself a thumbs up, he was cool. In actuality he looked like a clean cut Hell's Angels reject, or a leather boy gone wrong. He was swimming in the jacket, the pants made his midsection look shapeless, and a T-shirt with gibberish written on it in English looked just as silly to a young person well on their way to learning the language, as those North American tourists proudly displaying a single character of Kanji on their clothing, which had no meaning at all without another symbol to clarify it, looked to him. (Anything Western bearing a single character of Kanji is either meaningless, or has the meaning messed up. A good example of this is that Our Lady Peace video, none of the Kanji means anything it's supposed to. It focusses on the symbol for spirit, but that could mean soul, weather, or heaven dependent on the symbol put next to it, without the other symbol the meaning remains vague. None of the symbols shown in tattoo parlors are correct. Also, in Japanese culture, even correctly written a single word used as decoration looks silly, like if we were to write the word love on a piece of paper, frame it, and put it on the wall.). Gohan looked one last time in the mirror before changing back to his regular clothes. When he showed up at Capsule Corp tomorrow to wish the boy a happy birthday, Trunks wouldn't be able to resist a repeat performance of their night in the parking lot. Gohan knew that the clothes suited him perfectly, they screamed rebel, and that was what he had become, a rebel in an adulterous affair. He couldn't wait for tomorrow to come.

Goku stood back proudly from his work. Vejita was all clean now, he'd even stopped bleeding. It had been hard work, much harder than washing Gohan, the blood had become sticky, and wanted to stain his prince's skin. Goku knew scrubbing could fix it, but found that if he scrubbed too hard, Vejita would start bleeding again. Now Vejita was covered in a mess of bruises and scratches, his clothes, such as they were, had been put back on his body, and he looked very much like he had just lost a particularly vicious sparring match. Vejita wouldn't like that, his pride wouldn't let him lose, but Goku couldn't think of a thing to do about it. The only thing that was out of place, was the fact that Vejita was still unconscious. He'd never remained unconscious for this long before, not unless he was dead. Goku bent over and put his ear to the prince's mouth to feel his breath. Goku smiled, his prince wasn't dead, just sleeping, he was probably tired and had decided to take a nap. Goku looked up at the sound of Bulma's air car encapsulating. He didn't know she had gone out. He poked his head out of the gravity chamber. "Hi Bulmachan!" Bulma gave the remainder of her bags to one of the robots, before walking over to greet Goku.

"Sonkun! Were you two sparring again?" She looked into the gravity chamber and stopped at the sight of Vejita's still form. Goku studied her for a moment, thinking of what to say. He knew love was good, and Vejita had to know how he felt about him, but he didn't think Bulma would understand. It was a guy thing, that's why he never told Chichi about his love for his sons. Somehow, he didn't think the rest of the Z senshi (warriors) would understand either, it was probably just for Saiyajins. Bulma tore her eyes away from Vejita.

"Sonkun, what happened to Vejitachan?"

"Well Bulmachan, we were sparring, but I guess Vejitachan was pretty tired, because he's asleep now."

"Did that idiot overwork himself again! I swear we don't have the medical resources to fix him every time he over trains!" She crossed her arms, but her eyes softened looking once again at the father of her children, "He doesn't even care that he could destroy the house. Sonkun, I told you not to let him do this! You know his limitations!" Bulma glared at Goku, who backed up a few steps.

"Sorry Bulmachan, I didn't mean to work him so hard. I thought Vejitachan could take it!"

"Well be more careful! It's up to you to watch this fool if he won't watch himself! Why are you calling him 'chan' now? You usually call him 'san' or 'sama'." Bulma motioned for Goku to bring Vejita into the medical wing as he answered.

"Well, he looks so cute lying there like that, he reminds me of Gohan. And you always call him 'chan' so I thought I should too!" Goku was quite proud of his answer. Bulma sweat dropped. They continued to walk in silence, until they reached the medical wing.

"He shouldn't still be unconscious, usually he at least stirs a little. Put him down Sonkun." Goku deposited Vejita on the bed.

"Well, yeah. He must be really tired!" Bulma again sweat dropped before her expression melted into a worried frown. She addressed one of the doctors who had just entered the room.

"Check him for the usual injuries, as well as any unusual head trauma. The idiot's been sparring again." As the doctor's hurried around her, Bulma sighed and sat down.

Trunks sunk into a stool at the bar, downing a vodka slide. This particular establishment had a sign proudly displaying that it served Amerikan durinkusu (American drinks), although this counted as anything even vaguely Western. He wondered if any Japanese tourists had been disappointed when they couldn't get Canadian Rye at your average American pub. He felt good, his whole body hummed and he couldn't even feel the alcohol. Next to him, some guy was nattering on to him about his experience as a tourist, and bragging that he spoke fluent English. Trunks mused that English wouldn't even be that big a deal if it wasn't for their damn Japanese pride, causing them to need to keep up with the west. Learning all those English writers. Then again, if they hadn't felt so threatened, they'd still be lost in the Edo period. Trunks shook his head, he paid too much attention to his studies.

