By; SSJ Bulma

Major warning. If your dumb, than read this, if not, umm, read this anyway. This story is Yaoi. If you don't know what that means ::sigh:: you need some teaching. Yaoi is male/male relationship. If you don't find idea of two male characters going at it like animals or kissing, than leave. I don't want emails from your mother, or you saying that "how can you not give a warning for this story??" this is the warning. If you're a closed minded person, who doesn't like Yaoi, if your dumb, under 18 or just plain dumb, don't read it. Leave if you want to. Now, done with the rant.

Trunks smiled slowly as he looked at the person's back that faced him. He reached out and gently ran his hand down from the neck to the small of the back, ringing a small moan from his lover. He leaned down and rubbed his lover's butt with his hand then slipped it lower..

Trunks groaned and opened one eye as a annoying beeping sound reached his ears. He closed his eyes, reached out and slammed a hand down on the alarm that woke him up. He yawned and rolled over onto his back, blinking his eyes to get them back into focus. His eyes start to become clearer and he looked up to see Goten grinning down at him as he levitated above him in the air. Grumbling, Trunks pulled the covers over his head and tried to go back to sleep when Goten grabbed the blankets and yanked them off Trunks.

Goten chuckled to himself when he saw Trunks expression on his face. He was about to speak when a noise at the door made Trunks jump up.

"Trunks" Bra chanted from the hallway, tapping her foot on the floor, wearing a CC jacket, then she glanced at the clock beside the lamp by Trunks bed. Her face was free of make up and her nails painted a soft baby blue.

"What?" He grounded out between his teeth, keeping the covers over his hips, trying to hide his arousal from both Goten and Bra. A light flush appeared on his cheeks and he cleared his throat. A minute passed before he asked "What do you want?"

Smirking, "I'm going out for a while, if daddy wants me home, tell him 'oh well'" she said with a twinkle in her eyes. She gave them a wink then a wave and walked past the door, humming a tune they didn't know.

Goten blinked at where Bra had once stood, his mind trying to figure out what was different about her. He noticed that she wore slightly tight jeans, a cropped T-shirt, CC work boots and she had her hair in a ponytail. Thinking to himself, he thought she normally wore slinky clothes, or short skirts. Shrugging, he looked at Trunks who was straightening out his boxers and standing up.

"Why were you blushing Trunks?" Goten said, slightly leering at his best friend before jabbing him lightly in the side. Goten chuckled at the reaction that Trunks gave to his teasing.

Trunks snarled at his best friend and then threw a pillow at Goten's head, "Shut up" he said with no menace in his voice. He could still feel the pulsating lust in his blood from the dream and tried to control his breathing, which started to rise, along with his heartbeat. 'Damn' he thought to himself, 'why do I have to have these feelings for'

Before Trunks could finish that thought, Goten interrupted his thoughts with a howl of laughter. Snorting under his breath, he mumbled something and bopped Goten in the back of the head as he walked past towards the bathroom to take a quick shower.

Goten sighed and grumbled when Trunks headed towards the bathroom. He was about to sit on Trunk's bed when a small robot came in and shoed Goten away a little, making room for it to make the bed. With a sound of beeping, the robot went to work, making the bed neatly as Goten watched with little interest at what it was doing. Within two minutes, the robot made the bed then left the room.

Goten's ears perked up when he heard the shower turn on, his heart sped up just a little and he swallowed. Taking small steps, Goten walked towards the door of the bath room and slowly reached for the door knob, grasping the cool metal in his hand and then silently turning the knob and pushing the door open softly, trying not to make a sound. He stopped and looked down, at his feet was Trunks's boxers, then he looked up at the shower stall. Being silent, he watched his best friend shower, his mouth dry and his pulse racing. Shaking his head, he silently creped out of the room and then to sit on the edge of Trunks's bed, his pulse still racing.


