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Week Artist Title Disc a
5/17/86 S.O.S. Band Finest    
8/27/83 S.O.S. Band Just Be Good To Me    
8/11/84 S.O.S. Band Just The Way You Like It    
5/31/80 S.O.S. Band Take Your Time (Do It Right)    
11/19/83 S.O.S. Band Tell Me If You Still Care    
8/15/81 Sad Cafe La-Di-Da    
3/29/86 Sade Never As Good As The First Time Greatest Hits a
5/14/88 Sade Paradise Greatest Hits a
3/2/85 Sade Smooth Operator Greatest Hits a
11/23/85 Sade The Sweetest Taboo Greatest Hits a
6/22/85 Sade Your Love Is King Greatest Hits a
12/16/89 Safire I Will Survive    
9/24/88 Sa-Fire Boy, I've Been Told    
6/24/89 Sa-Fire Gonna Make It    
2/4/89 Sa-Fire Thinking Of You    
11/26/83 Saga Flyer    
12/4/82 Saga On The Loose    
4/2/83 Saga Wind Him Up    
5/16/81 Sager, Carole Bayer Stronger Than Before    
11/21/87 Salt-N-Pepa Push It Only Soul - 1985-1989 a
8/14/82 Santana Hold On    
11/27/82 Santana Nowhere To Run    
2/23/85 Santana Say It Again    
8/1/81 Santana Sensitive Kind    
4/11/81 Santana Winning    
1/5/80* Santana You Know That I Love You    
11/11/89 Saraya Back To The Bullet    
7/8/89 Saraya Love Has Taken Its Toll    
12/8/84 Satellite, Billy I Wanna Go Back    
8/18/84 Satellite, Billy Satisfy Me    
10/10/81 Savoy Brown Run To Me    
1/24/81 Sayer, Leo Living In A Fantasy    
9/27/80 Sayer, Leo More Than I Can Say Body Talk CDR, Vol. 4 a
3/29/80 Scaggs, Boz Breakdown Dead Ahead    
4/30/88 Scaggs, Boz Heart Of Mine    
6/14/80 Scaggs, Boz JoJo    
8/23/80 Scaggs, Boz Look What You've Done To Me    
11/29/80 Scaggs, Boz Miss Sun    
1/26/85 Scandal Beat Of A Heart    
11/13/82 Scandal Goodbye To You Classic MTV: Class Of 1983 / Read The Hits: The Best Of The '80s a
10/20/84 Scandal Hands Tied    
4/2/83 Scandal Love's Got A Line On You    
6/30/84 Scandal The Warrior Billboard Top Album Rock Hits 1984 / Hot Ladies Of Pop a
5/9/81 Scarbury, Joey Theme From Greatest American Hero (Believe It Or Not) Tube Tunes, Vol. 3: The '80s a
10/10/81 Scarbury, Joey When She Dances    
1/30/88 Scarlett & Black You Don't Know    
3/25/89 Schilling, Peter Different Story (World Of Lust And Crime)    
9/24/83 Schilling, Peter Major Tom (Coming Home) Living In Oblivion, Vol. 5 a
9/19/87 Schmit, Timothy B. Boys Night Out    
10/2/82 Schmit, Timothy B. So Much In Love    
5/15/82 Schneider, John Dreamin'    
8/14/82 Schneider, John In The Driver's Seat    
5/30/81 Schneider, John It's Now Or Never    
9/26/81 Schneider, John Still    
12/12/81 Schwartz, Eddie All Our Tomorrows    
3/20/82 Schwartz, Eddie Over The Line    
6/19/82 Scorpions No One Like You Billboard Top Album Rock Hits 1982 / Best Of Rockers 'N' Ballads a
6/4/88 Scorpions Rhythm Of Love Best Of Rockers 'N' Ballads a
