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Author's Notes: Here we go with yet another Goku and Vejita song fic. I really enjoy doing these! I followed the lyrics a little more closely on this one, it just happened to be an ideal song for my favorite couple! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. ^_^

Warnings: If you don't already know, this is a yaoi fic, which means it contains male/male intimacy. If you're not comfortable with that, or if you're just plain narrow minded, I suggest you go elsewhere.

Disclaimer: I don't own Dragon Ball Z or it's characters or the song "You And Me Song" be The Wannadies. So, I'd appreciate it if you didn't sue me! It's not like you'd get much anyway! ^_^

Okay, if there's anyone left… On with the fic…

Always when we fight

I try to make you laugh

Until everything’s forgotten

I know you hate that

Goku smirked, something he'd picked up from his mate no doubt. He'd won there little afternoon sparring match. He watched as Vejita slowly climbed to his feet, covered in dust. He knew better than to help the prince up or try and make him feel better with words of encouragement. He knew exactly what Vejita would say. 'I don't need your pity, Baka!' Goku's smirk grew into a grin at the fact that he knew his mate so well after having only been together for six months.

Vejita had the urge to smack the spiteful grin off the fool's face, "What the fuck are you grinning about?" the prince spat, approaching his mate.

Goku snapped out of his little reverie, "Huh? Oh, nothing." He answered casually as they entered their home together, heading straight for the tub.

Goku stepped into the warm water, a grin still on his face as he remembered the day not so long ago when their sparring match had gone a bit too far and they'd woke the next morning bonded. Everyone had been surprised, Chi-Chi had been furious, but everyone had grown used to it all. Now they lived in a small capsule house in the woods, living life as they pleased.

Vejita slipped into the bath across from his mate to find that the fool was still grinning, "Do you think beating me is that funny? Just wait, Kakarotto, I'm going to kick your ass one of these days." He growled, quickly washing away the sweat, blood, and dirt. He wanted some space and the sooner he got out of the tub, the sooner he'd get it.

Goku's grin instantly faded, what had he been thinking!? He knew better than that. Vejita was more than sensitive with the fact that he was the stronger of the two.

"No, I wasn't… I'm just happy, that's all." He said quickly, grabbing the prince's wrist as he rose from the tub.

"Let go of me!" Vejita snapped, growing impatient.

Goku ignored the order, jerking on the wrist he held just enough to cause his mate to splash back down into the tub.

"What the fuck are you thinking?!" Vejita said, nearly screaming. The damned fool knew better! He was the dominant one; Kakarotto had to do as he was told! The prince's thoughts came to an instant halt as the fool came close, pressing warm lips to his cheek before moving to nip at his ear.

"Jita, I wasn't thinkin' like that… I love you." Goku whispered, slowly pulling back to see his mate's reaction.

Vejita had quickly recovered from his momentary surprise and was wearing his usual scowl, "Hn."

Hoping his prince was in a playful mood, Goku ran his hands sensually down Vejita's compact chest and muscled abs, letting his fingers graze ticklish sides before quickening the touch. His mate burst out in laughter, trying his hardest to push him away. Goku's grin returned. Before they'd become so intimate with one another, he'd have never guessed the all mighty Saiyajin Prince to be ticklish. Finally feeling satisfied, Goku stopped, chuckling as Vejita calmed.

"Baka…" the prince said through a smirk, leaning back against the tub, pulling his mate to him.

Goku smiled, closing his eyes as he relaxed in the warm water, strong arms holding him firmly against a smooth chest.

Always when we fight

I kiss you once or twice

And everything’s forgotten

I know you hate that

Vejita leaned against the doorframe, watching silently as Kakarotto dressed in a pair of his disgustingly orange gi pants, pulling the flimsy fabric up his beautifully pale, muscular legs. Then, tying a blue sash tightly around his narrow waist to keep them up.

Goku looked up, a slight blush spreading over his cheeks at the sight of the nude prince.

Vejita smirked at his mate's ever so slightly reddened cheeks, "See something you like?" he asked, stepping into their dull bedroom.

The taller smiled lightly, pressing his lips to the prince's, turning his head for better access. He moaned lightly when Vejita suddenly pressed his aroused body firmly against his own.

Finally, they pulled apart for air, the prince's chest rising and falling rather quickly, "Leave you breathless?" Goku questioned, grinning down at his mate.

Vejita thought about the simple sentence along with the wide grin on his mate's face before suddenly turning, stalking over to his dresser and quickly pulling on a pair of black gi pants, tying them with a white sash, and climbing into bed.

Goku was completely confused at the sudden change in attitude. Quickly moving to the bed, climbing in beside the prince, he leaned over his mate.

"Did I say somethin' wrong?"

Vejita narrowed his eyes at the oblivious look on the fool's face, "Two victories in one day, you should be proud."

Goku instantly berated himself. He sure was slipping up today! He knew Vejita insisted on being dominant at all times, why'd he have to go and say something like that?

