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Radditz’s head appeared outside the window of the wedding chamber. Then it disappeared, then reappeared, and then disappeared again. As he did this, the priest stuttered through his lines. “And so, by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife, King and Queen.” He said slowly.

Goku threw Radditz up to the window so he could look in again, then caught him as he came down. “What do ya see?” He asked. Radditz managed to say a sentence each time Goku caught him. “The whole town’s in there. They’re at the altar.” He gasped as he looked in again. “Mother Fletcher he all ready said it!” He cried. Goku threw his hands into the air. “Oh for the love of Pete!” He ran inside the hall and let Radditz crash to the ground with a loud “Oof!”

Bulma was leaning in to kiss her new husband when the doors to the room banged open and a hairy saiya-jin came running down the aisle. “I object!” Goku yelled. Vegeta stared at him in shock as he ran up to the altar. “Goku?” He whispered in disbelief. The priest had wisely stepped away before he could faint. Bulma ran her hand through her blue hair. “Oh, now what does he want?!” She hissed in irritation. Goku laughed nervously at the frightened crowd. “Hi everyone, having a good time are ya? I love Capsule, first of all, very clean.” He rambled. Vegeta crossed his arms over his chest and glared. “What are you doing here?!” He demanded. Bulma added her two cents worth. “Really, it’s rude enough being alive when no one wants you, but showing up uninvited to a wedding!” She snapped. Goku cut in before she could really get going. “Vegeta, I need to talk to you.” He said imploringly. Vegeta sneered at him. “Oh, now you wanna talk? Well it’s a little late for that so if you’ll excuse me.” He snapped. He then leaned over to kiss Bulma, who was smirking evilly at Goku. The saiya-jin yanked the small prince away by his arm. “But you can’t marry her!” He cried. Vegeta glared coldly at him. “And why not?” He inquired. Goku stumbled around for an answer. “Because, because, she’s just marrying you so she can be queen!” He said triumphantly. Bulma acted as if she had been wounded. “Outrageous! Vegeta, don’t listen to him.” She purred. Goku glared at her. “She’s not your true love!” He growled. The prince eyed him coolly. “And what do you know about true love?” He said in a steeled tone. Goku was at a loss for words. “Well uh, I uh, I mean-“ He trailed off as Bulma began to laugh mockingly. “Oh this is precious! The saiya-jin has fallen in love with the prince! Oh lord, a saiya-jin and a prince!” She gasped out between cackles. The crowd was cued to laugh along with their queen. Vegeta was looking into Goku’s eyes with a steady gaze. “Is this true?” He whispered. Bulma cut in angrily. “Who cares! It’s preposterous! Vegeta, my love, we are but a kiss away from our happily ever after, now, kiss me!” She puckered her lips and made a smooching noise at the prince. Vegeta visibly cringed at the sight. The prince glanced out the window at the setting sun, and then looked back at Goku. “By night one way, by day another. I wanted to show you before.” He said with a small smile as he backed up to the glass.

As the last light of the sun faded a glowing light surrounded the prince. It was too bright to look at, but when it faded Vegeta had been transformed. He stood a few inches taller, his hair was longer around the base of his neck, he had soft red fur all over his body, and a tail. He looked very much like Goku. He smiled weakly at the other saiya-jin. Goku returned the smile. “Well, that explains a lot.” He said. Bulma was having a hard time not fainting like the other ladies had. “Ugh, it’s disgusting! Guards! Guards! I order you to get them out of my sight! Get them! Get them both! This hocus pocus changes nothing! This marriage is binding! And that makes me Queen! See! See!” She ranted in an insanely maniacal manner. Bulma placed the crown on her head and sneered at Goku and Vegeta as several guards set upon them. Vegeta struggled against the men holding him back. “No! No Goku! No let go of me! Goku!” He yelled as he tried to fight off his assailants. Goku wasn’t doing much better as he tried vainly to get to his beloved. “No! Get out of my way!” He growled at some of the men. Bulma pointed her scepter at Goku as she bellowed to her men. “Don’t just stand there you morons, kill him! You have to! Go get him! Beast! You’ll rue the day we met!” She hissed at the saiya-jin as he struggled. Goku was unable to get through the amount of knights to Vegeta. He was finally overpowered. Bulma laughed evilly. “I’ll see you torn in two! You’ll beg for death to save you!” She cried with glee. Vegeta ran forward at that. “No! Goku!” He cried. He was held back before he could get very far and then he stilled as Bulma turned a to him and placed a dagger at his throat. “And as for you, my husband! I’ll have you locked back in that tower, for the rest of your days!” She cried. Goku had had enough. He put his fingers in his mouth and did the only thing he could think of doing. He whistled.

“I am Queen! I will have order! I will have perfection! I will have-“ Bulma’s screams were cut short by a thundering roar and the shattering of the stained glass window above the altar. Brolli took one look at the pale, shrieking queen and opened his mouth. He let out a burst of flame and roasted her to a crisp. When the flames cleared, there weren’t even ashes left. Radditz popped up from behind Brolli and glared crazily at everyone. “All right, nobody move! I got an Ultimate level Saiya-jin here and I ain’t afraid to use it! I’m a saiya-jin on the edge!” He yelled. After a moment of silence, he grinned. “Celebrity marriages, they never last do they?” Radditz chuckled and nodded to his friend. “Go ahead, Goku.” He said. Goku took Vegeta’s hand in his. “Uh Vegeta-“ He started. The prince squeezed his hand. “Yes Goku?” He said encouragingly. “I, I love you.” Goku said softly as a tiny smile appeared on his lips. Vegeta smiled at him. “Really?” He whispered. Goku nodded. “Really really.” He replied. Vegeta let out a short laugh and smiled at him. “I love you too.” He said as Goku leaned down to him. Their lips met in a tender, loving kiss. The crowd was given the cue to aww and they did.

As soon as the kiss ended, Vegeta was lifted into the air and the same light from before appeared around him again. He floated for a moment as a magical change occurred with his body, the spell was finally broken. In a bright flash of power, the building shook and the windows, with Bulma’s image on them, were shattered. All but one anyway, and Brolli punched it out just to keep things orderly. After the light faded Vegeta was lowered to the floor. Goku helped him stand up and smiled at him. “Vegeta, are you all right?” He asked. The prince looked confused. “Well yes, but I don’t understand. I’m supposed to be beautiful.” He said in a sad voice. Goku gave him a reassuring smile. “But you are beautiful.” He said truthfully. To him, the prince was the most beautiful creature alive. Radditz hugged Brolli and wiped away a tear. “I was hopping this would be a happy ending!” He sniffed. Goku and Vegeta leaned in for another kiss, but this one was a lot more passionate, with tongue and everything.

After getting some things arranged, the two saiya-jins had a new wedding at the swamp, just so things would be legal and all. The happy couple walked down the aisle towards their carriage. After they got in, Vegeta threw out the bouquet of flowers he had been holding. Chi Chi and Chaoutzu started to fight over who would grab it, but before it got close enough to them, Brolli snatched it from the air. He floated back down and gave Radditz a sly grin. The smaller saiya-jin blushed brightly as he leaned over to kiss and nuzzle his love. Little Pan walked out from the crowd and waved at Goku and Vegeta. “God bless us, everyone!” She cried joyfully. With that, the carriage carried the two saiya-jins off into the sunset, and to some place where they could make out like true lovers do!


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