Bra yawned and reached for the keys on the wall to one of the air cars that was held in the gigantic garage. She thought for a moment and then decided not to drive. Turning on her heel, she walked into the house, and went to the table, grabbing her backpack off the table. Before heading back outside, she went to the refrigerator and pulled out a small water bottle, taking a swig of water before putting it into her bag and heading back outside. As she stood in the warmth of the sun's rays, she pulled out note from her pocket, unfolded it and started to read it again.

"Dear Bra,

I have watched you for a long time, and still can not believe how beautiful you are. I've seen the world, and yet, every exotic place I''ve been and seen, pales in compression to you. Please say you'll meet me at Kami's look out, I'll be waiting for you.

Forever yours"

Bra sighed with small hearts in her eyes. She looked back and forth to make sure no one saw her and then she jumped up into the air, flying high and excited.


Trunks held his head under the spray of hot water, letting the water wash through his hair, down his neck and then down his back, enjoying the feel of it on his skin. He didn't hear, nor did he see the door open and the person watch him for a second.

Despite the hot water on him, the heat inside of his body was till throbbing from the dream he had. If he hadn't been woken up, he would have seen the rest of the dream, he would feel his Lover's body around him, milking him for all he's worth. He yearned to give in and just push his lover to the ground and have his way with him.

Opening his eyes, he looked down, knowing that he thoughts brought him to a full erection. The tightening in his groin made him groan and whimper a little as he wished the one he wanted was in the shower with him. He slid his hand down his body till he reached his manhood, grasping it softly in his hand, he began to move his hand up and down, moaning at his movements. He closed his eyes and imagined his lover's hand on him, moving up and down, rubbing where his hand is rubbing. Growling in frustration, he then gave a moan as he felt the pleasure mount and the excitement rise.

Goten jerked when he heard the moan that Trunks made, his heart throbbed and he wished he knew who Trunks was thinking about, his own body standing to attention. Throbbing with need, Goten yearned to join Trunks in the shower, hold him and touch him the way Trunks must be touching himself. Without looking down, he could feel his erection rise up, yearning to slid into Trunks's body, to feel him around his manhood, to release inside of him.

Frowning with frustration, he stood up and reached down in front of him to caress himself a little through his pants, closing his eyes and imagining Trunks's hands on him, rubbing and caressing his erection.

Trunks reached for the knob and turned off the water. He reached for the towel and started to rub his hair to dry it off, then rubbing the towel over his body, drying himself off. A slight wetness seeped out of the tip of his erection, and Trunks groaned. His body was still rock hard as he wrapped a towel around his, moaning a little when the cloth smoothed across his aching flesh. He reached out and grabbed the door knob, pulling the door open and walking in, looking around to see if Goten had left the room. But what his eyes saw was different that what he thought he would see.

His eyes went wide as he watched Goten rub himself through his pants. He cocked his hips to the side and narrowed at Goten. All of a sudden, his dreams came back in a rush.

His hand reached out and touched the back of his lover.

Trunks shook his head, clearing his mind as he watched Goten. His body was more alert than it was before, tightening with want and desire. A small moan escaped his throat before he could stop it.

Goten's head jerked up quickly, and he looked over to the right. His eyes widened and his heart went into overdrive. Unconsciously, he licked his lips. With keen eyes, he could see Trunks's erection through the towel, and he yearned to walk up to Trunks and pull down the towel, to take him into his mouth, to worship him with his mouth, to bring him to such a heightened peek, to taste his essences on his tongue, to savor the taste of Trunks.

Groaning, Goten slowly walked towards Trunks, reaching for his shirt as he walked, pulling it off, revealing the hard, muscled chest to Trunks.

Trunks couldn't believe what was happening. He watched his best friend walk towards him, he could see the glint in Goten's obsidian eyes that He knew well when ever Goten was being mischievous and sneaky. His cheeks became flushed as Goten stopped in front of him, pulling at the towel that was wrapped around his hips, letting it drop to the ground to pool at Trunks's feet. Trunks looked down at his best friend, licking his lips and waiting for Goten to continue.

