Title: My flesh, my blood

Author: Jita

Email: [email protected]

Type: Dark fic

Pairings: Goku x Gohan

Warning: Lemon | Yaoi | NC | OOC | Shota | This is a very dark fic, involving incest and rape of a minor. If this is a subject that upsets you, please do not read.

Disclaimer: I do not own DBZ

AN: It is a Goku's pov and it is happening in the hyperbolic time chamber.

Chapter one

Sleep doesn't seem to want to claim me, I'm suffering of insomnia and for no apparent reason. I usually do some training, meditating or even exhaust myself to unconsciousness. But I don't feel like it tonight, what we call night is only the part of the day we use to sleep since there's no night in here. It's been 7 month that me and Gohan are training in that that room. Hn. Talking of him, he's calmly sleeping in the bed next to mine. Even awake he looks harmless but when he's sleeping, dammit, he's like a pet, no defenses, no aggressiveness. He reached super saiyan last week but he's still no match for me. Not yet. I can feel his strength and I know he will surpass us all. But for the moment, he's weak, I could do what I want with him. He's not only physically weak but mentally too, he has such trust in me, sure, I'm his father, but he doesn't know me well. Nobody knows me well. Thought, I always hide it from them. I'm not such the baka they all think I am. I try my best every day to mask my desire to fight, to kill, my bloodlust from my family and acquaintances by some stupid grins or little sparring matches but it's becoming harder. Especially since Vegeta is around, sometimes, I want to beat him into a bloody pulp for all his insults. One day, I will teach him to talk to me like that, to talk to someone stronger than him like that. Alright, punishing my little Ouji would be very entertaining. I'll see to that later, if Cell didn't already finished him off. Gohan will sleep for a couple of hours I think, I have to say that I didn't went easy on him yesterday. He must be wondering what's my problem, he'll find out sooner than he thought. I smirk to myself, I can be very evil when I want. I sit up on the edge of my bed and look at the little form sleeping in front of me. His chest heave slightly has he breathe. I take a deep breath, his scent invading my nostrils, arousing me a bit more. I already was in a horny state from my earlier thoughts but now, damn, those spandex pants are beginning to be too tight for my taste. I get to my feet and walk silently to his side. He is only 10 years old, just a kid, but I don't care, I want him, need him, now. I take the blanket covering his lower region and throw it at the feet of his bed, he shivers in his sleep…like he knows I'm coming for him. He only has his boxer on, great, there's not much to get in my way. I levitate on top of him, slightly touching his front, I don't want to wake him up, not yet. I rip up a part of the sheet re-covering the mattress and let the long piece fall to the floor, I doubt it but if he decides to fight me I can use it to hold him still. I put my hand on his left cheek and stroke it gently, my other hand reach for his collar bone and down his muscled torso. As I touch him he begins to awake. I wait until he regain all his consciousness and chuckle at the confused look on his face.

“Hi son.” I said as I stop levitating and let all my weight on him, forbidding him to move an inch.

“D—dad, what are you doing?!”

His voice is hesitant and confused but it's funny the boy even found the courage to talk. Without answering I just trust my hips downward on him. His confuses eyes send me a fearful gaze as he senses my arousal on his stomach. He's maybe just a kid but he's smart enough to realise what's coming. It's really pathetic to know his own fate and don't be able to change it. I pity him somewhat. I try to push his legs apart with my knees but it's like he crushed them together, I try to separate them with my hands but he begin to back away and push at me with his hands. I give a frustrated growl as I grab his wrists, bring them to his back and tie them together with the sheet I tore earlier.

“Stay still.” I order as I finally spread his legs and settle between his parted tights.

My hands roam on his waistband a bit before tearing his boxer off of him, exposing him to my view. I really need to get those spandex off! But I have to be patient a little longer, no need to hurry.

“S—stop it, please, don't do it.” He implores weakly as I lick at his throat.

“Shut up Gohan! It's the only thing you can do since there's nothing you can say or do that will make me stop.” I snap back sharply.

Then, I soften my feature and I straddle his waist with my legs.

“It's not my fault you know, I'm doing this all because of your fucking mother. ”

I start to trust down on him, taking out a bit of the pressure in my groin. I'm face to face with him now, my craving eyes never leaving his fearful ones. I don't really know why but I'm gonna explain my point to him, maybe just to scare him more than he already is.

