Trunks, I just hope you know how much our relationship means. You meant so much to me, and I just wanted you to see. Why aren't things working out? Was it something I did? Or is it something you did? I don't want to accept either answer, but we've let them come between us for the last time.

I hope you know that our relationship means more than those nights of sweaty sex, which you were very good at I must say honestly. I cherished every one of our memories. Hell we both fucked up. The people around us tried to ruin us, your dad was always such an asshole, and my mom, such a damn homophobe. Why couldn't they see how much we loved each other? Why couldn't they support us? I never thought they'd take it this far.

I hope you know that I'm dying, I can't live another day without seeing you. It's already been three weeks since I last felt the warmth of your embrace, the sweet serenity of your kiss. Trunks, I miss being that close to you. All those nights we'd just cuddle on the couch, those were my favorite moments. Why didn't we have more of those? I need another one of those.

Trunks, I hope you know that I never cared what the fuck they said. When everyone was against us, when everyone shunned and disowned us, I still stood by you. Why couldn't you do the same? Why did it matter so much to you what they said? All I needed was you, not them. I don't give a damn what they say, I never did. The only person's words I cared about were yours.

I hope you know that I always waited for you. I never gave up on you, even when the doctors said you were a goner for sure. I stood by your bed the entire time when your father beat you that day when we were kids. I hated him for it, I hate him for it now. Why couldn't you face up to him then? Why can't you face up to him now? Trunks, you know I'll have your back, there's no way he can win against the both of us. We could back him into a corner, with no way out, and we'd win. But no, you're too scared of him. Why?

I hope you know that I probably won't come back. I hope you know that it's over. I tried Trunks, I really tried. I was there every step of the way for you, but you never could take a step on your own. And when you tried to let go of me to walk, you brought us both down. Trunks, I can never forgive what you said to me.

I hope you know that I still love you. But, I hope you know, I'm not coming back.

Inspired by the song I'm Not the Only One by Filter.

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