Goten was eye level with Trunks's erection, he could smell the musky smell of Trunks. Leaning forward, Goten grabbed Trunks's erection softly in his hand, rubbing the underside with his thumb, rubbing from the base to the tip and then back down. Aware at what he was doing to Trunks, he continued the torture that he wanted to give to his best friend. When he stopped rubbing his thumb up and down, he looked up at Trunks, noticing the clenched teeth, heavy breathing and the small choking sounds that came from his throat.

"Kami" Trunks choked out harshly, his body was covered in sweat and he yearned to feel Goten in his mouth, to lick and love him the way he wanted to do for such a long time. He ran his hand through his light purple hair, pushing his lavender locks out of his eyes. "Goten" he whispered his best friend's name, bringing up Goten's gaze to look up at Trunks.

Goten looked up and smiled sexily. He leaned foreword and wrapped his lips around the tip of Trunks's erection, ringing a sharp cry and a thrust of Trunks's hips as a reward. Smiling to himself, or at least trying to, he started to suck softly on him, wrapping his tongue around the tip, slipping his tongue into the small tiny dip in the head. he reached up with his other hand and grasped the sac that hung between Trunks's legs, fondling them softly, rolling them around in his hands, finding two perfect sphere's in the sac. Rolling them against each other, Goten felt Trunks shiver along with hearing the sharp groans that escaped his throat.

Bobbing his head up and down slowly, Goten took Trunks erection deeper into his mouth, wrapping and snaking around the manhood, enjoying the taste of his flesh on his tongue. He continued to bob his head up and down, running the edge of his teeth softly along as he went. He pulled Trunks out of his mouth, snaking his tongue over the tip, then rubbing the edge of his teeth on the tip, licking up the wetness that seeped out of his erection, loving the taste of Trunks on the tip of his tongue. Giving Trunks's manhood one last suck, he raised from his knees and stood in front of his lover. Reaching out, he grasped Trunks by his head and then slanted his lips over Trunks's lips, kissing him softly, but thrusting his tongue into Trunks mouth.

Trunks could taste himself on Goten's tongue, and that only made him hotter. His skin was hot due to what Goten was doing to him. "Goten" he murmured when he pulled back from Goten's kiss. He moved back to where he was and kissed Goten back while he slipped his hand between them to pull at the belt at Goten's waist. Then he unbuttoned his pants, then unzipped them, sneaking his hand into Goten's pants, feeling the hard flesh under his hand. He could already feel the wet tip of the erection and knew what Goten had done to him made him so hot that he could just explode in his hand if he wasn't careful.

Pulling back away from Trunks, Goten started to pull at his pants, dropping them then kicking off his shoes. His well muscular body shone with perspiration. "Trunks" he whispered, licking his lips as he walked around his best friend.

"Hmm?" Trunks answered softly as he kept an eye on Goten, his manhood fully swollen with want and he didn't know how much he could stand it without feeling Goten touching him. He shivered under the soothing eyes of his best friend and lover.

Goten walked behind Trunks and kissed the hard muscle of his shoulder, nipping it softly, then running his tongue over the bitten spot. He moved his hand between them towards Trunks's butt, rubbing and caressing the cheeks before moving towards the crack. He rubbed the pad of his finger around the small hole, just to arouse Trunks a little, which did work.

Trunks arched his back and moved his hips a little, telling Goten silently that he wanted to more.

Goten slipped his finger into the hole, working finger around to widen the hole more, softly moving his finger in and out, then adding another finger to heighten the pleasure. But he slipped his fingers out of Trunks, wringing a sharp whimper for more.

Chuckling, Goten reached inside the draw beside Trunks's bed for the gel.


