Chapter twelve

“Zarbon! Come over here!” the ice lord beckoned, ill-concealed excitement sparkling in his scarlet eyes and evident by his thumping tail as well.

The Megalian crossed the distance between the door of Frieza’s studio to his canvas in hurried strides, mentally sighing but putting on as interested a façade as he could manage when all he wanted to do was groan. ~What color has he come up with now?~ He was almost afraid to see what particular shade of blue his portrait would be painted this time. His lord was nothing if not persistent.

Zarbon had sat for him many times in the past few months, the changeling certain that each sitting would result in finally “capturing” the beauty…the essence…that was his favored subordinate. And each time they had both been dismayed---Frieza openly and Zarbon secretly---at how poorly the Megalian had been rendered---skin color wrong, features in disharmony, eyes lackluster rather than vibrant. Still, he feigned enthusiasm for the ice lord’s latest foray into the land of artistic endeavor.

“What have you got?” he asked, voice laced with false zeal as he forced a grin.

“I’ve done it! I’ve got the color,” Frieza informed him as he virtually danced with glee. “Remember I always said that your skin reminded me of the sky on Arteris…and now I have mixed that exact color,” he said proudly, pointing to the azure tint on his palette. “I’ve had the recipe for a week now, but I wanted to paint a landscape of the planet before doing your portrait.”

Of course that meant that the rest of the day was spent in another round of mind-numbing posing, the only subject breaking the monotony for Zarbon, the question of whether the Saiyans were to be sent on another series of planet purges.

There was a valid concern as to how soon the Saiyan prince’s awakening was to be upon him. Frieza seemed to take it for granted that they had already coupled, but he was readily aware that this event could present some problems if occurring while on an assignment. Therefore, he suggested that the Megalian examine the latest medical findings on the prince and handle the assignation for the work detail accordingly.

When Zarbon had finished with his sitting, he made his way to the ship’s medical facilities, lost in the contemplation of how to gather a more first-hand account on this physiological passage to adulthood---this awakening that Vegeta would undergo. He did have some familiarity with this culmination to the Saiyan adolescence, but he wanted to learn more. That left him with two choices—Nappa or Raditz.

Nappa was devoted to the prince, but his prejudice in regards to male/male couplings would likely prevent him from divulging any helpful information to the Megalian. Zarbon was quite sure that the hulking Saiyan guard would be perfectly content to remain ignorant of the sexual aspect of his and Vegeta’s relationship---a kind of if you ignore something it must not be happening attitude. Raditz. He would need to approach Raditz…. even though that was sure to present some difficulty in its own right.

Arriving at medical, he asked for and was immediately granted access to Vegeta’s records. He sequestered himself in the bland trappings--round wood table, four chairs, computer and video-com--of a mini conference room to research the findings.

The file on the prince was quite a bit more extensive than the files on most others in Frieza’s employ. It took a few moments to obtain the data he required; hormone and neurotransmitter levels in the prince at present and in comparison to the levels from the previous months and weeks. There was a two-fold increase from just the week prior to this one. The time was near…very near. The prince would have to remain aboard ship.

Reaching over to the video-com, he punched in the code for the room shared by the Saiyan guards. Within seconds, the disheveled mass of black hair topping the head and falling over the shoulders and back of the younger guard came into view. Matching ebon eyes set in a reddened face soon followed as he directly faced the monitor. Raditz had just returned from some morning exercise it seemed.

“What do you want….Zarbon?” He asked, still breathing heavily from the invigorating workout.

“I need you to meet with me here in medical in a half-hour,” he instructed, feeling that should be sufficient time for the Saiyan to shower and dress.

Raditz appeared hesitant. He really didn’t desire any contact with the Megalian, but there wasn’t any way he could refuse. Zarbon did outrank him as far as the protocol of Frieza’s army went.

“Fine,” he unhappily agreed, cutting off the transmission abruptly to go cleanse himself of the grime from his drill, frowning as he mused on what the blue-skinned man could possibly want.

When Raditz made his appearance at the conference room entryway--having been directed to that location by the pointing finger of a brusque technician-- he caught Zarbon unawares. The Megalian had been daydreaming, imagining the near future when the growing attraction between he and the prince would be consummated, and didn’t notice his arrival.

The brawny Saiyan cleared his throat, bringing Zarbon regretfully back to the present. His yellow orbs settled on the less familiar sight of a casually-clothed Raditz; beige, light-weight pants hugging his impressive thighs and hips steadfastly and navy blue shirt clinging to his broad chest and hinting at the power of his biceps. Raditz was all male. There was nothing delicate about the man. He was raw strength and rugged looks, attractive in an uncivilized and thoroughly dangerous fashion.

“Come in and sit down,” he instructed, indicating the chair to his right.

Raditz sat stiffly in the undersized chair, virtually obscuring it from view with his large frame.

“I wanted to show you the results of some medical testing on Vegeta,” Zarbon began, displaying a chart with line graphs depicting increasing amounts of individually labeled hormones and neurotransmitters. “I figure he should hit the awakening within the next couple of days….do you agree?”

Chewing the inside of his mouth as he barely bothered to glance at the data on the screen, Raditz slowly shook his head in the affirmative. “It should be in the next day or so.” A pregnant pause. “Nappa and I are prepared to handle it.”

An irrational jealousy overtook Zarbon at those words. Vegeta was his. He would take care of the prince….no one else. “I will handle this, myself,” he contradicted sharply. “I just want you to give me a better feel for exactly what will happen and what I might need to do.”

Raditz glared at the blue-skinned man to his left, clenching his fists at the possessive tone of the other.

