308th TFS Emblem History and Meaninig

The 308th Tactical Fighter Squadron emblem is symbolic of the squadron and its mission.
Against a checkered background of green and white (the green reflecting the squadron's color),
an arrowhead to suggest (American heritage) is painted silver-gray with a white cloud formation
at its base to suggest the sky, the medium in which the unit's mission is performed.
A knight's hand in armor represents bravery, ability, and readiness to engage in combat.
The golden yellow lightning flash, fimbriated red, pointing towards the base,
indicates the speed with which this force can be unleashed. The sword, blade white,
hilt and pommel green, piercing the white cloud at its base with two orbits
encircling a nucleus, red, symbolize conventional and nuclear capability,
coordinated and united.

This USAF emblem was approved January 10, 1962.
It replaced emblems approved March 7, 1952 and May 14, 1957. The Squadron motto:

" Emerald Knights "

308 TFS Lineage and Honors
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31st Fighter Wing Heraldry

The significance of the wing patch:
"The Air Force colors, ultramarine blue and Air Force yellow,
are separated by a wavy line symbolizing clouds.
The wyvern, a mythological dragon,represents strength.
It is depicted without legs to indicate
that all of the unit's fighting is done in the air." Its motto:

" Return with honor "

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On 24 June 1965, the wing�s 307th Tactical Fighter Squadron deployed to Bien Hoa Air Base, Republic of Vietnam, to augment US forces. During its six-month tour, the squadron flew 3,502 F-100 missions without a single combat loss. The 308th replaced the 307th in December 1965. For outstanding service in Vietnam from 1 June to 16 December 1966, the wing received its third Air Force Outstanding Unit Award on 11 May 1967. On 25 December 1966, the entire 31st Tactical Fighter Wing transferred to Tuy Hoa Air Base, Vietnam, assigned to Seventh Air Force, Pacific Air Forces. From February to April 1968, the wing provided extensive air support during the TET Offensive and the siege of Khe Sanh. For exceptional combat service in Vietnam from 17 December 1966 to 30 April 1968, the 31 FW received an Air Force Outstanding Unit Award with combat "V" device.

The wing returned to Homestead AFB on 15 October 1970 and converted from the F-100 to the F-4 Phantom. On 28 April 1972, the 308th Tactical Fighter Squadron deployed temporary duty to Udorn Royal Thai Air Base, Thailand, in support of Operation CONSTANT GUARD II . On 13 July 1972, the 307th replaced the 308th and recorded its first air victory on 15 October, when two crewmembers shot down a MiG-21 northeast of Hanoi. From 11 December 1972 to 11 June 1973, the 308th deployed to Udorn [I believe this should read Ubon and NOT Udorn] Royal Thai Air Base, Thailand in continued support of Operation CONSTANT GUARD II. For outstanding service during the Vietnam War, the wing earned numerous awards including: 10 Vietnam Service Medal campaign streamers, a Presidential Unit Citation, an Air Force Outstanding Unit Award with combat "V" device, an Air Force Outstanding Unit Award, and two Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm Awards.

Recent History

By 11 June 1973, with Vietnam commitments over, the wing resumed training operations. ...

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