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Changing Feelings

Juunanagou stands before me, his cold, emotionless eyes watching for any sign of movement. I don't see his sister anywhere, which is good. My chances of winning have improved, even if it is only slightly. As I look into his eyes, I shudder slightly. The fact that they are completely void of feeling has always been something that freaks me out.

I never could understand why he and his sister take so much pleasure in the killing and destruction of this planet. They seem to enjoy it, and it doesn't make sense to me; fun and death just don't mix. Sometimes I wish he would just talk to me, and explain why they do this. But that's asking too much; it's something that he would never do.

The demonic pair are a plague to the entire planet. They have killed so many. My father. My teacher. And so many others. Every time I try to defeat them, I fail. And every time I fail, it's as if I have let down the entire planet. Which, in a way, is true. No one else will ever challenge the androids' power.

But I can't stop trying. I am determined to defeat them. To rid my planet once and for all of a menace that has tormented it for years on end. Some day, I will be strong enough to kill them. And on that day, the earth will finally be free. But until then, even before I am strong enough, I will continue to fight.

I think this confuses the androids. They know, at least at this point, that I am no match for them. They know that I know it. I don't think they understand my reasons for always coming back and trying again. How could they? All they know is how to bring pain to others.

I prepare for the battle ahead. I have noticed that usually after fighting me, they leave my wounded body behind, flying off. It surprises me that they haven't killed me yet; they have had more than enough opportunities. I guess there's some reason behind it, but what that reason is, I have no idea.

Suddenly, before I can react, Juunanagou charges toward me. I feel his fist connect hard with my chest, and I am hurdled backward across the city. A building finally stops me from going any further, and I groan slightly from the pain of the blow. Opening my eyes, I see him approaching, and pull myself away from the building and start to fight back.

I watch as his eyes narrow in amusement. Furious, I try again and again to punch him, trying to hit him. But he dodges every movement, countering with his own blows. I start to realize that my body can't take much more of this, noticing my movements are slowing and more pain is making itself known.

His fist is once again approaching me, and I don't have time to move. The blow throws me to the ground, and when I try to get back up, my body doesn't respond. I'm hurt badly; it feels like I can just barely stay awake. I refuse to lose consciousness, and turn my head slightly towards my enemy. My eyes widen with fear as I realize that he is walking towards me.

It looks like he finally decided to kill me. Part of me is terrified; not of death, but of the fact that I will be leaving all of the people of this planet defenseless...especially my mother. I have to do something, I can't die, I can't leave my mother at the mercy of the androids! I try again to move any part of my body, but it still won't obey. My eyes move back to the grinning android. He is now standing to my side, and I watch as he kneels beside me.

I look into his eyes, trying to figure out what he is doing. He hasn't killed me yet, and I'm not sure if he just wants to scare me into thinking that I'm going to die today, or if he is just waiting for the right moment. I continue to stare into the sky blue eyes, waiting for him to make his move.

But I'm not prepared for what he does.

Suddenly, I feel his hand between my legs. My whole body freezes; I can't think or speak. It is an entirely new feeling, and I can't believe how good it feels. But somehow, my hazy mind registers that Juunanagou is still a threat, and I try as best I can to resist what he is doing to me.

Trying as hard as I can, I make my mind focus on the fact that Juunanagou is the enemy of my planet. But the thoughts are too hard to hang on to, at least while the bolts of pleasure are roaming around my body. Finally, I give in, and relax beneath the touch that is bringing forth feelings that I have never before known.

Through my blurred vision, I can see his face approaching mine, and I try to bring my mind back to the surface. His mouth meets mine, and I can feel his tongue enter, probing everywhere. All thoughts of stopping him are lost, as I surrender to the wonderful new feelings.

My usually baggy pants are starting to feel tight, and as his hand presses down on me, I moan into his mouth. He finally moves his face away from mine, leaving me in a daze. I stare up at the sky, unable to comprehend what was happening, but enjoying it at the same time. Suddenly, I feel my pants and boxers being slipped off, followed by my jacket and shirt.

He takes a moment to look at me, and then undresses in front of me. I can feel my eyes widen as he stands before me, and then I look away, somewhat embarrassed at what I am seeing. I didn't notice when he had moved, but jump slightly as I feel him push his fingers inside of me. It feels odd, but not bad. Then he starts to enter, and I try as best I can to stop a cry of pain. This pain was unlike any other I had ever felt, and I can feel my body tense up in response to the burning feeling.

He continues to drive in, and I can feel the pain receding, leaving my body overcome with pleasure. He pulls out, and pushes in again, over and over, increasing his speed with each movement. I can feel a slight pain, but it fades as I release between us, screaming in ecstasy. Juunanagou releases soon after me, and I can hear him try to bite back his own cry.

He collapses beside me, and looks into my eyes. All of the emotions that I usually carry whenever I see him are nowhere to be found. My usual fear, hatred, and anger just don't seem to be in place now. I watch as he stands and gets dressed. He flies away, leaving me lying on the ground, still completely astounded by what had just happened.

I am confused, to say the least. I had never imagined that he would ever do anything like that. But what did it mean? I just don't understand. One word seems to be traveling endlessly through my mind..."Why?" Why did he let me live another day? Why would he make me feel so good, experiencing something that was completely new? And why did it feel so right?

I don't understand him.

The thoughts fade, as I feel exhaustion begin to overcome me. But before it does, I realize that I am able to move. Through pain and fatigue, I slowly pull my clothing on, and fall back to the ground, darkness slowly overcoming me.

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