“Do you know why?”

I don't let him answer and start again.

“You remember 3 years ago, when I came back and decided to train you with Piccolo for the androids. Then, That bitch got frustrated that you wouldn't study anymore and decided that it was all my fault. She decided that I couldn't touch her anymore. Do you know what I mean Gohan? I didn't had her in 3 damned years! Sometimes, I would be so horny that I had to go in the forest and kill some innocent animals just to relax myself.”

I put my lips to his, still looking in his eyes.

“But I won't wait for release any longer. I need something from you and I'll take it even if you aren't willing.”

I kiss him roughly and get off of him to pull off my pants. He watches in horror as I come back on him. Before he can even blink, I push his legs apart and shove myself into his body with a trust. He cries out in pain as I enter his virgin body. He's so tight and warm, I groan in pleasure as I slam into him again and again. Tears make their path down his cheeks as he cries and whimpers in pain.

“Stop it .. just make it stop .. please.. please..”

I bring my hands to his thighs and spread his legs wider so I can go even deeper into him. I can sense blood running down his tight from my vicious intrusions. My hands slid up to his hips and start rocking them in time to mine so my trusts become faster, deeper and harder. My moans are getting louder as I near climax, release I waited so long for. I can't hear the boy anymore so I glance at him a moment. His eyes are shut tight and his mouth opens sometimes to let a silent plea escape giving that his throat must be dry from all his crying and screaming. Such a good little fuck, and he is all mine, only mine. My muscles clench as my pleasure build, ah, it's been so damn long. And then, everything go white with a last trust and I sink my teeth in the boy's neck to muffle my scream as I come into him. Gohan give a strangle cry as I bite him and fade into unconsciousness. His blood flows in my mouth and I suck at the wound and drink in the coppery taste of the red liquid.

I stay on him for minutes before regaining all my wits. I get to my feet and look at his limp form. His head is toss to the side, exposing my bite mark, his tights are still slightly bleeding and there's bruises on his hips from my earlier grip on them. I'll do nothing for his injuries, his saiyan anatomy will make him heal faster than an human so I don't have to care. I walk to the bathroom to take a shower to get off the scent of blood that is on me. It's not that I dislike it but it's just that his blood is too damn arousing for me and I'll end up fucking him to death if I continue to smell it on myself. Not that I don't want to take him again, because I will, I just want him to last long enough for my satisfaction.

I step in the shower and turn on the hot water as hot as I can take.

I wonder why I waited all this time to take him, it's been 1 year now that I want him. It's weird even for me, being attract by my own son, but I don't really give a fuck about that. It's not like I love him as a lover, I only feel desire for him.. it's like I lust, crave his body. I think it's because of the others, I wanted to be alone with the kid to make my move. If I'd took him on Earth, the Z fighters would have been too close for my taste, maybe not in the next km but still on Earth, still close. But here, it was perfect, nobody could come to disturb me and I had one full year.

The water is getting cold so I exit the shower and head back toward the other room. I'm tired, I'll get some sleep before waking Gohan up, he need rest too. I lay down on my own bed and turn around to look at his unconscious body, the blood on him is dry now but the scent is still strong in the air, such a great scent.

*** 10 hours later ***

I open my eyes slowly, yawn and stretch a bit before standing up and searching for my discarded clothing. I take my spandex, armour, boots and gloves and put them on. I turn back to Gohan' s bed and to my surprise he's not there anymore. He must have wake up and leave when I was sleeping. Good, at least he's not as weak as I thought he was. But if he try to hide from me, it's a lost cause, I'll find him wherever he is. I concentrate on his ki and teleport to him.

Its astonishing! He's doing push ups on one finger, looking in my way with wrath in his eyes. It isn't what I'd expect, I thought he would be scare of me, not be completely defiant. That anger me to no ends, that little runt! I'll teach him to look at me like that! I glare at him as I talk.

“Lets do it Gohan, come on and fight me.” I order in a growl.

He hesitates the fraction of a second but launch himself at me, I dodge the blow, going into Super Saiyan and hitting him hard in the face. He crash to the ground and come back at me with full speed, turning Super Saiyan in his course.

He maybe thinks this is just an usual spar, but it's not. I just want to punish him for his insolence. I'll make him suffer so greatly that when I'm finish with him he'll wish I hadn't even met his goddamn mother.