3/24/84 Scorpions Rock You Like A Hurricane Heavy Metal Hits Of The '80s, Vol. 1 / Best Of Rockers 'N' Ballads a
7/7/84 Scorpions Still Loving You Best Of Rockers 'N' Ballads a
9/7/85 Scritti Politti Perfect Way Living In Oblivion, Vol. 3 / New Wave Hits Of The '80s, Vol. 15 a
2/8/86 Scritti Politti Wood Baez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin)    
6/18/88 Scritti Politti/Roger Boom! There She Was    
1/25/86 Seals, Dan Bop    
12/13/86 Secret Ties Dancin in My Sleep    
3/29/80 Sedaka, Neil & Dare Sedaka Should've Never Let You Go    
11/11/89 Seduction Two To Make It Right    
7/8/89 Seduction You're My One And Only (True Love)    
5/3/80 Seger, Bob Against The Wind    
3/15/86 Seger, Bob American Storm    
3/12/83 Seger, Bob Even Now    
12/19/81 Seger, Bob Feel Like A Number    
2/23/80 Seger, Bob Fire Lake    
11/8/80 Seger, Bob Horizontal Sop    
8/16/86 Seger, Bob It's You    
5/24/86 Seger, Bob Like A Rock    
11/15/86 Seger, Bob Miami    
9/17/83 Seger, Bob Old Time Rock & Roll    
5/28/83 Seger, Bob Roll Me Away    
5/23/87 Seger, Bob Shakedown    
12/18/82 Seger, Bob Shame On The Moon    
9/12/81 Seger, Bob Tryin' To Live My Life Without You    
11/10/84 Seger, Bob Understanding    
7/26/80 Seger, Bob You'll Accompany Me    
9/24/83 Sembello, Michael Automatic Man    
6/4/83 Sembello, Michael Maniac    
9/12/87 Sevelle, Taia Love Is Contagious    
6/18/88 S-Express Theme From S-Express    
12/14/85 Sexton, Charlie Beat's So Lonely New Wave Hits Of The '80s, Vol. 15 a
1/24/81 Seymour, Phil Precious To Me    
8/12/89 Shaffer, Paul When The Radio Is On    
4/21/84 Shakin' Stevens I Cry Just A Little Bit    
11/17/84 Shalamar Amnesia    
3/17/84 Shalamar Dancing In The Sheets Footloose Soundtrack a
6/25/83 Shalamar Dead Giveaway    
12/20/80 Shalamar Full Of Fire    
4/25/81 Shalamar Make That Move    
4/10/82 Shalamar Night To Remember    
1/5/80* Shalamar Second Time Around    
7/4/81 Shamus M'Cool American Memories    
4/6/85 Shannon Do You Wanna Get Away    
3/31/84 Shannon Give Me Tonight    
11/12/83 Shannon Let The Music Play Billboard Hot R&B Hits - 1984 / Only Dance 1980-1984 a
12/12/81 Shannon, Del Sea Of Love    
3/15/86 Sharkey, Feargal Good Heart    
2/13/88 Shaw, Tommy Ever Since The World Began    
9/29/84 Shaw, Tommy Girls With Guns    
12/15/84 Shaw, Tommy Lonely School    
10/5/85 Shaw, Tommy Remo's Theme (What If)    
4/6/85 Shear, Jules Steady    
12/5/81 Sheila Little Darlin'    
11/16/85 Sheila E A Love Bizarre Only Love 1985-1989 / Hot Ladies Of Pop a
6/16/84 Sheila E. Glamorous Life The Glamorous Life a
2/7/87 Sheila E. Hold Me    
10/27/84 Sheila E. The Belle Of St. Mark Only Rock 'n' Roll - 1980 - 1984 / Disco Queens: The '80s / The Glamorous Life a
