Devour Me

By: Hatti Lee* AKA Amalthea* AKA Saiyajin_Peach

Authors Notes: Well, here we go again… Another Goku & Vejita yaoi! Woo hoo! ^_^ In this one, Goku, or should I say Kakarotto, is definitely OOC, but it’s all good. You’ll see. ^_~ I actually have this entire fic finished. Complete! I’ll be adding chapters weekly, but I may update faster, depending on reviews that is. Hint. Hint. ^_^ Oh, and I welcome any and all reviews. Be it from just a fan or a flamer! It’s all good here!

Warnings: If you don’t already know, this is a yaoi fic, which means male/male intimacy. If you are uncomfortable with this, or if you’re just narrow-minded, I suggest you go elsewhere.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I do not own DragonBall Z or it’s characters, and, again, unfortunately, I’m not making any money off of this.

Okay, if there’s anyone left… On with the fic…

Chapter Two

"Sire, welcome! It has been many months since your last visit." A skinny, pot-bellied man squealed.

The king rolled his eyes at the man’s overdone enthusiasm. The shop was one of the largest, but rarely visited due to the new crises that have plagued planet Vejita. Stepping into the large shop, the king was reminded that the economic situation was effecting everyone. There were few slaves and all of them were women.

"How may I help you today, Sire?" the man questioned, gesturing to the beautiful women.

"Hmm… I think I’ll take the blonde and… The small brunette over there." The king said, gesturing to the two women he’d quickly chosen for his plan. He decided that it might soften the blow for his son if he were given a male along with two females.

The owner quickly had an employee begin unchaining the two slaves, preparing them for sale, "Sire, I detect disappointment in your tone. Was there something in particular you were looking for?"

"Yes, actually. I was looking for a male."

"Ah," the owner said, his eyebrows rising high on his large forehead, "It is rare to have a male slave nowadays with the demanding need for soldiers, but I just so happen to have one…"

"Well," the king interrupted, growing impatient with the man’s insistent gibberish, "Where is he?"

"He’s in the back," the owner quickly ordered another employee to run back and get the slave in question, "However, Sire, he’s quite young."

The king pondered for a moment, wondering what exactly he should do. He wasn’t about to run around, going from small shop to even smaller shop, but it wasn’t wise to purchase a slave too young; they often grew to be rebellious or hadn’t had enough training to serve properly.

"How young?"

"In the whereabouts of sixteen." The owner said, watching his king’s face closely, hoping for a sale.

"In the whereabouts, huh? Whereabouts, meaning younger?" the king questioned, eyeing the conniving little man.

"Ah… He could be a bit younger but not much," the owner said, shrugging. Just then, a tall lanky man stepped out of a doorway with a boy in tow.

The king smiled at the boy’s fair skin and well-developed body, "Was he to be a soldier?"

"I believe he was born a third class and trained hard to improve, but his mother died soon after childbirth and his father was killed in battle ten years ago. Until recently, I’ve allowed him to train in his spare time."

The king nodded, "I see. What’s his name?"

"Kakarotto." The owner said, shooing his employee away.

The boy was tall, but he was still shorter than the king. He was wearing a loose-fitting dull blue sleeveless gi tied with a white sash. His spiky hair, jutting out in several different directions, was the same raven black as his son’s; however, the boy’s gaze was fixed on the floor, as it should be, but the king wondered…

"Let me see his face."

The owner’s rough hand took hold of the boy’s chin, lifting his gaze from the floor.

"Very nice." The king thought, admiring the thick spiked bangs and the liquid pools of ink the pale-skinned boy had for eyes.

King Vejita smirked, "I’ll take him."