Unknown to either of them, Pan was walking up to the house, skipping and humming a song. She wore her usual clothes, and she hummed a song she heard her mother sing. Her wide, black eyes took in the sky and the perfect day.

She reached the front door of CC, and rang to door bell, and waited for a minute before ringing it again. Looking confused, she slowly grabbed the door knob and opened the door, she called out "Bra-Chan?" a couple of times as she entered the house.

She walked around, looking for her friend before she heard sounds coming from one of the rooms, which room, she wasn't sure. She stopped humming and walked down the hallway slowly before she got to a certain door where the noises were coming from.


Unscrewing the top, he squeezed some onto his finger, then slipped it back into the hole to lubricate it well. Pulling his finger out of small hole, he then squeezed some more gel on his finger to rub over his erection, smoothing it on.

Trunks moved towards the bed, laying down on his back, waiting for Goten to climb on top of him. Goten followed him onto the bed, but he didn't climb on top of him, instead, he laid right next to Trunks, pulling at his lover's arm, telling him silently to climb on top of him.

A sexy smile appeared on Trunks's face before he understood what Goten wanted. He got to his knees and straddled Goten's hips, holding Goten's erection in his hand, he rubbed his thumb over the gel covered tip before Goten's hands joined Trunks's hands and maneuvered Trunks to the right spot. Slowly, Trunks lowered himself onto Goten's manhood, feeling the tip slowly sink into his waiting, hot body that longed for the feel of Goten.

Trunks moaned loudly when Goten was full seated inside of his body. He tossed his head back and groaned when he started to move on Goten. For several minutes, there was no sound except for the sound of moaning, cries and groaning. Biting his lip, Trunks tried to bit back a loud howl that wanted to escape his throat. And he did howl when Goten grasped Trunks's manhood in his hands, jerking him up and down slowly, building up the pleasure.


Pan slowly opened the door, looking in to see if Bra was there, but the 16 year old girl got a surprise of her life. She saw her uncle, and her former crush on top of her uncle, moving up and down. The shocked Pan continued to watch silently, trying to be quite.


Sweat beaded Goten's head as he tried to keep from moving, letting Trunks keep the pace, but it was hard to do. His muscles strained and he gave in, grabbing Trunks by the hips and forced him all the way down then back up, thrusting his hips in an upward motion.

Trunks gave a jerk and cried out, Cumming on Goten's hand, stomach and on his own stomach. As Trunks spasmed with his release, it triggered Goten's release, sending his seed deep into Trunks's body, shaking and crying out with satisfaction.

Trunks gave a small moan before falling onto Goten's chest, wrapping his arms around his lover as Goten slid out of Trunks body, each of them panting for a breath. Goten wrapped his arms around his lover, kissing Trunks's lips with passion that both of them felt. Softly, and silently, they fell asleep, not bothering to cover up.


Pan looked a little shocked, but got over it quickly. She giggled a little and rubbed her hands together, evil villain like. She was about to walk in on them, but the slam of a door below stopped her. Thinking it was Bra, she took off swiftly down the hall, down the stairs and towards the door, only to skid to a stop when she say Vegeta.

"What do you want Brat?" He snarled at her, padding his forehead with a towel, indicating that he had just come in from the gravity chamber.

"Oh, I was just looking for Bra" She said, jerking her thumb backwards, "But she's not here"

"Oh?" Vegeta said, smirking at the quarter Saiyajin. "Then why are you flushed? You look like you just had sex" he commented.

Pan's cheeks blazed with embarrassment and she stammered, but then smiled. "No, I didn't, but I did see something interesting"

"What was so interesting to make you look like that?" he asked, quirking an eyebrow at her.

Pan just gave him a cheeky grin, yelled "Ja" and took off past him towards the door and into the air, towards home.

Vegeta looked at her fading form, shook his head, and headed upstairs to his bedroom to take a shower, passing his son's room without even glancing, though, he did detect something in the air, but just waved it from his mind and continued to walk towards his room.

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