We Were Angels - Part Nine

Kakarot soon became a regular at the Dragon's Lair, eating there everyday. Before long, he had even ordered every item on the menu. He would sometimes talk to Vegeta, it was rarely more than a few words, but Kakarot began to look forward to their little chats. He wasn't sure if Vegeta liked them as much as he did, but he hoped so. He hadn't seen Yamcha near the restaurant since that day, or anywhere else for that matter. Vegeta never talked about him and Raditz hadn't visited lately. He was strangely glad to not see the scared doctor around Vegeta anymore. It meant he had more time with Vegeta for himself. He wanted to be the only one who touched Vegeta, the only one who made him laugh, the only one who occupied his thoughts. He couldn't exactly place his feelings about the human though. Did he love Vegeta? Or was it just a warmness towards the man? He decided that it must be in- between, because surely the angels would have come to get him if he really loved Vegeta. So he knew he didn't love him yet, but Kakarot had a feeling he soon would.

What he didn't know however, was that Vegeta felt the same way about him. He was always glad when the tall, muscular man came in to eat and talk. Vegeta began to look forward to each new day, something he hadn't done in a while. He would make special plates for Kakarot and give him extra food. He wanted to go further with the man, but wasn't sure how to approach him. He had met Yamcha at a bar, who had made it very obvious he was sexually attracted to Vegeta, but Kakarot was different. Vegeta wasn't even sure if Kakarot was interested in men or not, but he decided to take his chances. Kakarot was worth it and next time he came in, Vegeta would make his move.

Tuesday afternoon, Kakarot wandered into the small diner and sat in his regular seat as the counter. Without needing to look at the menu, he ordered a bowl of ramen noodles and Marie, whom he had befriended in his many visits, relayed his order to Vegeta with a wink. Recognizing the signal that it was Kakarot's order, he gave special attention to the food, making sure it was perfect. 'Like Kakarot himself.' Once it was done, he personally brought it out to the smiling man.

"Vegeta! How are you today?" he asked with a large grin. Vegeta mentally smirked at his antics.

"As fine as can be expected," he replied calmly.

"Not working too hard are you?" asked Kakarot as he scooped up a spoonful of ramen noodles. Vegeta held his breath as those delicious-looking lips encircled the spoon and it disappeared into Kakarot's mouth, only to return empty a few seconds later. He stopped his thoughts short before they got him into trouble.

"Kakarot, why don't you come by later?" Kakarot looked up in interest since Vegeta rarely said more than a few sentences to him and usually only to answer Kakarot's questions.

"Uh, okay, Vegeta," he said nervous and excited that the muscular cook was showing interest in him.

"We'll go for a drink," Vegeta said evenly before turning and going back to the kitchen. Kakarot sat with the spoon half-way between the bowl and his opened mouth. 'Did Vegeta.just ask me out?' Kakarot finished the rest of his meal with a happy smile on his face and a gleam in his eyes.


After he left the restaurant, Kakarot had spent the rest of the afternoon in an extremely good mood. Nothing got him mad, not even being rained on. He hurried home to get ready, but since it only took a few minutes, he was left with four more hours until the Dragon's Lair closed and Vegeta got off work. He paced restlessly around his apartment for a few minutes before plopping down in front of the tv. Channel surfing, he stopped on a movie where a troubled teem suddenly got mental powers and went on a killing spree. However, it soon ended and he was still left with a few more hours to wait. Sighing unhappily, he laid down on the couch and closed his eyes for a little nap.


Vegeta looked impatiently as his watch for the fifth time in ten minutes. 'Where is that baka? I refuse to wait all night on someone, no matter how good-looking they are.' The sound of clattering footsteps, alerted him to someone approaching behind him. He turned around and crossed his arms as he saw the handsome Kakarot approaching in a rush.

"You're late," he said flatly.

"Ah, gomen nasai, Vegeta! I accidentally fell asleep, I came as fast as I could," he said as he put his hand behind his head. Vegeta uncrossed his arms and smirked.

"Fine, let's go then," he said as he began to walk away. Kakarot hurried to keep pace with the shorter man. Vegeta led them to a large bar nestled in- between an abandoned building and a specialty-clothing store. Stepping inside, the air was filled with smoke and clamor, neon lights illuminated the people nestled in clusters around tables and booths. Kakarot stood in the entrance, drinking in the atmosphere as people pushed past him roughly in their effort to navigate the room.

"Ve--," he said, but stopped when he realized Vegeta was no longer beside him. Looking around for the unmistakable figure, Kakarot saw him walking through the crowd towards an empty booth. Making his way towards Vegeta, he received many appreciative glances and comments. Smiling politely at his admirers of both sexes, he finally made it to the booth where Vegeta was sitting. Vegeta looked curiously at the blush on Kakarot's face but didn't question him on it, instead asking what he wanted to drink.