4/3/82 Sheppard, T.G. Finally    
3/14/81 Sheppard, T.G. I Loved 'Em Every One    
1/30/82 Sheppard, T.G. Only One You    
2/18/84 Sheppard, T.G./Clint Eastwood Make My Day    
3/7/81 Sherbs I Have The Skill    
11/26/88 Sheriff When I'm With You Body Talk CDR, Vol. 5 a
5/14/83 Sheriff When I'm With You Body Talk CDR, Vol. 5 a
12/10/88 Shocked, Michelle Anchorage    
10/7/89 Shona I Want You    
3/27/82 Shooting Star Hollywood    
11/4/89 Shooting Star Touch Me Tonight    
4/12/80 Shooting Star You've Got What I Need    
9/24/83 Shorrock, Glenn Don't Girls Get Lonely    
4/4/81 Shot in The Dark Playing With Lightning    
3/12/88 Show, Tami She's Only 20    
8/8/87 Silencers Painted Moon    
7/26/80 Silencers Shiver And Shake    
7/25/81 Silver Condor You Could Take My Heart Away    
7/4/81 Silverado Ready For Love    
6/18/83 Simmons, Patrick Don't Make Me Do It    
3/19/83 Simmons, Patrick So Wrong    
4/3/82 Simon & Garfunkel Wake Up Little Susie    
10/24/87 Simon F. American Dream    
1/23/88 Simon, Carly All I Want Is You    
11/1/86 Simon, Carly Coming Around Again    
5/23/87 Simon, Carly Give Me All Night    
8/2/80 Simon, Carly Jesse    
3/4/89 Simon, Carly Let The River Run    
6/29/85 Simon, Carly Tired Of Being Blonde    
7/17/82 Simon, Carly Why    
9/24/83 Simon, Carly You Know What To Do    
11/5/83 Simon, Paul Allergies    
3/7/87 Simon, Paul Boy In The Bubble    
12/6/86 Simon, Paul Graceland    
8/9/80 Simon, Paul Late In The Evening    
10/25/80 Simon, Paul One-Trick Pony    
8/9/86 Simon, Paul You Can Call Me Al    
10/19/85 Simple Minds Alive & Kicking    
4/5/86 Simple Minds All The Things She Said    
2/23/85 Simple Minds Don't You (Forget About Me) VH1: The Big 80's: The Big Movies a
1/25/86 Simple Minds Sanctity Yourself    
4/5/86 Simply Red Holding Back The Years    
5/6/89 Simply Red If You Don't Know Me By Now Kuschelrock Vol. 3 a
2/25/89 Simply Red It's Only Love    
7/19/86 Simply Red Money$ Too Tight (To Mention)    
2/28/87 Simply Red Right Thing    
5/3/80 Sinatra, Frank Theme From New York, New York    
3/5/83 Single Bullet Theory Keep It Tight    
10/15/88 Siouxsie & The Banshees Peek-A-Boo    
12/17/88 Sir Mix-A-Lot Posse' On Broadway    
3/21/81 Sister Sledge All American Girls    
6/16/85 Sister Sledge Frankie    
1/19/80 Sister Sledge Got To Love Somebody    
1/30/82 Sister Sledge My Guy    
5/9/81 Sister Sledge Next Time You'll Know    
7/8/89 Skid Row 18 And Life    
11/18/89 Skid Row I Remember You    
6/10/89 Skid Row Youth Gone Wild    
1/10/81 Sky Toccata    
1/16/82 Skyy Call Me    
5/4/85 Slade Little Sheila    
7/7/84 Slade My Oh My    
4/7/84 Slade Run Runaway Read The Hits: The Best Of The '80s a
10/24/81 Slave Snap Shot    