Kakarotto knelt quietly on the floor beside the two other slaves that had been purchased. They’d been placed in the king’s luxurious quarters just after arriving at the huge palace. He knew the two women on either side of him quite well. They were both in their late twenties and had been good friends of his at the shop; however, he didn’t dare say a word to either of them for fear of getting in trouble and being punished. The petite woman on his right was Chiisai. She was a brunette, green-eyed beauty with a mind of her own. The lovely blonde on his left was Hanna. She was a bit older than Chiisai but a lot more immature. Her figure was also more voluptuous than Chiisai’s. She fitted into the dumb blonde stereotype rather well.

Stepping into his room, King Vejita eyed the three lovely beauties kneeling on the floor at the end of his king-size bed. Surprisingly, Kakarotto seemed to be better trained than either of the women. His gaze never faltered from the floor while the other two sneaked an upward glance now and then.

"I might as well let you know that all three of you will be a gift for my son, the prince." The king explained as he lifted his heavy armor and cloak from his shoulders.

No more than an hour later, Kakarotto remained kneeling in the exact same place. He almost couldn’t bear the sounds and smells that filled the room. The king was enjoying himself with both his friends at once.

"Hmm… You girls go clean up and get dressed." The king said, gesturing to a side door that obviously led to a washroom.

Kakarotto could hear the faint sounds of cloth rustling and bare feet padding across the floor as the two gathered their clothes and exited the room.


Immediately, the boy stood, turning to face the direction of the king’s voice, keeping his gaze on the floor.

Smiling wickedly, King Vejita ordered the boy to kneel before him, where he sat on the edge of the bed, "Suck."

Kakarotto grimaced at the vulgar order, but he’d heard much worse. He complied with the simple command, letting his gaze rest on the king’s semi.

The king enjoyed the boy’s innocent touch, keeping his moans to a minimal. Surely his son would enjoy this one.

"My prince, I’ve been searching for you." Nappa said, stepping into the smaller of the two training halls in the palace.

"What is it?" Vejita asked in annoyance, pausing in his harsh training.

"A while back King Vejita asked me why I thought you hadn’t chosen a mate."

"And?" Vejita persisted; Nappa definitely had his attention now.

"I told him how you just wanted to find the right mate, someone honest, but he misunderstood…" Nappa explained, watching his prince’s expression.

"What do you mean?" Vejita interrupted, his eyebrows knitting further together in annoyance. His father had no right to go behind his back to try and find a solution to a problem that wasn’t even his concern.

"He plans on…"

"Ah ah, Nappa, don’t ruin the surprise."

Both Vejita and Nappa looked up to see the king leaning against the frame of the large entryway. After a quick command from King Vejita, all other occupants of the training hall left.

"What is this about, father?" Vejita questioned, his eyes narrowing as his father stepped further into the hall, gesturing for someone hidden to come into view. Slowly, two women and a boy stepped into the room, obviously slaves. The women were attractive enough, but it was the boy who caught his attention.

"I bought these for you earlier today. Hopefully, they can relieve some of your stress. Then, maybe you can finally choose a mate."

"Slaves? I don’t need slaves, father."

"Yes, well… They’re a gift. Do with them what you like." The king said, winking as he left the hall. He hated coming to Vejita’s wing of the palace. It was so drab.

Vejita knew exactly what his father had meant. "They’re a gift," meant that he had to keep them or face his father in a much more unpleasant mood.

"Shit." The prince mumbled, glancing at Nappa.

Hanna glanced up at the prince surprised to find that he was rather handsome. Glancing to the side, she could see that Chiisai had done the same and thought the same, judging from her reddened cheeks. They were such good friends. They even had the same tastes in men. Finding herself smiling, Hanna glanced passed the brunette to see Kakarotto ever so quickly glance up at the prince.

"Nappa, you should have warned me sooner. What the Hell am I going to do with these slaves?"

"Sorry, Sire. I tried to let you know as soon as I could," Nappa said, placing his hands on his hips, "I guess you could just let them stay in the room with the rest of your slaves."

"Hn. I guess," Vejita said, when he remembered that a boy was a part of the group of slaves, "Wait…"

Nappa watched as his prince stepped forward, inspecting the boy. Perhaps the king was right…

"What the Hell is this boy doing here?"