For a short while nothing else was spoken, gleaming tawny eyes of one challenging the blazing jet orbs of the other. Finally giving in, the bigger man asked, “What do you want to know?”

“Tell me what you experienced…what I can expect to happen with Vegeta,” Zarbon prodded.

Raditz thought back to his own awakening; closing his dark eyes as he relived the memories: the sleep that had overtaken him at first--filtering out a large portion of the stimuli around him, some of the painful grating sensations that had coursed through him as a result of senses unfiltered, and finally awakening to a world that was so much more vivid as far as the perception of taste, and touch and smell.

Then, of course, there had been the mindless, lusty hours of sex with the first receptive female he had come across. He described it as best he could to someone who had not been through the same.

“Hm…Your sensory receptors---mechanoreceptors, thermoreceptors, chemoreceptors, electromagnetic receptors---are for the most part set at birth; but during your puberty, the neurotransmitter production increases so that you are more sensitive to stimuli than you had been….Is that correct?” Zarbon questioned, fascinated by the topic both in general and for personal reasons in particular.

“Our eyesight and hearing don’t improve. But touching, tasting, and smelling….we are immersed in those senses when we mate. They are… improved…able to pick up the subtlest of erotic flavors and aromas,” the Saiyan guard corrected.

It irked him to have to discuss his race with this alien…an alien whose sole interest in the subject pertained to bedding his prince. But Vegeta was to be the man’s lover whether Raditz discussed this or not, so he saw no logical excuse not to tell Zarbon what he could…although emotionally he wanted nothing more than to tell the Megalian to go fuck himself…better yet, Frieza.

Maybe the first sexual encounter for his prince would be pleasant if Zarbon knew as much as possible about the awakening---though that very idea made him feel like tearing out his hair…or better still, yanking out every strand of Zarbon’s.

“Vegeta has slept more this week. Prior to this, in the time we’ve lived together, he was always the first one out of bed,” Zarbon commented, rubbing his chin thoughtfully and uncomfortably cognizant of how the Saiyan guard bristled at his words. “So he’ll just slip into a dormant state?”

Gruffly, Raditz elaborated. “His heart rate and body temperature will decrease and he will sleep--a mini hibernation period. This dormancy allows his body some time to adjust to the hypersensitivity of his perceptions… muting the sensations… they can be rather painful and confusing if faced while fully conscious.”

Zarbon nodded his head in understanding. “His body takes that time to attune itself to the rush of these stronger and contradictory feelings, learning to reinterpret these incoming signals.” Facing the Saiyan directly he added, “And when he awakens he will also have a strong compulsion to… to mate.”

“He’ll be capable of mating, but the urge to fuck will be weaker than what typically occurs in Saiyan males if he doesn’t pick up a certain scent,” replied Raditz with just a hint of satisfaction.

“Vegeta has already responded to me. Are you trying to say he needs the influence of a Saiyan pheromone to want to have sex?” the green-haired man asked incredulously, tossing his braid over his shoulder in agitation.

“I’ll admit that attraction has more aspects to it than just biology, but…yes…I think his need to have sex for this first time won’t be as urgent as it would be ….it will be quite dampened in its fervor without that scent,” Raditz said, enjoying the look of consternation that came over the much-too-pretty face of the Megalian. “He won’t have that same overwhelming desire to screw like crazy.”

“This pheromone was present in the female of your species?”asked Zarbon, not really needing a confirmation.

“Yes…but a similar one in males may produce the same reaction,” he said rather triumphantly.

Raditz had been surprised to find his own scent changing, responding to the change in Vegeta. It appeared that in prolonged exposure to an awakening male, no females available, the physiology of another male Saiyan could alter. “And fighting also produces an effect….as does moonlight…but not as potent as the pheromone. A true first heat requires the musk. He may respond to you, but I don’t think he’ll jump you.” Shrugging his broad shoulders, he added, “But I suppose that probably doesn’t matter that much to you…or maybe you might consider yourself lucky. A Saiyan in his first heat is quite….rough and demanding…on his lover.”

“Need I remind you which of us is the stronger,” retorted Zarbon, cheeks purpling in ire. The blue-skinned man considered what the large Saiyan had related as well as the barely-concealed hostility behind his words. “You’re producing this pheromone, aren’t you? Reacting to Vegeta’s scent.”

Raditz merely shrugged, but the Megalian didn’t miss the gleam in his eyes. He was biding his time; knowing that the insatiable lust of the first heat would be triggered by him. He believed he would mate with the prince sooner or later; there was no way Vegeta could resist that magnetic attraction of pheromone during his first heat.

Irritated now, Zarbon sniped, “Well, Raditz. You’ve certainly been helpful.” Standing up he said, “You and Nappa have a week’s leave to be taken off ship…effective tomorrow.”

Leaping to his feet, Raditz growled, “What about Vegeta? You can’t expect me to leave my prince at this point!” His tail lashed furiously. He wanted nothing more than to punch this prissy alien who would seek to remove him from his prince’s side at such an important juncture in his life.

“I will take good care of Vegeta. You don’t need to concern yourself about that,” Zarbon stated with finality. “Just make sure you’re available for my communications.”

Recognizing that the subject was closed and there was nothing he could do to debate it, the large Saiyan gritted his teeth and left the company of the infuriating alien. He cursed inwardly at the injustice of circumstances where his prince, at his most vulnerable, would be left in the hands of a non-Saiyan.

But it did bring him a small measure of satisfaction that only he held the necessary key to bring out Vegeta’s mating instinct in all its natural and savage intensity.

Then he was struck by a disturbing thought. It was obvious that Zarbon was very possessive of the prince. Just how far might he be willing to go to keep Vegeta to himself?

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