Gohan was crying again. He only ever cried because of Piccolo. I couldn’t help but wonder what had happened this time. I knew he didn’t want me to know how he felt about Piccolo, but it was obvious. I felt the same way about Trunks with pretty much the same results: nothing. I didn’t tell Gohan because I knew he would think that it was his fault I was gay. Sometimes I got the impression that Gohan didn’t like being the way he was. And yet he really loved Piccolo. I didn’t understand. I loved Trunks and never regretted my choice.

Tonight his choice was tormenting him. Piccolo had turned him away again I was sure. I wasn’t supposed to know that, just like I wasn’t supposed to know anything else, but I did. I knew and it hurt me. It hurt me to see my brother in such a state. It hurt even more because I knew exactly what he was going through.

I don’t know what I was thinking. I only wanted to comfort him. I thought that if I told him about Trunks now, while he was feeling this way, that maybe he wouldn’t blame himself. Beyond that my thoughts were muddled. I was right though, about him not blaming himself this way. He didn’t and that made me feel better. But as he started talking, as the stilted phrases poured from his mouth, I started to feel worse again. The tears shining on his cheeks, joining the outflow of his heartbroken words, didn’t help any.

At that point I only wanted to make him feel better. I had crawled up beside him on the bed, and he had taken my hands in his. When his broken outpouring was winding down I pulled him into my arms so his head was resting on my shoulder. His hair was soft against my cheek and I couldn’t help myself. My hand rose up to stroke the ebony strands of its own accord. I remember murmuring something to him, consoling, soft. He pulled away from me then and I will never forget the look in his eyes. There was desperation in them, a need, and they were focused on me.

I had looked up to Gohan my entire life, I loved him. He pulled me into his arms and I was glad that my presence was comforting. I would deny him nothing. And so when he leaned back slightly and tipped my chin up I sat there, knowing what he wanted, what he needed. I wasn’t really thinking about it. All I knew was that he needed me, needed my body, and that I would do anything to make him smile again.

His lips were soft, like how I thought Trunks’ would feel. I closed my eyes and pressed myself against him. He was warm and soft and all things good to me. When his tongue ran along my bottom lip I opened my mouth readily to receive him. Our breath mingled and I could only think of that moment and how I wouldn’t mind if it lasted forever. He needed more though and his hands guided my own down to the proof of his need.

He moaned into my mouth as my hands brushed his hard length, and I felt my breath hitch in my throat. My hand dropped as Gohan pulled away so he could more easily remove my shirt, and I watched him through slitted eyes. When he had removed my shirt, all of his clothing followed almost immediately. He was beautiful, my brother. Bronzed skin shimmered in the pale light of the room. I was staring and knew he was watching me with the same fascination.

We seemed frozen for that moment in time. The window let in enough light to see what we were doing, and the reassuring darkness under the door let us know that no one would interrupt us. We had forever in that moment. When it was broken I didn’t regret it though, because Gohan’s hands had started caressing my shoulders. I moved to reciprocate and in the next few minutes grew heady as I realized I could make him feel as good as he made me. The moans my hands wrung from him were honey for my soul. Gohan was happy. His tears were only memories and our need burned between us.

My hand soon moved back to the proof of that need and I almost cried when Gohan removed it once more. I didn’t though because in the next moment his hands, so sure with his own, were fumbling with my sash, and he was pressing me back against the bed. My hips lifted to help him remove my pants, and I felt one hand caress the curve of my butt and linger on its way down my thigh. I trembled with the sensations it caused, too caught up in the silky feel of his hands on my skin to be embarrassed by my obvious need which was now practically in his face. His eyes met my own before his mouth slowly descended to take my cock into that warm cavern.

I was in heaven. His tongue was an instrument of torture and he was my dark angel, claiming me. I didn’t last very long but that only occurred to me later, when I had time to think about it. At the time I just lay there, panting and sweaty, loving the feel of his throat muscles working to swallow my seed.

When his mouth released me I tugged at his hands, trying to pull him up so we were face to face. Instead he grabbed my hand and kissed it before rolling me over onto my stomach. Only then did he move up so our heads were level. He showered kisses over my shoulders and neck, lovingly caressing my cheek and mouth. When his first two fingers lingered on my lips I eagerly sucked them in, tongue caressing. Once again his moans fell upon my ears, making me more than ready for what was to come.

