LINEBACKER II - The day after XMAS 1972 !

It should be noted here, that "a much decorated B-52 Commander" Capt. Heck had, as mentioned above,
performed 100 combat missions in a C-123 flare drop and forward air control plane,
as well as 175 - B52 missions, of which some of those were during the worst of LINEBACKER II.

I, as just an enlisted aircraft maintenance technician serving in S.E.A. at this time, can
NOT voice my opinions here regarding Capt. Heck's decisions to STOP supporting the WAR.

Highly decorated and respected amongst his crew, Capt. Heck and many other brave aviators
went into those battles being fought, in the skies over Southeast Asia - I did NOT.
Myself as well as thousands more supported those combat aviators
the best we could from the bases from whence they flew and
all too often did NOT return to.

Yet, it does appear that the sentiment of the ANTI VIETNAM WAR movement
did finally reach this man's inner soul -

While the rest of us fought on in attempts to bring

FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY to the people of Southeast Asia.

The death of innocent civilians (as Capt. Heck points out) is understood by most of us who served
as being an inevitable and unfortunate cost of WAR,
and in saying that, that too, is why

Note: That stone - UNKNOWN CIVILIANS KILLED in WAR - was constructed by an ANTI WAR - PEACE NIK group
headquartered in the "Liberal" city/state of Sherborn, Massachusetts. The stone was hand drawn to
those hallowed grounds of ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETARY (summer 1999 - "CRS")
- to be placed near the TOMB of THE UNKNOWWN

- Veterans is this more of a slap in our ffaces - will it ever cease !!!

Thank GOD, this stone was not allowed to enter ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETARY.

The local Boston PBS station ( aired the "journey" of this stone
(with all it's merryment) on a MEMORIAL DAY weekend (2002 - "CRS") for CHRIST'S sakes.

Tell me it's OVER, Speak those words "WELCOME HOME" - yea, right on - what hypocrites !!!

More can be found on this "current day" PEACE NIK group (if you can stomach their "philosophies") at:


(click on the STONE - Unknown Civilians Killed in War) for more upcoming events.

They could be coming to YOUR CITY or TOWN - next !!!

To find other websites relating to these "peace nik" activities

type in (cut and paste - exactly):


in most any search engine (below is a "multi" search engine)

- Damn - You'll be surprised on the resultts

Many of these "peace niks" are ANTI "VIETNAM" WAR activists still corrupting the "unsuspecting" American public.
How many are rewriting HISTORY as "they" see it ?
How many are teaching our young kids, and what are they teaching them ?

In closing, most of us who continued supporting the WAR in Southeast Asia, were doing so in attempts,
and with the understanding, that our American government and it's leaders would honestly see to it that
ALL our Lost Brothers would come back home before we left.

Thus one of our final missions in the S.E.A. Conflict(s) was to:


- That final mission, to this day - some 30+ years later, has yet to be "fully" achieved !!!


Not being a "John Wayne" type, nor a "peace nik" - DOVE, I do NOT care to think of WAR.
- What SANE human being does ?

Yet WAR is, at times, a necessary reality (some say evil) in this sometimes "MADDENING WORLD"
in which we all must live.

Hopefully we ALL can be at PEACE and LIVE FREE !!!

Unfortunately as history has shown throughout mankind, that at best, is just a HOPE.

Hopefully too, when OUR NATION goes to WAR again, those warriors who go,
will NOT have to face another war at home - that being the ANTI WAR movement,
but that too, I presume and sadly would have to say, is inevitable !!!

Once you SEND THEM - SUPPORT THEM ALL "to the end"
- to an HONORABLE and JUST end !!!

To read/reread another AIR WARRIOR'S understanding of "The KILL"
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If you read nothing else, please read the "last" paragraph.

(Both these articles were in the same Pacific STARS and STRIPES.)

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