"So, if you're trying to learn English, don't go to America, or England. In England they have so many different accents you won't be able to understand the words you do know, and in America they speak a different sort of English than anywhere else, and then talk to you like you're stupid. Go to Canada, especially Vancouver, they have so many Asians living there that they won't even notice you. The only problem is that most people will assume that you speak fluent English. In Canada they speak English like they do in England, but they don't have many accents. (this is true, Vancouver is the favored spot for Asians to learn English, this is also because Vancouver looks a lot like Hong Kong, but that doesn't apply to the Japanese.). You'll also come across more people who speak Japanese, and they have Japanese signs in stores...."

Trunks got up and walked away, he didn't care about visiting some other country, he'd do that when he got older and was forced, er, inherited into the family business. He could care less about how well he spoke English, long as he knew enough to know when he was being insulted. Fuck Canada, fuck everywhere but this bar. He felt good. He'd bought enough E to kill someone, he supposed, off some guy, he couldn't remember who. Always keep track of your dealer, that way you'd know if you were getting screwed. Oh well, didn't matter, this stuff was definitely working, he'd taken it all, assuming that anything close to a safe amount wouldn't work on him. Being Saiyajin was expensive. He wondered how many languages his father spoke. He'd learned Japanese pretty quickly according to stories, maybe he'd picked up a few other languages.

Trunks rubbed himself absently, thrusting against the corner of the bar a few times before pushing off. God, he was so horny. {I hate this word, but it's what was in my head, bad head, bad, um the head on top of my shoulders}. He moved into an open place in the bar where some people were dancing, this wasn't a club, but anyway. Lots of early drinkers, mostly business men, if you didn't know how to drink, you didn't know how to do business. Trunks laughed, he was perfect for his birth rite.

Trunks ran his finger along the neck of some pretty boy form behind, the kid glance behind him and smiled, backing into Trunks' frame. Kid, Trunks laughed, he was probably twenty. Trunks thrust against the body in front, the kid thrust back in return. Trunks closed his eyes, enjoying it for a moment. He breathed in his partner's arousal. Suddenly he got a flash of Goten, his hands, his mouth, and Trunks went cold, shoving away from the boy who fell to the ground. Fuck, this had been happening all night. Every time he tried to erase Goten's memory there he was again. Now he couldn't even use other people to get off. Trunks dry heaved once before the warmth returned to him. Most people couldn't get it up on X, he was stuck with an almost constant erection, unless he thought about Goten, lucky him.

Trunks looked up, the twenty year old was staring at him. He had to get out of there. Hopefully Goten would be gone. Starting to feel good in the drug haze once more, Trunks left the bar.

Goten stared at the ceiling, what had happened to his koi? It had been an hour, it was obvious he wasn't coming back to bed. Goten glanced at the clock and smiled, why would he? It was 4:30 in the afternoon. He sighed, his koi was so thoughtful, he didn't want to disturb him while he slept, to Trunks had gone off to do something quietly around Capsule Corp. Goten decided to get up and greet his lover. He was his by a sudden flash of worry, followed by a warm fuzzy feeling. Trunks was sick, he had probably gone to another room so Goten wouldn't catch it. That was so sweet of him, but he shouldn't be trying to take care of himself. Goten slipped on his clothes, and padded out of the room.

"Trunkskoi?" Goten asked, this was the fifth door he'd opened, and still no luck. Goten saw Bulma downstairs. She'd probably know where Trunks was. Goten walked down the stairs.

"Bulmasan, where's Trunks?" Bulma had just stopped in the middle of the hall, and moved to lean against one of the walls, rubbing her face. The doctors couldn't tell why Vejita was still asleep, they thought it might be a self induced comma. At the sound of Goten's voice she looked up.

"Get out." Her son didn't need this right now.

"But Bulmasan, I haven't found Trunkskun yet," Goten replied, scratching his head.

"Sonkun!" Goku entered the room.

"Yeah, what is it Bulmachan? Dinner?" Bulma's left eye twitched. She paused, regaining her composure, a rare occurrence for her.

"Sonkun! I have a lot of work to do! So you and your son get out and go home! I can't think with all of these distractions!" Bulma yelled, which was keeping her composure for her, nothing broke.

"Huh? Oh sure Bulmachan, come along Goten, you're mother probably has dinner ready!" Goku said, taking this son's hand.

"But Trunkchan's...Dinner? Okay!" Goten let his father transport them away. Trunks would probably be too sick for dinner anyway, and he'd always be able to see him bright and early tomorrow for his birthday.

Bulma watched the too of them go, then sank down to the floor. Vejita was under isolation at the moment, more so he could rest, then for any risk of infection. The doctors said he just needed rest, once he got it he'd come out of the comma. If this failed, they'd try stimuli to wake him. She didn't know how this happened. Passing out from sparring was just exhaustion, but a comma meant Vejita didn't want to wake up, it was psychological. Bulma pillowed her head on her arms, and wept.

