Devour Me

By: Hatti Lee* AKA Amalthea* AKA Saiyajin_Peach AKA Saiyajin_Peach_18

Authors Notes: Well, here we go again… Another Goku & Vejita yaoi! Woo hoo! ^_^ In this one, Goku, or should I say Kakarotto, is definitely OOC, but it’s all good. You’ll see. ^_~ I actually have this entire fic finished. Complete! Seems I'm updating every three to four days, but even that could change, depending on reviews that is. Hint. Hint. ^_^ Oh, and I welcome any and all reviews. Be it from just a fan or a flamer! It’s all good here!

Warnings: If you don’t already know, this is a yaoi fic, which means male/male intimacy. If you are uncomfortable with this, or if you’re just narrow-minded, I suggest you go elsewhere.

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Chapter Thirteen

It had been three weeks since he’d started and Raditz found that it was a relatively easy, laid back job. Stepping out of his room wearing only a pair of black spandex shorts, he was surprised to see Kakarotto sitting on the couch, yawning.

"Good morning, Kakarotto."

"Huh? Oh, mornin’." The boy answered, watching as the longhaired warrior took a seat across from him in an armchair.

"Doesn’t that bother you?"

Raditz was surprised by the question, "What?"

"All that hair… Doesn’t it get in tha way when ya fight?" Kakarotto asked, leaning back to get more comfortable.

"Oh, well, I haven’t fought in some time." Raditz said, looking around. It seemed that Vejita and Nappa were both still asleep. This was his chance.

"I was wondering… What was your father’s name?"

Kakarotto was somewhat shocked, the question bringing painful memories back to his attention.

Vejita’s eyes snapped open. He’d felt a slight sadness accompanied with some pain find it's way through the link he shared with his mate. He pulled himself out of bed to find that the boy’s ki was in the common room. Pulling on a pair of black gi pants, the prince exited the room he shared with Kakarotto.

"Mornin’, Jita." Kakarotto said, watching as his master took a seat beside him, wrapping an arm around his waist.

With that, Kakarotto continued his conversation with Raditz, "Bardock, his name was Bardock."

Raditz smiled, he was right. He knew it all along. Suddenly, there was a loud yawn as Nappa entered the room, wearing his black spandex shorts and full armor.

"What’s wrong?" Vejita questioned, feeling that same stab of pain and sadness shoot through his mind.

"I’m okay." Kakarotto reassured his mate as he arched his neck to the side to reach the prince’s lips for a good morning kiss.

Both Nappa and Raditz’s mouths fell open in shock. On the boy’s neck was a scar… A bite mark. After some time, Vejita and Kakarotto noticed.

"Catching bugs?" Vejita joked, only to find that the bodyguards’ expressions didn’t change, "What is it?"

"Sire," Nappa said, "Did you make the boy your mate?"

Vejita bared his teeth instinctively. He’d hoped they wouldn’t find out.

"Are you crazy? King Vejita is going to kill you."

"Nappa!" Vejita snapped, "I’m quite capable of handling this on my own. We’ve been mated for nearly three months."

"Do you think the king and the royals will accept this?"

"What choice do they have?" Vejita growled.

Nappa shook his head, "Most likely they’ll have him executed so that the bond can be broken. The purpose for you finding a mate was so you could produce an heir, remember?"

The entire room fell into a shocked silence.

"Kakarotto…" Raditz began, feeling that it was time he explain himself, "The reason I requested to be assigned to Vejita was because the first time I saw you, I was shocked to see that you look remarkably like my father, Bardock. See, we’re brothers."

Vejita quickly looked to his mate to see that tears had sprung to his eyes.

"You’re my brother? But I never met you…"

"I moved into the palace when I was fourteen to begin guard service, you must have been born just after that."

"I can’t believe it!" Kakarotto exclaimed, jumping forward to hug his brother, forgetting what Nappa had said only moments ago.

