Ethel Maud Gray
b.circa 1863 London

Frederick Cyril Gray
b.circa 1865 London

Madeline Gray
b.circa 1867 London

Henry Herbert Gray
b.circa 1868 London
Keomi Gray
b.21.03.1849 Wisbech Cam
d.19.09.1914 Gorleston Nfk_____________

Antonio Frederic Augustus Sands
aka Antony Frederick Augustus Sandys

b.1829 Norwich, Nfk
d.1904 London
Keomi Gray was the daughter of Osery Gray (son of Ossory Gray)  and Eliza Heron (daughter of No Name Heron). In the 1860s she met the artist Frederick Sandys, and spent time in London with him, sitting as a model for some of his work, and that of his great friend, Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
By Sandys Keomi had four children, but he later went his own way with his other lady friend, Maud Emma Jones, with whom he spent the rest of his life, and she met  Charles Stewart Bonnett, whom she married in 1875 at Yarmouth. They had three children together, Nellie, Rose, and Florence.
Keomi was depicted as "Medea" by Frederick Sandys, (above), and also as one of the bridesmaids in Dantes "Beloved". She is on the extreme right (below).