1/17/81 Slave Watching You    
4/19/80 Slick, Grace Seasons    
12/28/85 Sly Fox Let's Go All The Way Only Soul - 1985-1989 / Shut Up And Dance - The '80s Vol. 1 a
6/7/86 Sly Fox Stay True    
5/16/81 Smith, Frankie Double Dutch Bus    
6/27/81 Smith, Rex / Rachel Sweet Everlasting Love    
12/9/89 Smithereens Girl Like You    
5/21/88 Smithereens Only A Memory Green Thoughts a
9/23/89 Smitta Right Back Where We Started From    
6/13/87 Smyth, Patty Downtown Train    
2/28/87 Smyth, Patty Never Enough    
2/27/82 Sneaker Don't Let Me In    
10/31/81 Sneaker More Than Just The Two Of Us    
5/2/81 Snow, Phoebe Mercy, Mercy, Mercy    
8/20/83 Snuff Bad, Bad Billy    
2/20/88 So Are You Sure    
1/16/82 Soft Cell Tainted Love Memorabilia / Rock Of The 80s, Vol. 2 a
9/23/89 Soul II Soul Back To Life (However Do You Want Me)    
6/24/89 Soul II Soul Keep On Movin' Keep On Movin' a
9/23/89 Soulsister Way To Your Heart    
1/5/80* Souther, J.D. You're Only Lonely Body Talk CDR, Vol. 5 a
8/16/86 Southside Johnny & The Jukes Walk Away Renee    
3/31/84 Spandau Ballet Communication The Singles Collection a
11/19/83 Spandau Ballet Gold The Singles Collection a
7/28/84 Spandau Ballet Only When You Leave The Singles Collection a
8/6/83 Spandau Ballet True The Singles Collection / Classic MTV: Class Of 1983 / New Wave Hits Of The '80s, Vol. 11 a
5/15/82 Sparks I Predict    
4/16/83 Sparks & Jane Wiedlin Cool Places    
10/15/88 Spence, Judson Yeah, Yeah, Yeah    
2/11/89 Spencer, Tracie Imagine    
10/1/88 Spencer, Tracie Symptoms Of True Love    
8/2/80 Spider Everything Is Alright    
5/30/81 Spider It Didn't Take Long    
4/19/80 Spider New Romance (it's A Mystery)    
5/17/80 Spinners Cupid, I've Loved You For A Long Time    
12/11/82 Spinners Funny How Time Slips Away    
3/6/82 Spinners Never Thought I'd Fall In Love    
1/5/80* Spinners Working My Way Back To You/Forgive Me, Girl    
2/14/81 Spinners Yesterday Once More/Nothing Remains The Same    
8/23/80 Split Enz I Got You    
4/16/83 Springfield, Rick Affair Of The Heart Greatest Hits / Anthology a
8/18/84 Springfield, Rick Bop 'Til You Drop Greatest Hits / Anthology a
11/17/84 Springfield, Rick Bruce Anthology a
4/6/85 Springfield, Rick Celebrate Youth Greatest Hits / Anthology a
3/6/82 Springfield, Rick Don't Talk To Strangers Greatest Hits / Anthology a
5/26/84 Springfield, Rick Don't Walk Away Greatest Hits / Anthology a
7/9/83 Springfield, Rick Human Touch Greatest Hits / Anthology a
9/11/82 Springfield, Rick I Get Excited    
8/22/81 Springfield, Rick I've Done Everything For You Greatest Hits / Anthology a
3/28/81 Springfield, Rick Jessie's Girl Greatest Hits / Anthology / Billboard Top Hits - 1981 / Nipper's Greatest Hits - The 80's a