Then again, maybe not, "That’s what I was trying to tell you. King Vejita thinks that you yearn for… For male… Male intimacy."

"What? My own father thinks I’m a fag? I guess he thinks that’s why I haven’t chosen a mate yet." Vejita said, starting of yelling and ending in his normal pissed off tone.

"What are you going to do with him?" Nappa asked curiously.

"Hn. He looks strong… Were you a soldier?"

Kakarotto flinched slightly when he realized that the question was being addressed to him, "I was goin’ ta be."

Vejita smirked ever so lightly at the sound of the boy’s young immature voice. The slave was a bit taller than he was, but it was obvious that he was years younger.

"I dislike the idea of a soldier being a pleasure slave. Nappa, I think I’ll spar with the boy. You can take the women away."

"Yes, Sire." Nappa said, exiting the training hall, the two slaves following him. It was strange. Vejita never took a liking to slaves. He knew the prince enjoyed them now and then, but he rarely did anything else with them. Then again, he didn’t consider the boy a slave, rather a soldier. Who knew what the king’s ridiculous actions were going to cause.

"What is your name?"


Vejita pondered the name. He’d never heard anything like it before. Usually slaves were named something relating to their appearance or behavior. (A/N: Chiisai translates to Small, and Hanna translates to Flower.) Kakarotto was a warrior’s name.

"How old are you?"

Kakarotto was so nervous, "I’m told I’m sixteen, but I think I’m closer ta fourteen."

"I see," Vejita said, "Look up."

The boy did as he was told, keeping his gaze on the prince’s chest rather than receiving punishment for looking his master in the eye. Kakarotto was surprised by the prince’s size. He was small, almost petite, yet he was quite muscular and had an enormous ki. He was wearing a navy blue, sleeveless bodysuit and white gloves and boots, his tail wrapped tightly around his waist.

"I’m guessing you know how to spar?"

Kakarotto quickly nodded, surprised with his master’s request. He complied, however, crouching down in a defensive stance.

It had been several hours and the prince was surprised by the boy’s endurance. The young slave was strong, but he wasn’t that strong. He had no idea how the boy was able to continue. Vejita found himself short of breath, but Kakarotto was breathing much more heavily. Firing a fairly impressive ki blast, the prince watched as it made contact with the boy’s chest, causing his lithe body to fly back about ten meters, where he fell and didn’t get up.

"Hn. So, he finally had enough." Vejita said, smirking as he stepped over to the boy’s side. He was on the verge of unconsciousness, eyes squinted as he panted heavily.

Kakarotto had tried his best to please his master but wasn’t sure if he should try to win the match or not. Moments after he fell, he could feel strong arms lift him off the dull metal floor, cradling his body against a strong chest.

Vejita didn’t know what to do with the boy. He needed medical attention, but how would that look for the prince to step into the med. lab with a young male slave in his arms?

Instead, he carried the boy down the long corridor to his and Nappa’s quarters. Upon entering, the prince found that the bulky bodyguard had already gone to sleep. With a sigh of relief, Vejita stepped through the common room and entered his own private room, laying the boy on the floor. He quickly decided that wouldn’t do though. So, he lifted a blanket from his bed and spread it out just beside his bed. Then, he lifted the boy and placed him on the pallet, draping the same blanket he lie on around and over his blue-clad body.

Kakarotto calmed his breathing finally and opened his eyes when he felt someone lift his head and tuck a pillow under it. He was surprised to see his master, who was now standing and removing his gloves and boots, and then, climbing into his bed.

Vejita snuggled down in his bed, glancing down over the edge to get a glimpse of the boy before he went to sleep, "Ah, you’re awake."

"Hai, I’m sorry for causin’ you so much trouble."

Vejita’s eyebrows knitted together in confusion. Then, he realized the boy was referring to the fact that he’d been unable to walk.

"Hn. It’s fine. Go to sleep."

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