"Jita, I didn't mean anythin' by it…" he said, rolling over, pulling the prince with him, "Please… Don't be mad." He whispered, looking up at his mate with lust in his eyes.

Instantly, Vejita's smirk returned. Why was he being so touchy today? He knew Kakarotto enough to know he never meant… Anything. Without thinking about it too much, Vejita leaned down, licking across his mate's oh so talented lips before pressing his own lips into the now very passionate kiss.

Goku moaned, want evident in his voice as his fingers worked impatiently and quite unsuccessfully with the sash around Vejita's waist, his having been torn off only moments ago.

Vejita pulled back from the sloppy kiss, gazing down at the source of his mate's difficulty before smirking, "Problems?"

"No wonder you always come ta bed naked." Goku said through ragged breaths, smiling through his embarrassment.

The prince watched a few moments longer as the fool struggled with the knot, "Something in there you want?"

Goku simply smiled in reply, chuckling lightly as Vejita finally offered some assistance.

Without any restrictions, burning flesh pressed against burning flesh, and grunts and moans filled the air along with the exotic scent of the act itself.

I love you Sunday sun

The week’s not yet begun

And everything is quiet

And it’s always…

Goku was more than surprised to wake first and reveled in the feel of being held in strong arms. Vejita had never been the type for cuddling.

Golden rays shown through the one window in the bedroom, illuminating everything with the peaceful light of morning. Everything was strangely quite, no birds, no nothing. Goku took advantage of the moment and closed his eyes, concentrating on the slight sound of his mate's beating heart and shallow breathing.

You and me - always - and forever

You and me - always - and forever

It was always - you and me - always

Vejita's eyes fluttered open to find Kakarotto clinging to him like the romantic sap he was. For some strange reason, however, he remained silent, watching as the Earth-Saiyajin slowly repositioned himself, gently nudging his chest. The prince tightened his hold and watched as Kakarotto looked up, his expression changing from surprised to that of complete devotion.

You tell me I’m a real man

And try to look impressed

Not very convincing

But you know I love it

"Mornin', Jita. Nnn… You were so wonderful last night." Goku said, his voice gradually transforming into a whisper as he pressed his cheek to the smooth, warm chest of his mate.

Vejita smirked, allowing them to remain that way. He didn't understand why, but Kakarotto cherished moments like these.

After some time, he finally spoke up, "Ready to get your ass kicked?"

"That's what you think." Goku answered, having caught on to the playfulness in his prince's tone. They sparred every morning and every afternoon, and looked forward to it each and every time. They were nearly equal in strength and it was impossible to tell who the victor would be each time. Being the only remaining pureblooded Saiyajin, their life was ideal.

"Let's get something to eat?" Vejita said, putting a halt to their sparring match. Neither of them seemed to be winning or losing and to go on too much longer would surely cause Kakarotto to starve.

Vejita chuckled as the fool whooped, grinning like the simpleton he was as he hurried inside. The prince followed, amused to enter the kitchen with a delicious view of Kakarotto's ass as he leaned into the refrigerator, grabbing various meats.

Still feeling a bit playful, Vejita stepped forward, slapping a hand on the firm ass, keeping his hold as his mate yelped in surprise before standing and turning. The prince watched as a smile graced the Earth-Saiyajin's lips as he leaned down, pressing their lips together. Vejita increased the passion, slipping his tongue into the wet heat of Kakarotto's luxurious mouth.

Suddenly, a loud rumbling interrupted them and Goku pulled back, one hand on his stomach, the other behind his head, "Heh heh, how about we eat first? I'm starving."

Vejita chuckled, he should have known that was coming. The fool always had food on his mind.

Then we watch TV

Until we fall asleep

Not very exciting

But it’s you and me

After their meal, they cleaned up the best two men could and found their way back outside, lying in the shade of a huge oak and lush, green grass. Vejita had planned on sparring some more but found himself enjoying their proximity. He was lying his back with Kakarotto snuggled up to him, his head resting on his chest and an arm draped across his spandex clad chest.

"I love you, Jita." Barely a whisper.

And we’ll always - be together

You and me - always - and forever

You and me - always - and forever

The prince smiled, a genuine smile. Kakarotto often voice his emotions, but this time it was different. He was on the verge of sleep and the thought slipped from the depths of his consciousness, coming out in a tone promising his never ending affection.

Pressing his face into wild raven locks, Vejita voiced his emotions in a tone barely audible, "I… I love you, too, Kakarotto."

It was always…

You and me - always - and forever

You and me - always - and forever

Goku grinned like a madman on the inside. He kept his eyes closed and his breathing steady… He didn't dare let the proud prince know he'd heard, the simple statement quickly pulling him out of his almost-sleep. Oh, Jita… I love you, I love you, I love you… His thoughts screamed, loud enough for any god to hear.

Soon, the two strongest beings in the entire universe slipped into a peaceful sleep, their thoughts intertwined, their hearts beating as one, as they would always be.

It was always…

You and me - always - and forever

You and me - always - and forever

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