Chapter eight

Entering his quarters—quarters that were his in that he had no other place aboard this accursed ship to affix that designation to—Vegeta felt the rage, once again—always again---at knowing that his life was not his own. He was adrift on an unfriendly sea, a sailor alone in a battered lifeboat barely managing to remain upright against the howling gales that tried to force his direction and the buffeting waves that threatened to capsize him, sending him forever to the darkness of the ocean’s floor.

What was he to do? The beings that controlled this dismal existence, evil puppeteers pulling softly at one string while jerking roughly on another, were stronger than he. Hating that fact….hating them, he sought a way to make them hurt and rage and fear. But how to do so?

Zarbon was here---a target right in front of him….tempting Vegeta to hurt him as the prince now suspected he might be able. The blue-skinned alien had some decency he thought. And that any virtue...made one vulnerable.

The last Saiyan prince with all the bitterness he possessed was prepared to wound the Megalian with perhaps his deadliest weapon…..his acerbic tongue. Turning to lash out at his jailer, he was suddenly distracted from his purpose by the hint of a familiar scent----a scent that he had long forgotten and was certain he would never sniff again. It was coming from the bedroom.

When Vegeta, who for a moment Zarbon could have sworn was readying to assault him, unexpectedly moved towards the bedroom, he left a bewildered Megalian gaping after him in confusion. ~Where is he going?~ Wonderment overtook the visage of the green-haired man as he remembered what was in the bedroom. His gift. Even in its cage, blind to its surroundings, sealed against the release of sound, it had managed to somehow inform the small prince of its presence. He hurried after the prince to see his reaction.

Entering the bedroom the sharp ebon eyes of the galvanized prince searched eagerly for the source of that recognized smell, scoping the room in its entirety before resting on a small enclosure in the corner of the room near the bathroom door. Stumbling to his knees as he reached it, he tripped the lock holding the creature inside and was faced with the impossible.

~Luto?~ But of course it could not be his pet. Luto had died with all the others, everyone and everything that he had valued. But it was a viveret. Vegeta had come across many similar species—weasel-like creatures related to cats---he had never found any with this same rich russet coloration, sharply-pointed large ears, small feet, and tip of long tail dipped in black ink. The legs were longer than those of its common relations and the large dark eyes watched him intently as the charcoal nose at the end of its tapered snout twitched while taking in the scent of the prince.

As the royal heir Vegeta had few playmates deemed suitable for protracted contact. But there had been pets aplenty, animals of every kind. Of course they weren’t exactly domesticated—what on Vegetesei was? But he would spend hours every day, as often as he could manage to get away from his obligations, in wild abandon, hunting and rollicking with his friends

Zarbon entered their bedroom to the startling vision of a delighted young prince--looking for once truly youthful with his face freed from its prison of anger and harsh pride. The sight staggered him, a luster so bright he felt almost blinded with its luminosity. Maybe this was the reason he had asked for rights to the prince. This glorious person that stood before him now. The secret he had known was underneath all the bluster and bravado. The possibility that had been revealed to him by a brief glimpse at the private life of the elder Vegeta. The prince was spectacular in his gentler emotion, smile transforming his face to an even greater beauty.

Vegeta, lost though he was in the unexpected thrill of discovery, sensed the presence of the other man and schooled his expression to its more usual form, cold and haughty once more. Rising to his feet he asked, feigning mere curiosity, “Where did you find it. I assumed all trace of the native species of Vegetesei gone with the planet.”

The viveret, meanwhile, loose from its confines scampered up the prince’s legs and up to his shoulders, perching possessively on its new master, peeping shifting swiftly in frequency as it voiced its excitement.

Zarbon found it hard not to laugh as he looked at the adorable image before him of a scowling princelet with a chattering weasel at his ear, swatting playfully at the viveret’s russet tail tickling at his nose and under his chin.

“It seems a Saiyan landed on Pippiea some fourteen years ago and left behind a breeding pair in payment for repairs made to his spacecraft,” he replied. As he continued to look at Vegeta, he said. “I bought it for you.” A short pause. “You do like it?” he asked as he smiled hopefully.

Of course the prince liked it. He felt ecstatic. But he couldn’t say that to the alien before him. Zarbon was Frieza’s right-hand man, his undisputed favorite. Not to be trusted.

“Do you think to buy me into your bed? Admittedly, the price is more tempting than I might have imagined….but I am not for sale,” he said in fervid declaration, back stiffening in outrage and determination.

The joy he had felt deflated by the sting of the Saiyan prince’s words, Zarbon felt the tide of his emotions change to frustration and frustration caused him to lash out at the vexing boy in return. “I have no need to buy you into my bed. You are mine whenever I should decide to take you.”

Glaring furiously at the flushing visage of the fair Megalian, Vegeta cried, “You are a liar, Zarbon! Telling me that you only stepped forward because Dodoria and Jeice did.” Lowering his jet orbs to the floor in embarassment, he added while blushing hotly, “You desire me just as they do. Did you think I wouldn’t notice the hard evidence of that want when you forced that kiss upon me?”

Meeting the accusation in the boy’s flashing eyes as he raised them to Zarbon again, the older man calmly explained, “I did not lie to you…….I would not have asked for you if the others had not done so.” Smiling somewhat wryly, “But, yes, I do desire you. I never said otherwise. I didn’t realize that myself until this whole mess occurred, but…. I respond to you…respond to you like I have to no one else in my life. You have to face it my enticing princelet. You are a very physically attractive young man and are going to gain the attentions of others whether they are welcome to you or not.”

