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Goku and Radditz finally made their way out of the tall grass surrounding the city of Capsule. The tall saiya-jin tilted his head to the side as he looked up at the looming fortress. Radditz grinned in a triumphant manner. "Oh that's it. That's Capsule, I told you I'd find it!" He crowed. Goku scratched his chin as he stared at the twin towers of the fortress. They were unusually big, wide and round, and very pointy at the tops; they almost reminded him of a certain part of female anatomy. "So, that must be Lady Bulmas' castle." He commented off-handedly. Radditz nodded his head. "Yeah that's the place."

Goku smirked down at his companion. "Do you think maybe she's compensating for something?" He chuckled to himself as he strode forward, ignoring Radditz's confused look. Radditz blinked for a moment before he realized that Goku had moved on. "Hey wait! Wait up Goku!" He cried as he ran to catch up.

The two saiya-jins approached a villager standing in front of what looked like some kind of ticket booth. The human was dressed in an absurd looking costume that was probably an image of Lady Bulma, but if that was the case then the lady lacked much in the looks department. Goku raised his hand and smiled his best at the human. "Hey, you!" He called. The poor villager let out the most horrified shriek Goku had ever heard and went running through the short maze of ropes towards the ticket booth. Goku watched him run and tried to get him to stop by talking to him. "Wait a second! Look, I'm not going to eat you! I just, well I just-" He sighed in defeat and walked through the rope guide. Radditz stifled a laugh as he followed his taller friend. They stopped and shook their heads at the costumed human, who, in his hurry, had run straight into the ticket bar and had knocked himself out cold. Radditz and Goku sidestepped the fallen human and walked through the turn-stall and into a very clean and very empty town square.

Goku glanced around at the empty houses, vacant shops, and silent alleys. "It's quiet, too quiet. Where is everybody?" He exclaimed in bewilderment. Radditz looked around and spotted a small booth that read "Information", on a large sign. "Hey look at this!" He yelled as he ran over and pulled the lever. A strange ticking sound, like that of a bomb emitted from within the booth. Radditz showed his saiya-jin bravery by jumping behind Goku and peeking around his elbow at the small structure. Goku was about to shove him away when the ticking stopped and the doors opened to reveal a miniature scene and tiny, mechanical puppets. Radditz grinned and stepped out from behind Goku as the little people began to sing.

"Welcome to Capsule such a perfect town, here we have some rules let us lay them down. Don't make waves stay in line and we'll get along fine. Capsule is a perfect place! Please keep off of the grass, shine your shoes wipe your-face. Capsule is, Capsule is, Capsule is a perfect place!" The tiny people ended their song on an annoyingly high note and the doors to the little show shut with a bang and a flash. The flash was actually a welcome picture that popped out of the bottom of the booth. Goku stared at the structure in mute disgust, while Radditz just stared. The smaller saiya-jin suddenly snapped out of his trance and grinned at Goku. "Wow. Let's do that again!" He immediately rushed towards the booth again, stopping only when he was yanked back by his tail. Goku glared at the perky saiya-jin. "No, no! No, no, no." He frowned, as Radditz didn't seem to be listening. He leaned in till he was right in the other saiya-jins face and whispered. "No."

Radditz practically pranced down the pathway as he hummed the catchy theme song that the information booth had sung. Goku could feel the fur on his tail puffing out with his annoyance. Radditz had been humming that damned song non-stop since he had heard it! Goku whipped around and grabbed the other saiya-jin by his mane of hair. "All right, you're going the right way for a smart bottom." He warned. Radditz felt his face heat up with a blush. He lowered his eyes and mumbled. "Sorry `bout that."

Goku released him and they entered into a large courtyard where it seemed that Lady Bulma was giving some sort of speech to a cheering crowd and several dismal looking knights.

The Lady was right in the middle of her announcement. "That champion shall have the honor, no, no, the privilege, to go forth and rescue the lovely, Prince Vegeta, from the fiery keep of the monster Brolli. If for any reason, the winner is unsuccessful, the first runner up shall take his place, and so on and so forth. Some of you may die, but it's a sacrifice, I am willing to make. Let the tournament begin!" Lady Bulma threw her fist into the air as the crowd cheered wildly. She lowered her eyes to her gathered knights and noticed a strange, hairy, pink creature standing in the midst of her warriors. "What is that? It's hideous!" She cried. The crowd gasped as Goku and Radditz looked around, now at the center of everyone's attention. Goku shook his head. "Oh that's not very nice." He chided. Radditz nodded at his friends' remark. "It's just Radditz." Goku continued. The longhaired saiya-jin blinked intelligently. "Huh?"

Bulma sneered down at the monkeys. "Indeed. Knights! New plan, the one that kills the Saiya-jins will be named champion. Have at them!" She bellowed. Radditz and Goku backed up as the knights turned towards them and drew their weapons. The taller saiya-jin backed into a table and picked up a small cup of ale. "Oh come on now, can't we just settle this over a pint?" He asked as he smiled at the unimpressed knights. "No? All right then." He guzzled the drink down and slammed the cup over the nozzle on the giant ale keg, showering the knights with the force of the erupting liquid. "Come on!" He yelled as he slid out over the muddy ground. He knocked several knights over as he slid past them and snatched up a spear.