"I don't know, I've never been to a bar before," Kakarot explained sheepishly. Vegeta nodded in understanding and hailed a waitress to their table. A young, attractive blonde wearing a mini-skirt and halter-top came to take their order.

"What will you two hunks have tonight?" she asked with a smile. Vegeta frowned off the compliment.

"I'll have a shochu and he'll have a sapporo," he said languidly. The waitress smiled again and walked off to get their drinks. Kakarot fidgeted silently in his seat across from Vegeta, wondering what to do on a date, or if this even was a date. Vegeta was not faring much better as he tried to find the best way to declare his intentions to the seemingly na´ve man. Bluntness had always been his policy in the past and he now chose to stick with it.

"Kakarot," he said evenly. Kakarot looked up at him, eyes wide with interest and smiling lop-sided. Suddenly, the words 'I want to have mind- blowing sex with you' refused to issue from Vegeta's mouth as he stared into Kakarot's dark eyes.

"Hai?" asked Kakarot still smiling. Vegeta coughed dryly to cover his staring.

"Have you lived here long?" 'Blunt. Very blunt.'

"Iie, I just moved here," Kakarot answered, hoping Vegeta wouldn't ask from where. But luck was with him again and the waitress returned with their drinks. Kakarot studied the foamy liquid briefly before taking a sip. The taste was smooth and full. He gave a smile of appreciation to Vegeta before taking a longer draught.

"This is good," he said happily. Vegeta cocked an eyebrow at the grinning man as he took a shot of shochu. Kakarot finished off the drink in a large gulp and set down the empty mug.

"Ano, can I have another?" he asked happily. Vegeta smirked as he hailed the waitress and told her to bring them another round.

And so the night passed quickly, as they talked about nothing in particular. Kakarot had several more drinks and Vegeta was enjoying the flushed tint on the man's face and the drunken chatter. 'Can't hold his liquor. He'll probably have one hell of a hangover tomorrow,' Vegeta thought.

"I'll be back," Vegeta said as he stood up.

"Where ya going?" asked Kakarot unevenly.

"To the bathroom." Vegeta didn't want to leave the drunken man by himself, but he hoped Kakarot wouldn't get into any trouble while he was gone. And so Kakarot sat, trying to remember the last time he had felt so good. He was also trying to figure out what the strange craving in the pit of his stomach was. It was a yearning for.something, he didn't know quite what, but he liked it and wanted to satisfy it.

Seeing a sexy, drunk guy sitting alone, a man came over to talk to Kakarot. He slid in beside the man and smiled predatorily.

"Hi, my name is Stevie. Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" the man asked seductively. Kakarot blinked at him.

"It didn't hurt at all, I rode nimbus," he explained matter-of-factly. Stevie looked at him in puzzlement, but continued anyway.

"Was your father a thief, because you've stolen my heart," he purred into Kakarot's ear.

"I didn't have a father," Kakarot said in bewilderment. Stevie grinned widely.

"Then you can call me 'daddy' when I break in that nice ass of yours."

"Nani?!" Kakarot gaped at the other man. Stevie grabbed Kakarot by the blue shirt he was wearing and crushed his lips to the parted ones before him. To Kakarot's alcohol-hazed mind, the new sensations created by Stevie's tongue and lips added to the warm, tingly feeling in his stomach, fueling the craving. So, he let Stevie kiss him.

When Vegeta returned from the bathroom, he only saw a stranger at his booth. 'Where the hell is Kakarot?' Upon closer inspection, however, he realized that the stranger was on top of Kakarot, kissing him and running his hands over the sculpted body. "How dare he! I'm the only one who can touch him!' Vegeta no longer saw a stranger, he saw the next student in Vegeta's School of Pain.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" he roared as he ripped the man off of Kakarot and threw him to the floor. Kakarot sat in the booth, still wide-eyed from Stevie's pleasurable assault. The challenger stood up slowly, eyeing Vegeta warily.

"Who's this? Your boyfriend?" he asked condescendingly. Vegeta only snorted in reply. "You know what they say, sugarlips," Stevie said to Kakarot, "short in height, short in length. Why don't you come with me and I'll show you a real man." Vegeta growled in fury and punched the weaseling man square on the jaw, knocking him to the floor. He then kneeled next to Stevie and whispered in his ear.

"Don't touch what is mine. And by the way, I'm hung like you wouldn't believe, sugarlips," he sneered. Standing back up, he growled at the stares of onlookers and signaled to Kakarot that they were leaving.

They made slow progress after leaving the bar, since Kakarot was having a hard time walking. Vegeta didn't mind the taller man leaning against him oh so nicely, even if he was a little heavy.

"Take this street, we can go to my place," Kakarot said pointing down an empty street. Vegeta dutifully changed directions, hoping that Kakarot's place was closer than his seeing as he didn't want to lug around a drunk all night. If either one had been paying attention they may have noticed a large shadow following them through the night. But both were oblivious as they continued on their journey.

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