It was 9:00pm when Trunks got back, he'd been at that bar longer than he'd thought. The drugs still thrummed in his system, which was expected, he'd found some extra that he'd missed and taken a pick me up less than an hour ago. His mother had gone to bed early. Vejita was in the hospital wing. Trunks frowned, then smiled slightly, his father had overworked himself sparring again. A part of his mind whispered that this should concern him, that he'd learned a reason for this, but he couldn't remember what it was. Trunks readjusted himself, he'd been hard forever. He decided to go visit his father.

"Otosama, Otosama wake up!" Trunks whispered, shaking his father's foot. He didn't move. For some reason Vejita had been put in an isolation bed. Probably to protect the doctor's when he woke up. Trunks laughed, Otosama didn't like others to see him sleep. That why he had to wake up!

"Otosama!" This time Trunks shouted in his ear, shaking his shoulders. He knew this was stupid, but felt too good to care. When this failed to get a reaction, Trunks frowned, Otosama didn't like other people to see him sleep. Trunks stared at his face, so pretty, not like a killer at all. He was reminded of his dream, and looked around the room. Well, why not? It's be fun. Trunks leaned over and kissed his father gently on the lips. This didn't work. Trunks stood, of course it didn't, he cursed, he was in the wrong position to kiss him properly. Trunks climbed up on top of his father and straddled his waist. Leaning in to try again Trunks fell over, and giggled, it looked like he'd gotten himself a little drunk too. He had fallen so his body was flush against his father's. It felt...nice. Trunks shifted so he could peer at Vejita's face, this was harder than it should have been, the sheets were slippery.

"Otosama." Trunks leaned in and kissed his father again. Yes, this was the right position. His father still wasn't moving, and Trunks grew frustrated, he kissed harder, slipping his tongue inside Vejita's slack jaw, and gasped as the movement caused him to thrust against the body beneath him. He sucked on Vejita's mouth, trying to coax his tongue into some kind of movement, and continued to thrust. He couldn't stop, he didn't even know how. Finally, with a curse, and a prayer he came, and buried his face in his father's unmoving shoulder. Kamisama, he'd been waiting to do that all day.

Trunks noticed that he hadn't completely stopped thrusting, he also noticed that while the rest of his father's body remained slack, on part had decided to move. Trunks laughed, and peered at his father's face. He slid off of him, and pulled the sheet away, lifting the hospital gown. Trunks whistled, impressed, it was bigger than he remembered. Trunks slid his hand up and down Vejita's penis, then bent over to lick some of the precum off the head. Trunks stared at it, then at his father's face, then back to it. Well, why not? When was he going to get a chance like this again?

Trunks took off his pants, and positioned himself over Vejita's length. He took a deep breath, this was going to hurt, and stroked himself as he quickly pushed himself down, biting his lip to hold in his scream. It hurt, Kami it hurt, he was sure he was bleeding, but it felt so right. For the first time ever he felt complete, like there was nothing else he needed, what else could he possible want? That question was soon answered.

Vejita was floating, dark, aware of nothing. Then there was a scent, and a slight buzzing that almost sounded like a voice. Suddenly his nerves tingled, and he felt warmth. He didn't know what it was but it felt good, pleasant. He felt the warmth sliding through his body, spiking in certain areas. Suddenly the was a scorching heat all at once, and he regained touch and physical sensation, but felt too drugged to know what was going on, too drugged to care. He just didn't want this to end, and he was flying.

Trunks looked down to see his father's open eyes, staring at him, sleepy and intense. Trunks lifted himself up and slid back down, watching his father's eyes as he rode. Vejita gasped, and grasped his son's legs, meeting his thrusts. Trunks leaned down and kissed his father, a tongue coming out this time to meet his own. They moaned in unison, and Trunks felt another orgasm grip his, clenching his pelvic muscles and riding it out so he wouldn't cum. He didn't want to cum again until his father had the chance. Vejita sat up, somewhat dizzy, and wrapped his arms around his son's form, Trunks in turn wrapped his legs around Vejita's waist and his arms around his neck. They continued in this dance, slightly drunk in there own ways, too far gone for uncertainty. Vejita began to power up, and scratched his nails down his son's back, breaking the skin, his son in turn bit and licked at any bit of flesh his mouth found. Vejita brought his fingers up to his lips, sucking the blood away, offering the other hand for Trunk's pleasure. After a taste both wanted more, and they bit into each other's shoulders drinking and lapping at the blood they drew, scraping their teeth at the wound to get more. Finally, they both came, Trunk's with his father's name on his lips, and repetitions of "Otosama, Otosama", Vejita with a silent scream and a gasp.

Vejita stared at his son for a long moment, before passing out, into regular sleep. Trunks curled up in his father's arms, kissing his face and neck softly, followed by each of his wounds. He cuddled into his father's frame, trying to get as much skin contact as possible. With a whispered, "Oyasumi," Trunks drifted off to sleep.

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