12/5/81 Springfield, Rick Love Is Alright Tonite Greatest Hits / Anthology a
3/10/84 Springfield, Rick Love Somebody Greatest Hits / Anthology a
2/6/88 Springfield, Rick Rock Of Life Greatest Hits / Anthology a
10/15/83 Springfield, Rick Souls    
6/8/85 Springfield, Rick State Of The Heart Greatest Hits / Anthology a
6/5/82 Springfield, Rick What Kind Of Fool Am I Greatest Hits / Anthology a
11/17/84 Springfield, Rick & Randy Crawford Taxi Dancing    
11/10/84 Springsteen, Bruce Born In The U.S.A. Born In The U.S.A. / Greatest Hits a
10/3/87 Springsteen, Bruce Brilliant Disguise Greatest Hits a
8/1/84 Springsteen, Bruce Cover Me Born In The U.S.A. / Greatest Hits a
5/26/84 Springsteen, Bruce Dancing In The Dark Born In The U.S.A. / Greatest Hits a
2/7/81 Springsteen, Bruce Fade Away    
1/31/87 Springsteen, Bruce Fire    
6/1/85 Springsteen, Bruce Glory Days Born In The U.S.A. / Greatest Hits a
11/8/80 Springsteen, Bruce Hungry Heart Greatest Hits a
9/7/85 Springsteen, Bruce I'm Goin' Down    
2/16/85 Springsteen, Bruce I'm On Fire Born In The U.S.A. / Kuschelrock Vol. 3 a
12/7/85 Springsteen, Bruce My Hometown Born In The U.S.A. / Greatest Hits a
2/27/88 Springsteen, Bruce One Step Up Tunnel Of Love a
12/5/87 Springsteen, Bruce Tunnel Of Love Tunnel Of Love a
11/22/86 Springsteen, Bruce War    
2/7/81 Spyro Gyra Cafe Amore    
4/19/80 Spyro Gyra Catching The Sun    
8/14/82 Spys Don't Run My Life    
12/19/87 Squeeze 853-5937    
9/19/87 Squeeze Hourglass    
8/1/81 Squeeze Tempted New Wave Hits, Vol. 1 / Singles / VH1: The Big 80's a
10/27/84 Squier, Billy All Night Long    
6/24/89 Squier, Billy Don't Say You Love Me    
8/7/82 Squier, Billy Emotions In Motion    
10/2/82 Squier, Billy Everybody Wants You The Best Of Billy Squier / Billboard Top Album Rock Hits 1982 a
12/8/84 Squier, Billy Eye On You    
9/12/81 Squier, Billy In The Dark    
10/4/86 Squier, Billy Love Is The Hero    
11/28/81 Squier, Billy My Kinda Lover    
7/7/84 Squier, Billy Rock Me Tonite The Best Of Billy Squier / Billboard Top Album Rock Hits 1984 a
2/5/83 Squier, Billy She's A Runner    
5/16/81 Squier, Billy The Stroke The Best Of Billy Squier / Billboard Top Album Rock Hits 1981 a
4/4/87 Stabilizers One Simple Thing    
2/27/88 Stacey Q Don't Make A Fool Of Yourself    
4/11/87 Stacey Q Shy Girl    
7/12/86 Stacey Q Two Of Hearts Disco Queens: The '80s / Hot Ladies Of Pop / Hot Dance Trax Of The '80s / Only Dance 1985-1989 a
12/13/86 Stacey Q We Connect    
7/29/89 Stage Dolls Love Cries    
5/5/84 Stallone, Frank Darlin'    
7/30/83 Stallone, Frank Far From Over    
9/13/86 Star Can't Wait Another Minute Five    
12/13/80 Star Wars Intergalactic Droid Choir & Chorale What Can You Get A Wookiee For Christmas (When He Already Owns A Comb?)    