I teleport in front of him and kick him with all my might in the ribcage, breaking 3 of his ribs in the process. He give a throaty groan and try to shot me with a blast but I teleport again, behind him that time and kick him on the head, sending him crashing to the ground. He spit some blood before charging me and hitting me in the stomach. I back up and smirk at him as I kick him under the chin, sending him flying into the air. I use my instantaneous transmission to get behind him and let my two joined fist connect with the nape of his neck. He hits the ground with a thud, letting go of his Super Saiyan form at the shock. He tries to stand up but his injuries prevent him to. It was rather easy to beat him into the dust since he is still weakened by our earlier .. encounter. He's beaten but I'm not finish with him yet, I'll teach him to disrespect me, I'll make him fear me to the core of his soul. I lend to his side and look down at him with a superior smirk, he just looks away.

“So Gohan, are you already finish?” I ask sternly but mockingly.

I hear him swallow but he doesn't answer. I kick him in his already broken ribs and a grunt escape him.

“Answer me!”

“What does it look like.” he reply sarcastically.

How dare he! Now I want to kill him, but I have to control myself. Damn, it's like he's enraging me on purpose. I take him by the hair and force him in the air, so he's facing me at eyes level, his feet away from the ground. He give a pained groan as I elevate him. He doesn't want to talk hn, alright, I'll make him scream in pain.

“I don't think you're done yet.” I said as I turn him around, pressing his back to my front, supporting him with my hands on his ribcage.

I position my hands so I have a finger on each rib. I apply some pressure with a finger on a rib and break it, perforating one of his lungs with it. He screams and blood begin to streaks down the corners of his mouth. I lower my head to his ear and whisper softly, quite gently in it.

“Alright son, prepare yourself, `cause it's gonna hurt like hell.”

I break another rib and another and another, as he screams again and again in pain, sweet music to my ears. He starts to murmur as he tries to swallow his blood.

“Why… why are you doing… this?” He asks in a whisper.

“Because you deserve it Gohan, because I want to and because there's nobody to stop me, ….. to save you, you're mine.” I said calmly.

I turn him around to face me. His eyes look into mine with sorrow evident on his face. I lick at the trail of blood running down his chin and kiss him roughly. His mouth opens under mine as I break another one of his ribs and he cries out. His blood is flowing in my mouth with its exquisite savour, seducing my senses. I'm heavily arouse by all this but I'll won't use him now. I break another rib, savouring the red hot liquid as he scream in my mouth before passing out cold in my arms.

I let him drop to the floor to have a full look of him. He only has his pants on, leaving his chest bare. There's blood flowing freely out of his mouth and his nose, his torso is turning a shade of red and purple from all the internal injuries I'd just caused. I want to let him right there where he is but I know he'll die of lack of blood in his body or he'll choke on the blood in question. So I pick him up and fly to the room.

Arrive there, I lay him down on his bed and head toward a closet, after some seconds of searching, I find what I was looking for. I brought some senzu beans in here, knowing that somebody of us could need one. I sit next to him and shake his shoulder to wake him up, it does nothing so I slap him on the cheek. He shudder, tries to open his eyes but closes them tight surely due to the pain he must be feeling. I'm waiting for him to look at me, I want to see his gaze. He tries to open his eyes again and seems to succeed in putting the pain away enough to open them. He sits up slowly. His face is confuse as he look around him, he must be wondering where he is. Then, his head turn toward me, his pupils seem to become smaller and his mouth opens slightly in a gasp. He's afraid, I succeed. I smirk at him and he starts to choke on the blood in his throat as it seems he forgot to breathe. My smirk turns to a scowl and I open my hand in front of his face, exposing the senzu bean.

“Eat it before you die from your injuries.” I said harshly, accusingly, like it was his fault.

He's not even able to lift an arm so he just takes it from my hand with his mouth. He swallows it hardly. The effects begin to appear as his chest turns from purple to his original skin colour and as he starts to breathe normally again. I get up and lay on my own bed, glancing at the ceiling.

“Go take a shower, you need one.” I said smelling the air.