“Well, you all disgust me!” spat the flame-haired Saiyan while having to pet the viveret soothingly as it “Tchrred” in alarm at the upset in the room.

“Be that as it may, you can’t remain a virgin forever. Jeice’s plans for you have been circumvented and he’s not taking that well. If he finds the evidence, or the lack, that I am not using you for the purpose that Frieza believed I would when he gave you to me, he will use that knowledge to try to get you himself,” Zarbon said pointedly.

“But how can he really know?…I mean…Will we be filmed to prove it?….Will we have to perform personally before that blasted changeling?” the flustered Saiyan asked. Almost pleadingly, “Why can’t we merely pretend?”

Sighing, Zarbon said, “Frieza has no interest in watching others couple. He finds those activities rather distasteful.” Pacing nervously around the bedroom, “All Frieza has to do is look at your medical reports. You know how adamant he is about the decontamination procedures and keeping track of everyone’s health. And you are a special case beyond that---a potential threat to increase your power many-fold. Your physical condition is monitored more closely and examined more thoroughly than any other’s.”

Stopping to look at the prince, “When I copulate there are substances released which stay in my partner’s bloodstream for days and when I climax a chemical is released that can be traced for a week or so after intercourse with a simple blood test. All Frieza or Jeice would have to do is get a more detailed analysis of the tests you already regularly undergo.” Finishing his explanation he watched the young prince anxiously for his reaction.

Shaking his head as if to get rid of the unpleasant realities, Vegeta said in apparent distaste, “Too much information.”

“Well you did want to know why we had to have sex and couldn’t just pretend.” Hesitating and then adding, “And don’t think to try to trick your way out of it. I’m not willing to put my entire life on the line just so you can remain chaste.”

“Hn..,” was all the dark prince replied.

Sensing that the mood in the room had lightened somewhat, hostilities shelved for the moment, the viveret jumped off Vegeta’s shoulders and onto Zarbon. Startled the Megalian asked a bit cautiously, “Aren’t these solely a one-person companion? I was told they are vicious to anyone who touches them other than the person they imprint on.”

“I have always known them to be that way. Perhaps they have been too thoroughly tamed by living off Vegetesei,” the Saiyan said, frowning in disappointment.

The viveret settled on Zarbon, marking the blue-skinned man as he had the young prince, musk from anal pouches rubbed on legs and shoulders. Grimacing in mild offence he asked, “They were actually of practical use, were they not?”

Mind drifting to the past, Vegeta recalled the many viverets running about the castle and the two in particular that were always beside his father and him at the dining table. “They are very sensitive to poisons, letting their masters know if any food has been tainted. They are also a great defense against the many venomous snakes that would come into the royal gardens, quick and agile in their attacks.”

“That sounds like how you might be described,” laughed Zarbon.

The rest of the day was spent with Zarbon trying his hardest to engage the Saiyan prince in conversation. He wanted to get to know more about his future lover. Vegeta was not that cooperative although he did go into explicit detail when describing his last purge and the condition of their former associates, the Carnids. The Megalian got the impression that the teen figured Zarbon would be quite put off by the gory details of his work. Barely able to restrain from rolling his eyes in exasperation, Zarbon just asked for more vivid descriptions instead.

They did have a short visit from Nappa and Raditz in the evening, asking for some instruction from their prince. Both were shocked to see the viveret, a painful reminder of all they had lost. Nappa, seeing the animal favorably responsive to both Vegeta and Zarbon, attempted to pet the beast himself. A warning “Tchee” was all he heard before sharp teeth clamped on his thumb. The young prince was forced to come to the rescue, fearing Nappa’s massive size could damage his new pet if used in clumsy defense. Raditz, watching the scene before him, was disquieted by the fact that the viveret seemed to see his prince and Zarbon as a unit, accepting them both, but apparently no one else.

When they were alone, the Megalian retired to his bath, wishing to relax in the soothing tranquility he found in his heated tub. Vegeta spent that time playing with the new addition to his home, trying to train him to respond to various hand signals.

The Saiyan couldn’t help but gasp when Zarbon appeared in the living room, nude and steaming from his bath. The Megalian was a work of art, the flawless cerulean tint of his skin unbroken by any scar. He was not as muscular as Raditz but definitely as sculpted. And he was certainly well-endowed. That was painfully obvious to the prince who was gazing in morbid fascination at the total lack of hair on the pretty-boy’s body and the lack of visible balls. ~Do I even want to know?~ The long hair on his head, dripping water slowly down his bare back, appeared so much darker when wet.

Clearing his throat and eyeing the emerald-haired man with as much disdain as he could muster, the prince commented, “Can’t you bother to wear some clothing?”

Irritated, Zarbon answered, “I know you’ve seen naked men before. You’re not that innocent. Besides, I’m in the privacy of my own home. I should be free to remain unclothed if I wish too.”

Watching the tight blue ass of the retreating figure flex in definition as the Megalian went back into the bedroom, all Vegeta could do was ponder. ~I’ve seen plenty of men naked before. Why does seeing that damn alien in the buff disturb me?~ He must be nervous that Zarbon would jump him, never mind the pretty-boy’s earlier assurances to the contrary. ~I just don’t trust him.~

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