2/23/80 Starland Vocal Band Loving You With My Eyes    
3/14/87 Starpoint He Wants My Body    
9/28/85 Starpoint Object Of My Desire    
3/22/86 Starpoint Restless    
4/2/88 Starr, Brenda K. I Still Believe    
8/6/88 Starr, Brenda K. What You See Is What You Get    
11/7/81 Starr, Ringo Wrack My Brain    
4/11/81 Stars On 45 Stars On 45    
7/18/81 Stars On 45 Stars On 45 II    
3/27/82 Stars On 45 Stars On 45 III    
9/26/81 Stars On 45, More More Stars On 45    
9/26/87 Starship Beat Patrol    
7/5/86 Starship Before I Go    
11/25/89 Starship I Didn't Mean To Stay All Night    
8/5/89 Starship It's Not Enough    
6/27/87 Starship It's Not Over (Till It's Over)    
1/31/87 Starship Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now    
12/28/85 Starship Sara Billboard Top Hits - 1986 / Only Love 1985-1989 a
4/5/86 Starship Tomorrow Doesn't Matter Tonight    
9/7/85 Starship We Built This City Rockin' 80s / Nipper's Greatest Hits - The 80's a
12/17/88 Starship Wild Again    
9/27/80 Stations, Frank Case Of You    
1/15/83 Steel Breeze Dreamin' Is Easy    
8/28/82 Steel Breeze You Don't Want Me Anymore    
5/4/85 Steele, Maureen Save The Night For Me    
11/29/80 Steely Dan Hey Nineteen Hey Nineteen a
3/14/81 Steely Dan Time Out Of Mind    
5/30/81 Steinman, Jim Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through    
4/21/84 Stephenson, Van Modern Day Dollish    
8/4/84 Stephenson, Van What The Big Girls Do    
9/12/81 Stephenson, Van You've Got A Good Love Coming    
5/29/82 Steve Miller Band Abracadabra VH1: The Big 80's a
2/16/85 Steve Miller Band Bongo Bongo    
1/23/82 Steve Miller Band Circle Of Love    
10/16/82 Steve Miller Band Cool Magic    
12/11/82 Steve Miller Band Give It Up    
10/31/81 Steve Miller Band Heart Like A Wheel    
11/15/86 Steve Miller Band I Want To Make The World Turn Around    
10/6/84 Steve Miller Band Shangri-La    
4/23/88 Stevie B Dreamin' Of Love    
10/7/89 Stevie B Girl I Am Searching For You    
2/18/89 Stevie B I Wanna Be The One    
5/27/89 Stevie B In My Eyes    
7/9/88 Stevie B Spring Love (Come Back To Me)    
8/30/80 Stewart, Al Midnight Rocks    
8/30/80 Stewart, Amii & Johnny Bristol My Guy    
12/19/81 Stewart, Dave & Barbara Gaskin It's My Party    
9/20/86 Stewart, Jermaine Jody    
3/19/88 Stewart, Jermaine Say it Again Say It Again a
2/2/85 Stewart, Jermaine Word Is Out    
5/17/86 Stewart, Jermaine We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off Say It Again a
1/5/80* Stewart, John Lost Her In The Sun    
8/30/86 Stewart, Rod Another Heartache    
5/28/83 Stewart, Rod Baby Jane The Complete Anthology - Disc 4 a
5/13/89 Stewart, Rod Crazy About Her The Complete Anthology - Disc 4 a
11/25/89 Stewart, Rod Downtown Train The Complete Anthology - Disc 4 a
11/29/86 Stewart, Rod Every Beat Of My Heart The Complete Anthology - Disc 4 a
8/6/88 Stewart, Rod Forever Young The Complete Anthology - Disc 4 a
4/24/82 Stewart, Rod How Long    
1/5/80* Stewart, Rod I Don't Want To Talk About It The Complete Anthology - Disc 4 a
5/26/84 Stewart, Rod Infatuation The Complete Anthology - Disc 4 a
5/7/88 Stewart, Rod Lost In You The Complete Anthology - Disc 4 a
5/31/86 Stewart, Rod Love Touch The Complete Anthology - Disc 4 a