He doesn't say a thing as he disappears from my sight. He's maybe heal but the scent of his blood is still strong on him and it's hard not to just jump on him and fuck him blind. That thought remind me painfully of my hardness, that didn't lessen a bit. I take off my gloves and slid one hand into my pants. I stroke myself firmly, to make it quick. I bit on my lower lip to stop the moans that want to escape my mouth. After a few firm stokes, I feel my muscles contract and my body spasms before I come into my hand. Damn, now I need a shower too. I take off my clothes and armour and wipe myself with my pants, I'll just have to wash them later. I put on my boxer and sit back on the mattress.

It's impossible how I can want Gohan, just seeing him and I feel lust overwhelming me. I want him but I'll have to wait, wait that he mentally recovers, he'd been raped and barely beaten to death. He needs time and I can be patient. I still have 5 months alone with him anyway.

As I'm thinking to myself, the sound of running water stops and is replace by another one. I get up and walk without any noise toward the bathroom. I glance inside and see Gohan sitting in a corner. His knees are brought up to his chest, his arms around him in a self protective manner and he's sobbing, starring at the ground. I shrug and give a silent sigh as I get back to my bed and fell asleep immediately for the first time since I entered that hyperbolic time chamber.

*** 3 months later ***

These 3 months passed rather slowly, the hours passed one by one, not wanting to go faster. The time I spent with Gohan is only training. He'd changed a lot since the last time I took him. He's harder and stronger when we fight. But he never looks at me in the eyes, barely talks at all and never approach me out of sparring. It's pissing me off. During all those damned 3 months I didn't force myself on him again, I didn't beat him too hard so he could recover, but it just won't work! He's so scare, afraid of what I could do. I'd restrained my needs and desires all this time but my patience has its limits. Sometimes I think I should wait until he loosen up a bit when he's around me but it's now evident that he'll never ever be calm when I'm near him.

Over the months, a thought travelled my mind but I didn't gave it credits until now. Maybe I could make him enjoy being touch, I only showed him the pain it could bring, if I bring him pleasure, it may take a part of the fear he feels away. And it could be better for me if he participates.

I'm only a km away from the `house` so I run to it and a minute later a enter it. I walk toward the bathroom, the boy went to take a bath earlier, I'll just join him. I strip and enter silently, I can see him, sitting in the water, his eyes are close in comfort and he's calm. It's one of the rare times I can see him without fear or stress so I take in the sight. I love peeing on him when he's relax, I'm like the predator watching and analysing his prey before attacking.

I walk to the tub and slip in the water. His eyes open wide in panic and froze on mine as I sit in front of him.

“I thought that maybe I could join you, can I?” I ask him with a gentle smile.

He look around nervously for any escape but nod slightly in defeat as he found nothing.

“Gohan, we need to talk.” I said, my tone low and more aggressive than I wanted it to be.

“About what?” He ask, his voice barely audible.

“You know what, the way you are acting with me, it's like you're afraid of me, you have no reason to be. I don't like it.” I tell him wickedly.

I enjoy mentally torturing him that way, say things I know he feels end then deny my actions on him like I wasn't the one who did them. It make him so uncomfortable.

“Sorry father.” He apologises, looking down at the water.

He sees the rippling in the water as it reflect my movement as I approach him and he looks up at me in panic. As I reach him, he cringes against the tub but he can't go farther than he already is. He tries to help himself up with his hands but slips in his hurry and finds himself completely under me. A satisfy smirk form on my lips as I lower my head and brush our lips together as I talk.

“I know I hurt you, but you have to trust me, I won't cause you similar pain again.”

As I finish my sentence, I put my hand between his legs and grab his crotch, massaging him, bringing him to hardness within seconds. He gasps out loud at the contact and brings a hand to his mouth to muffle his other noises. He closes his eyes, this time not in pain, but in concentration as it is evident he's trying to ignore the new sensation overwhelming his young body. I toss the hand covering his mouth with my free hand and he bites on his lower lip to replace his hand in its task of keeping him silent. I kiss him, licking at his lips, demanding him to open them. He doesn't open his mouth so I stroke him more firmly and he moans, allowing me entrance without meaning to. I trust my tongue into his mouth, tasting and exploring. I smile in the kiss as he begins to unconsciously trust into my hand, I massage him more hardly in reward and he moans again in my mouth. I break the kiss and lick my way to his throat. Slowly, my free hand reach for his opening. He tenses as he comes out of his haze, fear in his eyes again. I snigger at my own eagerness and put my hand a little higher, directly to his tail spot. A series of cries and moans escape him as I press my nails on that hyper sensitive area while I stroke his erection. As I pleasure him, I have to restrain my will to just fuck him, I'm so arouse, it hurt. I start to lick at his throat again, trying to ignore the urge to bite down on it. As I lower my mouth and take a nipple and suck at it, he loses the little self-control he had over his body, trusting into my hand fiercely and then back into my other hand.