Radditz had climbed up onto the empty keg and was perched on the rounded top. He was trying to stay out of the way, but as his luck would have it, the barrel began to shift and roll under him. He gulped as he looked over the edge at the two unlucky humans below. The men didn't have time to yell as Radditz unintentionally ran them over with his runaway barrel. The longhaired saiya-jin shrugged his shoulders at Goku as he rolled past him, mowing down another seven knights in the process. He was beginning to enjoy his ride when it came to an abrupt halt as he smashed into a wall. He stood up and shook the stars from his head in time to catch the end of Gokus' fight. The saiya-jin was having a one on ten wrestling match, and he was kicking some serious ass. Radditz cheered his buddy from the sidelines and smirked as the crowd began to cheer with him. Goku threw the last knight out of the ring and lifted his hands up into the air. "Oh yeah! I'm here till Thursday, shred the veal!" he snickered at the ecstatic humans.

The crowd went deathly silent as hundreds of crossbows were suddenly aimed at Goku and Radditz. Juunana leaned over and whispered to Bulma. "Shall I give the order ma'am?" He raised an eyebrow as his lady waved her hand at him. "No, I have a better idea." She smiled wickedly for a moment then turned towards the crowd. "People of Capsule, I give you, our champion!" She cried at the cheering crowd.

Goku looked more than confused. "What?" He asked. Radditz lifted an eyebrow quizzically. Lady Bulma smirked at her unlucky monkeys. "Congratulations Saiya-jin, you have won the honor, of embarking on a great and noble quest." She would have continued, but Goku yelled out in indignation. "Quest? I'm all ready on a quest. A quest to get my swamp back!" He growled. Bulma put her offense to the side for a moment as she regarded the hairy beast. "Your swamp?" She asked coolly. Goku was more than angry as he pointed his finger up at the pompous lady. "Yes my swamp! Where you, dumped those Saiya-jins!" He roared. Bulma smirked once more as a plan formed in her mind. "Indeed. All right saiya-jin, I'll make you a deal. Go on this quest for me and I will give you your swamp back." She smiled, as he seemed to think it over. "Exactly the way it was?" Goku tilted his head as he questioned the lady; he didn't trust her very much. Bulma rolled her eyes. "Down to the last slime covered toad stool." She elaborated. Goku narrowed his eyes at her. "And the squatters?" He pushed. "As good as gone." Bulma retorted. Goku glanced at the hundreds of arrows. Even if he made a run for it, he wouldn't get very far. "What kind of quest?" He asked.

Radditz tripped over a sunflower stem but kept himself upright as he walked along behind Goku. "Ok let me get this straight. You're gonna go fight a monster and rescue a prince just so Bulma will give you back your swamp, which you only don't have `cause she filled it full of freaks in the first place. Is that about right?" He summarized. Goku sighed. "You know what? It might be a good thing if you couldn't talk." He silently hoped Radditz would get his hint. That obviously didn't happen. "I don't get it Goku. Why didn't you just pull some of that level four stuff on her? You know, lay siege to her fortress, throttle her, and grind her bones to make your bread. You know the whole level four trip." He rattled. Goku stopped walking and glared at his companion. "Oh I know what, maybe I could have decapitated an entire village and put their heads on a plate. Get a knife, cut open their spleen and drink their fluids. Does that sound good to you?" He asked his now slightly green friend. Radditz timidly shook his head. "No, no not really." He muttered. Goku sighed again. "For your information there's a lot more to level four saiya-jins than people think." He shook his head and continued walking. Radditz trotted alongside him. "Example?" he asked. Goku glanced down at him. "Example? Ok, uh, level fours are, like onions." He exclaimed while lowering an onion to Radditz. The other saiya-jin sniffed it and made a face. "They stink?" he asked. Goku smiled. "Yes. No!" He glared at him. Radditz smiled as a new idea struck him. "Oh they make you cry." He said.

Goku felt his eye twitch with irritation. "No!" he yelled. Radditz thought for a second. "Oh you leave `em out in the sun and they get all brown and start sproutin little white heads." He was way off track now. Goku ripped part of the onion off and shook it in his companions' face. "No! Layers! Onions have layers! Level fours have layers! Onions have layers, level four saiya-jins have layers, you get it? We both have layers!" He yelled in exasperation. He threw the onion down and stomped on ahead. Radditz thought about what his friend had said. "Oh, you both have layers." He leaned down and sniffed the onion, then made a face. "You know, not everybody likes onions. Cake! Everybody loves cake! Cakes have layers!" He cried happily as he ran towards his lumbering buddy. Goku turned towards him with a look of annoyance on his face. "I don't care what everyone likes! Level four saiya-jins are not like cakes." He sighed as Radditz just continued on. "You know what else everybody likes? Parfaits. Have you ever met a person and you say, hey let's go get some parfaits and they say hell no, I don't like no parfaits. Parfaits is delicious!" He just went on and on, it was enough to drive a person insane. At least, that's how Goku was feeling at the moment. He snarled at the chatterbox. "No! You dense, irritating, blabbering hairball! Level four saiya-jins are like onions, end of story! Bye bye, see you later." He sneered at the surprised saiya-jin and kept walking. Radditz blinked for a brief moment, then closed his open mouth and ran after Goku. "Parfaits may be the most delicious thing on the whole damn planet." He continued. Goku could have pulled his ears out. It was impossible; the idiot just wouldn't shut up. The taller saiya-jin glowered at his chattering companion. "You know, I think I preferred your humming." He growled. Radditz either didn't hear him, or didn't care about his comment. "You have a tissue or something? Cause I'm making me mist. Just the word parfait makes me start slobbering." He said with a sniffle. Obviously the conversation had made him more than a little wistful for a parfait. Goku wished he could gag Radditz. He just knew this journey wouldn't be over soon enough.

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