12/10/88 Stewart, Rod My Heart Can't Tell You No The Complete Anthology - Disc 4 a
11/22/80 Stewart, Rod Passion The Complete Anthology - Disc 4 a
8/25/84 Stewart, Rod Some Guys Have All The Luck The Complete Anthology - Disc 4 a
3/21/81 Stewart, Rod Somebody Special    
1/23/82 Stewart, Rod Tonight I'm Yours (Don't Hurt Me) The Complete Anthology - Disc 3 a
7/18/87 Stewart, Rod Twistin' The Night Away    
8/27/83 Stewart, Rod What Am I Gonna Do (I'm So In Love With You) The Complete Anthology - Disc 4 a
10/17/81 Stewart, Rod Young Turks The Complete Anthology - Disc 4 a
10/6/84 Stills, Stephen Can't Let Go    
8/11/84 Stills, Stephen Stranger    
1/16/88 Sting Be Still My Beating Heart Nothing Like The Sun / Fields Of Gold: The Best Of Sting 1984-1994 a
4/16/88 Sting Englishman In New York Nothing Like The Sun / Fields Of Gold: The Best Of Sting 1984-1994 a
8/24/85 Sting Fortress Around Your Heart The Dream Of The Blue Turtles / Fields Of Gold: The Best Of Sting 1984-1994 a
6/8/85 Sting If You Love Somebody Set Them Free The Dream Of The Blue Turtles / Fields Of Gold: The Best Of Sting 1984-1994 a
11/9/85 Sting Love Is The Seventh Wave The Dream Of The Blue Turtles a
1/18/86 Sting Russians The Dream Of The Blue Turtles / Fields Of Gold: The Best Of Sting 1984-1994 a
10/10/87 Sting We'll Be Together Fields Of Gold: The Best Of Sting 1984-1994 a
6/18/83 Stompers Never Tell An Angel (When Your Heart's On Fire)    
8/6/83 Stray Cats (She's) Sexy + 17 Living In Oblivion, Vol. 1 a
10/29/83 Stray Cats I Won't Stand In Your Way    
1/28/84 Stray Cats Look At That Cadillac    
9/10/82 Stray Cats Rock This Town Classic MTV: Class Of 1983 / Living In Oblivion, Vol. 3 / Only Dance 1980-1984 a
12/25/82 Stray Cats Stray Cat Strut    
10/10/81 Streek One More Night    
10/6/84 Street, Janey Say Hello To Ronnie    
12/3/83 Streets If Love Should Go    
11/14/81 Streisand, Barbra Comin' In And Out Of Your Life    
3/9/85 Streisand, Barbra Emotion    
1/12/80 Streisand, Barbra Kiss Me In The Rain    
9/22/84 Streisand, Barbra Left In The Dark    
2/20/82 Streisand, Barbra Memory    
5/23/81 Streisand, Barbra Promises    
12/14/85 Streisand, Barbra Somewhere    
10/22/83 Streisand, Barbra Way He Makes Me Fool    
9/6/80 Streisand, Barbra Woman In Love    
11/1/80 Streisand, Barbra  & Barry Gibb Guilty    
1/31/81 Streisand, Barbra  & Barry Gibb What Kind Of Fool    
10/22/88 Streisand, Barbra & Don Johnson Till I Loved You    
1/5/80* Streisand, Barbra & Donna Summer No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)    
12/15/84 Streisand, Barbra (with Kim Carnes) Make No Mistake, He's Mine    
7/23/88 Stryper Always There For You    
11/7/87 Stryper Honestly    
11/5/88 Stryper I Believe In You    
4/7/84 Style Council My Ever Changing Moods Collection a
7/14/84 Style Council You're The Best Thing Collection a
1/5/80* Styx Babe Greatest Hits a
3/29/80 Styx Borrowed Time    
4/30/83 Styx Don't Let It End Greatest Hits a
8/3/83 Styx High Time    
2/12/83 Styx Mr. Roboto Greatest Hits a
5/5/84 Styx Music Time    
7/11/81 Styx Nothing Ever Goes As Planned    
1/24/81 Styx The Best Of Times Greatest Hits a
3/21/81 Styx Too Much Time On My Hands Greatest Hits a
1/5/80* Styx Why Me    
3/12/88 Suave My Girl    