“Pl—ease, Ahh, fini—finish it, hn , end this—”

I like to hear him beg so much, whatever it is for. I would love to hear him some more but my body can't wait any longer and I can't stop myself anymore. My mouth reach for his other hardened nipple and I nip at it as I position myself at his entrance. The water around us lubricating his opening as I make my way in, burying myself into the warmth and bliss that is his body. As I entered him, the tip of my member brush against his prostate and he screams in pleasure. I smirk and start a fast pace, making sure to hit his sweet spot with every trust. I let go of his hardness and tail spot to grab his legs and bring them around my waist to allow faster and deeper trusts. The water around us is splashing everywhere and the bath is beginning to crack as I slam Gohan in it with each blissful trust. Then, I sense the same contraction in my muscles and I see light dots as my climax approach. I grab the boy's erection and after some hard strokes, he screams in pure pleasure as the first orgasm of his life hits him hard. His inner walls contract on me as he climax and send me over the edge with him. I bite on the scar on his neck and reopen the wound, tasting his sweet blood as I release my seed in him.

I pant, exhaust, as I recover in the aftermath. I look down at Gohan, he closed his eyes and is slowly drifting off to sleep, staying limp under my body. I wait until he's asleep, I stand up and pick him out of the water, drying us both with my ki. I get out of the bath and walk toward the beds. I lay him down on one and cover him with a blanket. I turn to my bed and lay on it, closing my eyes before falling in a deep sleep.

*** 13 hours after ***

I awake slowly, yawning, I sit at the edge of the bed. I look around and see Gohan deeply asleep under his covers. I get up and walk directly to the washroom. I take up my discarded clothes and put them on. I pick Gohan's suit and bring it back to the principal room so the boy can get dress when he'll wake up. I'm hungry so I go to the refrigerator and take out some plates fill with food from it, closing the door with my foot since my arms are full. I put it all on the table, sit on a chair and begin to eat my breakfast. As I'm eating I wonder what will be Gohan's reaction when he'll wake up. I don't expect anything from him now but it intricate me how he'll act after what I did to him yesterday. After my fifth plate he begins to stir in his sleep and awakes seconds later. I watch him stare at his clothes before putting them on and come in my direction. He stares at me as I entered his sight and his face flush in what look like…shame. I smile wickedly in his direction and he looks at the floor. Now I understand, he's ashamed that he enjoyed what I did, enjoyed as I raped him again, I didn't hurt him that time but it was still a rape. I plastered an innocent look on my face and smile at him.

“Hi Gohan, come on, sit and eat. We have a big day today. We have to keep training hard.” I tell him, inviting him to sit next to me.

I know it puzzle him when I act as if nothing had happened and I like to have him confuse, not knowing how to play my game or if I even play one with him. I look at him as he sit and begin to eat slowly and I turn back to my food.

*** 2 weeks later ***

Gohan went to sleep one hour earlier, as I decided to take a walk to think to myself. We had been sparring for 30 hours straight and we were both completely out. Just before he left, something impressive happened. I'd just told him that it was time we'd stop and he told me to wait. I turned toward him and his power suddenly increased dramatically and he'd reached the level beyond Super Saiyan. Not the one that I'd obtained that make me extremely powerful but slow. The boy's power was unbelievable, he is stronger than me now, stronger than everyone else.

But he is different, his ki has changed, I don't know how but I feel there's something more in his ki and I know it has nothing to do with his new power. This change in him make me feel different around him too. I don't need him anymore, the lust I once felt for his body just.. faded. I still enjoy myself by making him suffer some times but nothing more. The fact that he's stronger than me now mean nothing, he can't control his new power so he can't use it against me.

I'll just train him for the 2 months that we still have in here. I have to discipline him, make him learn to shut his mouth about all that happened in that lost place. I'll make him know the complete definition of sorrow if he isn't able to keep silent. Not that I fear something of these others morons he could talk to, but I don't want to have to kill them all, I would have anything to play with after.

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