Prince Vejita and Nappa were left in the common room while the two brothers went to the mess hall for an early breakfast to do some catching up.

"What do you think I should do?"

Nappa sighed, unsure of what to tell his prince, "I don’t know. If you resist, it will just be more painful."

"I can’t believe that baka can be off chatting with his long lost brother while his life is at stake." Vejita hissed, annoyed with the world.

"Sire, he’s just a child in love. I’m sure he expects you to be there and thus isn’t worried."

"I hate it when you’re right," Vejita said through a smirk, rising to pace the floor, "I still have to think of something."

"Well, you could challenge your father and become king. If you’re king, your word is law." Nappa suggested.

"No, the royals still have council. They could rebel," Vejita said, sighing, "My best bet is probably to run." He said through a chuckle.

Nappa looked up, "You could, you know."

Vejita paused in his pacing, returning to his seat across from Nappa.

"You could take a space pod and just leave," Nappa said, noticing that his prince was actually considering what he was saying, "Does he really mean that much to you?"

"In my entire life I have killed hundreds and destroyed so much… I hate it, yet I saw no other way to live. He’s shown me emotions you can’t even imagine."

Nappa smiled, "Then… I think that’s what you should do. There’s no other way."

"You can come too…" Vejita offered.

"No, my place is here. I happen to enjoy being one of the strongest." Nappa said, smirking at his prince.

"Very well. My gift to you… Eme and Seido, the two slaves I have left. They’re yours."

Nappa’s eyes widened slightly. He’d never owned a slave… Moments later he was smiling, nodding his thanks.

Kakarotto snuggled up to his lover, kissing his sweat-covered chest. Their recent bout of lovemaking causing them to look at one another through half lidded eyes.

"Do you remember what Nappa said about how you could be executed to break our bond?"

Kakarotto looked up from his task, "Yeah…" he answered quietly.

"I’ve been thinking about this… The only way to get out of it is for us to leave. What do you think?"

"Leave?" Kakarotto questioned, confused.

"Yes, we could leave in a space pod. Leave this planet you hate."

Kakarotto smiled but it quickly faded, "Are you sure? What about Nappa and Raditz?"

"If it’s the only way for us to be together, I’m positive. I’ve spoken to Nappa about this. He wants to stay. Raditz doesn’t know. No one else does."

Kakarotto fell silent, resting his head back down against the smooth chest of his mate, sliding his arms up to encircle the prince’s waist, pulling him close.


"Yeah… Let’s do it. We could start a new life… Where are we going?" Kakarotto smiled up at the older Saiyajin.

Vejita kissed the boy’s forehead, "I forget the name… It’s a blue planet. The files said it’s full of vegetation and peaceful life."

"It sounds great, but when are we goin’?"

"In a couple of weeks my father and the royals are going to approach me about my choosing a mate. We’ll do it that day."

Kakarotto nodded. Soon they both fell into a peaceful sleep. They had a future.


The longhaired warrior turned to his right, "Hmm?"

Vejita was sparring with an invisible partner high in the air and Nappa was off reporting to some royal or another about the planets current defense system since there were rumors going around about some new tyrant heading their way.

"Promise not ta tell anyone about this…"

Raditz eyed his younger brother carefully, a bit confused, "Sure. What is it?"

"Me and Jita are goin’ ta leave soon since it’s against the law for us to be bonded."

Raditz’s mouth hung open, "But I just found you…" he stammered.

"I know. Jita says you can come if you want... It’s up to you." The boy said, watching his brother’s face for any signs of what he was thinking.

Vejita could sense his mates troubled mind and concentrated on feeling confident about their decision, hoping it would be some kind of comfort to him through the link they shared.

"I… I don’t think I want to leave…" Raditz said, looking up to see his brother smiling serenely.

"I knew you were goin’ ta say that. I’ll miss you." Kakarotto said, leaning forward to his hug the only other person than his mate to ever care about him.

"Yeah, I’ll miss you too." Raditz said as they separated.

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