2/7/81 Sugarhill Gang 8th Wonder Hip Hop Greats: Classic Raps a
2/13/82 Sugarhill Gang Apache    
1/5/80* Sugarhill Gang Rapper's Delight Hip Hop Greats: Classic Raps a
11/29/80 Summer, Donna Cold Love    
1/5/80* Summer, Donna Dim All The Lights    
8/22/87 Summer, Donna Dinner With Gershwin    
1/14/84 Summer, Donna Love Has A Mind Of Its Own    
6/26/82 Summer, Donna Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger)    
9/16/89 Summer, Donna Love's About To Change My Heart    
1/12/80 Summer, Donna On The Radio    
5/28/83 Summer, Donna She Works Hard For The Money    
10/2/82 Summer, Donna State Of independence    
11/10/84 Summer, Donna Supernatural Love    
9/20/80 Summer, Donna The Wanderer    
8/11/84 Summer, Donna There Goes My Baby    
4/22/89 Summer, Donna This Time I Know It's For Real    
9/3/83 Summer, Donna Unconditional Love    
9/13/80 Summer, Donna Walk Away    
2/21/81 Summer, Donna Who Do You Think You're Foolin'    
12/18/82 Summer, Donna Woman In Me    
9/17/88 Summer, Henry Lee Hands On The Radio    
5/28/88 Summer, Henry Lee Darlin' Danielle Don't    
5/20/89 Summer, Henry Lee Hey Baby    
2/13/88 Summer, Henry Lee I Wish I Had A Girl    
5/31/80 Sun, Joe Shotgun Rider    
12/13/80 Supertramp Breakfast in America    
5/25/85 Supertramp Cannonball    
9/20/80 Supertramp Dreamer    
10/30/82 Supertramp It's Raining Again    
1/29/83 Supertramp My Kind Of Lady    
1/5/80* Supertramp Take The Long Way Home    
4/15/89 Surface Closer Than Friends    
5/23/87 Surface Happy    
7/1/89 Surface Shower Me With Your Love Body Talk CDR, Vol. 4 a
11/4/89 Surface You Are My Everything    
1/21/89 Survivor Across The Miles    
9/25/82 Survivor American Heartbeat    
11/2/85 Survivor Burning Heart Billboard Top Hits - 1986 a
10/22/83 Survivor Caught In The Game    
10/8/88 Survivor Didn't Know It Was Love    
6/5/82 Survivor Eye Of The Tiger    
8/17/85 Survivor First Night    
1/26/85 Survivor High On You    
2/21/87 Survivor How Much Love    
9/15/84 Survivor I Can't Hold Back    
10/25/86 Survivor Is This Love    
5/9/87 Survivor Man Against The World    
6/16/84 Survivor Moment Of Truth    
1/22/83 Survivor One That Really Matters    
10/17/81 Survivor Poor Man's Son    
4/20/85 Survivor Search Is Over    
2/23/80 Survivor Somewhere In America    
2/20/82 Survivor Summer Nights    
12/19/87 Swayze, Patrick/Wendy Fraser She's Like The Wind    
1/16/88 Sweat, Keith I Want Her    
7/23/88 Sweat, Keith Make It Last Forever    
5/14/88 Sweat, Keith Something Just Ain't Right    
1/17/87 Sweet Sensation Hooked On You    
6/3/89 Sweet Sensation Hooked On You    
9/17/88 Sweet Sensation Never Let You Go    
2/4/89 Sweet Sensation Sincerely Yours    
4/9/88 Sweet Sensation Take It While it's Not    
2/5/83 Sweet, Rachel Voo Doo    
8/15/87 Swing Out Sister Breakout Hot Dance Trax Of The '80s a
12/19/87 Swing Out Sister Twilight World    
6/3/89 Swing Out Sister Waiting Game    
1/5/80* Switch I Call Your Home    
9/23/89 Sybil Don't Make Me Over    
8/8/82 Sylvia Nobody    
3/1/86 Synch Where Are You Now?    
7/9/88 System, The Coming To America    
4/11/87 System, The Don't Disturb This Groove Only Dance 1985-1989 a
3/5/83 System, The You Are In My System    

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