Sliding his fingers out of my mouth, Gohan’s fingers left a wet trail that traced my spine. He stopped at my opening and whispered my name before slowly slipping one finger inside me. Pushing slowly in and out he gently prepared me, only adding the second finger at my pleading insistence. Most of my thoughts centered on those fingers, but enough awareness was left to appreciate the moist kisses pressed to the small of my back and the tongue bathing my over-heated skin.

Pressing a final kiss to my back Gohan pulled his fingers out of me, and I tried to move my hips farther back to keep them inside. Gohan used my momentum to pull me up to my knees and brought himself up behind me. Once more he paused and looked into my eyes. He must have seen my own need in them because he slicked his member with saliva and positioned himself at my entrance.

He wouldn’t let me push back on him; instead he pushed into me only slightly before pulling back. My dark angel’s sweet torture stirred my arousal once more and by the time he was fully seated within me I was achingly hard. Gohan, ever courteous, moved the arm already wrapped around my waist, so that his hand sheathed my member. Slow torment was once again my fate as he pushed into me again and again. My already overloaded senses couldn’t take much more, and when I felt his balls slap against me I came into his hand and over his bed. Gohan followed me into completion a few thrusts later, collapsing on top of me when his legs and arm refused to hold him up.

He left his other arm around my waist, using it to pull me closer to him when he rolled onto his side. I felt his warm breath stirring my hair, and that, combined with his body heat, quickly lulled me to sleep.

I awoke that next morning to Gohan lightly shaking me and calling my name.

“Why don’t you go hop in the shower, Goten?” he asked after I opened my eyes. “Then you can come down and eat breakfast. I’ve made waffles.”

I eagerly jumped out of bed and ran to the shower, Gohan’s chuckle following me. Thought’s of my favorite breakfast momentarily distracted me from the events of the night before. However, they soon came to the fore, and I found myself growing anxious. I couldn’t help but wonder what Gohan thought of the night’s events, and whether or not the light of day changed anything. Thoughts of Gohan in bed soon had me hard and I took a little longer in the shower than usual taking care of that matter. In truth my shower was longer mostly because my growing trepidation slowed my movements and ate at my confidence.

Finally, having nothing left that hadn’t been cleaned I climbed out of the shower and dressed. My footsteps were slow on the stairs, hastening only when the aroma of the waffles wafted from the kitchen.

Gohan must have sensed my unease because all he said was, “Eat first. You will feel better on a full stomach.” Acquiescing to this fact I slowly started to eat, my stomach soon causing me to regain my normal speed. Despite my fears the waffles had never tasted better, the butter never as rich, the syrup so sweet.

When we had both finished Gohan cleared his throat and, staring at the table in front of him, started to speak. “Goten, you know I love you, right?” At my nod he took a deep breath and continued. “Last night…I mean I’m…aaagh, I can’t do this!” He buried his head in his hands, fingers threading through the dark strands.

I left my chair and walked around the table to his side. He looked up at me, anguish written into his features, eyes slightly red. It hurt me to see him like this, even more at what his demeanor implied. “Do you regret what we did?” I asked him, my voice small even in my own ears.

“No!” His reply was immediate. I let out my breath in relief, I couldn’t help it. “I just, well, you wanted to, right? I didn’t…force you or something?”

It was my turn to reply with a sharp “No!” It was beyond me that he could even think such a thing about himself. But even if he had I would have answered the same. Anything to keep him from more pain. “I wanted to, too,” I told him. His tears were released then and I knew them for tears of relief. “Don’t cry, Gohan. I don’t want you to be sad, ever. I love you.”

“I know, Goten,” he replied attempting to stem the flow. “I know.”

“Then why are you crying? Is it because of me?”

“No. Well, kind of,” he amended, “but it’s not your fault.” I waited for his explanation. “It is just that Trunks…and Piccolo…” He let the thought trail off and I knew what he was thinking. They wouldn’t be the first. “But I don’t regret it, not for a second,” he said pulling me into a hug. “But maybe, maybe we shouldn’t do it again.”

I understood and nodded in agreement. “We both need to do something about them,” I told him. “We can’t let it get this bad again. Not that I would mind the results, but, well, the heartache involved kind of sucks, you know?”

We reached an understanding that day. Each of us was more than willing to help the other regarding the objects of our affection. If only things were so easy…

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