The Heron Pedigree
The Heron Pedigree was compiled by the Reverend George Hall (1863-1918), a Lincolnshire man who often camped with the English Roma and learnt their ways, and their histories. As a result he was known as "The Gypsies Parson". The original Heron Pedigree is in the Hands of the Gypsy Lore Society, of which he was a member.
Riley Boss aka James "Vanis" Heron

m.Lucy Boswell

m.Charlotte Hammond

m.Susan "Shurensi" or
"Yoki Shuri" Smith

(for children see the Boss

Bui Boss

M.Eldorai Jane Boswell
b.cir 1832 Lincoln

m.Leviathen Heron

Tom Boss

m.Joni Boss

Morjianna Boss

m.Rabi Heron

Emma Boss

Tilda Boss

Leanabel Smith
b.cir 1839

m.Harry Halford

m.Louis Gray

Phoebe Smith
Horningsheath Sfk

m.Charlie Mudd

Lomas Smith
c.27.03.1834 Bradwell Sfk

m.Charlotte Wheeler

Elijah Smith
c.14.02.1836 Grundisburgh Sfk

Reni Smith

m.Nathan Deighton

Repentence Smith
c.18.06.1843 Dennington Sfk

m.Reuben Potter

Laini Smith

Lidi Smith
c.07.12.1851 Gosbeck Sfk

m.Noah Deighton

Patience Smith

m.Solomon Deighton

Lavania Smith

m.Obadiah "Obi" Gray

Edgar Smith
Leshi Heron
s/o Dinah______________

Seni Boss or Boswell


m.Lusha Heron


Amrose Boss

Clara Boss or Heron____
b.cir 1815
Wickham Market

m.Cornelius "Nelus" Smith